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  1. islander200

    World Cup 2018

    He had an off night in front of goal but to say he has no technical ability is nonsense.Not saying I think he's brilliant but he didn't have a bad game overall last night.
  2. islander200

    World Cup 2018

    Where you watching the same game as me?Henderson played some lovely foward balls last night and Lingards finishing was poor but he didn't have a bad game always looked busy and got into good positions
  3. That Sharpe tweeted we should have news on the new contracts this week, hopefully he is right news of Lenihan and Dack signing new contracts would give everyone a boost.Hopefully get at least one in before they go away
  4. We need another centre half, Downing did well last season but there has to be question marks wether he can step up,Lenihan is good but he does get injured a lot.Don't know much about this guy to be fair buy he is 6'3 and hopefully good in the air, maybe a bargain
  5. islander200

    World Cup 2018

    Serbia even money in bookies have to fancy some of that
  6. Agreed.And also teams will have pre season fixtures to fullfill while the international's will still be away and on holiday.So they will even be reluctant to let out young players for loans etc at this stage. Be nice to get one in at least before they go away next Sunday though
  7. Nixon running with that Bauer from Charlton to us story in today's paper.Mentions a fee of 500k
  8. islander200

    Championship 2018-19

    You only have to listen to Pochettino and Pep speak about Bielsa to see how highly regarded he is in the game. Yes it's a gamble and he ie temperamental but it is an exciting appointment for Leeds you can't really dispute that.I agree they could have gone for a safer option but he is a big name in the game Chaddy.
  9. islander200

    World Cup 2018

    On paper Belgium have the advantage but still 4 Cavani,Suarez,Godin and Gimenez would start in a combined 11. I'm not saying there is a massive difference but from watching both play numerous times then i think Uruguay just shade it. That could be down to the management of Belgium as they should be much better than they are. Iv not been impressed with Uruguay today but if on top form I think they would beat England.Id be hoping England would win though
  10. islander200

    World Cup 2018

    Godin is one of the best centre halfs in the world?Jimenez isn't a bad player either both would walk into the England team. I don't agree that Belgium are a far better side at all.Its close between the two of them Uruguay have been terrible in the opening 45 v Egypt though
  11. islander200

    World Cup 2018

    Sky reporting Ashley Young to start ahead of Danny Rose on Monday. Walker,Stoned and Maguire the back 3. Henderson to get the nod ahead of Dier
  12. islander200

    World Cup 2018

    Not that an easy group. Yeah Saudi Arabia are poor and was an easy first game but Uruguay are an excellent side and I echo others who have them tipped as dark horses.Egypt arnt a bad side either and have more than just Salah. I would say England's group is just as easy.Cant say I know much about Panama but you wouldn't expect them to be up to much.Tunisia and Egypt are similar I suppose but Tunisia don't have a player of Salah's standing.And Uruguay and Belgium are of similar quality although imo Uruguay are the better of the two
  13. islander200

    World Cup 2018

    D.Sanchez would be getting in the squad.Better player than most the England defenders imo.
  14. No disrespect but you guaranteed us all that we wouldn't be in top two last season.We have no idea who we will sign so making league placing predictions at this stage is pointless.If you looked at Millwalls squad before the season started last year would you have expected them to finish as high as they did?
  15. islander200

    Championship 2018-19

    Alan Hutton has signed a new deal with Villa

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