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  1. islander200

    Blues Bar

    I live on nuttall street been in a few times on non match day and place is always empty
  2. islander200

    Brentford (h) - the Mowbray love in!

    if Graham has to come off I hope he doesn't put Dack as a false 9
  3. islander200

    If Tony goes...

    Mowbray has been backed.He has spent close to 15 million on Brererton ,Gallagher and Armstrong. Downing,Holtby and Johnson will also have been given hefty signing on fees. Christ plenty of reasons to criticise our owners but no way can Mowbray complain about lack of backing. Rejected a big money bid from West brom for Dack last year,and he has given a host of players improved contracts here. Only player we have sold of any value in his time here has been Raya and it was clear Mowbray didn't fancy him
  4. islander200

    Ben Brereton

    How many matches has Brererton played in his natural position though? No doubt about it the 7 million could have been spent better, on the here and now rather than potential but without a run of games and continuity it's hard for any player to get in a rhythm and make an impression. Armstrong is played every week and rarely makes an impression.
  5. islander200

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/transfer-news/amazing-ben-brereton-could-worth-2239125 A lot of people within the game talk up his ability.Maybe it's just a case of him not developing.Although he hasn't really ever been given a run up front here
  6. islander200

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    get in Buckley
  7. islander200

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    surely that's him gone now
  8. islander200

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    That's why I said if he is free.Not defending the club but if Wednesday and Leeds are charging us ridiculous prices can see why the club are doing it to them.The 3 game deal is good offer. It wasn't even directed at you
  9. islander200

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    if you are available for the following two home games they have a 3 game deal on, Wednesday, Barnsley and Brentford, prices starting at 45 quid
  10. islander200

    If Tony goes...

    Surely he will be gone by the international break can't see any points from the next 2,on current for Leeds and Wednesday will beat us easily. Hope the club show a bit of ambition and go for somebody decent rather than a has been who has a promotion on their cv
  11. If you get any response would appreciate it as no access to red button for me either
  12. islander200

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    to be fair the net spend of 2 million doesn't include the signing on fee's of Johnson,Downing and Holtby which id imagine in his case id was quite hefty
  13. islander200


    Travis on the bench ffs
  14. islander200

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    Buckley seemed very involved in the last 20 minutes going off the commentary feed on sky sports
  15. islander200

    Championship season 2019-20

    ah Rowett didn't fail at Birmingham he was doing a decent job until the new owners sacked him, at Derby he wasn't that bad either.Stoke agreed was a failure

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