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  1. islander200


    Celebrated the birth of my first son a week ago tomorrow.Every little sneeze he does is a worry. Currently working as a chef in a care home so will be staying working, unfortunately don't have the finances to stay off work for a prolonged period ,worst nightmare would be catching it and passing it on to my baby boy . Scary times
  2. islander200

    Football League Suspended

    Also players will be out of contract,loan deals will be coming to an end etc
  3. islander200

    Academy & U21s

    He is out of contract.Article in the telegraph today that it's a sort of trial.Sean Wright Phillips was watching from the stands yesterday
  4. islander200

    Stoke City home

    After Buckley's involvement in two goals in the two previous matches very suprided we didn't at least see him from the bench.Game was crying out for some creativity
  5. islander200

    Stoke City home

    Game streaming on sky bet if anyone can't make tonight
  6. islander200

    Stoke City home

    Who did Waggott say this too?Since you said that last time he has been on the bench for the first team?
  7. islander200

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Can't argue it looks 12 million wasted but flip it round he bought Dack for 750k who we rejected a 15 million bid for in January 2019 and Armstrong for 1.75 million and if he keeps up his current form we could be looking at at least 10 million if we were open to selling
  8. Not watching as stuck at work but the radio commentary repeatedly says Buckley is playing wide?
  9. Thanks mate,IV got it on talksport 2.They think we are playing ok,raving about Walton
  10. Is this on the radio? Stuck at work
  11. islander200

    Armstrong Signed

    Lenihen,Nyambe ,Travis and Armstrong would all command decent fee,'s in today's market. Maybe not 15-20 million like we would have got for Dack but those players mentioned above would get plenty of interest if made available. My statement is correct I don't see how you can argue with it ,facts are facts we have sold nobody with any value apart from Raya(who the manager was non plussed about)since Mowbray took over 3 year ago
  12. islander200

    Armstrong Signed

    Nonsense .Lenihen was courted by Sheffield United.So your saying Dack would have been the only player to have interest? You must think Mowbray is working miracles with our only significant player out injured and we still in contention for the play off
  13. islander200

    Armstrong Signed

    Didn't have any other what? Significant players? Lenihen , Graham,Mulgrew even Evans would have all had suitors if they were made available when we went down. You telling me last summer teams wouldn't have been interested in the likes of Lenihen,Travis etc?
  14. islander200

    Armstrong Signed

    Yeah pre Mowbray.Im not trying to say we have great owners,just since Mowbray joined the club we haven't sold any significant players and spent a competitive amount

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