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    John Joe you bloody Toole. Squeaky bum time
  2. Rovers v Blackpool

    Get in
  3. Rovers v Blackpool

    When have we played 4-4-2 this season?
  4. Walsall v Rovers

    We have the option to extend his contract
  5. Walsall v Rovers

    You can't pay at the door?Do you get the tickets at the roverstore?
  6. Rovers v Bury

    I'd go with that team too
  7. Rovers v Bury

    We didn't go 4-4-2?
  8. Rovers v Bury

    Playing Bell a left footer at right back?
  9. Rovers v Bury

    3-5-2 has worked in the past couple of games when he changed it to that against Pompey and Oldham. But I do think we should stick with 4-2-3-1 from now on.We need Payne and Dack starting.
  10. Rovers v Bury

    Did you watch the Wigan game instead of the Rovers?
  11. Rovers v Bury

    Dack is just class.How he is still playing in league 1 is beyond me. Really don't want to see Evans in the blue and white halves again. Payne was excellent when he came on.
  12. Rovers v Bury

    Get Payne on
  13. Rovers v Bury

    When We don't have any winger that hugs the touchline though. You play any of Armstrong,Payne, Antonnson or Bennett in the wide area of a 3 behind the striker and they all drift infield.Chapman would make such a massive difference to us.Mowbray should have brought in a a pacey winger in window
  14. Rovers v Bury

    How?We are playing a front two with Dack in behind?We don't have any creative wingers in the squad so I can see why he is playing with wing backs. Armstrong looks a lot more dangerous playing up top rather than left of a three behind. Only negative for me is Evans playing. Would have put Bennett alongside Smallwood and Nyambe at wing back
  15. Academy & U'21's

    It must be that source from the fox n hounds telling tales again