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  1. Not seen much of Gladwin,does he play centrally or out wide?
  2. If you live abroad then you can watch all the games live
  3. Mahoney in advanced talks with Bournemouth according to sky
  4. Monk and beattie wanted him at Leeds so I could see Mahoney ending up at boro
  5. Mahoney will be out of contract so wouldn't think he would be turning up for pre season
  6. The transfer window is open today according to sky sports transfer centre
  7. Dyche heavy favourite for palace now
  8. Dyche now 15/8 joint favourite for the palace job
  9. Monk is 4/5 favourite for the palace job.I'm hoping Palace will go for Dyche
  10. Sheffield United average attendance is 17k added to the fact the rest of their squad is probably on a relatively low wage and they arnt 100 million plus in debt.I'd love to see the likes of mulgrew and Graham stay but we can't afford their wages
  11. 99% of managers and coaches have agents?
  12. I think Nixon means he is being offered around by his Agent not that rovers are offering him around.
  13. You have said this about Lenihan before I disagree.I thought Lenihan was one of our best players last season and really grew into a decent centre half.I definitely see championship clubs being interested in him. Nyambe was ok last season.I agree with you that he needs to work on his positional play.At the end of the day he is a young lad who was thrown into a poor side,we shouldn't be expecting him to be Cafu.He definitely has all the attributes to make it as a quality championship player.
  14. Thanks for the link Bob
  15. According to the sun Wolves are making a 2 million bid for Jason Steele