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  1. Elliott Ward can't defend absolutely woeful.We need a new centre half big time. What's Mowbray thinking,he watches Antonsson every day in training,he can't play up too on his own too lightweight.And even after watching the first half he doesn't bring Samuel or Graham on
  2. Lord raglan pub in Blackburn
  3. I seen on Facebook the Lord raglan pub in blackburn are showing it so it must be available to stream
  4. The raglan are showing the match I think
  5. Nixon is tweeting that Lowe is close to joining Birmingham
  6. Brighton have spent big enough money in the last couple of days 13 million on a Colombian who was playing in the Belgian league and are buying a Ghanaian who iv never heard of for 10 million Big big Gamble If they go down which I definitely think they will,they will be screwed. Suprised Chris Houghton is going down that route to be honest,I thought he would have gone the Burnley route and brought in domestic players,lads he knows from the championship who have the potential to play at a higher level and in the event they go down will be well placed to come straight back up. When you establish yourself you can afford to be a bit more adventurous with recruitment. Burnley are at the point now where they should be being a bit more adventurous and exploring the overseas income with a couple of seasons tv money behind them added to the fact they brought in 44 million by selling Keane and Gray.That Woods is a very poor signing,that lad won't score goals in the premier league and they already have a big lump in Vokes that can do the dirty work.Brighton,Burnley and either Swansea or Newcastle to go down for me.Rafa to be the first manager to go as can see him resigning if Ashley doesn't back him in the next couple of weeks.Can see Bilic getting the sack if West Ham don't start picking up results
  7. Out for a family meal so couldn't go or listen to the coverage.How is Conway doing?
  8. Littlefinger will die in the finale I think and possibly Cersei
  9. Praying he plays four at the back and if he only goes with one up front then I hope it's Samuel and not Graham
  10. Sky sports reporting he will be going to Celtic on another loan deal.Should be completed next week
  11. So Lenihan is injured and Mowbray is unsure whether Wharton is ready for first team football so that leaves us with Mulgrew and Ward as our only centre halfs?Yet at the moment he is favouring 3 at the back.We are crying out for a proper central defender yet we haven't been linked with one all summer.Even in his soundbites he has only talked about recruiting in midfield and the forward line,we will not get anywhere near promotion unless we bring someone in at the back.I do want Mowbray to succeed and I definitely won't be putting him in the same bracket as Coyle and Kean but listening to that has me even more worried.
  12. Episode 6 of Got is already available to watch online.Was excellent again
  13. Agree with you that it's sickening that those sort of transfer fees are being paid. He is a quality player though,without him Swansea would have certainly gone down last season
  14. I get what your saying totally but with how we have started the season and with the way Mowbray has been setting the team up would you trust him with more money at this time? He was talking about bringing in another midfielder last week which in my eyes is daft.There hasn't really been any talk about bringing in a centre half from Mowbray something which we badly need. Mowbray also left most of his summer signings on the bench at the weekend
  15. According to Nixon it will be completed tomorrow