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  1. islander200

    Loan Window

    Agreed and this money has probably only been made available on the condition it's spent on someone with re-sale value, I doubt Mowbray would be given the go ahead to spend this sort of money on a 28-29 year old. Brereton would be an exciting signing seen him a few times and looks a talent.But would be looking elsewhere if they are wanting more than 6 million.If we are still negotiating after being turned down deadline day then the club must be confident a deal can be done. Who ever we bring it in I hope it happens soon,Hull saturday and Reading on Wednesday, no new signings seem close. What happened to the signing we were supposed to be getting midweek (today)?
  2. islander200

    Loan Window

    Yeah but surely we would only be bringing him in if it was to be made permanent come Jan 1st can't see TM just bringing him in on a loan deal, well hope so anyway
  3. islander200


    Waiting on paperwork being finalised according to Sharpe
  4. islander200

    Carlisle Away

  5. islander200

    Carlisle Away

    Any rumours who this loan signing Is?
  6. islander200

    Carlisle Away

    2-0 Dack
  7. islander200

    Loan Window

    We played great football up Christmas that year.Hammering Sheff Weds, same with villa home and away,beating Arsenal 3-1 away..went down hill after that.
  8. islander200

    Carlisle Away

    It was Butterworth who got the Hat-trick the other week.He's a striker though
  9. islander200

    Loan Window

    I see Charlie Adam is available. Could do worse than bringing him in on loan to play as one of the two behind our front four.His passing is quite good and would help in getting the ball to our more creative players like Dack. Would prefer someone younger and permanent but think that ship has sailed to be honest if we are to bring Any one in on a loan to buy deal (I have my doubts that we will) then I think it will be a striker
  10. islander200

    Hull away

    Sharpe reckons nothing in it
  11. islander200

    Hull away

    On Wickham do you really want to run the risk of bringing him in with his injury record? He has been out 18 months and even before that was always stop start with injury. We also have no chance of signing him permanently all those things together and personally I wouldn't be happy if if was him brought in
  12. islander200

    Loan Window

    No point saying anything then or say we are looking and trying instead of running the risk of leaving the fans disappointed if nobody is brought in this week
  13. islander200

    Loan Window

    Nixon said he is someone we are looking into but he isn't first choice on his Twitter
  14. islander200

    Premier League Stuff

    They been better at the back since van Dyke came in.Good to see Gomez partnering him at centre half too, he looks a good defender him, Klopp played him mostly at full back when he did play last year
  15. islander200

    Loan Window

    Good post.Agree with all that. It will be very disappointing if nobody is brought in with it being made perm in January. We need a couple to come in definitely a striker and for me a central midfielder if good quality is nearly just as important. As much as I like Smallwoods effort he just doesn't look up to it at this level.People may call me harsh as we are only two games in but the last time he was contracted to a club in this division they sent him out on loan to league 1. What ever happens short term loan or loan to buy they need to be brought in sharpish not at the end of the window.

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