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  1. Become pally with Mowbray's agent?
  2. Mowbray doesn't think any of our lads are ready he prefers to play the experienced players despite how poor they are,they will be playing for the under 23s again tonight
  3. What does Tommy Johnson do at the club?I thought he was supposed to be in scouting/recruitment role or are we paying him for nothing too? Sorry read your post again seems you are at odds as to what Tommy Johnson does for his wage too
  4. He must be injured tonight.I'm sure he missed the last under 23 game through injury
  5. I didn't think Nyambe did badly last year to be honest.He has things to work on no doubt,positionally he can improve but that will come with more experience,he looks nervous at times but all in all I think he is a very good prospect
  6. Although Caddis has done well in the last two games in the longer term I'd hope to see Nyambe in at rb and I'd also like to see Travis get an opportunity.On the other side I hope to see Hunt or Doyle eventually replace Williams
  7. On the evidence of last night you where right about Antonnson playing left,thought he had a good game.Excellent movement and a nice goal.Was impressed
  8. If we play with the same intensity as we did last night especially in the first half than we should have no problem winning this one.
  9. Good performance.More of the same please ,hope not another Wimbledon on Saturday when Gillingham come town. Though Antonnson had a good game,but how did he miss that chance when he was running through.Samuel was immense in the first half.Still think that Chapman has too much talent not to be a starter though.Very enjoyable evening always said Mowbray was the right man for the job
  10. Chapman sent out to warm up by Mowbray.We need a second goal here Rotherham growing into it slightly
  11. To be fair we have made them look poor though,haven't given them a second on the ball.But like you say we need that second goal
  12. Yeah Rotherham can't handle us.Best 45 minutes of the season for me.After that domination we can't afford to slip up now need the 3 points
  13. Caddis is having a decent game.Mowbray definitely has us fired up for this one.Get a second lads
  14. Mowbray is god.Markus Antonnson is a legend.Get in
  15. Nyambe is only back from injury,I would have given young Travis a start.If we played 4-2-3-1,I would have had whittingham alongside Smallwood with Dack the centre of the three.Chapman most definitely would have started as one of the three with Samuel up top.Iv lost all faith in Mowbray now to be honest but if we put in a good performance tonight il be back on to congratulate him