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  1. A lot of the villa lads will know they are playing for their future so don't expect that to be an easy game.Was kodgia red card a straight is he out for the rovers match?
  2. Stokes not on the bench,Conway returns
  3. Get please hold on rovers
  4. Feck sake akpan
  5. Going off the radio we are playing quite well.Raya hasn't had a save to make and Mahoney came closest to scoring
  6. I'd start Mahoney today,we need the 3 points and should start the game on the front foot.Out of our remaining games today is an ideal opportunity to see how Mahoney does from the start
  7. You and many others have Dunnfc.But a lot of fans are staying away due to the reason Jbizzle suggested.Only have to look at the cup games against the big boys.
  8. You would play ward and brown ahead of Hoban?
  9. We went 7 games unbeaten,ok Mowbray didn't get his subs right Preston and it cost us two points but at the same time if Gallagher had run the ball into the corner then we would probably still have won.Previous to that match,mowbrays subs gained us two points v Norwich and Fulham.We have just played Brighton who are top of the league and Reading who have been in the play offs all season and have the second best home record in the league.Where you expecting us to win both matches?
  10. Steele is so shxt,great goal by Bennett
  11. Wolves beating forest.Paul Lambert what a legend
  12. I'd be very disappointed if the lad doesn't sign a new contract if we stay up.However I understand him not wanting to put pen to paper right now as we could be a league one side next season.
  13. Tell "Suhail" to F.O.I really don't understand where you are coming from here?The owners employed Pasha not Cheston. I agree completely that the club would be a lot better off if we had someone proper in place like a John Williams or a Peter Kenyon or whoever but the club's problems are not down to Mike Cheston...if he was to leave tomorrow it would just be someone else doing the same thing on the owners behalf.And like I said in my previous post the big contracts handed out that we are still paying for where not signed off by Cheston.We can choose to blame Shaw,Singh,Hunt and whoever else but at the end of the day it's the Rao family that are killing the club.
  14. Mike Cheston didn't bring Pasha to the club the owners did.Cheston leaving wouldn't change anything.It's the owners that need to go.
  15. I thought he wanted Warnock only for Coyle to be appointed while he was away?Like I said if it wasn't Mike Cheston it would just be someone else doing the exact same thing under Venkys watch.If he was removed I don't see what difference it would make?We would still have the same owners who are the problem.We were in the sh*t before Mike Cheston came on the scene and it wasn't Cheston who handed out all the ridiculous contracts that have left us in this financial mess..Murphy,best,etuthu etc