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  1. Simon Grayson

    Rovers aren’t looking for a new manager. Rovers are near the play-offs and have games in hand. The Facebook and LT superfans are delighted with how things are going. Keeping tabs on other (better) managers serves only to frustrate. The ‘who else would come here?’ argument needs ramming down a few throats though.
  2. For supposedly successful business people it would be good to know how they have managed to get every single decision about Rovers so badly wrong. It’s a wonder they have any businesses left.
  3. Good thanks. Likewise. My post wasn’t aimed at you but I do think there are fans who have now ‘moved on’* and think small. *I wonder if Dunny realises just what he was supporting when he took on the fans against Kean and Venkys.
  4. The ground isn’t too big at all! It’s the minds of the folks in charge now (and plenty of fans) that are too small. Jack will be turning in his grave with talk like that but I imagine it eliciting nods and smiles from a few who aren’t fit to clean his shoes.
  5. Let’s see if anyone objects to a renewal of the ACV on Ewood. By your logic, they will have no need to.
  6. Plenty of examples of supermarkets built on or attached to football grounds. Do you want Ewood Park to have a Lidl at one end and a Travelodge at the other?
  7. Better bloody hope not. One of my worry beads for a while has been this: there is an obvious AVC case for a 30,000 seater stadium that holds 25,000 fans each week. The renewal would write itself. The same stadium for sub-10,000 fans in L1 or L2? As far fetched as it sounds we might hear the same defence from the club as Brockhall: ‘matches are currently played at Ewood Park and we have no plans to change that but there are other places that we could play home games if necessary’. Let’s see if there is any objection if/when the fans look to ensure our community asset remains as such.
  8. Can’t remember, think it might be next year. @Paul will be able to confirm.
  9. There will be 10,000 “reconciliations” if they take us back to the PL. Although I take your point about any AVC debate.
  10. Whilst I don’t disagree with the process, it seems counter intuitive that anyone could demonstrate the community value of an asset without statements from the community. I seem to recall the Trust asking for inputs from people about their value of Brockhall. Perhaps not enough people came forward making it even more difficult to build a case. The club could have argued that they could have played football anywhere (Wigan and Bolton did just that) but Ewood Park is a national icon and I suspect that the first AVC caught them on the back foot. I wonder what kind of defends the club will mount when the Ewood AVC is up for renewal... The disturbing thing with all this is that they club continue to challenge (and substantially fund) against the fans who simply want to protect Rovers legacy. We have every right to distrust them and their motives but they should be building bridges. An AVC should not be necessary if the owners demonstrated their commitment to the club instead of putting of insulting statements and doing the opposite.
  11. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2017/november/winter-wonderland-is-coming-to-ewood/ Not sure if this is a genius idea or the daftest thing I’ve ever heard. The players singing a Christmas carol??
  12. He didn’t mean Rovers matches...!
  13. Does make you wonder though: Why bother? Do they really think the have any chance of getting their money back? Can they really be so spiteful as to run the club into the ground? It’s much more likely that they have simply lost interest completely rather than any real plan or acceptance. Just an agenda item in a quarterly meeting, and a budget signed off each year. Personally, if it was my business, I’d be looking to offload BRFC to whomever gave me a quid to take on the losses as soon as possible, just to save losing money. Regardless of lower costs there is no business sense in any of this. Unless of course a sale could introduce risk to their other businesses and/or personal wealth.
  14. Blackpool/Oystons

    Lucky bastards. Promotion and then this. A sale brought about for reasons that we have no hope of replicating. This news makes me feel real sorrow and a gnawing pang of self-pity in the pit of my stomach. A potential ally will now become another group to pour scorn on us, and suddenly remember how much they hate Rovers and Rovers fans. There is no such thing as a ‘football fan’ really. Each club’s fanbase is on their own. I hate you Venkys. I wish you nothing but misery for as many years as you inflict misery on us. Double.