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  1. Stuart


    From the Rovers - Norwich game... is that the SAS before they were the SAS...
  2. Stuart

    Football League Suspended

    I can see social distancing being the thing that kills the remainder of this season. Very likely that everything else being cancelled but Liverpool awarded the title. But if they do that then the record books should also show Blackpool as winners in 1939/40. How about a penalty shootout for the remaining fixtures? Send goalkeepers round to teams’ training grounds and face 18 penalties for each team. Squads selected like a normal matchday squad.
  3. Stuart

    Bradley Dack

    I actually cheered!
  4. Stuart

    Bradley Dack

    Cracking win for Rovers v Stoke in the #UltimateQuaranTeamCup 4-3 thriller away from home. Dacky had far more chances than their player. Just shows that I’d enjoy watching Rovers win at a game of Gim Rummy!
  5. Stuart

    Owd Photos o’t’ Rovers

    Fabulous that, Ian, thanks. Standard of football was dreadful but absolutely fascinating to watch.
  6. Stuart

    Football League Suspended

    It feels now like, whatever happens, Liverpool won’t really have won the title. Even if their name goes in the record books it will have an asterisk next to it. Going back to @arbitro’s point, I think there is a very real possibility that fans will lose interest. Sadly, we don’t have a board capable of any imagination when it comes to attracting lapsed fans. This could impact us quite badly.
  7. I “liked” this post. If I could have “loved” it, I would.
  8. You’ve really earned your stripes! This last ten years has probably been the worst period in history to be a Rovers fan.
  9. Stuart

    Owd Photos o’t’ Rovers

    There were looms working in Blackburn at the turn of this century. Britannia Mill for one. I used to love the smell of a weaving shed. Sadly we were undercut by Indians and even Egyptians and the company struggled to acclimatise as a distributor/seller from and end-to-end manufacturer.
  10. Stuart

    Premier League Stuff

  11. Stuart

    Premier League Stuff

    It’s not credible that only three teams benefit. Champions League places aren’t decided. If they don’t finish the season then it will have to be quashed and restart from scratch. The season that never was.
  12. Stuart

    Football League Suspended

    Hard lines. They’ll have to suck it up and motivate themselves. There is no alternative. Someone has to get relegated or there can be no promotions and no champions.
  13. Stuart

    Favourite Kit Manufacturer

    The material was crap though, it plucked more than a pair of dingles playing banjos..
  14. Stuart

    Football League Suspended

    Surely the break is only because there have been players and staff affected. The isolation period for players should mean they are free of the infection or get treatment. After that point they can play again. Then I would expect it to be closed doors, with TV coverage. (Fans who have bought tickets should be offered free iFollow access). It’s unthinkable that they would cancel the league because fans can’t go to games. The most sensible option is to delay the Euros until next Summer to allow leagues to physically get matches played.
  15. Stuart

    Premier League Stuff

    So only 22 teams in the Championship too? L1 and L2 denied promotions? Lots of competition for automatic spots in there. Sorry it’s nonsense, and would be a one-eyed approach that football only revolves around the PL. If they come up with a “selective beneficiaries” conclusion I think that’s me done with football. If the season is scrapped, it’s scrapped, no winners, no losers, and the league starts again as it did at the start of the season. Lawyers can complain all they want but this is unprecedented. PL parachute/consolidarity payments to Leeds and West Brom to give them an edge next season. As hilarious as it would be to see Leeds and a Liverpool miss out, the only way this ends “properly” is games played behind closed doors. There are enough cameras out there to put games online for those who have bought tickets to stream via iFollow. Sure, it wouldn’t be great but, unless the infection rates drop to minimal over the next three weeks, there is no credible alternative.

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