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  1. Stuart

    Summer Transfer Window

    It is for a company alienating it’s customers, losing money and in debt ten times its turnover and getting worse each year.
  2. Stuart

    Summer Transfer Window

    Go back and look at Venkys share price before they bought Rovers. They owe us not the other way around. And that’s before we get into what they have done to our club.
  3. Stuart

    Summer Transfer Window

    Lol Stop being so negative! Show me a company that didn’t have a sharp drop in March. First global lockdown. Since then they have recovered during a pandemic. They need to stop pretending Venkys are skint, it’s just insulting to people.
  4. Stuart

    Summer Transfer Window

    So an upward trend. Cheers Chaddy.
  5. Stuart

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    “We have reached a precarious point in the club’s history and, right now, every penny counts, as we try to keep moving forward against a backdrop of uncertainty and challenging circumstances.” Our precarious situation is chiefly down to the decision making of the last 10 years. The lack of rallying round by fans right now is due to the utter contempt we are being treated with. What sacrifices is he personally making, while asking Riverside fans to pay JW upper prices for their own seat? The reality is the contribution that fans make doesn’t even touch the sides of what it costs to run the club - even before the current situation. Our loss of income isn’t a fan problem but a relegation-from-the-PL problem. £180m later here we are. COVID-19 is a red herring at this juncture. Our future depends on promotion and that relies on the huge wages we pay players and which Venkys are footing the bill for. For some reason. Loss of matchday revenue may hurt Waggott’s pocket though. Dig deep everyone!
  6. Stuart

    Ben Brereton

    Third season and three different roles. So far. None can be considered a success.
  7. Stuart

    Summer Transfer Window

    That’s a very very selective chart.
  8. Stuart

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    Unless clubs are prepared to become feeder ones this could be the introduction of a La Liga style ‘B team’ lower division side. Effectively the U23 PL1 and PL2 could replace L1 and L2. Let’s hope not!
  9. Who mentioned Mowbray’s pals? Your words. He shouldn’t be dropped at all at this stage of his development. But this keeps happening - this weeks excuse was that he has been playing too well (!). Mowbray overthinks games and picks a team for each opponent rather than putting out best XI out there and having them worry about us. I certainly wouldn’t blame Nyambe for not signing a new contract. Call it a narrative if you like.
  10. We really shouldn’t be dropping Dolan at this point. He’s just getting started and was integral to the result yesterday. He was MoM for me but as always Rovers give it to the highest goalscorer. Arma and Dolan can terrorise defenders and get us a goal or two then later on try to protect a point, and player.
  11. So Bennett didn’t play frequently at rb under Mowbray then?
  12. Stuart

    Armstrong Signed

    Struggling to see Armstrong, Dolan and Dack in the same line up. Unless Arma or Dolan are played out wide and Brereton and Gallagher are both dropped. Or JRC becomes our left back and we play 4-3-3. A bid above £10m for Arma might just take that headache away...
  13. That’s fine but let’s nobody complain - or blame the player - when we lose Nyambe for nothing at the end of his contract because he won’t sign a new one. This work rate and hamstring worry is just the latest ‘explanation’. Last season it was that he had to shoehorn Bennett in somewhere at all costs and Travis was undroppable in midfield while Brereton or Gallagher had to be squeezed in on the right. Meanwhile, we can’t keep shuffling the defence every game and expect to keep clean sheets. Yesterday was a good day against a L1 standard opposition (I’ve always acknowledged Mowbray is a very decent L1 standard manager when he has a Championship standard squad) but let’s take that into the Derby game. Who gets dropped to bring Nyambe back in for example?
  14. How is it that players at other clubs can play game after game after game and don’t need to be dropped or tested ‘to protect them’? Is it Ewood Park that he’s afraid of? If so we’d all better enjoy Tyrhys Dolan while we can. Lack of a settled team leads to inconsistency and a lack of a settled back four leads to indecision and conceding goals. I’ll take Mowbray at face value that it was Wycombe and we didn’t need to be quite as defensively-minded but we shouldn’t be shuffling the pack every game. Derby will be a big test for the manager. Let’s get into that top 6 early on and put ourselves under pressure to stay in the mix for top 2. Anyone can beat anyone in this division, momentum and consistency are key - starting with the attitude of the man in the dug out.

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