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  1. Stuart

    Rovers new style of play and how we play it

    Mowbray seems to set about making a very simple game very complicated. Change of personnel, change of system, game after game then when it goes wrong it’s down to “individual errors from players”. No correlation, of course. Success in the Championship is all about momentum. Mowbray appears to think that his L1 approach of rotation will work at this level but we had the best squad in the division. We were the Man City of League One and finished second. Meanwhile, his only success in this division was when he deployed a free flowing attacking game with West Brom. I guess the expectation levels from Rovers fans mean that he has all the time in the world. Let’s hope Venkys feel the same.
  2. Stuart

    Reading (A)

    How long until Holtby is inexplicably dropped while on form? It’s not just about Rothwell, it’s an approach Mowbray has taken because he spends too much time in the Midfielder Store and now appears to need to make excuses. Look, we’ve won today and anyone who isn’t happy with that will naturally end up in arguments with people trying to point score. Have a good evening.
  3. Stuart

    Reading (A)

    His best position is on the pitch!
  4. Stuart

    Reading (A)

    But he keeps altering the line up and expecting players to gel. Good sides are usually based on consistency with players creating partnerships all over the pitch. Last time out Travis was dropped and Johnson didn’t play as well as he had, this week it was the other way around. Prior to that both were being talked about as the best partnership for a good while. We were the post away from 2-2 today but got the points. We won’t achieve that consistency until Tony starts to pick and trust his best XI. Despite a decent strike today, Armstrong isn’t in that yet for me. Compare us with Preston, for instance. They seem to have a settled midfield and defence and (early days) sit third. We’ve settled on Williams and Lenihan (no knocks or illness for them) and look more solid at the back - why keep tinkering in midfield? (The answer, of course, is that we have too many of them).
  5. Stuart

    Reading (A)

    It’s an obvious criticism. Are these players really ill or picking up knocks? It must happen at clubs all over. But listening to Mowbray talk in the press about certain players and not others makes it difficult to believe at times, and more like reasons to pick who he favours while avoiding criticism. I do worry that the Holtby signing means the end of Rothwell, who appears to have real trouble impressing Mowbray while at the same time impressing fans. So far this season, we are fairly even on W and L - let’s hope we’ve turned a corner.
  6. Stuart


    I used to think this but there is definitely a market for visitors to Blackburn.
  7. Stuart


    A turn of phrase. Look, I’m not looking to pick a fight. We are on the same side but if Jack has demolished the RS and rebuilt it people would still have grumbled but it would have got done. Stands are a very emotive thing - especially for those directly affected - but the RS needs updating sooner rather than later. While we have loads of empty seats it would make sense to start from scratch rather than build around it - especially if there was a hotel attached. If people have concerns about a different agenda from the administration then that’s a whole different conversation.
  8. Stuart


    But that sounds like more of the same. There is an opportunity to develop the stand, not simply replace old wood and steel for new.
  9. Stuart

    Reading (A)

    Decent result that keeps us in the pack. The tombola lives to spin another day.
  10. Stuart

    Reading (A)

    Just got in. Lol @ Armstrong!
  11. Stuart


    Unless you were able to build the whole thing during the off-season I don’t see how you could just build over and then dismantle from underneath - no roof for a considerable period. It certainly wouldn’t be much of a redesign. Jack saw fit to close the DE stand during the season while it was rebuilt. It comes down to lack of trust in the current administration and their motives.
  12. Stuart

    Reading (A)

    Think he mows Mowbray’s lawn every other Sunday.
  13. Stuart


    Sorry but I’m struggling with your position. Are you saying don’t bother with redeveloping the stand?

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