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  1. C'mon Chris. Are you really going to go for smug at this juncture? Your list is longer than anyone's. Let's have a look at the end of the window. If we don't lose any of our strongest players I'll meet up and buy you a pint.
  2. You can only play 11 at once. How many have Rovers got now?
  3. You know that expression: fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me? This lesson wasn't learned by some people - and never will be.
  4. Good post Tim, and it's a good point you make here. We greatly need to be watching a team setting out its stall to win matches, and not trying to keep the score at 0-0 and nick one. Nothing turns off a crowd like negative anti-football. I said this many times when Bowyer was here, where he talked up every opponent and tried to nullify their threat rather than getting the best out of the tools he had and making us a team for others to fear. If Mowbray can start the season with, let's say, three wins out of three then, with the team playing confidently rather than tentatively, this will be a real show of intent. We could really do with moving out those players, who we do expect/plan to leave, sooner rather than later. Yes, it will invite pressure to use the money (without the excuse of 'there was no time before the window shut') but more importantly losing two or even three players late on - especially if they miss the first few games with phantom injuries - could damage trust, undermine that confidence, and result in a lack of real momentum - the very thing that gets fans on side.
  5. Wrong. The underlying reasons for Mulgrew potentially wanting out are everything to do with Venkys. They relegated us! Twice!
  6. I seem to recall that pre-season in 1994 was a shocker and we barely got a result - although I could be misremembering. But it's always stuck with me that pre-season results are meaningless and aren't an indicator of the season ahead by any stretch. It's about fitness and trying out formations and players, and usually against technically inferior opponents. Playing nice triangles against a team three divisions below us is easy on the eye but is no real test of the League One kick and rush environment. It could even work against us. But then again, as much as I wasn't over excited about 8 goals without reply, I wasn't concerned about the 'defeat' to Sparta either. The current photo slotted into the Venky's logo-embossed picture frame is a faux-nostalgic throwback and it's easy to romanticise about it (if you ignore the edges). The only way to enjoy the present is to ignore the future, which is a whole lot less rosy without promotion at the first try. How long though before we hear fans saying how much more they enjoy League One football than the overpaid Championship version? Like we all eventually did after the last relegation.
  7. Looking like Mowbray has a plan and is being given some latitude/budget to carry it out - albeit against a backdrop of staff cutbacks. I say "looking like" because experience of Venkys is that we need to wait until the transfer window shuts before extolling the 'business by the club'.
  8. Heart says that the players are gelling and will want to stick together with the thought of beating all comers this season. Head says agents - and most players - are heartless barstewards who care about money. Let's hope that we don't see and exodus of Graham, Bennett, Lenihan and Evans leave and take away the feelgood. Ironically if Evans has had a knock that could keep him here and not playing.
  9. At which point he will be frozen out of the first team...
  10. Wow. That's auditor money well spent if the advice for League One level was to have a League One level of staff. That said, as the only League One club with a Cat 1 Academy, surely we meet Cat 1 level staff in there?
  11. Samuels signed?
  12. Unbelievably a lot of fans feel the same way. "Looking to the future" only works if there is a clear watershed moment and a new footing based on either a change of very senior personnel or operating environment - and the line cannot be redrawn every 6 months. Certainly not if the key decision makers remain constant. Well, not with any credibility.
  13. how did we all miss that??!
  14. Yeah, I'm guessing it probably does. Good riddance but yet more money (that we don't have) wasted.
  15. Are you new here?