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  1. Stuart

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I’d honestly be surprised if Brereton was bought to replace Dack, Mark. Unless nobody did any scouting on him. He is nothing like a Dack replacement. Again, this would have meant a change of style. But let’s say I’m wrong. As soon as Dack got injured Mowbray should have put his faith in Brereton to take his place. Not sure what went through Mowbray’s mind you play him wide but as you say, it very much went to pot.
  2. Stuart

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    If Dack is being replaced by Rothwell/Holtby and Graham is being replaced by Gallagher/Brereton, then Dack’s injury and Graham’s age should have provided a great opportunity to get them used to that this season. Instead he has played all four of them predominantly as wide forwards - to poor effect. Personally I’m with @philipl and would expand to say that we’ve not really had much of a plan at all. They just became available. Gally in particular was an ex-loanee so “knew the club”. Rothwell and Holtby were opportune. Brereton is the only curious one. Certainly an investment given his pedigree as an England youth international but how many of those have failed to kick on? The price tag alone may have ruined that lad because of the expectation. Especially when it was one the club couldn’t afford.
  3. Stuart

    Summer Transfer Window

    You are probably right there. Plus £5m is peanuts to a PL club. Also: agents.
  4. Stuart

    West Brom at home

    It’s a really odd logic too. Surely if people were happy losing, the forums would be humming with glee every time. It would be similarly flawed to say that those who still back Mowbray want Rovers to lose because Mowbray delivers defeats as often as victories! Every Rovers fan wants Rovers to win and to be successful. Same as every fan of every club. The difference is that elsewhere when a manager doesn’t deliver he is replaced. It’s a situation that every manager accepts. At Rovers it’s very different. It does make me wonder the process for replacing each manager has been. Has the chief exec made the final recommendation in the past? In which case we could be having the types of discussion for a long time yet. It will certainly be when we are towards heading the bottom end of the league at the earliest. Which betrays the height of the club’s (and some fans) ambitions: Midtable or bust. I’m astonished (and fearful) about the prospects of that being funded indefinitely. Especially if, as Mowbray himself has said (and I paraphrase for the very literal amongst us, Venkys have been told to put their chequebook away. FFP, eh?
  5. Stuart

    West Brom at home

    It’s just the same cycle. Is it any wonder crowds are dwindling? LLL = Mowbray needs to go LWD = He needs more time, he’s had injuries, yada yada These two runs sum up Mowbray’s time here: steady away and then a dreadful run, a slight recovery and then steady away for a bit. The only constant is that, no matter what, Mowbray will continue. Results don’t matter, performances don’t matter, recruitment doesn’t matter. You end up with two choices: Pack it all in as there isn’t any ambition, or just go through the motions because you support Rovers (or at least the idea/history of Rovers) and as long as they put a team out you’ll watch. The grim reality is that if you were a potential fan just joining the scene right now, you probably wouldn’t bother. I’m not even sure if we still have the hereditary effect (dad-to-lad) as a lot don’t care if their son/daughter “supports” City or Liverpool, nay they even buy them the kit! Good days like today - let’s face it, nearly beating and not losing to the team joint top of the league is a good day - are undermined by defeats against the likes of Barnsley. He has to go if we are to progress. Waiting until we are back on a downward trajectory is too late.
  6. Stuart

    West Brom at home

    He made a real difference when he came on. If we can get a full back and keep Jacob fit* we should be saying our thank-yous and goodbyes to Bennett. I’m sure I’m his biggest critic (ha!) but I’ll give Mowbray credit for those positive substitutions, and taking the game to West Brom. He did enough today to earn three points. If one he has take this approach against Wigan and Barnsley we’d be in pole position right now. Our lack of consistency through a constant squad rotation policy has cost us our chance of a targeted top 6 berth. The reason we looked good in the second though is because we attacked the opposition. You can’t assemble such a poor defence/gk and be able to sit back. Dack also hinted as much early in commentary when he said if we were to score first he hoped we would go for a second and not try to hold. Props to JRC today too who has certainly been a big improvement. Travis is our MVP right now and just needs to learn to avoid suspensions. Such a shame this squad is likely to be broken up rather than keeping the decent loanees and ditching the deadwood. * lack of fitness being another key feature of Mowbray’s squad. I guess when you spend all of your budget on two duds, having to shop in the bargain basement will result in that.
  7. Stuart

    West Brom at home

    This is when a crowd would be sucking that ball into the net. There is just no crescendo without us!
  8. Stuart

    West Brom at home

    This is bloody infuriating!!!
  9. Stuart

    West Brom at home

    We literally have NOBODY who can score one-on-one.
  10. Stuart

    Championship season 2019-20

    Have to laugh at Travis’ Superman impression there!
  11. Stuart

    West Brom at home

    “Armstrong is a number 9”. Not sure the problem?
  12. Stuart

    West Brom at home

    Erm no he didn’t. His actual words were “he [Armstrong] will tell you he’s a nine”. Dack went on to say that “he [Dack] prefers it (for his own game) when Arma comes inside from the left”. A peek into the selfish world of the footballer’s mind.
  13. Stuart

    West Brom at home

    no thanks
  14. Stuart

    West Brom at home

    Genuinely the most I’ve enjoyed a goal this season.

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