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  1. VAR

    Depends how old you are. When I was growing up there was nothing worse than a ‘technical offside’. A player could be stood by the corner flag, injured or scratching his backside but with play going on around him as soon as a team mate was played through, it was offside. It was then that ‘not interfering with play’ was born (much to Brian Clough’s annoyance) and the slippery slope. The perfect game of football would only have stoppages for goals and to change ends. Anything else is a failure and a requirement to restart play from somewhere. Only checking for offences after a goal is scored, and where there is some genuine doubt, would be the better option. Pandora has been out of herself box since about 1992 and since then everyone has been trying to avoid eye contact.
  2. VAR

    More chance of seeing a goal? Less chance of fakery? Less stoppages could be a good thing. Especially if they are incorrect. More honest players might mean more accurate referees. Allow play to continue and only stop play after the goal to review VAR if the referee feels he is not sure. The ‘phase of play’ rule that was brought in for offsides might need to be gotten used to. In other words a goal must be scored within a reasonable (and pretty damned short) time frame from the flag going up for it to be considered.
  3. Jack Payne

    He absolutely has to start every game. Without him we are unlikely to get another point, let alone climb the table. It’s like they say... no Payne, no gain. #first
  4. Premier League Stuff

    I think only Jones was above Rhodes on Venkys watch?
  5. Premier League Stuff

    Speak for yourself. The guy was, one, working for Venkys and, two, never backed in the market, despite the sale of our second biggest ever transfer sale. He refused to made made a mug of by Venkys. Some fans seem to think he should have just shrugged and put up with it! Yet despite having no money, he managed to bring in Danny Graham and Elliott Bennett - two of our key players. How many Bowyer players are still around? One? I hope he does well at Stoke and proves a few folk wrong.
  6. That was my first thought. But you know what I’m like!
  7. Adam Armstrong

    Don’t remember seeing Armstrong on the pitch at half time. Maybe he was on a bike. He was certainly on his bike for the first chase he had!
  8. Adam Armstrong

    He looked quicker than Chapman. Got to be concerned about his hammies though!
  9. Shrewsbury Town - 13/1/18

    I think they are just really poor. There was a game recently. Possibly Scunthorpe where the ref gave us virtually every decision one half and them the same in the other half, regardless of the reality. I was shaking my head at some of the decisions given to US! The game at this level used to be far less “important” going back a number of years and part-time self-motivated referees were fine. The top division was simply that - and a chance to pit yourself against better teams in the country. The drip-drip effect of ex-PL teams now in the Championship and lower means that expectations of fans and the needs of clubs, in terms of the gain/loss of promotion/relegation are now massive. Rovers need to get back to the PL (or at least top end Championship and attracting a serious buyer) for long-term, Venkyless, survival. The impact of not being promoted because of poor officiating in a close game is therefore massive. Referees - and assistant referees - need to get more of the big decisions right. Instead, like yesterday, the referee(s) can be at the centre of most of the big talking points in the game for all the wrong reasons.
  10. Cheap Ticket Games

    I’m in favour of a pricing strategy that does this... http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/european/manchester-united-news-sevilla-ticket-price-champions-league-liverpool-a8151371.html Much better than giving Championship sides a full away end.
  11. Shrewsbury Town - 13/1/18

    You should have seen him against Hull!
  12. Shrewsbury Town - 13/1/18

    Surely JAL, not Al?