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  1. Stuart

    Lancashire Telegraph

    I think the negativity attributed to this site is a little unfair and a projection as viewed from the other side of the blue-and-white-tinted spectacles. Many on here would call it realism. It usually reflects and focuses the negativity that we all feel after games and aims it like a spotlight on the root causes. Usually the same root causes game after game. You don’t write after games or in anger but we all frequently do. After a defeat this is a place to avoid, for sure, but only because we are all passionate about our club, and want to see it succeed. The dawn of the mainstream internet and therefore messageboard/forum age coincided with a startling upturn in the fortunes of the club and, despite that success, people still wanted to see us improve and to not fall backwards. Perhaps we all didn’t want the dream to end. Maybe we are crazed perfectionists who will always demand more? For example, Souness was one of my favourite Rovers managers. I didn’t want him to leave, even towards the end. But he did have to go because he has lost what he had and it was impacting the team and results and we were heading back down. There is no shame in that time having come for Mowbray. I don’t want us to be relegated again. I highly doubt it will be as easy to escape next time.
  2. Stuart

    Premier League Stuff

    In the decisions that matter, particularly the marginal ones, Liverpool have been the biggest beneficiaries of VAR. City have been the least. Any inconsistency in the implementation and “learning” has also favoured Liverpool and disadvantaged City. It may be accidental rather than intentional but without VAR the gap would not be 9 points and City would probably be top. Just off the top of my head, +2 points from the Tottenham game and +1 yesterday, with -2 to Liverpool. That’s a 5 point swing without any real checking of points gained by Liverpool. 4 points instead of 9 and a lot more momentum behind City. Let’s see if all controversial incidents now have VAR decisions taken in only 3 seconds to check, with no replay and instead just a pithy “VAR has completed the check” as is now the benchmark after Sunday. Somehow I doubt it.
  3. Stuart

    Lancashire Telegraph

    Simon, if I may. I think the bit in bold is the root cause of why you receive a lot of stick. I agree though that it shouldn’t be aimed at you personally and should be about your opinions and only your opinions. You put them out there (as we all do) so they will get shot at. Your style appears to be to find a positive spin on most things and to write pieces which generate a little controversy. But the bit it bold is what grates. We are clearly in straits on the pitch and off it and we have the illusion of normalcy. If you are posting positive stories just to sell newspapers and advertising then at best it is insincere and at worst is patronising. It becomes propaganda, de facto on behalf of the club or incumbent manager, and benefits the LT as it helps them remain in the good books with them: one of their commercial partners. We need something to change on the field - and quickly - yet we are seeing the same mistakes, the same excuses and no sign that any lessons are being learned. We have no clear pattern of play and we seem to be very much on a downward cycle. This surely cannot be used to defend, let alone sustain, Mowbray’s own excuses and blame for certain players. Do you really believe that Mowbray is the right man to take this club forward? If so, why? Because of fear of the unknown alternative? I guess your articles are designed to divide opinion because that is what will spark online discussion and increase site traffic (which is what sells advertising) but by definition you will polarise opinion and end up with a lot of people who take exception. To the man on the street (or the average LT reader) who doesn’t go to Ewood, you represent the thoughts of the “every Rovers fan”. If, like the LT, you don’t even represent the broader fanbase (and even have a pop at the ‘negative’ fans) then this can be taken very personally. Right now our fanbase is very much split - as it has been for many years - the middle ground is narrowing, and right now there is a groundswell of anti-Mowbray feeling building at one side. Articles about Rovers should look to balance this. Yes, stick to your instincts but acknowledge the concerns of those “on the edges of the middle ground”. Beyond that, at one end of the spectrum are the “super fans” (I use the term unapologetically) who won’t hear a bad word about anyone with a Rovers badge on their chest, at the other end are the critical fans who are more demanding and think the badge should be constantly be earned by everyone - including the manager. In the middle there are people who see it as ‘just a game’ and their interest in Rovers begins on Saturday at 2pm and end at 5:30pm. I’d suggest that many of the middle group are the ones who are now losing patience and will go on to lose interest. This should be acknowledged and right now it feels as though you are writing for the super fans. All that said, writing regular articles is a big commitment, and I applaud you for that. I guess in some ways you are a barometer for when things have gone beyond the pale, like Parsonblue or chaddyrover on here. If you were to post something negative about a manager then we would all know the tide had truly turned...
  4. Stuart

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    True enough. Trouble is that slimming down would likely see us lose Rothwell and keep Evans.
  5. Stuart

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    If you take away the two very odd multi-million pound strikers during the last two seasons and we have spent very little on anyone.
  6. Stuart

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    “We are not going to be able to invent 10 games where we can go on an unbeaten run because there are not enough games left.” Try saying that in a Saltburn lilt.
  7. Stuart

    Championship season 2019-20

    I bet Waggott is gutted that Rooney doesn’t join Derby until after we play them. That would have been a nailed on £40+ game!
  8. Stuart

    Premier League Stuff

    Let’s be honest, the issue isn’t that VAR didn’t overturn the Salah goal, or give the handball, it’s the interpretation of what is a “clear and obvious error”. It is also open to abuse. I was watching a penalty appeal last weekend that was so obviously a mistake by the ref and should have been given as a penalty but the VAR official just watched replay after replay and quite clearly didn’t want to give it. Maybe it’s down to personalities and some refs don’t like being undermined and others don’t mind but it is the inconsistency that makes VAR the farce that it is.
  9. Stuart

    Premier League Stuff

    VAR does, and must, deal in absolutes. It simply cannot make mistakes that a referee would be forgiven for after one glance. Football as a spectator sport is not designed for absolutes. The next issue is the time taken. But as always the crux of the issue is consistency. The utter lack of scrutiny yesterday - both decisions going in Liverpool’s favour - is at odds with what is happening at other grounds. Liverpool have been huge beneficiaries of a massive and poorly implemented rule change. If VAR cannot be used consistently and quickly then it has to be binned. But this is armchair football taken to extremes and thanks to the money involved it will almost certainly stay. How long until viewers are involved in these decisions?
  10. Stuart

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    From the mouth of Kean himself... “I think they still believe, they keep pushing hard. If we can stick three back-to-back wins together we’ll be right back in the mix and I think that’s what we have to keep believing that we’re not far away. “We need to reverse that and be saying we’ve won six out of eight and then suddenly you’re on the cusp of the play-offs. That’s this league.
  11. Stuart

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    The bit missing for me is the part where Mowbray walks after being undermined and then hamstrung. That’s the kind of bloke he is, no?
  12. Stuart

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Looks like the tide is turning... Facebook groups are the safe haven for Rovers managers yet nearly half on this poll feel that Tony’s time is up.
  13. Stuart

    Academy & U21s

    Billy Mowbarr digging out the youngsters while making excuses for the seniors. Players like Brereton and Samuel should be giving these younger, greener lads a lesson not needing protection. Shame on Barr. Those young lads showed what they were made of as soon as Tony’s recruits got out of the way. Three absolute flops out of the first team picture and now making the wrong kind of waves in the development team. “Crest of a crisis” could be right. There may well be an us-and-them culture in both squads very soon. You’re either in “the group” or you’re not. Cliques are a very bad thing for a football club. Management defending fully paid up members will rip it apart.
  14. Stuart

    Gareth Ainsworth

    Someone got Kean to go and replaced him with Eric Black. Then Bowyer stepped in for Berg and Appleton. They have history of employing from within, or at least using them as caretakers. Just hope they don’t throw out the baby with the bath water!
  15. Stuart

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    That needs nipping in the bud, pronto! Rather watch Liverpool, can’t stop talking about them...? Snap out of it! As much as it feels like it, even Mowbray won’t be here forever. I never thought Kean would go. Genuinely. But he did. We are still a long way from having our Rovers back and it will likely take Waggot and Mowbray to both be replaced with better before that happens. Alas that word ‘better’ might not happen until long after the pieces (or whatever remains after the Rao’s clear off) have been picked up and put back together. Right now though we need to put ‘better’ on hold and focus on ‘not getting any worse’ and halt the slide that we are currently in. To do that, fans like you and your son need to stick around because the kind of fans like those I will have to tolerate at work tomorrow (“we were never going to beat Leeds” and “losing 2-1 isn’t a bad result, certainly no shame”) will happily watching us slide down and out of the division before the reality dawns.

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