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  1. Stuart

    Darragh Lenihan

    Let’s hope Duffer doesn’t put any ideas in Darragh’s head.
  2. Stuart


    My mistake. I thought you’d tuned in to my sense of humour over the last few months. Won’t happen again!
  3. Stuart


    Not that I can see. If the bridge isn’t your thing, how about some snake oil?
  4. Stuart


    I wouldn’t target the 1st Dec game - too early. The strategy I’d be looking at would be to use the two games right before Christmas. First up,15th December against Big Club. £10 per ticket, kids for a quid. Really go for a big sell just ahead of the Christmas period and try to get the ground as full as possible. Let the atmosphere sell itself. Then normal price for the following Saturday against Norwich BUT the club will deduct the price of that ticket from the price of a half season ticket if you buy one between 15th and 22nd December. Advertise the hell out of the latter game at the former game, and see how many extras you can shift as late Christmas presents. Maths... 2000 walk ons x £25 = £50,000 Av Half ST (less discount) = £175 Rough cut, you need to shift an extra 300 adult STs to make it work. We got 25k on against Oxford. If we can get 20k (cheap but minus the promotion factor) then that’s up to 6000 extra fans to try to get your 300 from. Seems worth a try to me. Even if we don’t tempt people back you’ve got at least one bumper crowd against Birmingham and nobody can say the club didn’t try.
  5. Stuart

    Tony Mowbray Appointed Head Coach

    Literally, or literarily?
  6. Stuart


    And yet, £30 to watch Sheff Weds (or £27 in the cheap seats) if you rock up at the window before the game sounds even worse. You can watch Man City in the Champions League football for £30! The idea that planning ahead to avoid the club imposed surcharge “saves you money” is exactly the kind of response Waggott is hoping for. But while you are here, do you want to buy my bridge?
  7. Stuart


    You aren’t really have representative example though. Rovers could increase the price of a season ticket by £100 every season and you would not only pay it, and defend the club, but would tell others to stop complaining. It’s no wonder a 100% increase is nothing to you. “It’s only £3” “it’s only £5”. But even the surcharge isn’t only £3. It’s saying Foxtrot Uniform to anyone who didn’t put Rovers as their first priority of the week. Is it any wonder some fans are saying the same back?
  8. Stuart


    The problem with a surcharge is that it’s punitive. Many of our non-attending fans (not all) are already brassed off with the club for the way they were treated. The club needs to be removing barriers for fans to return, taking away the excuses, not creating new ones. Blackburners are a principled people and will happily cut off their nose to spite their faces if their nose slighted them. However, they will come back if they are made to feel wanted. We can all argue about the pricing levels that have been set but surely we can agree that the surcharge is just unnecessary.
  9. Stuart


    It was a rut though. We were never going any higher than mid table under Bowyer. When the money ran out and players were sold it was only a matter of time before we were in a relegation battle. My thoughts on Lambert are well documented on here and few agree. However the problem was not Lambert but who they replaced him with. Much like Allardyce before him. We seem to have a steady manager followed by a bonkers one. So we are due...
  10. Stuart


    Putting a positive spin on the Coyle appointment - ha! We were fortunate to be relegated when we were as the three who fell were the strongest in L1. But surely if you are going to look at it like that you should recognise the “good” that Lambert did because he sold Rhodes without too much grumbling from the terraces, because fans believed there was a plan. As I expect did Lambert. I know a lot on here were quietly (and some less quietly) delighted when Jordan was pushed out of the club. Presumably you also now “see what Kean was trying to do” and recognise the prescience of his “sometimes you have to take a step backwards to take one forwards”? We only look stronger now because we were the second best team in L1, better than fourth place by some distance, and we’ve had that bounce. Yes, Mowbray has been loyal to his L1 first XI - almost to a fault - and that has steadied us but the reason things look rosier are because we’ve stopped thinking about the enormous debt. More seasons like this one and we will start hearing talk of stability and be back in the rut we were under Bowyer.
  11. Stuart

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    Rotherham playing in a kit that looks like they’ve realised their blue clashes with Rovers’ blue but they’ve forgotten their change strip so had to wear yellow bibs to try to cover up!
  12. Stuart


    C’mon Matty. This is what we’ve been asking for! The away end seeming desolate plays into our hands. Money from away fans and the advantage to Rovers fans.
  13. Stuart

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    The trip to Pune is a very bad example to try to back up your point and discussion will re-open a lot of old wounds that should be left alone.
  14. Stuart

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    Let’s not pull at that thread, Paul.
  15. Stuart

    Ben Brereton

    Bit of an unnecessary yellow card that. The ref was so officious all match. His first booking after 3 minutes set the tone and a ridiculous yellow for a great block tackle (both players going in hard but fair) was a nonsense. All you had to do was fall over under pressure to satisfy that whistle-happy fool. I bet his real job involves a clipboard and high viz vest.

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