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  1. Oh, "he may well have"? Ah, right. So you don't know either. This really is getting ridiculous now. You are clearly hell bent on defending Venkys on this one so I'll leave you to it. And if you don't understand that one, have a little think.
  2. WTF are you on about? You're like a dog with a bone. Very simply, Venkys should have allowed Mowbray to keep his options open. Instead they wait until after the retained list is out to meet with him.
  3. That's not what's happened though. Those who are retained have been told they can sort themselves out.
  4. I'm pretty sure he's a Rovers fan forever.
  5. Doesn't be make it right. Would you hang around just in case they changed their minds? I wouldn't. I'd certainly expect players to be making plans for their next club having been told they haven't been offered a deal. All getting very silly this now. Venkys and Mowbray should have met before they decided on the current squad's future. Don't see why that seems such a revolutionary idea.
  6. That's Chaddy, isn't it?
  7. Must be cos I'm not as cleverer as you.
  8. I'm not worried, you've enough arrogance and genius for both of us. In all seriousness though, please don't ever set up a business where you have to employ anyone if you think it's ok to treat people like @#/?. "Gather round everyone. Your fixed term contracts have all expired and your names aren't on the list for new ones - but don't make any plans just in case we might need you".
  9. Great for whole of Scotland really. I'm surprised the SNP haven't included it in their list of successes.
  10. Good on them? Good for the north? Crimes. I'll tell you what, none of the Burleydytes were saying the same thing when Rovers were a PL team. Not behind our backs anyway.
  11. And Bolton. Quietly hoping that Fleetwood and Bury will take the top two spots as well.
  12. ok then. Somebody should probably let the lads know because they are all busy saying their goodbyes on the Internet. Come back guys. We might still keep you on.
  13. Yeah, not sure real life works like that. You are dealing with human beings.They've been told they are surplus to requirements. To then be told "oh yeah we do want you really" isn't going to seem that sincere.
  14. Pedant alert! They might both share the A59 but Brockholes and Brockhall are two very different places.
  15. You just can't help but disagree with me. He has no idea what Venkys are going to say and might have wanted to make an offer to Akpan, for example. You should always give yourself options. Although I think you know this which is why you carefully word your posts to give yourself plenty of wiggle room later. It was merely an observation chadster, and if Venkys had any kind of clue, or even cared just a little they would have been speaking with Mowbray before any decisions on players had been made.