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  1. Stuart

    Premier League Stuff

    Are you saying it’s technologically possible or that this has been confirmed by the club?
  2. Stuart

    The Scott Wharton Conundrum

    If Ayala hadn’t got injured, Wharton wouldn’t have got a look in. I just hope he isn’t banished by TM as soon as Ayala is fit. If Wharton performs he should keep the shirt and Ayala should have to fight to be in contention. My concern is that if you aren’t a Mowbray man then you don’t get as many chances.
  3. Stuart

    Premier League Stuff

    When we get back in, we need to be able to sit with our usual tribes. This is everything. I won’t be buying a ST to sit on my Jack Jones. Until this isn’t possible I’m “happy” to show my support by giving them the £8 they receive from iFollow. This transition needs to be carefully managed. IMHO we should have the iFollow option until the end of the season and start next year as a normal season. Personally I think reopening the gates with small numbers will be counterproductive, both from the perspective of the virus and keeping fans from losing interest.
  4. Stuart

    Premier League Stuff

    Opportunity for Waggott... Rovers tickets need “only” be half that.
  5. Stuart

    Thomas Kaminski

    If Wharton hadn’t gone off I think we’d have got that clean sheet today. Carter ain’t ready.
  6. Stuart

    Rovers v Barnsley. Sat 28 Nov 3pm

    Thank goodness for that!
  7. Stuart

    Thomas Kaminski

    MoM today this lad.
  8. Stuart

    Rovers v Barnsley. Sat 28 Nov 3pm

    Prepared to be persuaded after seeing the slow mo but in real time it looked like it came off the foot of the nearest Barnsley player.
  9. Stuart

    Rovers v Barnsley. Sat 28 Nov 3pm

    Massive deflection! But will take that.
  10. Stuart

    Rovers v Barnsley. Sat 28 Nov 3pm

    That’s why Brezza has to dive when he feels contact in the box. Just doesn’t have it.
  11. Stuart

    Rovers v Barnsley. Sat 28 Nov 3pm

    That’s an astonishing save! 👋🏻 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  12. Stuart

    Rovers v Barnsley. Sat 28 Nov 3pm

    Get in! Well against the run of play.
  13. Stuart

    Rovers v Barnsley. Sat 28 Nov 3pm

    Struggling against the extra 2 players...

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