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  1. Crazy end to the White Rose Derby in the Carabao Carton. Three goals practically in injury time - including two pens. Leeds then knowck Bumley out 5-3 on penalties. Nice way to end the day.
  2. Our away form has been worse until this season.
  3. It's being discussed in the other thread that you keep posting in?
  4. What's stopping one fan in the BBE starting a song up. Then what's stopping the few people next to them joining in. The conventional wisdom is that the same fans are going to home games as away ones so it's just a mindset: "I cba singing". The alternative is that it is a different set of fans in which case we are back at the supporting half a club. I just find it a bit bizarre.
  5. The question 'why' is a multi-layered one. Not sure why you seem to get so bent out of shape about it.
  6. I can understand an away day being a trip out or a novelty but Ewood being a morgue is self-fulfilling. Why should fans only sing when we go away?
  7. Is this that lad that Johnson and Dunn told Mowbray not to buy because we had better in the U23s? Or was that Chapman? Either way, if he is better than the current U23 crop, why would we leave one of them out to play a so-called first teamer?
  8. I think the number of stands open needs to reflect the home support numbers. Granted, it's Venkys fault but there is no point in the ground being sprinkled with fans - aside from the argument that the monetary saving is not worth alienating a handful of die hard fans. But human beings are creatures of habit and routine and would acclimatise quite quickly to their new surroundings.
  9. That's as maybe but doesn't help the home atmosphere. I'm not saying I have the answers by the way but I do think it needs addressing.
  10. I'm going to assume that isn't "why do I have an issue"... So to improve the atmosphere we need to make it less scattered. Which means taking the unpopular step of closing the DE to home fans and putting flags over swathes of corner seats in the Riverside. We should really have done that this season. The trouble is that the backlash would have likely seen another 100 or so staunch DEers walk away rather than simple move to the BBE. Blackburners really are the archetypal nose-cutter-face-spiters.
  11. I'm talking about atmosphere/noise, not numbers, Matty. 3,000 fans take the roof off at Rochdale. 10,000 can barely generate enough noise to mask the players shouting instructions to each other.
  12. Interesting one. I don't think it's jealousy, no. It's more about the effect that the support has on the players. Results and performances seem to bear this out but Mowbray also made a big point about it last week. If our players need that endorsement - without maybe earning it - then we need to generate that away-style support at Ewood. Right now there is no prospect of that. There is clearly something missing. Some say this is down to Venkys, others say it's not about any protest and it's just fickle football fans (clearly we have a lot of them and they are very noisy), others say it's the same people home and away but just where/how they are sat. Whatever it is, it needs to change. What is quite worrying is that if Matty is correct then Venkys leaving is going to have no impact on home support. If that's the case then these fickle fans are not going to have a team to support watch as part of a jolly good p1ss up.
  13. But that doesn't really address the atmosphere... does it? Unless those who pick and chose their games, e.g. Rochdale (away), Burnley (home) are the ones who generate all the noise and passion? If they do then how on earth can the most passionate fans be the most casual? Why bother bouncing around singing "Rovers til I die" or about inventing songs players if they really only mean "Rovers as long as it's a good day out"?
  14. You've missed the point. What I'm not grasping is: why?