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  1. Well for every oversight there was the odd success story. I think Bowyer's recruitment success was a creditable 50%. If only we had had an actual manager to get the best out of them.
  2. As a fan of Bowyer and Lowe, I expect attack-minded players must be a frustration to you. Just exactly how loyal has Lowe been considering he was an ever present last season and therefore instrumental in our relegation? But no, kick the young lads instead of the proven failures.
  3. Football 2017 needs its head checking. Such a shame some fans are now going to demonise the lad. He's shown desire more going forward than anyone since Hoilett and has been messed around for years whilst under contract. Is it any wonder he wants to consider his options before signing up for another 2-3 years with this basket case of a club? There is still uncertainly as to whether Mowbray will see his assurances backed up with funds. If they aren't he could walk. Hardly a great environment for a developing player.
  4. Reliably informed, eh? So you have no @#/? clue then. Some things are more important than money, granted but allowing Venkys to throw your career down the toilet? Amazing that he won't stay though given how highly some fans think of him. You're on ignore now. Your posts are getting worse and worse.
  5. Lambert. All I've said is speak to the lad himself and decide if you think he has ego or humility issues. Having done so I can assure you he hasn't. Think 'Rovers fan whose dream has been to play for Rovers' then add in the fact that it's now his job and consider how badly Rovers is run - and what the prospects are for the future (both Venkys' Rovers and his own). Personally I'd advise my own son to move on for the good of their future.
  6. Copyright thenodrog c.2010.
  7. Speak to the guy and then give me your opinion. Or carry on dreaming about Venkys.
  8. Have you just woken up from a coma? No, seriously?? Following your Champions League post you are on full wind up today. Go out and get some sunshine.
  9. Wouldn't be at all surprised if we have offered him a lower wage and don't qualify for compo. If his current contract has a Championship wage and a League One wage then it would still represent a pay cut in real terms for Mahoney. Fits and starts? This lad is at the start of his career and will develop. Of course he won't be the finished article. Better than the club? Ego? Tell you what, have a chat with the lad and get back to me. A more humble person you will struggle to find. What has happened for Rovers and for him will have torn his heart out. But at the end of the day, Venkys do not value players or understand football. We have downgraded season on season and will continue to do so. I wish him well. He certainly deserves better than to be messed about by Venkys' Rovers - and that's on top of being messed about by Coyle.
  10. Nearly right. They'll be on loan so no percentages.
  11. I thought United just wanted it more but yes Ajax were poor.
  12. Oooh. Controversial. I was bored to tears in many a Big Sam game but it was definitely NOT the correct decision to pot him. He was what this club needed at that time and his approach was a necessary evil.
  13. It was brilliant Tugay day. He was subbed after doing his trademark (towards his latter years) stroll across to the opposite touchline. Then IIRC later came back out and sat in the JW lower (although that might have been a later game).