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  1. Doaksie

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    He's worse than Raya on crosses. Next....
  2. Doaksie

    Fútbol, Le Foot, Voetbal, ποδόσφαιρο

    I knew what this would be before I clicked the link. You have to wonder if these statues go through any form of quality control before being presented to the world. Or even a gentle tap on the shoulder, and a nod to a picture maybe. They actually do a disservice to those they are purporting to idolise.
  3. Doaksie

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    You're thinking of Jon Walters
  4. Doaksie

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    He doesn't surpass Craig Bellamy's influence, but I remember Eyal Berkovic proved a little shot in the arm in our 2001 promotion for Souness. Just what we needed when the pressure was increasing, and we were finding it harder to unlock defensive teams. Was unplayable against Grimsby in the run in. Had the Turkish saviour not arrived, I think Berkovic would have signed permanently, and perhaps played a bigger part in our history.
  5. Doaksie

    David dunn , Mick rathbone podcasts

    Just came across this on YouTube, and managed to find this thread. Very good watch, and some nice Rovers stories. Well worth a watch
  6. Doaksie

    Sheffield Wednesday away Sat 16th March

    Pretty much my thinking too. I just can't see any way Waggott will sack his long-term friend. The man who got him the role. A problem many highlighted at the time. Hence me asking. Likewise I simply don't see Tony walking while we still remain in the Championship. I get the frustration and Tony does seem to be slowly unravelling, but I just can't see a scenario where we have a new manager before the start of next season. This familiar problem won't go away under the current ownership.
  7. Doaksie

    Sheffield Wednesday away Sat 16th March

    Who is in charge of pulling the managerial trigger? They need to start having a serious think about next season and beyond.
  8. Doaksie

    ROVERS V Wigan

    It's usually our job to let teams shockingly out of form find some again. Wigan were abysmal, but we maybe needed that to stem the tide. Magloire didn't do much wrong, but I felt Nyambe held the defence together very well. Good night for a change
  9. Doaksie

    ROVERS V Wigan

    Wigan currently defending like me with the six year old in the back garden. They couldn't do much more for us.
  10. Doaksie

    Brentford v Rovers

    Britt who?
  11. Doaksie


    I'd say Tony was busy tonight sizing up a leash for Chapman. He'll be tethered down until next season with Rothwell.
  12. Doaksie


    I'd prefer his cousin, Matt
  13. Doaksie


    Baitt Assombolonga.... Somebody been editing his Wiki?
  14. Table is looking well. Sat in 9th. Wigan 20th and Rotherham 21st for perspective.
  15. Newcastle following milking this like they've achieved something. They're playing a lower league team, and yet it's oles with an extra time victory and 2 offside goals. Hope they go down.

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