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  1. Doaksie

    Charlton away April 28th

    Well, it's going to the final day. That's about all I can say. Would have been nice to begin the day a point ahead, but Mowbray clearly has no real desire to claim the title. Nights out, weakened side. Rightly or wrongly, he feels the job is done.
  2. Doaksie

    Charlton away April 28th

    Has the game finished already? A goal down at the break and you're giving up. Thankfully the players haven't adopted that attitude this season. I want all those things too, and they aren't out of reach yet.
  3. Doaksie

    Charlton away April 28th

    That line-up shows the relevance Tony places on the league title. Slightly underwhelmed, but I can understand it. I will be shocked if that selection brings back the points and takes the title race to the last game. Really shocked
  4. Doaksie

    Oxford Utd at home

    Shhhhhhhhhhh Mike 😄 Nah, I did think that was a good idea. Under the guise of birthday weekend away. And still get our boy's day out. Win win. Might be time to dust the credit card off....
  5. Doaksie

    Oxford Utd at home

    The Dunkenhalgh is nice. Stayed in it once before. The problem is the 5th is the wife's birthday, can't stay anywhere too nice or she will want to sabotage me and the boy's trip! Can't remember the last time I struggled for accommodation on a trip over. Usually Fernhurst - done. As somebody else alluded to; that's a great sign. I'll sit down tonight and weigh it all up, but there's a few options there. Cheers guys
  6. Doaksie

    Oxford Utd at home

    Cheers all Flying into Liverpool so just playing safe and going for there. Plenty of choice. With the party atmosphere, I want this to be the memory maker for my 5 year old. The one to get him 'hooked'.
  7. Doaksie

    Oxford Utd at home

    I'm still getting unavailable for both mate. That's for the Saturday night. Only getting a couple of B&Bs in the area. Will give them a call.
  8. Doaksie

    Oxford Utd at home

    No. Full on their website. I'd not planned to get over again this year, so a bit last minute. Looks like it's further afield and a hire car. Nothing wrong with that.
  9. Doaksie

    Oxford Utd at home

    Sold out now too. I always stay in the Fernhurst. Any other ideas?
  10. Doaksie


    We will be very, very gracious in offering Blackburn our congratulations. I’m not sure that would be reciprocated... What are you basing that on Paul? Your brash comments last week, or your acknowledged cordial conversations with Tony Mowbray. His tongue can't keep up with his a*se
  11. Doaksie

    Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    After the last 7 years, and regardless of what concerns are around the corner, those pictures and videos make your heart burst with pride. We are on our way back. Drink the moment in. We are well drilled in the horror stories in recent times so this is to be savoured. That Dack picture is a thing of beauty
  12. Doaksie

    Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    Well, 2 games left to save our.... JOB DONE We should never have been in this tin pot division, but Mowbray has brought us back from the brink. That's the job half done Venky's. Now the hard work starts.
  13. Doaksie

    Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    Called it. Goal from a corner. 1-0. Preston repeat. So so close. Oh, and goal difference to Wigan. Could be a great night
  14. Doaksie

    Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    Anyone else thinking of the Preston promotion game similarities so far. Plenty of pressure that night, dominated the game, and it was a 73rd minute Jansen goal to win 1-0. Can Dack deliver a similar outcome?
  15. Doaksie

    Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    Wigan 1 down. Very interesting Mr Cook

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