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  1. Doaksie

    Rovers v Millwall. Wed 2nd Dec 7.45pm

    The kind of result that makes the world of difference come May. Winning ugly. Giving ourselves a chance. Despite another substandard performance, can we keep Arma in January??
  2. Doaksie

    Summer Transfer Window

    Full strength team, all fully fit, what front 3 do we go for in a play-off final at Wembley when all the chips are in? Elliott-Dack-Arma interchanging? Dolan on for the last 30?
  3. Doaksie

    Summer Transfer Window

    With recent memories of Petshi, Chris Brown, Samuelsen, Koita, Varney, the list is endless, I'm going to enjoy this one. For the first time in a long time (barring L1), we can properly feel that we belong in the hunt for promotion. On paper, some really shrewd business this window Well done Tony
  4. Doaksie

    Summer Transfer Window

    Harvey Elliott's volleyball friend
  5. Doaksie

    Derby V Rovers

    Still only 3, come on lads. 3 mins without a goal....
  6. Doaksie

    Summer Transfer Window

    Under normal ownership, I'd say that was true. I'd be shocked to hear they even knew we were playing today.
  7. Doaksie

    Summer Transfer Window

    Reduced to refreshing the transfer page with 16.5 hours to go until the season starts. And still not a defender in sight. So much for think big. Tony's new mantra is think small.
  8. Doaksie

    Summer Transfer Window

    Alphonse Areola? And I thought Walton could make a tit of himself.
  9. Doaksie

    Summer Transfer Window

    So that's where the term happy clapper came from
  10. Doaksie

    Summer Transfer Window

    Fully expecting Ben Whiteman
  11. Doaksie

    Summer Transfer Window

    On the quote below in bold. I read it differently to an imminent signing in the next day or two. I perceived him as saying 'Just when you think we've got a level of agreement..... and we couldn't match the WBA offer for Kipre. It's hard to tell - Tony is the master of equivocation. Asked if it could be the next day or two, Mowbray said: “I hope so, but it’s never quite as easy as that. I think we’ve got a level of agreement potentially with another signing but experience tells me ‘they want this, they want that’ or ‘we can’t quite do this’ or ‘we can’t do that’. The fine details of contracts at this level are difficult."
  12. Doaksie

    Summer Transfer Window

    Just wait till Kaminski sees him in his 6 yard box 😬
  13. Sounds like a bad one for Walton. Feel for him. Just imagine we'd paid to sign him and that happened at Ewood today.... 😬
  14. Doaksie

    Summer Transfer Window

    It sounds to me like Cedric's agent has done us like a Kipre. Time for Bennett to unfollow him on Instagram....
  15. Doaksie

    Summer Transfer Window

    I prefer your reading of it. I took the non-interest in a new striker "as things stand" to be a bit more ominous. Hopefully just a turn of phrase, opposed to a possibility of losing Armstrong and sourcing replacements. Arma is ESSENTIAL to the health of our season.

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