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  1. Walsall v Rovers

    That heady aroma of champagne and creosote is starting to slowly drift in. The most pleasing aspect of today was winning while starting the day in first. Shrewsbury seem incapable of winning with the different pressure of leading the table. A trait I hope we have to avail of for the next 12 games. Wigan game is massive.
  2. Walsall v Rovers

    2 for Danny. One man team....
  3. Portsmouth v Rovers

    For me, this has been a good example so far of us needing to get as many of our attacking threats as possible on the pitch at any time. In scrappy games, we will get those glimmers of quality that shine through. Make the opposition worry about our threats. We have many
  4. Portsmouth v Rovers

    Wigan 2 down, we're winning, just survived a few corners in succession. Ok, nobody move an inch for the next hour....
  5. The January 2018 transfer thread

    "I didn't see any UFO, and I don't know what they said"
  6. The January 2018 transfer thread

    And Williams. You forgot about him....
  7. Walsall at home 30.1.18

    3 points safely in the bag One less game to overcome without Mulgrew Good night at the office
  8. Northampton

    Lenihan is constantly 'back on the grass'. I am constantly backing Rovers in League One at odds against.
  9. Northampton

    Just about to write something similar, with that exact scoreline. Mulgrew (if long term would be a disaster) but we'll turn this one around with the strong bench, as they sit deeper. 6/4, like last week, I'm all over that like Lenihan on grass
  10. Northampton

    Del Boy central. Bell on? Would make sense
  11. The January 2018 transfer thread

    I'll start worrying when I see the bandage on his left right knee
  12. Fleetwood

    Boots filled. This feels different. Something is building here.
  13. Fleetwood

    Rovers 6/4 Fill yer boots. This team feels different. Danny Graham will make the difference
  14. Prize Money

    Certainly am, but then again, that's exactly where I gleaned it from....
  15. Prize Money

    You could very well be right. Mine was merely a quick 2 minute Google over lunch. As the Bigdogg highlights though. Those figures are barely crumbs from the top table. More like a passing smell of the financial football meal.