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  1. Doaksie

    Loan Window

    It might in Dunnys
  2. Doaksie

    Loan Window

    The fact that Aitor Karanka doesn't have Brereton around the first team picture, doesn't concern me too much. He has a set style of play, and wants all his players to fit into that style. I imagine being a bigger more physical player means BB doesn't really fit into that style, as much as a Lewis Grabban does. Similarly to how Rhodes was of no use to him at Middlesboro. Obviously Tony has identified a skill-set that will fit into our current structure.
  3. Doaksie

    Carlisle Away

    Big questions for Tony being asked tonight. Will it allay his loan worries a touch.... Hopefully not
  4. Doaksie

    Carlisle Away

    Dack and Palmer (and even Arma) are confidence players. This will help no end. Worked perfectly for Tony. Had they all played and struggled it would have been a panic, but this is a nice little tonic.
  5. Doaksie

    Carlisle Away

    Much better. That was all feeling a bit un-Rovery for a while there. We're back.
  6. Doaksie

    Carlisle Away

    Still not scored a third yet, FFS
  7. Doaksie

    Carlisle Away

    Will be good to see Arma playing as the focal point of the attack, and a good game to do it in. It's perhaps not a long term solution, but it will be an option at various times. As with Rothwell and Travis in the centre. Not ecstatic about Charlie playing, but hopefully he has an easy night.
  8. Doaksie


    My thoughts exactly. I was drawn to the bench to see our options- and it's horrifically short on quality. Additions urgently required to get us through the winter months.
  9. Doaksie

    Thursday deadline.

    I lost count of the number of people saying the window is not over yet, throughout the last month. Over and over again, as a stock response. We have plenty of time left. Just trust Tony, as if anybody didn't trust our manager. The same people couldn't wait to willy wave when there were bids for a few players. And minutes after the window shuts the fishing rods come out, and the rhetoric becomes 'Can't wait for Saturday, trust the lads we have'. Anyone surprised? Some fans are naturally frustrated. It's ok to get annoyed. You still want the best for the club.
  10. Doaksie

    Thursday deadline.

    Our powder must be as dry as a bath mat in Burnley by now.
  11. Doaksie

    Thursday deadline.

    Glad I didn't take the day off for this. Last deadline day we got S.Hart, this time it's shart again. All the expectation, and left with a streak of sh1t. Tony wanted 3 or 4 himself. Openly admitted numerous times. Not sure how this isn't disappointing.
  12. Doaksie

    Thursday deadline.

    And a pointer on Wes Foderingham - like a modern day Alan Fettis. I would avoid on a free, at £1million I would be gutted with that. And as a back-up. A very under-whelming rumour, which is hopefully rubbish
  13. Doaksie

    Thursday deadline.

    We desperately NEED an aggressive forward. As a starter, as a last 20 minute man, whatever at this stage - we need a viable alternative. I think that Tony sees Armstrong, Samuel, Nuttall and Graham as making up his 4. Very worried at this stage
  14. Doaksie

    Thursday deadline.

    Must remember to bring the phone charger with me to work tomorrow. Not felt like that in a long time on a transfer deadline day. Bit by bit, piece by piece, Tony Mowbray is astutely turning us into a proper football club again. I can remember in my younger days, on Football Manager, the day before the deadline, in went the bids for the A, B, C and Z list! Feels a bit like that. Tony appears to have finally guessed the pin code to Madame's credit card.
  15. Doaksie

    Ipswich away match thread

    We concede goals, but we are pretty damn good at scoring them. This side rarely has me worried that we won't score again. Enjoy the ride. There will be ups and downs but enjoy the ride. Football is back.

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