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  1. cn174

    [Archived] Rovers v Burnley

    Good job the St John's Ambulance and the paramedics were a bit more alert! Only ones who decided to do something about it.
  2. cn174

    Carabao Cup

    You get first priority on away tickets
  3. cn174

    Radio rovers

    me either. shitter beer, shitter pies, shitter concorse, shitter football!
  4. cn174

    Radio rovers

    Apparently there was some technical hitch, that meant the concourse nor the blues (where people have paid for a s/t to watch game in there) the game didn't work.
  5. But we will have more individual errors - we are League 1 team - ours players aren't that good. We just need to ensure that as a collective, our individual errors cause less impact than the opposition's players and that we are better as a team by them. So far, this isn't looking that good.
  6. Quite harsh on Raya imo. Those second two didn't amount to anything, you could say those things for any keeper in any game. The bigger problem is this 3-5-1-1 or whatever it is formation. Not working. Nyambe isn't a third centre back, Caddis (I quite like him) isn't a wing back - he is deffo a right back only. I was thinking during the game those who went to Southend wouldn't have ben too surprised, but I think they would be a little bit. I think today was worse. I think in this league we need to be more direct - who cares if we can pass it around the back/midfield and whatnot - we need to put presure on the oppositions back four, cos probably they'll not be that good (like ours).
  7. The enquiry and subsequent inquest will take a long time. In 2009 there was a similar fire in London but not as big https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lakanal_House_fire and it was only resolved this year. That isn't true, if someone dies in hospital after an incident they are still recorded as a fire death until the coroner deems otherwise. In the past 10 years, the number of fires have pretty much halved, but the number of fire deaths has largely remained the same, maybe decreased slightly, they do fluctuate but overall not much. However standardised by population they will have gone down, particularly in big urban areas like London. This will have been Boris's justification for closing stations - can make the numbers justify anything. London FB is very well resourced and they could not have responded any better/stronger/faster to this incident. But a wider impact of the cuts are that prevention and protection activities for fire, prohibition notices, health and well being, concern for welfare for police, breaking and entry for ambulance, and anything else the fire service ends up doing on other peoples behalf nowadays, falls away. London get off very lightly in terms of cuts to their service, had this fire been somewhere in most of the the rest of the country the speed and weight of attack would not have been anywhere near as big. Can only hope that this incident highlights you can only keep cutting things so much and hoping things will be ok, things can only be spread so thinly, but I doubt after a bit of outcry nothing much will change.
  8. cn174

    Elton John Concert At Ewood

    I've seen Elton John four times now (bit of a soft spot away from my usual rock/metal stuff - mum's fault!) and this was my fave concert. I don't know if I am biased cos it was Ewood, but certainly a cool night all around. Was in the Blues beforehand watching England - managed to secure my usual pre-match table very different crowd tho, but in a way was nice to be there without the threat of impending doom of the game to come. Thought Rovers organised it really good.
  9. No doubt they'll be somewhere else before the season. But still whinge on around Christmas time that they all play too many games and really need a winter break.
  10. Such a sad, weird, almost surreal day, can't begin to think what the families of the fatalities and anyone affected must be thinking So terrible. Quite a of the time working for an emergency service it could be just like working in any job, but then on nights/days like today it's really not. Some of my good friends were on scene all night long, fire officers and paramedics, others in the control and command rooms, responding to the worst thing Manchester has experienced in a long time, and they themselves probably ever, trying to save people's lives and sort everyone out though the chaos and not let the situation get bigger. Just mad to think that tomorrow our officers will be back in the office doing normal work, in meetings, phonecalls, managing etc, planning on how to respond to the next thing, protecting/preventing more people from coming to harm, training our FFs etc. At the same times fires still happen, people will need rescuing, cardiac arrests still happen, crimes still happen, it all will get dealt with. At a time when the emergency services are expected to deal with more than ever, it's hard to not be in awe of them on occasions like this. What isn't surprising anymore though is the people of Manchester's reaction - always with kindness, helpfulness and practicality. I today's response shows that. It wont be easy for Manchester to get over this, but it will.
  11. Ooh, I can beat that. I use a system that if you try and log on in anything other than IE Compatibility Mode, it says 'this website requires IE5 to be installed. Please upgrade your browser' FFS!! It's actually a really useful system, and it being so old makes it really easy and quick to use, but that line always makes me smile. I think part of the problem is the people who often decide on buying new software for whatever purpose have too little technical knowledge and don't involve any techies until it is too late, vendors put on the big sell and tell you what you need, rather than you telling them what you want and seeing if they can do it. Then you end up with a system that doesn't exactly do what you want it to do, and you've got to shoehorn things in to make it work at all because you've just paid for it.
  12. cn174

    Premier League Stuff

    http://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/799428/Everton-Aaron-Lennon-obtained-under-mental-health-act-welfare-concerns Doesn't sound good. Hope he gets the help he needs.
  13. I'm pretty sure the 3pm KO thing is only on Saturdays. It's just cos Sky can do what they want. Both Liverpool and Man U are also playing Sunday, don't you know!
  14. I don't think the online tickets are working very well for this game. I tried to get two the week before they went on sale, with two season tickets and it said I was trying to buy too many. Then I tried to get a single one and it still said I was trying to buy too many!

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