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  1. Not sure how Evans gets a place in midfield when we have Rothwell on the bench. He's the manager's pet.
  2. I agree, We need to offer this lad an increased contract or we'll lose him at the end of the season.
  3. Al


    That loyalty to players is bordering on stupid. It will be Mowbray's downfall and we'll never get promotion until he makes changes with new blood.
  4. Why is Graham on the bench? If he's fit enough for the bench he's fit enough to start.
  5. Al


    Everybody except the manager appears to know that we need proper wingers. The forwards don't know how to play as wingers and the full backs just aren't good enough.
  6. Al

    Ben Brereton

    Do me a favour. Nobody is as poor as Chris Brown.
  7. Al

    Rovers v West Brom 1 Jan 2019

    Sack Mowbray. I've had enough of his stupid selections and substitutions.
  8. Al

    Rovers v West Brom 1 Jan 2019

    I want Mowbray sacked. That substitution was absolutely stupid or deliberate sabotage
  9. Al

    Rovers v West Brom 1 Jan 2019

    Central mid should be Reed Travis and Rothwell/Rodwell.
  10. Al

    Rovers v West Brom 1 Jan 2019

    Central mid should be Reed Travis and Rothwell/Rodwell.
  11. Al

    Rovers v West Brom 1 Jan 2019

    The red button thing is a big disappointment for me. I am a season ticket holder who hasn't missed a home match this season but I had a kidney transplant just before Christmas and can't attend for a few weeks. I was expecting it to be on the red button but I can't watch it now.
  12. Pleased that Rothwell starts but furious that Dack doesn't
  13. Al


    I quite like that team. One thing is for sure. We will never get promotion with Smallwood and Evans in midfield, in fact, at the risk of being too attacking I would also have a new centre half at the back and Rodwell or Rothwell in Evans place in midfield.

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