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  1. What has my age got to do with it? I am perfectly compos mentis with an IQ of 140. Only my knees and kidneys are feeling my age.
  2. Dingles is right and you are, as usual, wrong.
  3. A bit of a stupid post in my opinion. You know as well as I do that I was referring to an opinion about a specific player. Please inform me if you have never seen him play how you can have an opinion on his ability?
  4. Yes I'll agree to that but my fervent hope is that there will be no conversation because he will not be in the team.
  5. Does your seat face the pitch? He's simply not good enough and certainly we will suffer if we play him in the championship. By the way Fraserkirky. I have been watching Rovers for nearly 70 years and I can tell shite when I see it too. He's not that but he's just not good enough.
  6. Yes he was! If you think he had a good season I question whether you attended. I may be picking on the wrong one but too many non attenders appear to have opinions. If you are a season ticket holder I apologise as you are entitled to an opinion.
  7. Then wing backs are pointless if your theory is correct.
  8. We badly need a right back. Caddis needs pensioning off and I wish people would stop posting "Nyambe has improved". Yes he has but he's still nowhere near good enough and I'm not sure he ever will be, particularly as a wing back. He can't seem to go more than ten yards forward without turning back and passing to a centre back. How can you ever score on the break with that attitude. He's not good at defending either. Get's targeted as a weakness every match.
  9. And what a piece of crap that is. He was just trying to justify offering Conway a new contract. Christ knows why!
  10. It's certainly over my head. Explain please!
  11. No place for Mulgrew, Lenihan and Graham? Nyambe at Centre back? Are you on the wind up?
  12. Unbelievably the Moscow police are treating this as a Road traffic accident! The guy needs the book thrown at him.
  13. I would agree with that summary with the addition of Armstrong returning and a replacement right back.
  14. Was it terrorism? If it was it should have been reported as such. As I say white people can be terrorists too, although you have to admit it's a rarity nowadays to be anybody black, white or brown that does not belong to the Muslim faith, so it's not a huge step assume that to be the case unless informed otherwise, which is why Mike, jumped onto a rare occasion to try to prove a very weak point.

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