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  1. Al


    Look forward to final whistle.
  2. Al


    Anybody been to the Swan with two necks?
  3. You attack them back like you did for the first 80 mins. It worked then.
  4. It wasn't the formation it was the mindset.
  5. Too often we try to defend as one goal lead when we should carry on playing the way we did to get the lead. If the opposition haven't scored for 80 minutes why change the tactics. It's rank bad planning.
  6. Al

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    With good reason IMO
  7. Al

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    Suit yourself but if it hadn't been Chaddy you wouldn't have retaliated. I believe that it was reasonable.
  8. Al

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    Chaddy made as perfectly reasonable point so simply because it's him you took the concept to a ridiculous level just to have a pop at him.
  9. Al

    Brexit Thread

    Breed horses do you Husky? Prefer horse shit everywhere instead of petrol fumes or the coal and gas fumes or nuclear waste to produce fuel for electric cars.
  10. Al


    Yes not as often as I'd like though. My last match was Headingley v Pakistan with as bunch of Rovers season ticket holders. We do the Headingley match on the Saturday every year. You should join us.
  11. Al


    Must admit to having plagiarising this but - Cook makes 147 in his final innings, Jimmy equals McGrath as the leading fast bowler of all time. Joe Root back to form with a century and super Kohli goes first ball. Carlsberg don't do cricket but if they did...........
  12. Al

    Smallwood signs

    It is amusing that the posters who appear to single players out for criticism most are so often the ones who never attend and therefore have least grounds to do so.
  13. I don't have discussions with you. Your opinion is of no interest to me.
  14. So as a non smoker and a very moderate drinker I am subidised by the others. Thanks Paul that makes me feel a lot better.
  15. Al

    I have PM'd Madon but he is sorted so I wonder if you would be interested in getting a group of us who live in Bash together for transport to some away matches. I only go to home matches as I car share and share a space on car park B with a friend who lives in Bash. However he does not go to away matches. 

    It could either be a minibus or taking turns at driving. I have a BMW 3 series estate so can comfortably take 3 other passengers as well as myself. It cuts down the cost and I don't like going away on my own anyway.

    Any interest?



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