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  1. LEAGUE 1 2017/18

    Brilliant day. I was in St Lucia amongst a family of Spurs supporters.
  2. Wimbledon away tickets

    Are referring to lunch? Pleb!

    Was thinking about it until you mentioned Tetley's bitter. I'd rather drink sea water.
  4. Rovers v Oldham

    No crosses are useless and have been most of the season. Our strikers need it to feet and it's time Mowbray realised that fact. The big centre backs in this league head away nearly all the crosses.
  5. Portsmouth v Rovers

    So have others. We need a right back.
  6. Portsmouth v Rovers

    Definite improvement on Nyambe. Travis has played well there before.
  7. Portsmouth v Rovers

    Travis or Lenihan?
  8. Portsmouth v Rovers

    I think Nyambe needs dropping for a while. He's given two goals away in recent matches by not being strong enough and being bullied off the ball. Stops breaks forward by stopping and playing the ball back, thus allowing the opposition to regroup.
  9. Rovers v Oldham

    Unfortunately it's those few mindless dickheads that stop me from going to away matches. It's a shame but I can't stand them.
  10. Academy & U'21's

    I don't know anything about Simmonds but Johnson is a 20year old on Arsenal's books who has had an injury and is struggling to get back in their under23's. He is on trial at Rovers. There is a full report on him on Rovers Fans if you care to have a look. He's a right back.
  11. Rovers v Oldham

    Makes less mistakes than Downing has done recently. IMO should partner Mulgrew until Lenihan is fit.
  12. Rovers v Oldham

    That IMO, is the best team we can turn out until Lenihan is fit enough to play.
  13. How many times? Conway is not responsible. Mowbray is!
  14. Where are you looking? We are on equal points at the moment.
  15. Has Mowbray suffered a brain impairment? No chance now. What is he thinking?