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  1. dingles staying down 4ever

    Players that underachieved or what could have been

    Hakan Sukur? Joined Rovers rather late in his career to wonder what might have been? If we including player like this then Nuno Gomes and Ossie Ardiles The one Keen signing I wonder what if would be Simon Vukcevic
  2. dingles staying down 4ever

    On the back of....Best Rovers Scottish eleven

    Ally Dawson, Stuart Monroe .................If we got 10 games between them
  3. dingles staying down 4ever

    Ben Brereton

    Also looks like he has lost a pound or two in weight. Maybe the Birmingham incident and focused his mind.
  4. dingles staying down 4ever

    Can we make the Playoffs?

    At some stage, the teams in the top 6 will start winning again. While they have been floundering and losing ground on the top two, we have made small in roads into the gap but failed to catch them. So the answer I fear is that we've missed our chance.
  5. dingles staying down 4ever

    Swansea City home

    We are on the edge. We are relient on other team's results to get in the playoffs as long as we keep picking up points. If we lose then we drop out. Recent weeks have shown that those in the top 6 can afford to drop points even now. If we were to go on a winnig streak then yes we in the mix.
  6. dingles staying down 4ever

    How do when line up when Dack is fit again and who gets dropped?

    Think you are pretty close except Armstrong up front with Gallagher wide and that is presuming that Travis and Lenihan havent been sold in the summer. Hopefully Bell will have been replaced by then as his contract is up. Are you presuming we will sign Walton permentately in the summer?
  7. dingles staying down 4ever

    Swansea City home

    But at this stage they were winning games not drawing them. It is better to win one, lose one rather than draw two.
  8. dingles staying down 4ever

    Swansea City home

    Or is it because of the way TM has managed him that when he gets an opportunity, Rothwell feels he has to win the game on his own otherwise he isn't picked or gets hooked? That is genuine question because I can see both sides. Whichever it is we need someone like Johnson, or which ever coach, to teach him [and Armstrong] when running with the ball to lift their head and look. Although I still maintain that like in the Stoke game that his fellow players do not help players who run with the ball. They do not move enough to give options nor do they move to try to create space. This was evident in the first half when Bell ran with the Ball and Armstrong and Rothwell both moved closer to him and brought defenders to close the space down. I also dont believe we are arguing on here if we are in the mix or not. It is clear we are on the edge of the mix, at present we are in but a defeat next week and other results go aganst then we are no longer in. Good to see Gallagher and Brereton show a glimpse that there is some potential there but I fear that Mowbray will have one on the bench and the other back on the wing next game. The game was also further evidence that Graham is finished as a player. Like Mulgrew last season his legs have gone.
  9. dingles staying down 4ever

    Stoke City home

    I think you are a little harsh on Rothwell. There is a talent there but it needs a lot coaching. There is also a question of the lack of other player's movement to create space and give him options. Usually when he sets off on a run, like in most areas of play, we are too static or at best slow to move. Now this maybe one reason he'll run into a blind alley and give the ball away or the other reason is that his head is down and not looking. Personally think both are true. 4 seconds excitement is still 10 seconds more excitement than watching Gallagher on the other wing!
  10. dingles staying down 4ever

    Can we make the Playoffs?

    Totally agree with you, As I said before we are up as high as we are despite Mowbray not because of him. Wednesday night was a caxe in point. When plan A wasn't working lets stick with plan A then try lets change it to plan A with different people and if that does not work lets try plan A by moving people around. He very very rarely changes formation and go for a game. It is always stick with what we've got.
  11. dingles staying down 4ever

    Brentford (A) - 12:30pm KO (Sat 22nd Feb 2020)

    Having not watched the game, I will defend Armstrong a bit in saying in past games it is not just him that gets caught offside. It seems to be a tactic that our strikers start in an offside position. His pace when he breaks clear makes it more obvious. Also if our midfielders would release the ball that split second earlier maybe he would be onside more often. Then again if the midfield release quicker they wouldn't be at Rovers
  12. dingles staying down 4ever

    Brentford (A) - 12:30pm KO (Sat 22nd Feb 2020)

    Heres hoping the driver can make up time. Good luck
  13. dingles staying down 4ever

    Brentford (A) - 12:30pm KO (Sat 22nd Feb 2020)

    I agree that this match is not a barometer to dismiss or not but if lose and capitulate like it has been known previously then it shows that the team has not evolved and learnt anything in 12 months. Lose by the odd goal and play well then there has been progress. Draw then we are in the play off mix. Win and then even I, who thinks that we are here despite Mowbray, will have to rethink this.
  14. dingles staying down 4ever

    Brentford (A) - 12:30pm KO (Sat 22nd Feb 2020)

    For me, and I know some will call for it, the question is will Mowbray tinker? By all accounts the team played really well last week so why change it unless there are any unknown injuries around?

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