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  1. Waggy76

    Premier League Stuff

    You can give 30 days notice to quit Sky ,I cannot see any live Sport sport in UK before September...So what is the point ?
  2. Waggy76

    Premier League Stuff

    One thing is for sure, there will be no spectators at any football matches before June at the earliest... Behind closed doors is the only option , if not the season will have to be null and void..... Legal challenges galore , Liverpool won't be champions , Leeds wont be promoted and Bolton won't be relegated .... The latter really do have lady luck !!
  3. Waggy76

    Leeds April 3rd.

    wont surprise me if Leeds were allowed to play behind closed doors ...
  4. Waggy76

    Leeds April 3rd.

    Probably on police advice !
  5. Waggy76

    Leeds April 3rd.

    I think this game has been put on SKY cos it is unlikely to be played before a crowd.... If not , I am very surprised the police haven't insisted on a Sunday 11am start ...
  6. In my time seen my Rovers teams , flirt with promotion to Division One, the 3 Mackay teams were far superior to our present team, albeit the last one beaten by Swindon were poor in comparison...
  7. Waggy76

    Premier League Stuff

    I think Man City are going through the motions , Liverpool winning the title in a canter ....Seems odd , something definitely not right at the Etihad , Pep will be leaving in the summer ..
  8. Waggy76

    January transfer window 2020

    The biggest failures were in the summer ....Not enough defenders acquired , the Mulgrew farce after playing the 1st game ...Signing another non scoring forward ...
  9. My thoughts too , hopefully we will be proved wrong ..
  10. Refunds on season tickets ???
  11. Waggy76

    Championship season 2019-20

    That's exactly why we will stay outside of the play off places......
  12. Waggy76

    Don Mackay

    He might be top of it , what a player !!9
  13. Waggy76

    Promotion next season?

    A new manager is needed to achieve that goal and someone to score 20 plus goals..
  14. Waggy76

    Swansea City home

    I think it is more strange he left Wigan .. Fall out with Wigan players over Dacks injury ?

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