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  1. Dreyski


    Is that the guy who was on QT last week saying the press treatment of Megan Markle was not racist?
  2. Dreyski

    General Election 2019

    Not to mention who was in power during the 80's and early 90's when the decline of Accy really took hold?
  3. Dreyski

    Bradley Dack

    Can Mowbray get a full 90 minutes out of Holtby though? Speaking to a Spurs fan around the time of the signing, who said he didn’t get a fair go as he always seemed to be bollocksed after about an hour.
  4. Dreyski

    General Election 2019

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree...
  5. Dreyski

    Worst Rovers Team of Decade

    Quite possibly. My memory may be playing tricks on me, but I remember someone unmotivated and unfit, who we sent back to Charlton at the earliest opportunity. Still, scored more than Brown!
  6. Dreyski

    Worst Rovers Team of Decade

    Simon Eastwood Bradley Orr, Wes Brown, Gordon Greer, Bruno Ribero Radosav Petrovic, Danny Murphy, Dickson Etuhu, Liam Feeney David Goodwillie, Anthony Stokes It says a lot about how forgettable Lowe was that he hasn't been mentioned yet. If we're going off attitude then Duffy would be in contention. An absolute embarrassment of riches up front. Any of Brown, Varney, Best, DJ Campbell, Watt could fill those gaps. And that's not even mentioning the Portugeezers...
  7. Dreyski

    General Election 2019

    I'll hold my hand up for not cropping your quote enough, but this was the full exchange I was on about. Don't really care why you or anyone else voted the way they did.
  8. Dreyski

    General Election 2019

    Happy to hear that austerity was a fairytale for you. Sleepwalk through the next five years.
  9. Dreyski


    Judge for yourself: Executive order
  10. Dreyski

    Music Association Game

    My Chemical Romance - Teenagers
  11. Dreyski

    General Election 2019

    Some brutal one-liners here, but most probably deserved.
  12. Dreyski

    Premier League Stuff

    Dingles 2-0 down within 10 minutes
  13. Dreyski

    Music Association Game

    Slade - Hey mama weer all crazee now
  14. Down to four balls, us and the dingles still to go, felt a bit sick. Us at big club. Depends how much of a priority Tony sees the cup.
  15. Dreyski

    General Election 2019

    Same as the odds on Neill making Johnson cry (if he actually shows up).

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