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  1. Dreyski


    Next stop for Seamus Milne: Russia Today? Ben Nunn new director of communications for Labour
  2. Dreyski

    Celebrity Deaths

    Just on the news now - Honor Blackman has died at 94 from natural causes.
  3. Dreyski


    Other names: Lammy: Shadow Justice Long Bailey: Education Ed Miliband: Business and energy full shadow cabinet here
  4. Shortly before getting knifed, Allardyce said youth prospect Aaron Doran had gone backwards. Doran currently plays in the Scottish second tier. Still only 28.
  5. Dreyski

    Top Captains

    In the Hughes days we had international captains throughout the squad. The captain of captains: Ryan Nelsen.
  6. Dreyski

    Worst Rovers 11

    People's thoughts on Per Frandsen and Kevin Davies? Decent careers but woeful for us.
  7. Dreyski

    Worst Rovers 11

    We're all in agreement that Fettis starts? Apart from that you've got to make the distinction between bad attitude (Orr, Duffy, Best, Stokes, (Emnes and Joao, according to Mowbray)) Got games but were useless (Andrews, Lowe, Brown, Petrovic, Goodwillie) Were so bad they barely got playing time (A.Anderson, P.Pederson, Myles Anderson, Portugeezers)
  8. Martin Taylor had all the physical attributes, but lacked the mentality. (He had a decent career but maybe should have been better) Sergio Peter flattered to deceive.
  9. Dreyski

    Rovers best ever Premier League 11

    Didn’t ‘fall out’, just wanted to pick a slightly different side.
  10. Dreyski

    Rovers best ever Premier League 11

    No restrictions: Friedel Berg Nelsen Hendry Gray Bentley Flitcroft Tugay Duff Shearer McCarthy Per country: Friedel (US) Neill (AUS) Nelsen (NZD) Hendry (SCO) Givet (FRA) Gillespie (NIR) Tugay (TUR) Mokoena (SAF) Pedersen (NOR) Shearer (ENG) Santa Cruz (PAR)
  11. Dreyski

    Peter Whittingham

    Terrible news. Thoughts with his family at this time.
  12. Dreyski


    A rubber dinghy PM.
  13. Dreyski


    My Dad sent these from Accy Asda last night - cleanest hands and arses in the country 😆
  14. Dreyski


    Health minister Nadine Dorries tested positive. Last week she was at a Downing Street reception with senior Tories including Boris Piffle Johnson. I’ll take ‘what is schadenfreude?’ for $200.
  15. Dreyski


    Between the floods, COVID-19, and now the fears of a new recession, Corbyn might be a bit relieved not to be in power.

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