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  1. Dreyski


    Pritti Patel - job centre?
  2. Dreyski


    ‘How worried are you about etc...’ worried/not worried 🤯
  3. Dreyski


    Oof. Red Wall indeed.
  4. Dreyski

    Music Association Game

    R.E.M. - Man on the moon
  5. Dreyski


    16.5 billion? How many meals would that much provide to disadvantaged kids? How much could you raise an average nurse’s salary by?
  6. Dreyski

    Celebrity Deaths

    Des O’Connor’s gone at 88.
  7. Dreyski


    Deepak Chopra
  8. Dreyski

    US Election 2020

    State of play:
  9. Dreyski

    US Election 2020

    Trump’s plans to stay in the White House: 1. Hide behind the sofa whenever someone knocks on the door. 2. Hide in a wardrobe and after the Bidens move in, dress in a sheet and try to haunt them. 3. Superglue his trousers to the chair in the Oval Office and slide into them every morning.
  10. Dreyski

    US Election 2020

    Biden now 2,000 behind in Georgia & 20,000 behind in Pennsylvania.
  11. Dreyski

    US Election 2020

    Biden's lead in Nevada grows to around 12k
  12. Dreyski

    Obscure Rovers Quiz

    Tore Pedersen?
  13. Dreyski

    US Election 2020

    Michigan just turned blue. If that sticks...
  14. Dreyski


    I can’t claim ownership of this, but: Maggie: Starves miners Boris: Starves minors
  15. Dreyski


    Well we're not going to see a long term solution under the Conservatives - their recent actions have proved this.

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