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  1. Dreyski

    Music Association Game

    Fleetwood Mac - The Chain
  2. Dreyski

    Leeds at Home 4.7.20

    Someone take Mowbray's belt and laces off him.
  3. Dreyski


    I've been getting fortnightly craft deliveries from my local bottle shop, and I refuse to set foot in a Tim Martin-owned pub, so a couple more weeks won't bother me that much. Did get my hair cut this morning, my barber is six months pregnant with a crocked immune system so she isn't taking any chances she doesn't need to. Although I turned up in a mask and was told I didn't need it because the guidelines had changed since I last checked.
  4. Dreyski

    Music Association Game

    Ben Folds Five - Underground
  5. Dreyski

    Music Association Game

    Bob Dylan - The times they are a-changin'
  6. Dreyski


    If that's all you see Europe as, I feel sorry for you.
  7. Dreyski


    But has made provisions to give up to 3 million Hong Kong citizens residency rights in the UK... https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jun/03/britain-could-change-immigration-rules-for-hong-kong-citizens https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8478915/UK-unveils-special-bespoke-escape-route-three-million-Hong-Kong-residents-China-clapdown.html
  8. Dreyski


    https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/chlorinated-chicken-safe-meat-us-trade-deal-meat-a9557016.html "Unless the limitations of current UK food labelling legislation are addressed, it is hard to see how British consumers would know whether their chicken had been treated with chlorinated water. The US also regards specific labelling of country of origin as an illegitimate barrier to its exports and pushes to have the practice banned as part of trade agreements it signs with other countries."
  9. Dreyski

    Music Association Game

    The Stranglers - Golden Brown
  10. Dreyski


    I was attracted to a job in the former Soviet Union becuase growing up in the 80's, you barely heard anything from there unless it was a leader dying or Chernobyl. In my atlas, it was a big featureless mass with odd names, which fascinated me. When a job came up in Kyiv, the company sold the city to me and I ended up staying for six years. Although they come off cold and distant, once you're friendly with a Russian/Ukrainian, you'll find they're wonderfully hospitable. If you can handle the winters, you'll be rewarded with fabulous weather from April-September, and once the weather warms up, the ladies start wearing less...which appealed to my 24 year-old self a great deal. I got to see Champions league football against Inter, Bayer Leverkusen, Lyon, Arsenal's invincibles(who lost 😄) and Real Madrid at rock bottom prices. Not sure that would be the same nowadays, mind you. I'll not lie; Borscht apart, the cusine is nothing to write home about, but home cooking is always hearty and filling, and there's access to Georgian wine, which rivals anything else in Europe.
  11. Dreyski

    Music Association Game

    Les Rhythms Digitales - Jacques your body (make me sweat)
  12. Dreyski


    RLB gets sacked from the shadow cabinet. Lloyd Russell-Moyle - “hold my beer” https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8466695/amp/Labour-frontbencher-Lloyd-Russell-Moyle-accuses-JK-Rowling-exploiting-sexual-assault-ordeal.html
  13. Dreyski


    I didn't miss it, but seeing as you repeated the fact, could you tell me which policies you have issues with?
  14. Dreyski


    and then change the constitution to extend their rule...
  15. Dreyski


    Throw (or write) enough shit and some will stick.

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