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  1. I agree. Not a fan of Ward but he was our best defender yesterday tbf.
  2. Not quite got it cracked at home yet. Chapman should be starting at home and Nyambe needs to come back in at rb for home games when he's fit. That would offer a bit more pace and guile. Too obvious and one dimensional today. Sheffield Utd had 10 points after 7 games last season, no need for knee jerk responses.
  3. The seventh game curse strikes again! Really poor today but we were unfortunate to lose; a draw would have been a fair result. Lets not get carried away and state TM should go. Everyone bar Shrewsbury have been inconsistent so far - we're only seven games in so no need to panic. Personally, I felt a decent start would be if, after 10 games, we were in touching distance of the automatic spots and it's looking like that will be the case. We're currently 5 points off second with a game in hand. Have a feeling we'll come to the fore when other teams start picking up injuries and suspensions as our squad is far stronger than everyone else's in this league. Shrewsbury next and it's a game I think we'll win. They're due a loss and it's the type of game we turn up for (a la Bradford and Scunthorpe). The team could perhaps do with a bit of freshening up - Graham and Chapman deserve a chance from the start.
  4. Keeping three clean sheets away from home in a row is quite some achievement, especially as I feel many of us pinpointed this area as a real weakness at the beginning of the season. And that's against three of the best home sides in the league. TM has them well drilled.
  5. Great result. Not a vintage performance but we battled very well. Caddis was superb at RB I thought and Raya had a cracking game. Antonsson works incredibly hard. He lacks ability but I can see why he's in the team, his work rate is impressive. Elliott Ward is appalling, he needs dropping. Gives the ball away far too much in dangerous positions and takes far too many chances for my liking.
  6. Rode our luck at times and haven't really got going. Scunthorpe look terrible though, I don't think they've passed the ball once. Lump it forward and hope for a mistake is their plan. Harper looks incredibly unfit, I wouldn't be surprised if he gets taken off at ht. Graham, Dack and Chapman could be the difference in this game.
  7. Our class is beginning to tell in this league. May as well give player of the year to Smallwood already, what a class act. Wasn't able to follow the game but I've seen reports that Downing looked good when he did have something to do. Excellent news that Graham scored, if he gets going he'll score plentiful. Good to see Antonsson score too. Everything looking positive after a slow start.
  8. Delighted with the transfer window dealings overall. We didn't lose anyone of significance and we've added some real quality - we are stronger than last season. Deadline day was underwhelming. I think Harper will be top class and I think the guy from Liverpool has potential, but I can't see any positives in the defender from MK Dons. Never heard of him but if he can't get into a poor MK Dons team then I can't see him doing much here. He'll be 5th choice though.
  9. Interesting quotes from TM on Danny Graham. Sounds like he's not been too impressed with his attitude so far this season. Could be one to watch over the next 24 hours.
  10. Danny Graham plays tonight. I felt it would have been a massive sign that he was on his way if he didn't start tonight as it seemed like a perfect opportunity to give him a run out. Looks like he's staying - wouldn't be surprised if he scored tonight.
  11. Excellent win. MK Dons are no world beaters but we won at a canter without having to get into top gear. Add that to beating a side last week who hadn't lost a home game for 17 months, the signs are looking promising. I'm still not convinced we've fully clicked in an attacking sense yet but we have a lot of quality attacking players. I think Dack, Chapman, Samuel will be our key attacking players and will rip a lot of teams apart this season. Chapman looks like the sort of player we've been missing since Damien Duff. Looks like Graham will leave. I can't see Gallagher being his replacement, I think Chaddy's shout above is a more likely option - he's a target man and was someone we looked at earlier in th window according to the LT.
  12. I would be disappointed to see Danny Graham go. He's had a poor start but he has a lot of quality. It looks as though it might well be him who is the player is leaving though, TM hasn't used him at all recently which suggests something is up. A Gallagher/Graham swap? Not for me. We need a goal scorer, Gallagher is more of a creator than a goal scorer.
  13. I think the money involved in football today means it gets tougher and tougher to give young players a chance. You'd have to trust the managers view that Tomlinson and Rankin-Costello aren't quite ready yet as he sees them in training and in youth games. If this West Brom lad is being given his prem debut at 17 then he's clearly very talented. Pulls knows his stuff so that would suggest he would be a good signing. We do need cover in CM - Evans is injury prone and Whittingham looks off the pace so far (although I think his quality will tell eventually). No doubt that defenders are desperately needed but it sounds as though TM recognises this and is actively trying to address it. Personally feel it's been our best window for many years. Better squad than last season and all you can hope for from a window is that you're stronger than you were before the window. For the first time in many years, I'd say we've got stronger rather than weaker.
  14. TM says we've had a couple of bids turned down for a player, presumably a defender. We desperately need two defenders; a solid centre back and a versatile defender who can play centre back and cover at LB too. Ideally we'd move Ward on and free up some wages to get a third defender in but I can't see that happening. I would still expect us to sign that West Brom midfielder. Sounded like it was a done deal until West Brom decided they needed CM cover. I expect them to sign CM reinforcements which will free him up to move to us. We still lack pace going forward. I wouldn't be surprised to see Feeney leave and a replacement for him brought in. So that's potentially 4 new players. TM has said he's looking at players "all over the pitch".
  15. We've arrived! The team on paper looked far more balanced today and that proved to be the case. A cracking result to go a side that haven't lost at home on 17 months and win fairly comfortably. Conway makes a huge difference when he plays, no surprise he was involved in the goal. Smallwood is looking like our key player, the type of player we've been missing for quite some time. Still don't think our attacking play has quite clicked yet but I have no doubt it will. We have a goal scorer in Samuel which is vital at any level. And I still think Danny Graham will bang in the goals when he gets going.