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  1. LEAGUE 1 2017/18

    Very surprising set of results today. The only one that didn't go our way was Scunthorpe, but I'll take that set of results.
  2. Joe Nuttall

    Very impressed by this guy, looks like a goal machine. An unexpected hero to fire us to promotion?
  3. ROVERS v Fleetwood

    Caddis to play right wing. That's my prediction.

    Excellent defensive display. Paul Downing is an absolute rock. Certainly would have taken a point before the game, and will certainly take a point after the game, especially with only 10 men for half an hour. One point gained on Shrewsbury to boot. Good day for us.
  5. ROVERS v Portsmouth

    Three points at Wigan would be massive. If we lose and Shrewsbury win too, the top 2 then looks miles away. If you look at Shrewsburys next 5 league games, four of them are against some good teams in this league. It will be interesting to see what their points tally is after the next five games.
  6. ROVERS v Portsmouth

    I don't think we'll catch Wigan, they are very strong. However, I do feel Shrewsbury may start to falter as the season goes on. Injuries to one or two key players and their squad may be stretched. The only question is, will they be too far ahead by that stage for us to catch then?
  7. ROVERS v Portsmouth

    Chapman starts. We score three goals. Downing starts. Clean sheet. Two very key players for us. The starting 11 looked like a good line up before the match and proved to be the case on the pitch. A good mix of skill, pace, and muscle. Top 6 with 2 games in hand. The only downside is the form of Wigan and Shrewsbury. The latter will start to lose some games at some point, we need to be in a good position to pounce when they do. Wigan will be a very tough game next week but we've got more than enough to beat them.
  8. ROVERS v Portsmouth

    Chapman starts...Chapman assist. Youve gotta start your best players.
  9. ROVERS v Portsmouth

    Chapman starts!! Finally!! Downing back in too. Based on the starting 11, we should win today. Let's see if the players perform.
  10. Blackburn Rovers FC v Plymouth Argyle FC

    I was very defensive of TM after the Oldham game. But to follow that up with a shocker of a result against the worst team in the league is a sackable offence. Not impressed.
  11. Blackburn Rovers FC v Plymouth Argyle FC

    1 point from Oldham and Plymouth?! Nowhere near good enough.
  12. Mowbray stays as manager

    It's a new team in the sense that these players haven't played together with each other on a regular basis. Plus, Raya and Ward barely played last season. Bennett didn't play much either. Only Mulgrew, Williams and Conway were regulars last season from the team that played yesterday. Compare that to the likes of Bradford and Shrewsbury who have had a consistent team for a while. That still doesn't excuse not competing and being outmuscled, but it does explain why we look a bit disjointed at times.
  13. Mowbray stays as manager

    11 games in is a good time to evaluate where things are heading. I personally feel we've had a bang average start. However, with all the changes to the squad over the summer and more or less having a completely new team, I expected a very inconsistent start. The fact we've had a bang average start and we're only a few point off the play offs shows that the league is weak. Shrewsbury have had a surprisingly excellent start but I don't see them maintaining that. Wigan will run away with the league, they know how to get results in this league. Even strong teams like Bradford look very inconsistent, which is promising. There's no way I would even be thinking about getting rid of Mowbray. We have shown that we can put a run of victories together, keep clean sheets, and beat the top teams away from home. Ironically, the teams we've lost to are the struggling teams. You have to think we won't be losing to the struggling teams as the season goes on. Not an amazing start, but not terrible either. Certainly not a bad enough one to get rid of the manager. Interestingly, we're actually one point ahead of Sheffield Utd's points tally after 11 games last season and they ran away with the league with ease. That just goes to show you don't necessarily need an excellent start to get promotion.
  14. Oldham away

    Incredibly poor today, Oldham fully deserved the win. A missed opportunity with lots of the top 6 teams dropping points unexpectedly. 12 points of the top 2 does not make great viewing. Shrewsbury's form seems to have faltered though. Need to win 5 or 6 in a row to get right back up there.
  15. Shrewsbury Away

    He said similar after the Southend and Doncaster games and we went on to win 4 games in a row and saw personnel changes. Ward needs dropping, Dack needs moving into a behind the striker role, and Chapman needs starting. We may just see a change of personnel in the next game.