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  1. rovers11

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    What has Armstrong been having for breakfast the past 6 weeks? Looks like a totally different player.
  2. rovers11

    Preston (home)

    Huff and puff. No quality. Same old.
  3. rovers11

    Brum FA Cup

    No quality going forward and weak at the back. All too familiar,
  4. rovers11

    Forest V Rovers

    Another atrocious set of results over Christmas and another horror show at the back. Add that to no real quality going forward. Nowhere near good enough for the top 6, unfortunately.
  5. rovers11

    Forest V Rovers

    Please send this pathetic GK back to brighton ASAP. Bell and Bennett can find a new club too!
  6. rovers11

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    Good find. Illustrates the state of modern football outside of the premier league, making huge losses each year is not unique to just us.
  7. rovers11

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    Obviously concerning figures, mainly because it means we are at the mercy of Venkys to keep us going, but these figures are indicative of clubs in the championship who are dreaming of premier league riches. The majority of championship clubs are at the mercy of their owners to keep them afloat, that’s the story of modern football outside of the top flight. How many clubs are self sustainable?
  8. rovers11

    January transfer window 2020

    We lack a lot of quality going forward, we need 2/3 players who are technically good and/can beat a man. We also need a striker who guarantees goals (don’t we all!). We are 3 quality players short of being genuine promotion contenders imo. That’s all very easy in theory but quality attacking players cost money in transfer fees and wages that we don’t have.
  9. rovers11

    Huddersfield Town 29.12.19

    What a shocker of a performances. Buckley, my word. I’d give him a minus score for that performance.
  10. Very drab game, much like the one on Monday night. Bell showing why a new LB needs to be on the shopping list in Jan. He does some decent things going forward but overall nowhere near up to it. No one really stood out today, but we looked solid at the back again. I don’t really buy into the “we’ve had two easy home games” because there is nothing between the top and bottom in this league, the results today show that once again. I’d certainly have taken our league position at the beginning of the season - a perfect position to make the play offs if we make a couple of good Jan additions.
  11. Trying to look on the bright side, at least we have a ready-made replacement in Holtby to come in and play in his best position. He’s not as good as Dack but he is still a class player.
  12. How gutting that it looks as though Dack is going to be out for the season. Football really is a cruel game. The one player we’d pick to not have a serious injury, and that player goes and gets one.
  13. Excellent win and performance. I have no idea how this transformation has happened but we look like a squad re-born. Every single player was outstanding today - but I’d be surprised if there is a better central midfielder than Travis in this league. He mops up absolutely everything and never stops running.
  14. rovers11

    Stoke v Rovers Nov 30

    Fantastic result. It wasn’t cavalier stuff but you have to be able to win games in various ways and I think we’ve won game in every way possible this week - playing woefully (Barnsley), playing excellently (Brentford), and by digging in (today). Have we finally found the magic formula that TM has been searching for all season? Dack absolutely class but we’ve come to expect that; Evans showing that he’s a very talented player when he’s motivated; and Lenihan showing why he’s so important to us, Bennett was very good when coming on.
  15. rovers11

    Stoke v Rovers Nov 30

    We just about deserve to be leading. The players look so unfit though, Rothwell in particular. Stoke look woeful, relying on hoof ball.

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