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    Shrewsbury have a couple of tough games coming up - Rochdale away and Oxford (who have a new manager). I think we’ll be a lot clearer on how things stand after 5pm next Monday.

    I would urge people to keeping backing Shrewsbury at the bookies - I backed them to win today and it seemed to curse them!

    Thank you Northampton - huge result for us! Back in our own hands which is a good feeling. Lots of twists and turns to come, though.

    How frustrating, Shrewsbury just seem to be able to scrape a win. It's going to be difficult to stop them going up automatically. They'll an easy win on Tuesday, followed by an easy home game next Saturday against Wimbledon. They are likely to be 4 points ahead of us by the next time we play. But lots of twists and turns yet.
  5. Rovers v Oldham

    Because it means we're 1 point off second rather than 4. That's a huge difference at this stage of the season. I fully expected us to both win and therefore be 2 points behind 2nd. In that sense, I'm pretty relieved that we gained ground despite a poor result. We got lucky today with other results.
  6. Rovers v Oldham

    It's a funny old game. Fully expected us to beat Oldham, but I also fully expected Shrews to beat Plymouth. So to be 1 point closer to the top 2 has to be a positive. Opportunity missed though.
  7. Rovers v Oldham

    Shocking. Top 2 now looking a very long shot. Abysmal so far. Why on earth has a he played Bell in an attacking role?
  8. Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    It's an uphill battle now. Shrewsbury barely concede a goal and have a habit of winning. Not looking good for automatic spots after today.
  9. Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    Big advantage to Shrewsbury. They're pretty much 5 points ahead now. They have to be big favourites to take that second spot now. Very frustating.
  10. The January 2018 transfer thread

    Lowe is a poor player so I wouldn't want him back. However, if TM thinks he can do a job then I would back Lowe and support him like any other Rovers player.
  11. The January 2018 transfer thread

    I think Dack will stay UNLESS a premier league club comes calling. It wouldn't massively surprise me if he Did, he certainly has the technical ability to play in the prem. Exceptional player.
  12. Fleetwood

    Excellent win from one of the tougher away games in the league. We'r into second and I expect us to stay in the top two from now on. Shrewsbury just don't have the strength in depth we have. Sounds like our best three players were key today for different reasons - Dack was great as usual, Mulgrew made a rare mistake to cost us a goal, and Smallwood pulled out a cracker to get us the three points.
  13. The January 2018 transfer thread

    I think a CM will probably come in and then that will be it for this window. You'd have to say it's been a 10/10 window so far. Added real pace and quality, and no one has left. If it was based purely on squads on paper, we should go on to win this league. I also feel this squad would do pretty well in the championship. Miles better than the one that got relegated last year.
  14. The January 2018 transfer thread

    Mowbray says everything agreed with Bell deal, including personal terms.
  15. The January 2018 transfer thread

    Bell must have agreed to join if we're letting Hart go on loan.