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  1. rovers11

    Stoke v Rovers Nov 30

    Fantastic result. It wasn’t cavalier stuff but you have to be able to win games in various ways and I think we’ve won game in every way possible this week - playing woefully (Barnsley), playing excellently (Brentford), and by digging in (today). Have we finally found the magic formula that TM has been searching for all season? Dack absolutely class but we’ve come to expect that; Evans showing that he’s a very talented player when he’s motivated; and Lenihan showing why he’s so important to us, Bennett was very good when coming on.
  2. rovers11

    Stoke v Rovers Nov 30

    We just about deserve to be leading. The players look so unfit though, Rothwell in particular. Stoke look woeful, relying on hoof ball.
  3. rovers11

    Stoke v Rovers Nov 30

    Yet we beat the team who are beating them 5-0. Very strange division.
  4. rovers11

    Stoke v Rovers Nov 30

    Excellent team selection again. Feeling confident.
  5. rovers11

    Brentford (h) - the Mowbray love in!

    It’s a funny old game. TM has a habit of pulling out a succession of victories just when he needs them. Three wins out of four now and three straight victories at home. Didn't see the game, unfortunately, but sounds like our best performance of the season so far. Our starting line up before the match looked well balanced, with players in their correct positions (aside from Downing, but I’d take him there over Bell) and that turned out to be the case on the pitch. Breathing space from the bottom 3 and small hopes of a top 6 push reignited. Personally think we’ll finish in a similar position to last season, not a lot has changed.
  6. Delighted with the win obviously but doesn’t change the fact that we are a shambles at the moment. TM has shown a complete inability to set up a team defensively for too long now, sadly. Things have to change.
  7. I have a bad feeling about this game. We have the feel of a club who’s manager has run out of ideas and can’t find the right formula to get consistent results and performances. Throw into the mix the new manager bounce that Barnsley will have and the struggles that we tend to have against these types of opponents at home. We desperately need Lenihan to be playing today as our record with him in the side is so much stronger than without him. Such a key player.
  8. 16 games in is a good time to evaluate and reflect - not good enough and time for a change in manager imo.
  9. Last week papered over the cracks. We aren’t good enough at the moment.
  10. rovers11

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    An incredible win to say the least. A much needed win too with a tough away game next and us getting too close to the bottom three for my liking. We’re now back in mid table territory. In terms of individual performances, Gallagher is looking much better than he did a couple of games ago; he actually looked a threat when the ball went into the box and he linked play much better than he has done. Tosin was outstanding and deservedly man of the match. Travis and Nyambe also very good. I’m so pleased we only have Walton on loan, he’s horrendous. Not the answer at all. Holtby and Dack had quiet games but showed glimpses of their quality. We desperately need Lenihan back, he’s such an important player for us.
  11. rovers11

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Unbelievable! Miracles do happen!! Big game in our season and it’s saved Tony’s skin. Can we kick on from here? Need Lenihan back without a doubt.
  12. rovers11

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Never doubt Tony 😂😂
  13. rovers11

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Time for Tony to go.
  14. rovers11

    Preston Away

    2-0 up and we lose 3-2. Not good enough. Defensive horror shows and defensive collapses are all too familiar now and it doesn’t look like TM is capable of addressing that. Sadly I think it may well be time for a change of ideas. Good to see Gallagher score though.

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