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  1. As it stands, we are well short of the quality required to compete in this league. But TM knows this and there will be signings so no need to panic just yet. A severe lack of firepower as it stands; Graham is injury prone and Samuel/Nuttal are nowhere near the level required. Two strikers badly needed, ideally Armstrong and a target man. We are also short in the wide areas IMO, we need two pacy wingers. I think we will sign Chapman but we also need one other. Central defence is also a concern, I think Mulgrew may get exposed on the counter at this level with his lack of mobility. Plus, we need an 'in the hole' player to replace Dack if he's off-form/injured. Six players required imo. Overall, we need some more pace and mobility in the squad and most certainly some more match winners. I'm confident TM will address those issues before the window, he knows what he's doing.
  2. rovers11


    We are very close now, 4 more points will do it I reckon. I can’t see us not getting 4 points from 4 games but it’s not over until it’s over.
  3. rovers11

    Gillingham away 17.3.18

    In reality, we were not going to win every game until the end of the season. Disappointing result tonight but not a total disaster. Wigan will go up but Shrewsbury have it all to do to get second.
  4. rovers11


    Shrewsbury have got two very tough games coming up. Bradford away and Charlton at home. Charlton are on fire and Bradford are hard to break down under Grayson.
  5. rovers11

    MK Dons (away) Easter Monday

    Very tricky game. We werent really on it today but we still won. The extra class made the difference. Armstrong was class today, they couldn't cope with his runs in behind. Samuel showing why he's not quite there yet, he didn't get anywhere near the goal during his one on one chance. He looks like a very talented player but his end product is lacking.
  6. rovers11


    Very strong position going into the final 7 games. After the results today, I wouldn't swap our position for Wigan's, much rather have the points on the board. Let's not get carried away but we're looking strong.
  7. rovers11


    Shrewsbury have a couple of tough games coming up - Rochdale away and Oxford (who have a new manager). I think we’ll be a lot clearer on how things stand after 5pm next Monday.
  8. rovers11


    I would urge people to keeping backing Shrewsbury at the bookies - I backed them to win today and it seemed to curse them!
  9. rovers11


    Thank you Northampton - huge result for us! Back in our own hands which is a good feeling. Lots of twists and turns to come, though.
  10. rovers11


    How frustrating, Shrewsbury just seem to be able to scrape a win. It's going to be difficult to stop them going up automatically. They'll an easy win on Tuesday, followed by an easy home game next Saturday against Wimbledon. They are likely to be 4 points ahead of us by the next time we play. But lots of twists and turns yet.
  11. rovers11

    Rovers v Oldham

    Because it means we're 1 point off second rather than 4. That's a huge difference at this stage of the season. I fully expected us to both win and therefore be 2 points behind 2nd. In that sense, I'm pretty relieved that we gained ground despite a poor result. We got lucky today with other results.
  12. rovers11

    Rovers v Oldham

    It's a funny old game. Fully expected us to beat Oldham, but I also fully expected Shrews to beat Plymouth. So to be 1 point closer to the top 2 has to be a positive. Opportunity missed though.
  13. rovers11

    Rovers v Oldham

    Shocking. Top 2 now looking a very long shot. Abysmal so far. Why on earth has a he played Bell in an attacking role?
  14. rovers11

    Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    It's an uphill battle now. Shrewsbury barely concede a goal and have a habit of winning. Not looking good for automatic spots after today.
  15. rovers11

    Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    Big advantage to Shrewsbury. They're pretty much 5 points ahead now. They have to be big favourites to take that second spot now. Very frustating.

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