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  1. Pity they didn't do this when they first took over instead of simply believing everything Anderson told them. Deloitte's first point might have been "You've got some wonderfully talented staff there-----keep them."
  2. You can be positive if you like but that doesn't mean Venkys will be. That's the reality others are trying to deal with.
  3. Duggie was coming back from a broken leg then and there were ignorent supporters who pronounced him "finished." Most were happy to let him get over it though tbf.
  4. Its because we have hired crap managers.
  5. yes, we spent nothing on transfers BECAUSE we had the 9th highest wages bill in the Championship. Even worse, we sold good players so we could pay these relatively high wages. Even worse that that, we got relegated anyway.
  6. So there it is. We expect to lose Mulgrew and Lenihan, 2 of our very best players.We blood a good youth player, he comes good in a "difficult" Championship year and we watch from afar to see if he makes the big-time with some other club. Just like Mahoney. Soul-destroying. What positive news could Mowbray possible come back with? And why would anyone believe it? Optimism ludicrously out of place.
  7. N'Zonzi in that company? Never for me.
  8. Having a guess here. He was 12 when we won the Premiership?
  9. Unfortunately we don't have a team with those qualities Chaddy!
  10. And like last season we will lose our early matches until the squad settles down and gets to know each other's game. By that point we could be adrift as happened under Coyle.(plus the manager was an idiot which made things worse and could be again)
  11. Look at what's happened at Huddersfield and Reading. Nothing spectacular there at either club to think they'd be this close to the Holy Grail. Competantly managed, consistent without being brilliant, both have shown its not that hard to get out of the Championship. even Burnley managed it under Coyle's management. Yet we did not get anywhere near it in 5 years and Bowyer managed for more than half of it.
  12. you've picked the best(?) 2. Myles Anderson? Duffy?
  13. Got to agree here. Speed is essential if we are to put out a competitive team but that will be the last thing on their mind(for a change).
  14. A possible Chinese buyer is speculation, Venkys selling is speculation surely? Edit-----I've been whooshed haven't I? LYNMAT!
  15. In two minds now. Ecstatic that Venkys might be leaving at long last but concerned that local involvement might not be involved in either a buy-out or in subsequent management of the club. Enormous wealth in China these days and very keen on football but for all we know they could be as dopey and dodgy as the Raos. Jumping the gun I know, its only speculation but we've been down so long I couldn't take another disappointment like the last 7 years. I do think there is only one more chance to get this right.