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  1. 47er

    Reading (A)

    How come so many of our players get injured or sick? Or does it just seem that way? Is Davenport a real person? (Sorry Tyrone---just noticed you asked the same question!)
  2. 47er

    Reading (A)

    It was from the blue wasn't it? People calling for his head because he'd scored 1 in 25 games. 2 in 26 isn't exactly great is it? But he's saved himself for another 10 games no doubt.
  3. 47er

    Reading (A)

    You really don't think we've accumulated too many players, especially in mid-field? Were Preston precariously placed last season when they beat us twice and finished above us?
  4. 47er

    Reading (A)

    Maybe that's the secret of success.
  5. 47er

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Well I haven't seen much! I've seen some triumphalism though, which I detest. My view is a long-term based one, it doesn't change because we win a couple of games. I don't expect us to make the play-offs just like I don't expect Evans to become our favourite player. I look forward to us fluking a brilliant manager one day just like burnley did.
  6. 47er

    Reading (A)

    After the most dreadful start when they looked certain relegation fodder! It doesn't matter if "we're blessed with riches" if we can't get the best out of them. Burnley got the best out of limited resources and went up and are still up. Preston could well do the same. Neither will be changing the side every week.
  7. 47er


    Could be a mix of spectator area at the lower level and hotel above it couldn't it?
  8. 47er

    Reading (A)

    If Preston aren't blessed with our riches of depth why are they always above us? There's a point being made there----by you!
  9. 47er

    Reading (A)

    Well we won so no-one can complain. Simple as that. However we know from experience with Evans how it goes over a longer period than one game!
  10. 47er

    Premier League Stuff

    That Maddison is in some form eh?
  11. 47er

    Premier League Stuff

    Fantastic goal from Kane.
  12. 47er


    This is the one that will get him imo.
  13. 47er

    Start of the season

    Yes, but all three are loans and we have to begin again in the summer. At this time we don't know if we will sign Cunningham and Walton permanently. We certainly won't be signing Toisin. Its strange how forwards are signed permanently, whether they are any good or not----and for big fees, whereas defenders are invariably a last-minute loan. TM's priorities are wrong. Not how Burnley got up and stayed up.
  14. 47er

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    A poor decision then Chaddy?

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