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  1. 2 different clubs but no similarities? Right! I won't rise to provocative comments about "defectors". we have enough division as it is. Such a plan would never be needed if Venkys left, whatever league we were in. I agree with you that the best outcome would be to see Venkys out and the club still in existence. Its time to accept however that that is not necessarily possible and outside our control.
  2. Like Wimbledon you mean?
  3. You're still focussed on Blackburn Rovers as a football club. That ceased to be its primary function as soon as Venkys took over, with plans already in place to sack Sam and replace him with Kean. We are now primarily a tax lurk or a money laundering firm or something else we don't know about. If we were a football club then the executive who headed the interview panel could have gone on his hols safe in the knowledge that Colin was our next manager. Instead he came back to find Coyle had been appointed over his head and we know what followed. and what followed was exactly what we all predicted. This alone should convince every fan what a cesspit of a club we have become.This sort of thing will happen every time Balaji feels like it for reasons that have nothing to do with football. No wonder many fans say Not A Penny More. Eventually we will disappear unless a new club is formed.
  4. I haven't read any crowing with delight at the result from fans who wanted us to lose though. Compared to last weekend's claims about how some would be gnashing their teeth because we had won 3-0.
  5. Not going to happen is it?
  6. I think clubs might have known Lenihan had an injury problem!
  7. The problem is you are happy so long as you get your 90minutes worth. It wouldn't matter what division we were in or whatever the context I could be happy whatever div we were in too,but only so long as the Raos were gone. that's the difference. By the way, my general happiness does not depend on how Rovers are going. It's important but not by any means the totality.
  8. No---nothing at all with that bit!
  9. So its a normally run club eh, with a Board of Directors,and executives versed in football directly responsible to them? And Parson thinks so too! You've just validated my original post!
  10. What resonates with me (negatively) is that there are fans just aching to believe that Venkys have "learned their lesson" or "played a blinder" on the back of 4 wins ON the pitch. What happens on the pitch is down to TM and the players, but its what happens off the pitch that really counts. Loan players who do well for us this season will either go back to their owner club or be sold to the benefit of their owner club. Our players who do well will be sold if they can command a fee to fund next season's running expenses. This is why they continue to fund the Academy. There will be nothing to sustain a further promotion bid should we manage promotion this season.We will continue to yo-yo between lower leagues forever under Venkys. Venkys have not changed, will never change and we will suffer as long as they stay. There is no more substance to them than any Ponzi scheme. There, got it off my chest!
  11. Me too but I cannot forget the context. Watched that Salzburg clip Gav. What about the two games with City that follow? 3-0 and 4-2 to us under Mark Hughes. Seeing both Derbyshire and Gallacher score in the second game brought a lump to my throat.
  12. You obviously don't want us to return to the Premier League and have no problem with the destruction of Jack's legacy. 10000 or fewer in a decaying stadium with loads of local derbys. Well you'll be happy then! Fair enough but Gavs right. At some point, convenient to them, they will walk away leaving you with NOTHING.
  13. Many fans, sadly, get carried away after 4 wins----in Div3! In this league you could run a club on a shoe-string, with low wages, small crowds, loans, sales of better players and free transfers in. In fact they are! Enough wins and many fans would be satisfied. Venkys could go on this way forever. Everything Jack did down the drain while fans dream eternally of a return to the big-time which never comes.
  14. Until we are back in the Premiership AND the Raos have gone, I won't forgive or forget.
  15. It'll be those fans who want us to lose.