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  1. We certainly didn't have paradise, only comparatively!
  2. 47er


    They're Tories---they're hardly likely to leave on principle are they?
  3. 47er


    Gove is the worst liar of the lot,----or is it best liar? Cleverer than Johnson. Heard an interview with him on the Today programme. Apparently the reason why the Tories haven't come near to planting the number of trees they promised at the 2015 election is the fault of the EU's Common Agricultural Policy! This is because it rewards farmers for leaving their land bare. Of course, the CAP was known before the Government made the promise but they made it anyway! In any case it does not stop them planting trees on Crown land or giving grants to Councils to do it or giving grants to individual owners but no, much easier not to break the habits of a lifetime and put the blame on the EU! Anyway they've made the promise again and we can believe it will be met this time because the EU won't be in the way!
  4. I'm thinking early 1960's. Don't know of Tony Charles.
  5. I remember County Sports! Wasn't it records in the front half and toys at the back as well?
  6. So true. Absolute vandalism. Many of the old buildings in Blackburn Town Centre were a joy to behold. I can see them now. Absolute vandalism. My favourite---the old Victorian Arcade, 2- tier shops, original tiled floor, one of the finest in the country. You don't know what you've lost till its gone and all that.
  7. 47er


    Interesting that the Brexit Party claims that its candidates have been offered Government jobs and, In Farage's case, a Peerage to stand down from the election and but the Government denies its ever happened. Question for the Brexiteers----Which liars should we believe?
  8. 47er


    If this happens, at some point in the future, Ireland will reunite, Scotland will leave the Union and Wales will inevitably follow. They will all be part of the EU. "Plucky Little England" will be out there on its own. Anyone see us prospering?
  9. 47er


    They still trust their betters!
  10. 47er


    Candidates can "run dead" though.
  11. 47er


    Lib Dems under Swinson a disaster. She's more like the primary principal who got promoted too early. Even her own candidates can see where they should stand down to help Labour keep the Tories out but she's too bloody-minded to see it. Every Remain/ 2nd Referendum party should be doing everything possible to prevent Johnson forcing a terrible agreement on us now and crashing out without a deal in a few months time. That includes working with Corbyn if necessary. You'd have thought Swinson would be able to see this herself.
  12. 47er

    Season Tickets 2019/2020

    Cheer up Len! Promotion next season----to the Championship?
  13. 47er


  14. 47er


    More Project Fear! How much have we lost already? Guardian headline; Tesla cites Brexit as Germany chosen over UK for European plant US electric carmaker will build battery factory in Berlin, says boss Elon Musk
  15. 47er

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    The patronising way he speaks about Nyambe and Chapman in recent interviews got up my nose as well. I can't see either being happy with that. Go Tony, before you do any more damage.

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