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  1. 47er


    Yes but we have to have them! How else can government operate? You've said we can't prove any of them which is obvious in a literal sense but we can use our judgement based on the credentials of the experts involved and their track record. What we shouldn't do, but are doing, is to take no notice of experts and forecasts and then down the line conclude "oh shit its worse than Coronavirus!" Too late then? Agreed?
  2. 47er


    You've told Den why you voted to leave the EU any number of times but, as usual, that's not what he asked you! He asked you to tell him the ways in which we would be financially better off and you never have. And Gav, we will not be 11 billion quid better off net will we? LSE forecasts that Brexit with no deal will cost us much more than the coronavirus will.
  3. 47er


    Gosh, I didn't know Philip was a Tory!
  4. 47er


    Absolute champion that one! When asked what approach the Democrats should take towards Trump her reply was "Impeach the mother-fucker"! That's my kind of Muslim!
  5. 47er


    They're "experts" though and as Gove said we've had enough of them!
  6. 47er


    You correctly describe the Government’s task but you ignore their complete inability to achieve it.
  7. 47er


    That’s not true. this isn’t Twitter. You cannot say what you like on this MB. There are rules and Moderators to enforce them. I think you are a sad reminder of the times we live in. I hope the Mods sort out recently joined members whose main aim may be to promote their own ideologies and thus ruin this Board. IMO this MB is for genuine supporters of Blackburn Rovers who post on all things Rovers and, as an aside, like a good argument about politics and current affairs. It certainly not for fanatics who joined about 5 minutes ago and now appear to be laying down the law on what can and cannot be said on here. There are plenty of sites for conspiracy theorists and right-wing nutters but this isn’t one. If it becomes one I’m off, I’m not having my breakfast ruined arguing pointlessly with people whose basis of thought is “you can’t prove it didn’t happen”.
  8. 47er

    Summer Transfer Window

    Yes but he major one imo was the manager. His transfer deals, his baffling selections, tactics, subs, playing players out of position etc. If there was any one reason, it was at his door.
  9. 47er


    As daft now as it was then!
  10. 47er


    Most often the popular view is the popular view because its correct. But the idea that its not correct on this occasion and George Soros is at the heart of a world-wide conspiracy, is delusional. I doubt he and Boris are on nodding terms!
  11. 47er


    !!!! Your Freudian slips showing Mike!
  12. 47er

    Summer Transfer Window

    That was a fairly common assessment on here after the season finished and i think it was one you agreed with?
  13. 47er


    Its not that long ago you were telling us your particular job was rock solid safe.
  14. 47er


    The younger ones are infecting the older ones now Gav.
  15. 47er


    Thank God most people don't think like you.

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