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  1. patrickvalery

    Vote: Player of the Season

    Smallwood has been a great signing at this level. But I have to say, voting for him made me feel like a poor man's Garth Crooks. It's Dack all day long. Despite always avoiding the fancy Dan, i can't deny he's been the difference so often. Trouble is, like many a bronzed Essex slapper, I can't help feeling eventually he's gonna break my heart. But for now Bradders, I effing well love you!
  2. patrickvalery

    Mowbray stays as manager

    Can't do this Saturday Bob as a mate of mine is getting married. Although it is the 3rd time! But if I can do Oxford I'll be in touch. With any luck Southampton will be down next year and I can repay the favour down here as well.
  3. patrickvalery

    Mowbray stays as manager

    Either way. Although I suspect his words might choke him more than his Douglas. You know what BB, I may just be able to swing that. I've told my other half I'm on a stag do that weekend. But it's shaping up to be fairly lame and I was planning to duck it. Could just keep that under my hat.
  4. patrickvalery

    Mowbray stays as manager

    It's been too long Bob. To be honest I've barely got over the hangover from last time. I never understood the phrase southern softie until I drank with you! But I've still been following. Just avoiding these parts because I can do without the arguments. With a wife like mine the argument quota gets filled quickly. If you're game we'll have another session next year?
  5. patrickvalery

    Mowbray stays as manager

    Over the moon for everyone associated with Rovers and over the moon for Tony Mowbray. Cracking bloke and even though there's a long way to go to redress the shambles which venkys brought to the party, I'm delighted that we have taken the first step. Just hope we can somehow topple Wigan now. Be lovely to see Paul Cock eat his words.
  6. patrickvalery


    Well, I retched each time I opened one if the links. Does that count?
  7. patrickvalery

    Portsmouth v Rovers

    Hate to say it because I've always quite liked him, but Raya was a big part of our problems last night. A few wobbles and it seemed to spread a nervousness throughout our back four. Thought Nyambe looked assured and was playing well before getting clobbered. Not at all sure about Williams. I think had Nyambe not been injured and effectively forced two substitutions, Bell would have replaced him. In fact after switching to 3 at the back both Elliott and Williams looked very uncomfortable out wide. Not seen much of Samuel so perhaps it's a bit unfair. But it looked to me like he was being played to justify the summer expenditure and he was due a run out. Wasn't at all impressed with him. Seems a bit harsh to be so critical after a win, but my overriding feeling was we got out of jail. It wasn't a case that Portsmouth were cutting us open time and time again. But Jackett summed it up well when he said they weren't trying to unlock the door, more knock it down. And I think it's fair to say at times it looked like it might fall in. I'm hoping it's just a dip and if it is then you have to say it's good that we're still picking up points along the way. All this said, I could be way off the mark because in real time I didn't think Travis' tackle warranted a red. Which shows how much my opinion is worth!
  8. patrickvalery

    The January 2018 transfer thread

    That's a worry. In fact it's put me right off these cheesy peas.
  9. patrickvalery

    The January 2018 transfer thread

    Anyone else got a sudden hankering for cheesy peas?
  10. patrickvalery

    The January 2018 transfer thread

    I think at 1.5k PW I might be inclined to bring Lowe back for a month. With the busy schedule in this division it seems very unlikely the club will be able to whisk the squad away somewhere for some warm weather training and a bit of a bonding session. So 6k seems a very reasonable price to bring him in, pop a collar on him and let him fetch sticks for a month. It would do the confidence the world of good to see the physical embodiment of how far we have come. Hell, for another 6k I'd bring in Myles Anderson to clean to loos and Danny Murphy to stand in the toilets offering lollipops and aftershave.
  11. patrickvalery

    Simon Garner

    Mr Garner played 5 a side with my brother in law in Cookham, Berks until recently. Believe he still has a happy knack of finding the back of the net. They have a bet on which team will finish higher in their respective leagues, Rovers or Norwich. Not that this helps Savio in any way, shape or form, but I thought I'd mention it.
  12. patrickvalery

    Academy Status Retained

    I'm far from an expert in this field (or any other truth be told) but I'm sure I recall something being mentioned about this. Mainly from lower league clubs who signed up to the scheme knowing their young talents could be plucked for sod all. I think the kicker was a payment all top flight clubs make lower down the divisions. I'm sure I've got that wrong. But the worry was definitely voiced. Anyway, I believe the thinking was only premier league sides would be able or willing to achieve category A status. But we seem to have maintained it. Therefore it baffles me that we don't utilise it. Why pay for the upkeep and then never use the benefits. Regarding Hanley, I'm fairly certain he'd have been signed before these revised rules came into play. I think these rules or regulations came into force long after he joined our ranks.
  13. patrickvalery

    Academy Status Retained

    Although this certainly can't be described as bad news, I do wonder how relevant it is? Am I correct in thinking we're the only club outside the top flight (or one of very very few) with this status? And also category A academies can basically pluck other clubs youngsters for a pittance? Then why aren't we doing that? If the plan is to invest in youth in the hope they'll be ready more quickly for the senior squad, we need to start recruiting platers who have the core ability to succeed at that level. Rather than nurturing players who might make it at league one level. It makes me wonder if our owners are a little to hung up on the profits they made from local lad Phil Jones. Need to broaden our horizons if you ask me.
  14. patrickvalery

    Transfers Part 2

    Agree with Lowe. Although I've advocated him going to right back mainly because he's carp on midfield. But I actually think Marshall could forge a decent career at right back. I think the number 10 experiments have failed almost every time and although I rate him out wide, I think he sometimes benefits by being the overlapping player. Also, on a different subject, I think I'd be inclined to have Bennett in centre midfield. Great engine and not a bad player to boot. But get the feeling Coyle might not fancy him.
  15. So exhausting and pointless that you just couldn't resist wading right in yourself?

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