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  1. patrickvalery

    Transfer Window - Success or Failure

    I think it's a difficult situation to judge. I won't try to dress it up. It's extremely underwhelming that we didn't strengthen yesterday. It also felt a bit cobbled together. But the truth is none of us really know the truth. I suspect it's just one of those situations where unless you have operated in and had first hand experience of a transfer window / deadline day, it's difficult to appreciate the way it works. I suspect so many late deals happen because it's a case of seeing who blinks first. For that reason there is always a risk you might get left empty handed. The other thing to consider is we clearly didn't blink first. Ok we made a couple of late bids and that does have the faint whiff of desperation about it. But I'd say neither were outrageous sums of money when you look at the names in question. If nothing else I am pleased we had a figure in mind and stuck to it. It's about building a reputation for being willing to stick to our guns and play hardball. Let's face it, there's a good chance we will have to face up to losing a few better players in the coming years. If the bidding clubs know we are a club who stick to their guns then it gives us a better chance of getting the value we insist on. As for the suggestion we could have picked up players like Madison for peanuts. Yes we probably could have done. But this comes down the the managers preference. If he believed Freeman was the better option then he has earned the right to make that call. I'm not going to sit here and take any comfort in the loan window. Sadly the club (even pre venkys to be fair) have failed to bring in the necessary quality and quantity required before. When I heard Mowbray saying he wanted another 5 I immediately expected only 3. So we'll see what happens. But I firmly believe we have enough to stay up as it stands. I firmly believe we had enough to stay up when we did go down. But we have ourselves too much to do. What is clear to me is although i think we have the players to get the job done this year, it wouldn't take much misfortune for that picture to change. So I would hope the club rectify this in the next few weeks. It would be nice to hear from the club after yesterday though. Think they need to acknowledge the discontent and at least make a comment.
  2. patrickvalery

    Thursday deadline.

    I hadn't realised the A, B C list was being taken literally. Adam Armstrong signed and a bid lodged for Ben Brereton. I'm only glad we never got as far as C and D. I'm not sure Colin Calderwood or Damien Delaney would have set the pulses racing.
  3. patrickvalery

    Thursday deadline.

    That's not uncharted territory for Fernandes. I'm sure he must have some coping strategies by now.
  4. patrickvalery

    Thursday deadline.

    What I meant but written more better!! We aren't talking about a Chris Brown here. The lad can play. Last time I saw him (with us to be fair), he was very raw. But he looked like he could be a real handful. Not saying he's got the attributes to be a Drogba. But in terms of an investment, it's pretty low risk.
  5. patrickvalery

    Thursday deadline.

    I reckon a good manager will get a tune out of him. To be fair to Mowbray he only had him for a few months. If he saw enough to think there's a player in there then that's ok with me. I also think playing the big fella up top is a hard one to learn. I think Gallagher has probably grown up thinking he can be that archetypal number 9. Running in behind and getting the glory for the goals. When you get a bit older you are able to see what you are good at and you'd like to think he's approaching that now. It's also no coincidence that he's been linked with some good clubs and decent managers. Even in his early days at Southampton he was well thought of by Pochettino. He's a bright lad with his head screwed on. If Mowbray thinks he can teach him when to shoot, when to pass, when to hold the ball up, when to bulldoze through the centre half etc.. then I would be happy to see him come back.
  6. patrickvalery

    Thursday deadline.

    They all charge for it don't they?
  7. patrickvalery

    Thursday deadline.

    Hmmmm. Not sure I'd agree with that. I thought we often looked like we could concede. But I put that down to the system we played and the lack of protection our back four had at times. It's a fine balancing act though I suppose. And I'm not complaining about having a Rovers side who's first thought is to attack. Scottish? Who Armstrong?
  8. patrickvalery

    Thursday deadline.

    Started reading the thread off the back of the Armstrong links. Soon got fed up. So I apologise if this has been raised already. Looks like a good signing at a decent price to me. If nothing else, a strong season and reasonable amount of goals and we've got ourselves an English prospect at a very good age. And if recent history is anything to go by, those two things tend to mean an extra few quid when selling up. Although I can't say that's the outcome I'm looking for. The way I see it is this lad is dynamite in the penalty box. A proper instinctive finisher. I also seem to recall we had another deadly finisher at the club not so long ago and he was lamented for having no pace, no hold up play and no work rate. The way I see it, at least Armstrong has pace. So pace + finishing + £5m cheaper than we paid last time = decent business. My only concern is in effect (assuming Armstrong is signed, sealed and delivered) we are as strong as we were when we went up last year. I believe that's enough to stay up and consolidate. But the undertones from some of the press releases and player interviews suggest there is a quiet confidence amongst the players and staff that we might just be a surprise package. Not saying that's impossible, but it's a big ask. Not least because I thought we looked suspect at the back last year.
  9. patrickvalery

    King Kenny

    I know it was Liverpool heavy, but the Kenny program tonight was just wonderful. The epitome of class, humility and dignity. What a remarkable man. His time at Rovers is often overlooked but I'm so proud to have had him at the helm. And I've had so many 'debates' with united fans about the best British manager. Well Ferguson may have the stats, but I wouldn't swap for all the money in the world. Kenny is an absolute touch of class. Just a wonderful man and a wonderful character in the history of our game. God bless you Kenny.
  10. patrickvalery

    Vote: Player of the Season

    Smallwood has been a great signing at this level. But I have to say, voting for him made me feel like a poor man's Garth Crooks. It's Dack all day long. Despite always avoiding the fancy Dan, i can't deny he's been the difference so often. Trouble is, like many a bronzed Essex slapper, I can't help feeling eventually he's gonna break my heart. But for now Bradders, I effing well love you!
  11. patrickvalery

    Mowbray stays as manager

    Can't do this Saturday Bob as a mate of mine is getting married. Although it is the 3rd time! But if I can do Oxford I'll be in touch. With any luck Southampton will be down next year and I can repay the favour down here as well.
  12. patrickvalery

    Mowbray stays as manager

    Either way. Although I suspect his words might choke him more than his Douglas. You know what BB, I may just be able to swing that. I've told my other half I'm on a stag do that weekend. But it's shaping up to be fairly lame and I was planning to duck it. Could just keep that under my hat.
  13. patrickvalery

    Mowbray stays as manager

    It's been too long Bob. To be honest I've barely got over the hangover from last time. I never understood the phrase southern softie until I drank with you! But I've still been following. Just avoiding these parts because I can do without the arguments. With a wife like mine the argument quota gets filled quickly. If you're game we'll have another session next year?
  14. patrickvalery

    Mowbray stays as manager

    Over the moon for everyone associated with Rovers and over the moon for Tony Mowbray. Cracking bloke and even though there's a long way to go to redress the shambles which venkys brought to the party, I'm delighted that we have taken the first step. Just hope we can somehow topple Wigan now. Be lovely to see Paul Cock eat his words.
  15. patrickvalery


    Well, I retched each time I opened one if the links. Does that count?

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