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  1. S15

    Kevin Pezzoni

    Using FIFA as a guide to how ex players are perceived.
  2. S15

    Kevin Pezzoni

    Are you kidding me?
  3. S15

    Adam Barton

    You win some you lose some; I wonder what the Hertha Berlin boards are saying about Samba?
  4. S15

    Chris Sutton

    It depends who you believe. Unfortunately the net wasn't in full swing back then so you heard something in the pub and then chinese whispers came into play. Sherwood says not, but then he would. Either way, it was Kidd who sold him.
  5. S15

    Chris Sutton

    He missed a monumental portion of that season with injury. In fact, I bet we'd have stayed up had he have been leading the line for the majority of the season as opposed to Ashley Ward, Nathan Blake and Kevin Davies. However, I still believe selling Sherwood was the main contributing factor to our eventual relegation.
  6. S15

    Chris Sutton

    Hope everything is OK; One of my favourite all time Rovers.
  7. S15

    Jason Wilcox

    Javier DePedro still walking to his car from when he was told we're releasing him.
  8. Mods, which button do I click to report another member having freaky dreams of me?
  9. S15

    Andy Todd

    I bet he does, he'll be having a whale of a time kicking Aussies up the arse every Saturday.
  10. I reckon we've got closer to £1.5m for him now, so I think we could have got not far off ten times more. He had just scored 24 goals, which is mightily impressive, and he wasn't to dissimilar to the age they signed Drogba at, and he cost £24m?
  11. Still to think we could have got close to ten times what we have received two years ago is a little depressing.
  12. No, I'm thankful that you're consistently the boards' sitting duck.
  13. You must be hurt Benni didn't text you first.

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