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  1. trueblue

    Stoke City home

    Giving the ball away far too easily
  2. trueblue

    QPR Away

    We'll never have a decent manager whilst still owned by that bunch!!
  3. trueblue

    Rovers v Charlton

    All we need is for Charlton to score another own goal and we might win this!
  4. trueblue

    Rovers v Charlton

    He probably is!!
  5. trueblue

    Norwich - tempting fate

    Well, having the youngsters in the squad didn't last long did it!
  6. trueblue

    Bolton at home.

    Or sky red button
  7. trueblue

    Rovers away at QPR - Good Friday 19th April 2019

    Bloody 'ell... my viewing from Sky is about 30 seconds behind posts on here... you lot had posted 1-0 and he was still placing the flaming ball!!!!!
  8. trueblue

    Rovers away at QPR - Good Friday 19th April 2019

    Dack misses a sitter
  9. trueblue

    Sheffield Wednesday away Sat 16th March

    Yep, Iv'e heard he's pretty good at tiddling his winky
  10. trueblue

    Reading v Rovers

    Armstrong looks the only player with any idea at the moment
  11. trueblue

    Reading v Rovers

    Bell is bloody rubbish too
  12. trueblue

    Reading v Rovers

    At the moment Reading look as crap as we do
  13. trueblue

    Reading v Rovers

    Pub? presumably they have sky
  14. trueblue

    Rovers V Bristol City

    We're all trying to figure that one out bud

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