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  1. The idea WAS for him to turn out for his country despite not playing in Rovers first team let's not gloss that over.
  2. You been sharing Mercer's over strength grape juice ?
  3. He only trains with Rovers so he can be fit for International duty and now we can only presume the aim has been to wrap him in cotton wool and get him fit to move in summer. They might get 500k for him
  4. Yet again this is the mess Venkys have created and it's certainly influenced for the worst by certain sets of agents still being allowed to foist their crap on us via @#/? like Coyle & co. Said it before but are these lot being paid correctly ? The shocking fitness and attitude of some of the full time pros won't help set much of an example to the ones loaned in. Maybe they have pay off clauses written in their contracts on relegation it wouldn't surprise me and even ones like Lowe and Bennett just basically go through the motions giving the impression they're busting a gut. If they all take being at Ewood as serious as Stokes has it's no wonder we are in the crap but letting people like Coyle and his 'contacts' recruit contract players and you end up paying the price. I fully expect nothing less than Mike Cheston to resign if we are relegated after putting his name to that one in the interests of covering the real story.
  5. That song is the worst in football and sounds a bit daft when they sing it surrounded by their own empty seats lol Memories of some good tussles with Villa and that Archibald game at Ewood really felt like the big time for a teenage fan although we'd no idea of the real big times to come. Still wouldn't swap those games for anything though.
  6. They're feeding all the youth team with that now trying to grow a team for next season !
  7. They'll sign lower level journey men who'll play for a few grand per week instead of Champ ones and promote as many U23's as poss then scour around for any loans from higher placed clubs who'll send them here for virtually nothing. Pretty much a lesser version of what's happened this year except without the thousands given to frees like Graham, Mulgrew & that cretin Stokes who'll all be paid up and that'll hamper the finances even more. Wish I had a quid for everyone who is assuming we'll go down then bounce straight back up after a season of rebuilding. That's the ideal they'll try and sell but the reality will probably be a whole lot different.
  8. It has happened at Coventry, Pompey, Charlton and looks to be happening at Forest though and they all passionate fanbases certainly on a par with and bigger than the likes of Burnley. Similar arguments rage on Forest forums but having seen it happen at those clubs mentioned a lot say 'but what can we do' ? More to do with this stale era everywhere than anything and even Burnley, Wolves, WHam are sterile places now. Millwall will always be Millwall though
  9. If the blame game is now starting from people who have remained silent then it's excuse making for the even bigger mess to come. Anderson & co landed the club with rafts of over expensive contracts which they are still paying off so that's why we are where we are. If only it was that simple. A veiled effort to defend Venkys by their number one free loader it sounds like whilst omitting the obvious facts that all that was done with their blessing by their 'like a family member' number one bestie who could have been reigned in at anytime. These contracts could also have been paid off at anytime by the multi millionaire / indian money billionaire's holding their baby.
  10. I'm convinced the fat tantric and his sidekick had some kind of investment in the club. That extra salary Kean was getting for a fixed time was very very suspect.
  11. But they were all crap .........apparently Now all we have to argue over is the likes of Feeney. If only !
  12. You won't have as what usually happens around Rovers when they are preparing to let a player go is all kinds of wild wage and contract demand accusations fly around before said player gets punted and settles for an altogether more modest deal in most cases. Propaganda I think they call it aka blame the player, everytime !
  13. Can't believe some still don't grasp this when all the info is out there. Just proves they are conjobs and i'll believe until my dying day that they or at least one of them has had cold hard cash regularly out of the club whilst their banks and head corporation carry the debt. It's been a right money go round with % going off in all directions probably.
  14. Terrible news, cracking player in his time. RIP
  15. 'You have a game at weekend ?' 'I admired your work for 7 years' even though I don't know who the hell you are. Good old Barry bling on the phone ! £10 a ticket, Aston Villa ? Relegation ? They neither know nor care a jot and sadly now neither do thousands of fans.