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  1. Bradford City (home)

    Rovers 1 Bantams 1
  2. Attendances

    Well it would surely have been another 16k plus v Bradford on Good Friday even at top whack and if it was TV. Now a large gonad has been dropped after moving it with Burnley at home the same night and it shows the Police run Rovers games to their own tune surely they should have insisted it get put back to Good Friday regardless on TV to avoid a fixture clash ???? Pointless going on about crowds really when the super power that virtually runs the game continually ruins crowds for all but the biggest Prem clubs.
  3. Venkys London Ltd accounts

    Didn't Jack have the 3 million per year written into his wishes for the club as an ongoing annual donation from the Trust Fund to make up the shortfall between our crowds and full houses ? Smart move so quite why or how they got that stopped who knows and I refuse to believe they couldn't afford to keep doing that with something like a 700 million worth. It certainly hurt the club when it was stopped. Still I suppose it irked some of the already wealthy offspring with their own expanding families and business empires
  4. Venkys London Ltd accounts

    I agree with Canada Rover that the Champ could end up rather two or three tiered with the massive parachutes and the likes of SKY etc seemingly willing to pump endless TV money god knows how many times per season into the likes of Leeds. That's why the FUP is a fook up as owners should be able to pump in what they want if it's their money not debt to allow clubs to compete with these advantages some clubs have. You look at the Championship and how smaller clubs struggle to stay in there more than a season or two, your Rotherhams, Donny's, Posh etc there is a fair old list and Shrewsbury will probably end up on it if they go up. It shouldn't be that way really but it is.
  5. Venkys London Ltd accounts

    I have my own thoughts on some of that but looking at it non conspiracy how many managers and coaching teams have been hired and fired in the last couple of years never mind a few directors as well. That's why I struggle to give any gratitude to them underwriting the bills because a huge lump of it was continually created by them, firing GB & co, hiring all that Lambert backroom team as well as him then not backing them, letting them go then hiring that teapot Coyle and his crew. Not to mention some of the crap they foisted on us that had to be paid big wages then paid off in a few cases. Jesus Barry should have had to sell his car collection and pay for all that lot straight out of his own pocket.
  6. Venkys London Ltd accounts

    It wouldn't have the desired effect
  7. Venkys London Ltd accounts

    Sustained sensible investment season on season it's what is needed not throwing huge wads at it because i'm still not convinced all snouts are out of the trough so every chance of repeating same mistakes. Holding on to what is worth holding on to and if they want to go or there's ridiculous offers a large part of that money needs reinvesting in direct replacements with similar potential not spreading around the squad on signing on fees for has beens off an agent or twos list let the manager and his people go after good young potential and actually pay for it. Basically follow a plan over a three year period and stick to it where possible both on and off the pitch and see where it leads. People expecting a wild spending spree and an instant challenge for the Prem IF we go up are clutching at straws I think.
  8. Venkys London Ltd accounts

    Yeah I've been reading some analysts say don't buy the price will drop soon. I hope it doesn't drop in the summer
  9. Venkys London Ltd accounts

    That's exactly how i'd see it, first and foremost it was supposed to be an advertising tool that probably paid for itself although in the Prem it was something that still needed underpinning with extra cash so they must've known they'd have to throw a few rupees it's way regularly. I think the last few years it's become a handy accounting tool by default but the difference is now with some costs reduced etc and it being run more sensibly a bit of the money put in is being put to good use instead of firing straight through the system. At least it's an improvement on when I and plenty others thought it was one big laundry
  10. Venkys London Ltd accounts

    A bit of both Everything in that last post is fact and easily checkable apart from the bit about profits going into Rovers to offset against tax, pure assumption on my part but a common practise in some large businesses. If you look at their share price a few years ago it was basically flat lining but over the past 12 months it's shot up again. I don't think it's wild conspiracy to think that might be why their input went down to a trickle and the club had to start cashing it's assets in to keep going but now the input has picked up to healthy levels again on the back of trading going well. Might all be down to something else but there is a pattern there and like any huge business the VH group will be reliant and their banks backing and when times are a bit leaner and money is needed elsewhere you'd think the first tap they'd turn off would be the oversees football club.
  11. Venkys London Ltd accounts

    Why you ask Sir ?
  12. Venkys London Ltd accounts

    Their core company share price has gone through the roof in recent times so a nice diversion of some profits and another bit off the tax bill. These days it seems to be being put to good use for maybe the first time in actually building something instead of plugging holes, bills need paying after all and it's only expensive if you can't afford it. Let's not forget the few years minimal investment and the 30 million in sales with no cash buys that lead us to where we are though.
  13. Attendances

    Actually you might have a point there were loads on the site i was at but loads of dingles as well but it's only up the road to Burnley from there. It's another of their big catchment areas they pretend doesn't exist yet according to them Rovers's goes all the way to Bolton/Manchester after you leave Feniscowles... muppets 😂
  14. Attendances

    The urban conurbations of Burnley/Padiham/Nelson are probably on a par with the borough of Blackburn & Darwen population wise that's why Bumley when doing well can pull in similar gates not this fallacy that everyone in dingle town supports the dingles and every other person attends every home game etc. Spin that A. Campbell would be proud of that is When I've worked up around there there was plenty of Liverpool & Man U shirts knocking about and on the other side of the coin when I worked in Rawtenstall it was overflowing with Dingles. Also had a pal who lived in Skipton and we sometimes went up to Crosshills, both those areas full of Burnley & Leeds. Then factor Rochdale who've always hated Burnley because half the town looks that way for it's football, even their chairman commented recently that he thought there was more Burnley fans in Rochdale than Rochdale fans. They're everywhere these days even Chorley
  15. Gillingham complaints.

    Which now makes our situation almost as tricky as Wigans Something had to put a spanner in the works things were going too well a point or three this weekend would've been monumental in the long run.