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  1. tomphil


    And for a team who nearly always plays two stoppers In midfield we don't half concede a lot of goals it was the same under GB.
  2. tomphil

    Rovers v Birmingham-Saturday ,December 15th

    Happens every game as Graham goes off, which I understand, then we are totally powderpuff up front and the opposition step it up. Sorry but it's rank bad management to keep doing the same thing week in week out when it causes such a blatant problem.
  3. tomphil

    Ben Brereton

    Nuttall is another going to waste he can poach goals but needs to up his effort so he needs telling i'll give you a chance but bust a gut or he needs loaning out for some rough and tumble week in week out. 7 million pound gets on every game sub blocks his chance here now though, I know he'll never be a world beater but he does offer a goal threat whereas so far Brereton offers zilch and that is making the team weaker than maybe it could be. It's wrong.
  4. tomphil


    They simply wouldn't have made such a fuss about selling him but they knew his stock was probably the highest it would ever be and cashed in. No surprise that after a myriad of agents become involved Blackburn Rovers are at the other end of it signing up to a silly deal. If he was so highly rated by them they'd have kept him around he didn't want to leave and at 19 he'd nothing to lose by biding his time there aside from probably trebling his wages with a move !
  5. tomphil


    When a bollock has been dropped in terms of a big money buy Blackburn Rovers fans suss it out very quickly ..... In other news how many times do we say 'i'd have taken a point' and how many more 'Raya saves more than he costs us' ? A keepers job is to save points but they should never throw them away, once ? well it does happen, twice ? ok just bad luck, 3 times onwards ? It's a problem. This is a consolidation season and TM needs to be taking stock of what is hot and what isn't but not sure he's brave enough to make the right adjustments there's a touch of groundhog to it all creeping in.
  6. tomphil

    Rovers v Birmingham-Saturday ,December 15th

    The issue isn't taking Graham off he needs to be managed that way now to get the best out of him the real issue is not having another guy to take his place therefore altering the way it's going. Dress it up all you want but this lack of prep and acquiring another target man knowing full well you are going to be playing that way this season and whizzing your money on a might be might not be overated kid is piss poor. Yet again a proper commanding centre back and another proper target man type could be the difference between a comfortable season and a worrying one. We are falling down with the same old problems w eek in week out.
  7. tomphil

    Rovers v Birmingham-Saturday ,December 15th

    The defence and keeper are based around youth, all average and unlikely ever to be anything much more e except ironically maybe Raya in terms of quality if not brains so these things will happen on a regular basis i'm afraid. It all has to have time to grow and gel and hopefully learn from these things or as we've yelled for repeatedly if you want to go somewhere as a team it needs some investment in quality in that back line. Build a solid base, build from the back and have the vibrant youthful players up front. It is what it is, disappointing but in no way surprising !
  8. tomphil


    I hope Nixon has copied Sharpe because it it's off his own bat there's a very good chance of nothing happening. He seems to have gone a bit quiet from trying to sell our players recently to be fair, someone given him a handbag full of hush money or something ?
  9. tomphil

    Rovers v Birmingham-Saturday ,December 15th

    He'll probably start with the tried and trusted formula again but the key for me is if it isn't working or changes enforced DON@T shove Dack up top on his own again. Get two up top and let Brum worry about us if needs be.
  10. tomphil

    The enigmatic Jason Lowe vortex

    Sod Lowe he's irrelevant but sending Bolton down would be sweet for a whole host of reasons it could be a highlight near the end of what will probably turn out to be a modest but respectable season
  11. tomphil

    Rovers v Birmingham-Saturday ,December 15th

    Draw written all over it this Rovers 1 Brum 1
  12. tomphil


    I'm also in two minds as the Evans of the tail end of last season and so far this is decent enough for where we are but Evans Mk1 was largely not worth his contract if ever a player was in a comfort zone it was him. Maybe he's never really been fit until recently and maybe having a proper manager and staff has helped that or maybe he was just stepping up a gear to earn a new deal, time will tell. The contract should reflect his seeming country before club as well but it probably doesn't so I hope Mowbray gets on top of that and let us keep getting the best out of him not managing him between internationals.
  13. tomphil

    The enigmatic Jason Lowe vortex

    Andrews did at least point forwards a lot so at least he showed some intent ! Thing that stuck out for me with Lowe was when he was in the England U21's I think he was captain and head and shoulders above most of the rest in terms of appearances in the Prem and a main part of a Prem first team squad. Watched a live game and was quite proud and exited because of all that with him being a Rovers player yet he was the worst player on the pitch by some chalk. Not just saying that now to knock him but was very disappointed at the time and couldn't see what all the talk was about him at all but then again it was mostly Kean talk. He never changed or got any better as time went on and I do in a way feel a bit sorry for him because he's just one of those you stick a key in, turn it on and off he goes so it's a shame he never had a few season when young under a decent first team coaching staff and manager. Very little football talent to harness but he could've been made into a competitive right back maybe. Then again after the contract he got here and the chances he was afforded under Bowyer etc any sympathy disappears he was a very lucky boy although no doubt he's always worked very hard. Had he come through at a lower league club not run my idiots and crooks he'd have struggled to make it very far up the ladder on ability.
  14. tomphil


    Love Rudy but he'd make a very expensive substitute given that he's hardly ever fit to start many matches in a row but those last twenty mins in games he could make a hell of a difference. Come to think of it we already have an expensive substitute !
  15. tomphil

    The enigmatic Jason Lowe vortex

    He'll go down the Keith Andrews route and keep moving about probably he's a first on the training ground last off apparently so they'll always get a gig somewhere but if he wants to stay at this level he'll need to be very realistic with his wages. Food for thought - Andrews came to Ewood from a career mostly in league 1 at the age of about 29 and onto a 20 odd grand per week contract which eventually became 30k plus pwk. All it takes is a friendly manager or agent !!!! Mr Williams what were you thinking........

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