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  1. tomphil

    Loan Window

    49%-51% still covers Nicko's arse in the old might happen might not stakes. His recent comments on the transfer window re Rovers and TM's opposite view put that to bed once and for all, he knows very little he just cracks on he does.
  2. tomphil

    Hull away

    Hopefully one of the main men conjures something up to get our noses in front otherwise it could be a difficult afternoon as you always fear we'll ship the usual poor goal. Still think a draw is on the cards though.
  3. tomphil

    Loan Window

    Living off his ill gotten gains and keeping the hell away from Blackburn probably. Still be sending Kean and Conning & co a Christmas card though........
  4. tomphil


    I've heard of this lot past & present & associates ... Sports Entertainment MEDIA I wonder if Owens remembered whether he has or not yet ? Would certainly help him get numerous airtime slots whenever he's looking for a job or about to get sacked, by mutual agreement of course....
  5. tomphil


    D) He's local - no relocation or hotel / transport costs which adds to the cheapness.
  6. tomphil

    Loan Window

    Hopefully it was appearance related.
  7. tomphil

    Loan Window

    Gladwin will have cost a million or more including fee and wages by now, bollock dropped there.
  8. tomphil


    Always got to remain positive ! As Steve Kean told us sometimes you have to take one step back to take two forwards again .......
  9. tomphil

    Loan Window

    This time Saturday it'll probably be as you were.
  10. tomphil

    Loan Window

    It really is daft throwing it in every two mins because people can just turn around and say Gladwin, Whittingham, Samuel etc .... Didn't cost huge money but any money at the time was a big outlay for the club and non of them will be on peanuts. Point is even the best get it wrong now and again even when they are trusting their own life long judgement, Grabbi/Kalinic being good examples. Fans have the right to question but you might as well close the forum down if you follow that fellas answers to everything. Someone who only ever seems to turn up when there's a few quid to spend.... The line 'It's not your money anyway' .... well I won't even start on that !!!!
  11. tomphil

    Tony Mowbray Appointed Head Coach

    And he isn't a pal of the wee Red Top funster writer....
  12. tomphil

    Tony Mowbray Appointed Head Coach

    He looked like a 55 year old having a serious midlife when he dyed his hair bleach blonde in the 90's. Thank god he's going for the silver fox look naturally these days 😮
  13. tomphil

    Loan Window

    There are players out there obviously otherwise half the championship would be after this lad, they aren't because A) He's unproven he's just supposed potential B ) Because of A he's a tad expensive but his club don't want to sell him unless the money is too good. That's why try before you buy is the best way here given what's at stake.
  14. tomphil

    Loan Window

    Must admit i'm uneasy about this one and who's behind it, loan for a season first or leave alone would be my take on it. Surely they have other irons in the fire a bit more proven ?
  15. tomphil

    Loan Window

    That's more like it.

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