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  1. I doubt that kind of recovery happens anymore in pro football they are so mentally fragile, pampered and well paid these days. Also of course having enforcers in a team to flatten the opposition and drive your own side on isn't allowed sadly. Christ we postpone home games because a whopping TWO players are away, one who never plays for more than a few games at a time anyway and who cover had already been brought in!
  2. Teams who haven't been paid for a month or two are over running us from start to finish and showing the heart for battle missing in some of our lot. The lack of real desire and urgency you need in every game if you crave promotion just doesn't seem to be evident in anything apart from words. All to often it just seems to be a shrug of the shoulders 'oh it's not happening today but it might tomorrow' type attitude. It was the same last season though, soft underbelly and weak management for so long it's now in every fibre of the club, keep your head down, mouth shut and pick up your wages.
  3. That gave them a great platform then and a great belief, Bolton fans I know can't believe how Rovers are floundering and like they say they were crap and devoid of any quality after they sold a few but just got by on sheer graft and pressure play and found it quite straightforward overall.
  4. Could be real tricky this for Joshua although having already got tickets i think it might make for a more exciting fight than Pulev plus he's IBF no 3 contender so it's fair enough. Looking forwards to it now whereas before i was expecting a bit of a grind. Must've been a few question marks around Pulev seeing as they've had this guy on standby in full training since the original fight was announced. They don't call him fast Eddie for nothing
  5. I might be wrong but i think a Bolton fan told me they won their first 3 or 4 or something ? If so it certainly gave them a platform the likes of which we haven't had and i think saying we are bang on course for the top 2 and again assuming games in hand are as good as points in the bag is as naive as some of the tactics employed earlier this season. You don't win games if you don't have a go at doing so.
  6. We'll know when our shadow chief is back in town they'll put the foot on the gas and win a few on the bounce then breath out and relax again when he's off spying on another oversees project.
  7. Pretty soon he'll be saying he needs 2 or 3 windows to turn the club around. He'll never get another as good as the last one !
  8. Too right he'd be ideal and we might be ideal for him to repair his rep when his Sunderland journey ends in tears. It might be doable given there might be a few dots that join in terms of connections seeing as we only ever appoint from a certain set of lists. Although i'm almost convinced someone purposely foists only their @#/? onto us in their own best interests. Read a rumour the other day that Coyle only got dumped on us because Bling owed clownpants agent a favour, that's tallies with how we are run. Sadly if he became available Grayson would be far too sensible and ambitious for Venkys and seeing as everything here is set up to fail he would probably flop anyway !
  9. Agent calls in favour and plonks him in here, gets a bit of commission on a years wages, player gets games and busts a gut to perform and score goals every week. Word goes out so more scouts take notice alongside those who wanted to see how he went from the start, in comes a nice contract offer somewhere else for a couple of years, more commission and the lad has a proper contract elsewhere = job done. The football wheel keeps turning, really handy when there's a vehicle available for such things.
  10. They always been an under achieving circus club the toon so i'm sure Ashley being the twohat he is will foist upon them some set of clowns or other.
  11. Miracles can happen then, come on Venkys you want some popular media coverage and putting BRFC up for sale would guarantee it !
  12. Hence I fear we could turn into another version of Bradford City and end up being perennial nearly men in this league despite the facilities and healthy budget. Theirs gets propped up by being a city club offering tickets for peanuts but reaping the benefits of massive crowds and the extra revenue all that brings, we get propped up by an Indian corporation flowing some profits through the club for whatever the real reason is. They struggle to get enough clout to get over the line having been down here for years whereas we suffer from a complete void in structure and direction from our backers.
  13. Doesn't alter the fact his career as a whole has seen him moved around on loan relentlessly apart from a couple of decent stints at Norwich & Coventry. Lambert brought him in as back up and he's done an ok job stepping in a time or two but he's exposed whenever he has to play a few games and yes injury may well have caught up with him so when we were looking to cut wages and move people on after relegation he should have been one of those. I suspect given all that his wages are quite cheap that's why he's here but when it comes to him if you've watched him regularly it's his thought process and concentration that appears to be his major weakness not any physical stuff he's a lump so ok at that. Apart from the that he's slower than your average great grandma and his body language is awful. On your other remark i'm not suggesting anyone is in cahoots with Rovers brass although nothing and I mean nothing would surprise me but given how he's moved about he has good agents, i'll concede maybe that was down to him himself being desperate to play though but I bet in football there are a few agents sons and relations having a career they should be nowhere near given what we saw with young Miles ! If there is a such thing as emergency loans or whatever in this league his position should have been looked at.
  14. The team still has a soft underbelly and until a manager addresses that we'll never make any real progress, blowing the budget and your Dacks & Whittinghams only adds to it really because they are types who need a platform to play and need others doing the muck and bullets. Been a problem for years though and a bit more steel in the squad would probably have seen us stay up last season, you need more of it than ever down here so it's bizarre it wasn't addressed. Club as a whole has that though, a gentile plod along nature due to the mass vacuum between football staff and those in charge, will Cheston have Tony in his office Monday morning saying come on that's not good enough ? Will Pascha be here or elsewhere carrying out Balajis dirty work ? Will any of them know we lost and turned out another poor effort ? Answers on a postcard please.
  15. If you look at Wards career he fit the journeyman tag very well he's been farmed out on loan everywhere he's been, Another Miles perhaps ? Shows how desperate we are when a manager is altering formation and tactics to protect a bad centre half away at Oldham knowing there are thousands turning up expecting us to have a go at least. I know TM was lumbered with him, quicker Wharton or Lenihen get fit the better. Said it before but he's not much faith in his own team or some of his signings or even himself by the looks of it. Poor, he is contributing to throwing games away without a whimper.