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  1. He was just giving people games i'm afraid and yet again Whittingham looked disinterested, not judging tonight but in the time he's been here I think another big b@llock has been dropped there or a favour done. It will probably end in him being loaned out or paid off we seem to bring one in like this every season.
  2. Certainly makes a complete mockery of the ticket, segregation and police overkill when people literally stroll on. Thee'll be upper tiers only opened for this fixture next all next because of a couple of @#/? heads and a whole host who can't do what they are paid to do.
  3. Gulf was too big but sadly it's to be expected when you take a well managed & coached Prem team v what I fear will turn out to be just a very average, averagely coached league 1 team, I think this season will show nothing more than that. The team and manager seriously lack a big pair of gonads or three.
  4. A solid sensible formation gave the base for a more solid organised performance. Mowbray likes to complicate matters in pursuit of nice football when the real need is results.
  5. It would but I think it's off the mark and 16/17 will be closer, still not that bad. Small town derby at the end of the day and without the gloss of the 'big league'.
  6. The majority of that lot weren't even football fans just general town scum who go nowhere near their games but ambush visiting fans at various points. Tossers. Anyway they've got more than their fair share of plastics these days who won't have seen them lose to Rovers, hopefully tonight's a new experience for em !
  7. Made their name frightening Saturday afternoon women, children and oap shoppers on Scarborough market by going on the rampage out of the ground during the game because they were getting thrashed ! Brave stuff that
  8. We know Arry and his ex Rovers obsession
  9. Nelsen in and Berg at RB and your onto something
  10. Smallwood seems capable of the Lowe role, leave Jason pricing himself out of football at teams like Bolton and Barnsley.
  11. Rhodes linked with a 10 mill bid from Leeds now, that guy will be able to buy his own club in a bit.
  12. If coco had stayed they'd have made sure they cashed in somehow or froze him out and paid him up 80% so they could get their cut ! Pity he didn't do that before he left with his pay off
  13. Frozen out then sold - surprise surprise, no prizes for guessing who was behind that idea %%%%%%
  14. Looking at the planner an optimistic estimate might be about 10k home tickets sold so by this time tomorrow hopefully another couple of thousand. I think you can get 6 on one ST although not cast iron sure on that.
  15. Best way to describe the question marks over him are in an above post somewhere 'is he the right fit' for the systems and team in mind. So far no but that might change but we won't know if his legs have gone just yet like old Danny boys clearly had and everyone knew it before he signed except i'd say the guy himself. Contrary to popular view Murphy did try when he first came but it became clear very quickly we'd been done over and once it dawned on him I don't think he gave a toss he just thought oh well i'll collect what's on offer. Difference here is coco and the shadow gang insisted on starting Danny boy as often as possible probably to collect their % whereas it seems Mowbray has soon realised PW isn't quite up to it yet.