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  1. Rovers v Charlton

    Awful ground ???? - Probably the best away section outside the Prem with it's allocation, room and facilities. Not great surrounding area ??? - Says someone from Charlton in the depths of London ! Not been around as much as he says that fella I don't think.
  2. Rovers v Charlton

    Because you should always be trying to strengthen and improve the starting 11 and for me Nyambe and Caddis just aren't consistent enough there.
  3. Rovers v Charlton

    Or try Bennett at right back when he's back, if jlowe could manage it I'm sure he could.
  4. Rovers v Charlton

    Great attacking line up but teams always target our right back or the area just in front of him whether it be Caddis - to slow- or Nyambe - poor positioning & decision making. Imo that's asking for trouble there'll be a void to aim for between Samuel and the inexperienced Travis.
  5. Rovers v Charlton

    If you invite the likes of Leon Best into your club you invite his ego and attitude as well so I've no sympathy he's a very well known tosser. Hope he plays Saturday and gets reminded of this fact although he'll probably score. I also fear a bus park job here, bad memories of Monday Sky game in Prem Charlton came up and put everyone behind the bal for 90+ mins except Bent who ran the front line on his own. Think they nicked one from a set piece 0-1 Rovers 1 Charlton 1 10,567
  6. Boxing Megathread

    The guy is a drug cheat end of. The bums going nowhere ! Wonder how many 2nd rate pumped up cruisers they've got lined up for him before he runs away from Joshua or Wilder for 12 rounds
  7. New CEO at Ewood

    We must be in the hide profit abroad somewhere arm of that portfolio so one item on the 6 monthly board meetings covers us.
  8. Boxing Megathread

    It would appear the drugs cheat has been cleared to fight again by UKAD after what appears to have been a secret ban which is now time served. Think i'll leave the country the tosser was never out of the media whilst he's been banned so god help us now. I don't care who does it but someone somewhere please expose him for the big awkward gangly non fighter that he is. Pity there is such an all time shallow pool of genuine heavyweight talent out there in this era outside of the top 3 or 4.
  9. Transfers Part 3

    His bank account won't be regretting it if rumours are true but yeah he must be a bit fed up after getting first team football to now be back at the level he was at.
  10. Transfers Part 3

    As with Feeney and one or two others it's time to move on from Mahoney. I was gutted he left but he thought he was too good for us at the end of the day and it seemed the manager and/or those paying the wages didn't think he would be good enough then did a big u turn when it was far too late. Sour taste all round so if there is money lets explore other options.
  11. Transfers Part 3

    We've often only had one outlet in the team like that and naff all else in terms of creating so yes now having Dack as well in the creativity and scoring dept it's vital we get another Chapman type starting games and not just button off the wings and rely on him. Massive for Mowbray this window as reading comments from Cov. Boro & even WBA fans a good few said his weakness was being unable to keep up good form second half of the season. We've got good scoring options we need to polish the service still imo and Feeney back is NOT the answer.
  12. Season ticket sales confirmation

    I'll be utterly amazed if that happens to be honest. Would be nice to get the home turnout regularly around 13/14k again it would make a big difference to the atmosphere.
  13. New CEO at Ewood

    Just meet shadowman and the clubs agents in a 2 star hotel in back street West Bromwich and promise to do as your told as well as tip up ten per cent of your wages and 25% of your inevitable pay off in May and your in pal ! Norbert IN !!!! Then out !!!!!
  14. New CEO at Ewood

    Interviews ongoing ? So there's a stream of people flying back and forth to India with their CVs in their suitcases Pull the other one Nicko you haven't got the first idea.
  15. With Conway not being a flying winger I always feel Mowbray likes to start him to tuck in down that side which again suggests we might sit off from the start but like you say no real options now. Probably rather start like that than play a striker on the right as well I suppose, young quick winger desperately needed in Jan.