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  1. Let's just hope Dack can handle to expectation levels of being the big signing and coming to a much bigger club in stature and living away from his familiar presumably laid back low expectation surroundings.
  2. Crazy how Coyle made such a fuss of getting him here, giving him a long large contract then basically freezing him out after he'd done ok in a few games. Yes he had Gally doing ok as well but he could have used Stokes a bit more. Very odd one that but if he was playing up off the park it's no surprise seeing as he was a known goon, pish head anyway.
  3. Can't see anyone at all actually buying Stokes and that waster will sit on his contract rather than take a pay cut unless Rovers stump up a pay off. Shame because he'd be capable in this Div but his head and heart never came down here. A very wiffy transfer and Coyle landed is with another lame duck there they should have withheld clownpants payout to pay off this guy instead. Really flooks me off stuff like this !
  4. Unique ESM did the deal just in case Jal's about
  5. "Look Tony you've got a new deal and two new players now please stop mithering Pascha he needs to concentrate on raising funds to pay all you silly boys" -- Mrs D's taken hold of it again !
  6. No just a player or 3 probably .....
  7. Who'd be surprised if they sniffed getting a few quid for Nyambe and filling the hole with a freebie on same wages or less ?
  8. Well whatever Neville brought to the party it rarely showed at first team level although of course mostly weak management played a part in that i suppose. Days off just do enough mentality follwed by brief double training which upset the wallflowers then holiday camp doughnut mode. Hopefully TM and his new crew put fitness and workrate top of the agenda to compensate for any lack of quality.
  9. Maybe Lowe has certain connections ? We know a certain mob seems to be obliged to keep a presence at Ewood with a combination of some players, past/present directors/shadow directors, coaches, managers and probably gofers etc.
  10. Another newbie dropping a grenade then running off. Who'd have thunk it ...
  11. They are desperately waiting for the phone marked 'outgoings' to start ringing before they actually commit to any fees. What's the betting all these we are supposedly bidding for fall through and suddenly we are again signing a host of frees from the B list ! Still i suppose putting all these names about and making bids that aren't enough might engage a few more ST renewals before the early bird period ends. Just saying ....
  12. Two divisions above us not owned by foreign lunatics nor ran by agents, no 120 million debt and a rare period in their history of actually instead of mythically having bigger crowds. Yet they STILL remain in our shadow and continue to compete with PNE as to who has the biggest Rovers chip on their shoulders
  13. Best I've ever seen Rovers fans that day in a cup game away from Ewood including finals although those of us who went to Cardiff for Arsenal semi with the stupid early kick off time were pretty good as well considering we were getting thumped.
  14. Kind of agree but i really don't think he would have got on more had he busted a gut every day because Bowyer didn't fancy him and that's the top and bottom of it. He was busy accommodating and increasing in value his signings and of course Rhodes. They were always going to get first nod.
  15. Probably just another FFP excuse despite us being told that the player sales starting with Cairney were designed to get us out of embargo because Venkys wanted to invest but couldn't. Some still like to believe propaganda despite everything pointing in a different direction.