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  1. tomphil


    Youth youth youth was the chant ! Plenty Blackburn and Bolton lads in the BBE that day cheering on Chorley.
  2. tomphil


    I'd imagine that LT opinion fella being front row vetting the questions .... Strike a line through any that can't be answered with a blame the fans we do all we can line 😯
  3. tomphil

    Leeds fan in peace

    Not dragging the whole crowd/following banter back up again but I did mention the huge allocation at Ewood can just as likely put pressure on the visitors as it can unsettle the home side. Maybe that was a case in point a bit yesterday as Leeds looked a little shy which was strange but of course the noon kick off kills any real atmosphere in most games that fall foul to it until the goals start flowing and fans get into it so rather than diving them on it's a bit quiet and they become nervous.
  4. tomphil

    Rovers v Leeds, Ewood, 12.00 KO, 20th October

    It is exactly the kind of whole package of things that were missing under GB despite some obvious good things then. That's not a dig at him in any way as he just brought an air of calmness to it all for a while that was desperately needed and he did a good job to the best of his abilities but they were very limited due to lack of experience. You can see now though why there was so much falling out on here in regards to him when a lot of us who've seen it all before felt it right to expect a bit more of the whole package of things we have now rather than the just do enough and it's enough nature of back then. If the plonkers that be had got someone in like TM after him to build on his stability we might well be in the Prem now. Lambert was a dud but not a disaster but never underestimate the damage getting Coyle in did and never ever let it be repeated.
  5. I'm going for a shut out backs to the wall job where we'll look to nick something on the break or a set piece. 0-0 And it's one of those instances where that would be a good result !
  6. tomphil

    Leeds fan in peace

    That's why it's up there as one of the most competitive leagues in world football but I think it gets tougher every year now.
  7. tomphil

    Leeds fan in peace

    Leeds knocked it about well at times and the equalizer was quality it's usually handy to score near HT but probably not for them as they didn't have time to make it count. Trick to their style is to turn the whole team into a well oiled machine to allow that kind of football back to front then defend from front to back without the ball. Wagner managed it at Hudds but it takes time to implement, I think they'll be thereabouts in the top 6 come May though. Big victory for us and the counter attacking style which serves us well away did ok at home as it's suited to the better sides but it was really good to see us making something of set pieces whilst defending them well at the other end. If we'd held on v Villa that would've been a few big scalps already plus a nice local victory so it's shaping up to be a good season. Its been enjoyable so far !
  8. tomphil


    Therein lies the problem of moving the kick off and charging top whack if that is correct which it probably is meaning only about 10k home fans pitched up in person and that is worrying for a game like that but the suits won't care a toss because the till receipts say 20k mostly paying customers. They need to pull their heads out their fat arses and get something done.
  9. tomphil

    Leeds fan in peace

    Had to watch on the box due to pathetic pointless kick off time and i'm surprised to say I don't think the commentator mentioned more than a dozen times. He must have thought Leeds would've brought more.........
  10. tomphil

    Ben Brereton

    Did well when he came on today but he still needs to get some time down the middle but if you're going to keep throwing him on the wing just to get game time then today was the right way to do it. Do not start him there it weakens the team and doesn't appear to do much for his confidence.
  11. tomphil

    Rovers v Leeds, Ewood, 12.00 KO, 20th October

    I think if he played there every week and made it his own he'd be consistent. What a utility man he is though !
  12. tomphil

    Rovers v Leeds, Ewood, 12.00 KO, 20th October

    Professional performance from TM and the boys today proving we can see out a result against a good side if we keep our composure and don't keep swapping system about after goals. Good win against a good side who knock it about well and if we could string 3 passes together instead of two then third straight to opposition we'd be as good as them. Two other things from today.. 1) Leeds hordes were mostly mute and made naff all difference to the result again, they'll never learn wily waving is pointless when you're as inconsistent as they've been down the years. 2) Elliot Bennett is by far the best right back at the club !!!
  13. tomphil

    Rovers v Leeds, Ewood, 12.00 KO, 20th October

    Too many seem to be buying into the propaganda spouted in the LT 'warning' fans, no wonder people get put off. How many ST holders will swerve tomorrow and watch it on the box when they read guff like that hell Leeds have been regular visitors to Blackburn down the years and aside from drunken noise how many serious disorder incidents have there been ? Not many at all hell the other year it was a few lads bouncing around in the Postal Order not rampaging through town, I've seen that stuff in pubs by our own fans many times down the years. See Leeds visits to those of Man U down the years and it's incomparable there's been bother nearly every time either with that lot or by that lot when Salfords finest have a big local day out yet no messing with that fixture other than when tv dictates and they're allowed all day drinking locally for a tea time kick off. This is yet another fixture alongside Burnley, Bolton that was one of the best on the calendar but is having the life squeezed out of it by overkill ! Anyway balls to all that i'm still going for 2-1 Rovers in a hard fought game with us coming from behind COYB
  14. tomphil


    That's were it doesn't really work nor make it feasible really unless the team is doing really well they've had stuff like that in the past and at home to a Brentford or Reading midweek you'll put about 200 on the gate. To get people back in the habit you have to strike whilst the iron is hot get them in when interest is peaking or next best thing is games against big name opposition like tomorrow. Looks like being 21k but would've been 25k+ with some good home fan pricing strategy. Take the easy route though let the police run it let them get their overtime and on job training in, no Burnley games these days so Leeds it is and rely on a huge away support paying top dollar to cover the extra cost, no doubt an invite or two to the policemans Christmas ball drops on the Ewood mat. A right cop out !
  15. tomphil

    Rovers v Leeds, Ewood, 12.00 KO, 20th October

    Think it was called The Wheatsheaf back around then unless that was another one in close proximity ? There was the Cellar Bar as well.

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