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  1. tomphil

    An Evening with Tony Mowbray

    I've very little faith that 15 million would get reinvested in four or five good players if anything he'd get a couple of million to spread around the squad. It's great to hear what he says - which is basically a repeat of most of the stuff said on here - but once money starts coming in we know what happens, the Blackburn black hole swallows it up and his tune will likely change as the next window gets halfway through.
  2. tomphil

    An Evening with Tony Mowbray

    If tony posed as a fan and came on here posting that he'd get jumped on by a few 😅 He has exactly the same concerns and wants the same things as the average fan it seems, somebody put him in charge quick !
  3. tomphil

    Birmingham Away

    Yep think it was around that time he let one through his hands v Wolves I think or possibly Sunderland but the nerves and tension around the place then were unreal. It must be a doddle at Rovers these days compared to then and what was asked and expected of them.
  4. tomphil

    Birmingham Away

    We've already had that comparison lol I'd suggest it was a different pressure altogether then as we chased promotion in what might have been a do or die season. Nothing like now where the only pressure is to plod, collectively they've created this situation themselves so they need to buck up before it becomes a real crisis.
  5. tomphil

    Birmingham Away

    Don't worry Tony said we'll manage after he let Downing go, I don't need to replace him.
  6. tomphil

    Tony Mowbray - The Manager.

    And times it's fallen apart when we've kept doing it after DG has gone off although he's moved away from that a bit recently....😲
  7. tomphil

    Birmingham Away

    Brum 3 Rovers 1 Can see a bright start then the usual capitulation and the bad run continues I think it might take a while to shake this one off, for once an international break in the last few weeks would've come in handy. Right now a draw would be a belting result, credit to the away crowd yet again as away at Brum has seen some really poor turnouts down the years so I hope the good one gets something to cheer tomorrow, the team owe them one !
  8. tomphil

    Championship 2018-19

    Davies allegedly put in 5 million needed at the last min once before after Anderson had run the clock down then he allegedly charged a consultant fee or something and pocketed 500k of it for himself. I think it was the day before Davies passed away, utter tosser that Anderson he playing Russian roulette with it again now hoping someone else will bale it out it seems. About time they were all brought to book !
  9. tomphil

    Tony Mowbray - The Manager.

    If we play the counter attacking game we are capable of playing some good stuff on the break and scoring goals but we tend to start with two defensive mids and sit too deep passing it across the back 4 and forcing ourselves to whack it long more often than good counters because of the cronic lack of wingers and pace. It has worked well a few times but as stated we get a goal then retreat and get punished. When we play a bit more expansive and a bit further up with maybe only one DM then we look decent taking it too the opposition but often end up in a we score two you score three open type game. Defence just isn't good enough to cope with that against a lot of teams who have a decent goal scorer or two. Trick is finding the right balance not wholesale changes in tactics and personnel every week to try and negate often modest opposition. To do any of those you need a solid base of a defence and that's something he really needs to man up and address in summer otherwise it'll be rinse and repeat.
  10. tomphil


    The Lambert PNE game was sold out probably about 2 weeks before and the last I think was sold out well in advance so it's fair to think we'd have took quite a few more if they were available. Just for the benefit of any over excited Knobbers looking in.........
  11. tomphil

    Tony Mowbray - The Manager.

    And letting a half decent back up defender go out on loan without and replacement being brought in who would have come in very handy in the last half of the season. I understand Downing wanting to play and TM wanting to be fair but as we've seen its bitten him on the arse straight away just as predicted if he said no son we need you the lad would probably have been getting some action now after the false dawn of Rodwell/Mulgrew pairing.
  12. tomphil

    Summer transfer window

    We can't sign everyone all at once and we probably won't sign any but just as for about the last 4 windows i'd prioritize a good striker and good centre half to start with, it's not rocket science. Sort the key areas out first, a new back line would be nice but not possible so lets get someone who can command it at least.
  13. tomphil

    Tony Mowbray - The Manager.

    Mowbray seems like he'll be a stats man so those figures are a bit damning and all we can assume is he's ignoring them or in denial. It doesn't reflect well and just a slight improvement would have seen us several points better off. Maybe all he needs to do is take them to a meeting with the owners and plonk them on the table saying this is why we need investment to improve. Then again they might turn around and say well Tony didn't you just let a defender go ? Why not play him and stick with him to see if it improved ? Oh and you did spend 7 million on a young substitute forward............
  14. tomphil


    A club that wants to scrape in every penny it can alienates probably hundreds of potential matchday punters and a good few of its paid upfront ST holders every time these type of fixtures come around. All so the suits can get home early on a Saturday for a change because as the Police have confirmed there is no other reason for it.
  15. tomphil

    Tony Mowbray - The Manager.

    A tell all book needs producing 'Memoirs of a Moderator' !

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