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  1. tomphil


    I'm sure the over general crowded nature of our towns and cities didn't help either.
  2. tomphil

    Football League Suspended

    It wasn't an entirely serious proposition.
  3. tomphil

    Football League Suspended

    Ban visiting fans and at Ewood as long as you could arrange social distancing on entry and exit, concourse and toilets it wouldn't really be a problem in the seats. 10 thousand spread around 31k !
  4. tomphil

    Football League Suspended

    That would be massive but its probably fantasy stuff as those with constant money available would just try and gazump on wages for the better players again. This kind of thing starting almost from scratch might suit our lot but you can be cast iron assured they'd mess it up and still only go and overpay players presented to them by the usual 'advisers'. Something really does need to be done about championship wages though they are ridiculous although obviously still way behind the Premier ones. Clue is in the title though. As for the agents and advisers, they need side lining altogether at this level if there's to be a radical overhaul. Also it would really need owners writing off debts !
  5. They already did 'Why's everyone picking on us when xyz are doing similar' . Failing to grasp the irony of being one of the richest clubs obviously.
  6. tomphil

    Football League Suspended

    Basically been embarrassed into a U turn mainly by their own ex players the normally Liverpool loving media and a lot of their fanbase. Fair play on finally seeing sense but credit for it ? No chance it wasn't their favoured method they tried it on and would've gone with it if they could.
  7. tomphil


    Prince of Monaco, Prince Charles, Trump, Boris .. not to mention the way this thing found itself travel 6000km in no time at all.
  8. tomphil


    Then you've pretty much confirmed what i said about the future if everybody is terrified of them. All the posturing Trump did towards them and now this , all a bit too convenient for my liking. This very well could already be war...... Sanctions from all major nations even if this has come about the way they claim it did.
  9. tomphil


    Come on Boris lad 💪 Best wishes go out to anyone anywhere touched by this. If the world doesn't turn on China finally now and clamp down on them there is something really uncertain about the future.
  10. Yes he was quite bright for a spell there and looked better than when he was on the right wing. Like you say that extra bit of seeing what's going on in front of him seemed to suit. Best spell under GB was when he went on the left, usually switched for the last ten mins 'right good go' when we were chasing a draw or something. Never really rated him as a right winger and he was non existent in the hole, definitely fits the underachiever tag he should be an upper end championship wing back imo.
  11. Banks and bankers deserve a special outrage of their own footballers are angels compared to them. Sadly they run govts so they'll never get reigned in. They are the backbone of the country in many ways but the scourge of it in others, they keep many people firmly in their grip and firmly in their place. Back to the football i'd love to see that get reigned back in and brought back down to earth in line with reality. Start with the huge clubs first though, then the agents, then players themselves - only after the bankers though.
  12. Marshall had a decent stint at right back for a spell. Sadly another from that period who seemed more interested in his recreational life. Also the longest Sheff We'd medical in history.
  13. I think it was Ronaldo he almost put into the riverside a few times. Looked a really strong composed player for one so young i'm certain he'd have gone on to be a star here if things had worked out.
  14. Great prospect when he broke into the first team but sadly think a bad injury did for him as well.

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