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  1. If anything highlights just what is wrong with the game in terms of agents and pals moving players about for % it's the Jason Steele saga. Not unusual players moving about but a piss poor one going for increasing transfer fees as he gets worse and is no 1 in successive teams relegated is a joke, back handers flying everywhere no doubt. It's not how good you are it's how good your agent is in this game.
  2. tomphil

    Brexit Thread

    Short term pain often precedes long term gain. However when it's being administered by inept clueless muppets and many purposely putting obstacles in place it's heading for a long term mess where there will be no real winners on either side.
  3. He's probably got a very very good agent who's friendly with a few tame managers. Thankfully TM doesn't look like he is one otherwise we'd have had Steele on a new 5 year deal as no 1 !
  4. Williams is an average steady left back and if we had someone similar at right back I think the side would be more solid. Bell has the potential to maybe be better though because of his pace so it'll be interesting to see how that develops but on our budget can we do better than either of those at the min ? No it's very doubtful so other areas of the team need looking at first and foremost, back to Derek I think if he could sort out his often woeful distribution he actually might rank in the 'good' category for left backs at mid champ level.
  5. I'll be surprised if they are spending a wad of cash on a back up player these days and if so they are surely expecting a departure not far down the line. Having said that the signing of Bell so far seems to be just a back up/squad player so maybe times have changed.
  6. tomphil

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    The pitch used to get re-laid regularly or re-turfed to put it another way and I think that may have been part of Prem league rules but not 100% sure. Since V's reign of terror began I doubt it's been re-turfed more than once if at all but just re-seeded every summer. No doubt it's a cost cutting exercise but as always with this lot in the long run it's probably cost more. Plenty clubs probably reseed but the weather needs to be kind to get the best results otherwise it soon cuts up or goes bald and when there's been problems like at Ewood with the drainage etc in recent times you'd think a complete re-turf would be in order every few years. Credit to the skill of our ground staff they tend to keep the pitch playable in a challenging climate weather wise.
  7. tomphil

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    Weren't we being told not long ago on here that ST money goes to the running costs of the ground and day to day stuff in Blackburn etc and the football side of it is separate ? Staff cuts were being blamed almost soley on lower crowds & the fans at one point therefore can't see it having much bearing on any signings. Can't have it both ways.
  8. tomphil

    Players who never quite made it

    Marlon Broomes.
  9. I can't se them signing him as back up with that kind of fee involved. He may well be to replace Lenihen IF big bid comes in and if so he sounds decent enough. Starting the season with someone like him in the ranks alongside what we already have would be a nice bonus though.
  10. tomphil

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    Given the difference in sizes of the places and fanbases I think Sunderland on 18k and Rovers on 8 for league 1 is pretty fair comparatively speaking. Can't help but still think Rovers missed a big trick again though when you look at 26 thousand turning up at a tenner per ticket for the last game showing there is big interest still there but getting more to commit to a likely Championship struggle needed some thinking outside the box not an excuse to nudge prices up on the back of promotion. As always in Blackburn a bit of success along with the general feel good factor combined with cheap tickets will pull them in.
  11. tomphil

    Dominic Samuel

    No absolutely not.
  12. tomphil

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    About 500 more than last season i'd guess.
  13. This is why the freebie market at Championship level is getting more and more serious and driving wages up. Lucrative to be in if your not fortunate enough to have Prem clients on your books. Also a very tricky market for managers and clubs as just because they are free doesn't mean you always get value for money.
  14. Top half of the championship is a very tough league one of the toughest around it's becoming Premier league 2 as time goes on. Agree the bottom end isn't that great and that's what we have to better to finish far enough up however a lot of beatings from the top half teams depending how the fixtures pan out can have you in bother from the off and it's hard to recover and that's something that needs guarding against. We've a decent little squad it just needs help in terms of a couple of quality additions and some raw pace. No squad fillers, use our own youth and put all the eggs into getting a few who can contribute to the first 11 basket.
  15. Hopefully TM isn't about to learn the hard way how the V's operate - face to face meeting and promises followed by we'll get back to you when players ( and fees ) are put forwards. Then the phone in Pune is off the hook apart from the batphone marked outgoing which has only dial with offers of 3 million or over on it but gets answered after one ring. There always seems a delay around this time and I think the key is catching the Vs before the go on their summer vacation as once gone they are gone. Thing is this time we have a CEO and finance director so they should have the budget and be able to say yes or no unless it's an unexpected budget stretching player. Still just think it might be down to us just waiting for the freebies to become officially available but I hope GB, Lambert and one or two others aren't on his phone saying, ah - get used to it this is the REAL BRFC of modern times ! He certainly got fortunate last summer let's hope it isn't revert to type.

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