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  1. tomphil

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    He'll only use the standard 20 million per season to keep us going get out of jail card again. Totally sidelining the fact they've created that themselves but i think in the Ewood hierachys world and Vs themselves as long as they do that everything else is ok and should be forgiven.
  2. tomphil

    Ben Brereton

    The plates containing the roasts and veg etc in the Mowbray household Sunday lunch will be laid out different every week you can bet on that if big T is the chef.
  3. tomphil

    Ben Brereton

    Crown Football limited Something tells me if it wasn't he probably wouldn't be here, neither would Walton but that's the world we live in.
  4. tomphil

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    I predicted something like this the min he signed something isn't right with that signing. If something like that did happen he and a few others will have made a nice few quid out of it.
  5. tomphil

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    Ben Gladwin & Dominic Samuel bang them in in training as well.....
  6. tomphil

    Lancashire Telegraph

    Sadly a lot don't want to hear it like it actually is anymore they are used to being spoon fed fixed narratives and hype. Glance at it for 30 secs then flick onto the next thing, not interested in any depth or making their own minds up on what they actually see. It's easier if you just believe everything you are told and as we've seen politically over the last few years propaganda rules.
  7. tomphil

    Lancashire Telegraph

    Rovers is probably the only thing that sells papers in the Blackburn area for the LT so they will toe the line as close as they can. Even if they don't want to, their orders are issued from elsewhere remember. Days gone by local journos spoke as fans and the paper like the club belonged to locals so they had to go along with weight of opinion. Not anymore and just like the club these days it's a franchise run by number crunchers miles away.
  8. tomphil

    If Tony goes...

    He was based over here for Uni or something i seem to recall although i thought he was a bit older. They did say the intention was to get him on the board when he was older once in a rare interview. That's if it's the same son obviously, bit of a lad big Barry i bet. Maybe the real reason they own Rovers is yet to be revealed.
  9. tomphil

    The reputation of the club

    I'll say this only once, we are owned by billionaires and it's 2019 !!!
  10. tomphil

    If Tony goes...

    Think it was him choosing Wet spam over Liverpool for a few more quid that raised the eyebrows the most not him jumping ship from Rovers. Wasn't it when that mad biscuit man was throwing silly money around before he nearly bust them ?
  11. tomphil

    The reputation of the club

    Seems like the club has to pay its own way on the ground in Blackburn whilst everything else upstairs football related is funded from the main sources. Another odd setup.
  12. tomphil

    The reputation of the club

    Did PNE beat Barnsley ? 😎
  13. tomphil

    The reputation of the club

    There'll be no thinking outside the box involved they'll just want to use a specialist firm to deep clean all of it in one summer. That'll involve an astronomical quote no doubt. So it'll get shelved until they get the go ahead and the longer it's left the worse it'll be and the more it'll cost. Like the austerity of the Govt and the potholes in the roads.
  14. tomphil

    The reputation of the club

    It costs too much to hire someone with a pressure washer ? 🙄 When you are paying footballers 5 to 25 grand a week then no Steve it fooking doesn't. Inept !
  15. tomphil

    If Tony goes...

    To be fair iv'e spoken to a few ex players in the past and they are surmising like everyone else and stuff rarely comes true. Doesn't mean it might not happen but they are usually operating on hearsay. Truth is no one knows or will know what Venkys will do as all these things are decided well away from Ewood and people only get told when something IS actually happening. Strong rumours recently that there's been Vs representation who aren't usually there at a few away games. Who they actually are and why they are there is anyone's guess. If it isn't any Raos themselves then it's odd they haven't pitched up at Ewood and if they have it's odd no one has clocked it.

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