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  1. 8 minutes ago, JBiz said:

    Most predictable defence for anyone vociferous in past about level of the lads ability,

    predicting a 19 year old WOULD get better has nothing to do with “Hindsight”

    That is so wide of the mark but predictable it would get thrown in.

    Bens problem was would he get 7 million better the fee was always going to put him in the spotlight more than most young players at this level.

    If every 19 year old that was going to get better actually did the conveyor belt of young talent in this country WOULD be tremendous.

  2. Just now, islander200 said:

    I'm not point scoring at all.Amd as for 2 years ago?It's happened on here this season.

    Brereton had a poor game and id a poster quote one of my posts which was about Bradley Johnson, celebrating  that Brereton had had a poor game, more happy to be proven correct than Brereton coming good.

    And it's been point scoring for 2 years from posters who never rated Brereton, anyone who gave a positive post about Brereton on here since he joined was rounded on and made out to be ridiculous and stupid for suggesting they could see potential in Brereton.

    Not singling you out and iv'e already agreed its happened this season which is why i said the online critic can't have been anything to do with his previously poor efforts.

    Anyway we are going in circles a bit here but my point is fans can call it as they want and the main reason he's coped it is because he's been poor. 


  3. Just now, islander200 said:

    I'm not saying abuse by some fans was the reason for his poor form prior to this season but I'm sensible enough to realise you don't make 56 appearances by the age of 19 in the championship or be valued at 7 million by the selling club if you are "useless", "conference player" "will never make it at this level" etc etc.We can rewrite history all we want but as JBiz said plenty of criticism of him on this thread before he had even kicked a ball for the club and when just played a couple of matches.

    Brereton is highly rated within the game and although I can totally agree his fee could have been spent improving the first team immediately it's obvious he was bought for his potential and now we are seeing it so statements like I mentioned above are ridiculous

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing and it wouldn't be the first time this club or others have been severely burnt by spending big fees on so called good players. 

    What is equally ridiculous as some of the comments is the point scoring now over things said 2 years ago. I think it's fair to say by this point not many actually expected much from BB so its a welcome surprise.  Lets hope he truly has found his level again and it isn't just a flash in the pan, otherwise the bad comments will return and those giving it the 'i told you so' will be looking a bit daft.

  4. This agenda of indoctrination towards finding offence in literally everything that is sweeping across wider social media and out into the real world needs to be stamped out, quickly. Its tentacles are everywhere now and some seem to revel in it instead of just accepting it's the way the world works, rightly and wrongly.

    Outright vocal abuse in the ground is wrong but its never happened towards him other than the usual football ground moans and groans. Message boards are the fans voice where they should be able to freely express their opinions on whoever and however as long as it's in the rules. 


  5. 1 minute ago, islander200 said:

    He was getting it online  before he even kicked a ball for us though because of his transfer fee, something he had absolutely no control over.

    Such is life, he was still getting it before this season started and beyond so his form clearly isn't connected to it otherwise why has he suddenly come good ? 

    It's been a fair turnaround it's not as if he was progressing slowly then it suddenly clicked.  For me it's just down to being played in his correct position, getting some starts and having the manager put some faith in him. A few good performances and his confidence has returned it's probably more relief to him than anything.

  6. He got stick because he was shite and didn't  put in the required effort that sometimes will cover for lack of quality in some fans eyes. The manager got similar stick for the way he was using him clearly not helping his confidence.  The fee certainly didn't help and that was neither his fault nor the fans.

    Has he got he bit between his teeth now because he's grown up a bit and settled in ? Is it because his contract is ticking down ? Or is it because he's getting regular starts in a system that suits him finally ?

    Either way he still gets stick when he doesn't play well as do others so it's clearly feck all to do with that.


  7. I can see a similar game to Saturday with another of the divisions well established hard grafting sides. As always if we get out of the blocks early and get a lead we should likely win comfortably. 

    Longer it goes though i can see us having to come from behind so another tough day at the office. We won't ride the luck again like Saturday too often without losing.


  8. He now more resembles the guy who had a good season at Forest and that was before any experience or mon strength developed. Strange how it was totally absent for last few years but it's a welcome return. If he'd shown a bit more like this a bit more often he wouldn't have got any of this stick that's being alleged has affected him.

    Its always been his basic requirement to run about a bit more and try a bit harder that isn't down to 'stick' that's down to him. Also surely his confidence is boosted more by getting regular starts in a comfortable position and getting some rythmn rather than any lack of fans.

    Still doesn't really look like a 7 million baller but the signs are encouraging. 

  9. He was having his head rocked back from the off by Joyce jab. It wasn't going to get any better for him but agree it's not often you see a young hungry tiger give up.

    The thing that gave me reservations about DD come from when he fought Johnson. He had a similar look on his face last night after a few rounds. An expression of I haven't knocked this guy out yet so what do I do next ?

    Needs to be more boxer less head hunter. Have to say though it would have been worth ppv money to see Warren squirm at the end. I'd have happily paid for that I cannot stand the little weasel 😂

  10. If we are winning and doing well i wouldn't be changing things just to fir Dack back in.  We are bigger than 1 player although its not looked that way at times.

    It might be a dilemma but the team comes first and no doubt at some point in the future we might be relying on him again. That would signal we haven't moved forwards though.

  11. Really looking forward to the Dubois v Joyce fight you can't beat a good old all british tussle between 2 big punchers.  Genuine Brits as well these two so it's a bit unique.

    Like the look of Dubois but this is a good step up and although he's a robot i wouldn't rule out Joyce the longer it goes.

    Won't be bothering with the Tyson v Jones thing it's just an exhibition spar between 2 old ex pros nothing else. Can't believe the lather that's been going on about it although Tyson has always drawn the eyes of the world no matter what he does. Big fan of both but i agree with Gav it's unlikely he will be swinging after two rounds.  Jones was still beating club fighters a couple of years ago so he might stroll through this.

    No knockouts, no ringside judges etc it really needs one of them to land big early on. Might get a few fireworks then otherwise i think there are going to be a lot of disappointed people. It was always just an exhibition for charity but the media and bookies have promoted like a world title eliminator !

  12. He's the best keeper since Robbo 100% although the bar hasn't been high.

    A few getting carried away but that's not a bad thing. Don't think there'll be all this Prem interest though. Maybe an upper end champ club might fancy him. Quality keepers are sparse in this league.

    I think he's had a more positive effect on the back line than any player signed in recent years. Let's see how he fares for the full season though.

  13. Something feels a little bit different this season as the squad is stronger than its been for years. For me it comes down to the manager applying the right approach and not altering much.

    These lot will probably come and dig in but score first and earlyish we should go on and win.  Sit back again and we'll go behind again.


  14. 55 minutes ago, Mellor Rover said:

    I’m all for giving the guy shit... but was TM actually right all along and Brereton’s best position is from the wing?! Or has he just developed him into that? Still early to say on Breo but the way he’s playing this season is very very promising.

    I think naturally he's a 'wide' forward so it's just a matter of getting that out of him. Needs the team playing well and a solid platform like last night but he's starting to look decent regularly against the more limited teams.

  15. 27 minutes ago, arbitro said:

    I actually thought Gallagher had a different role last night. There did not appear to be the relentless long, diagonal balls aimed at his head out on the wing. He spent more time infield allowing Nyambe to bomb on. He played on the shoulders of defenders more than I have seen him but, as he did for the penalty once he is free his pace and strength become apparent. He is far from the finished article but playing to his strengths help.

    He has the tools to be a beast if used correctly, no point trying to make him into a footballer because he isn't one.  Imo just try and improve on what he's got rather than add things he isn't capable of. 

  16. 6 minutes ago, LeftWinger said:

    Well I'll hold my hands up and say I was horrified to see Sam Gallagher playing on the wing when I saw his name on the team sheet.

    That worked out pretty well in the end, so credit where credit is due.

    That's the one in ten it actually works.

    Then it has to justify the other 9 !!!

    Is it only me who's noticed Gallagher seems to have a decent game the same time Brereton does ?

    Maybe just coincidence or just because the whole team is at it but it does seem that way. Maybe when Brereton is lively it just created a bit more room or something.


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