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  1. I don't agree but even if so it just balances up the Goblin of doom on here whose basis is mostly the same.
  2. Lets hope it doesn't turn out to be one of Rovers famous recent transfer windows. We had him in the bag until the 11th min of the 11th hour !
  3. Brilliant post. Post of the year on this thread no contest.
  4. Any deal basically keeps us in some way aligned and that in turn means a rejoining process would be easier. It doesn't mean it's on the cards at all it just prevents the severing of all ties a No Deal would entail and all the hassle that goes with it. We are still out which ever way it's dressed up.
  5. There was nothing wrong with his post apart from the Hancock bit. They are his views obviously delivered with a hint a sarcasm but it's still nice to see more stuff from the other side of the fence on this thread. The 3 stooges have had it as their echo chamber for too long.
  6. I think you know who it was aimed at.
  7. Marginal gains ! I think anything that doesn't see them worse of is a bonus although some of them won't see it like that.
  8. The budget stuff crops up again but it needs pointing out that isn't always as it seems. Yes a lot have parachutes but that money is already tied up in big post Prem contracts. So some managers, players and clubs are stuck with each other when they might not want to be. That affects things we know we've been there. Most of that has been eradicated here now, maybe still in the losses column but they aren't stinking up the place on a daily basis. Next is the Cat 1 academy we have and youth it is producing. So both those factors added together give TM an advantage over a few clubs with
  9. I've still a way to go before i catch up to here through.
  10. So nowt to do with Brexit in this instance then ? 😉 Thanks for confirming it.
  11. Sadly yes but around half those are just EU drivers on their way back, plenty of them French as well. 2020s Little Napoleon strikes again. Such a French thing to do blocking your own drivers.
  12. No just better to lie about it in pictures instead. Like i said you're doing this for a living you've been rumbled. Anti Brexit payroll, Brexit brass...
  13. The lorry park caused soley by the French presidents knee jerk to a new corona strain.
  14. What's a Star Chamber when it's at home ?
  15. Some of you lot are on the Remain payroll i'm sure of it, how many FBPE fake profiles do you spread around twitter ?
  16. Some strange chairmen in the championship as under performing managers keep getting gigs. Then under performing again yet sometimes when they get a complete curve ball in from elsewhere they do well. For a spell at least. Seems if you are a British manager and have one success somewhere - however it comes about - then you can live of it for a decade.
  17. Oh so suddenly his opinion becomes relevant 😎
  18. Why ? I've posted stuff to counter yours but you just get arsey because you don't like the opposite view. Also based on facts not just conjecture. A lot of the economic malaise has come about through the uncertainty of which way it was going to go. Not the actual Brexit itself but the stalling of getting it sorted one way or another. There is no way of actually judging that until its been done, dusted and implemented for a few years. Again based on fact and again doesn't suit your angle.
  19. I do but it tends to be positive stuff rather than negative and it is out there. In the time since the vote if it hadn't occurred absolutely anything could have happened. Their might have been interest rate rises to reel in the racing economy. There could have even been another boom and bust in the offing around now. All that would affect the GDP etc.
  20. Nothing more than assumptions as usual Phil. Coulda, woulda, shoulda
  21. It was a vague question what do you want me to say ? I don't write the rules, i don't know the deal and i didn't petition to leave the EU. We are where we are and it is, far from ideal but it's never going to be is it. You lot will just twist it to remain anyway. The thing is there was a vote, it was leave so leave under some guise we have to do now.
  22. Depends on what deal they strike, if indeed they get any at all. If they've bent over, greased up and taken it then yes it's all been pointless we might as well just stay in. If it is something resembling a fair deal and an actual Brexit deal then the path is there to make a success of it.
  23. Typo. Look it up if you don't know what one is. You still haven't answered my original questions, probably because you can't. We've prospered largely due to staying out of the Euro you mean. You know, the EU created currency ! Yes it's surprising how much is accessible to counter your one sided agenda when one bothers to look. By the way we are leaving the EU but hopefully not the single market. That's the whole idea of getting a deal, if successful i suspect there'll be a lot of egg dribbling down a few chins around here in a few years.
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