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  1. I reckon he might push it because he wants something big to get stuck into. Probably knows just the people to do it as well or kit it out at least.
  2. tomphil

    Tony Parkes

    Considering Parkes has probably been around since the early 70's i don't get the 1995 angle in regards to him at all. Give him the accolade he deserves, something long overdue anyway before any mention of his current situation.
  3. tomphil

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Anybody might be forgiven for thinking it's actually part and parcel of the game and something they might actually consider before signing.
  4. tomphil

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    He's also thrown in the living away from home line as well that TM has used for every single signing he's made that hasn't shown much. Gladwin, Whittingham, Samuel, Gally earlier on and of course Ben. Then you look at Shearer leaving Geordieland at 15 to go to Southampton or Duff coming over here from Ireland at about 13. Then you factor in most of the lads mentioned have left home young to go to clubs previous to Rovers and draw the conclusion it's just a convenient excuse to chuck in in most cases.
  5. That's what happens when the first team manager has to run the whole operation. Like buying a franchise almost.
  6. tomphil

    Boxing Megathread

    He needs to take on and beat all comers and contenders not just the belt holders for big money. All other legendary champions have had a spell or even two doing that it's why they are remembered. You have to fight your mandatories and young pretenders otherwise you'll always have it thrown at you. That's how you build a real legacy not one top opponent and win every five years. As for a Joshua fight he has all the tools and there is no huge weight advantage which really counted against Wilder. He likes a tear up as well although his chin will hang out. It's a different fight and different proposition. Although despite what they both say that fight won't get near till at least next year. Both have less risky cash to make in between. Can't take anything away from Fury he did what he had to do in fine style and what most impressed me was he was prepared to take risks to do it. His face was well marked at the end even though it looked like Wilder barely registered a punch but Fury obviously adopted a strategy like Holyfield did v Tyson... beat him to the punch every time in order to break him down. Iv'e been non plussed with his style at times but can't knock what he did the other night. Best performance by far and a performance that harked back to the elite fighters of the 90's in dealing with another serious threat. Can't really stand the fella or a lot of the now buried stuff that surrounds him but genuinely enjoyed that fight as a boxing fan. Probably because i didn't care who won and just wanted one of them to get sparked 🤠
  7. They won't even pay for a stadium clean, i'm sure that wouldn't bankrupt the club. However they were happy to waste money on moving the tv gantry for their own purpose. It might not be popular but if i was them and i wanted to make my presence felt i'd have a stand built and have one of my miriad of companies sponsor it. Get the advertising exposure from it and have facilities in it that would help bring in revenue. A nice way to get legit money into the club on two counts. But i'd be serious about it not just playing at it.
  8. tomphil

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    He isn't though at this level and common sense would be to loan him out. On the price tag sadly that will define him at Rovers i'm afraid and to say remove it is nonsense. They paid that premium for that young player because they thought he was ready to burst onto the scene as he was. No amount of sugar coating it can get away from that i wish you'd remove yourself from your 'insider everybody knows better' bubble and come to grips with it. Of course he might carve out a career as he gets a bit more physically developed but we've seen it so many times in football how these things go. Also the U18 and U19s is irrelevant now the lower leagues, non league and football scrapheap have been littered with similar. Many other decent players have been nowhere near it either. By the way wanting him sending out on loan isn't writing him off it's actually the opposite.
  9. tomphil

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    'continue to progress'... ???? I think the total and utter lack of that is the biggest issue on this one. Zero signs, very worrying as is the lack of finally facing up to the truth they've made a real cock up on that one. Once it's actually finally acknowledged only then can they decide the best course of action for club and lad and move forwards with it. All this over positive stuff is a step up the fools ladder it rarely delivers. Reality and dealing with that are what sorts things out for the better.
  10. tomphil

    Stoke City home

    Just the kind of game we usually struggle in and slip up however i think we have enough about us at the min to nick it. Rovers 1 Stoke 0
  11. Hence the real reason they wanted the DE shut, games moved to early kick off v Preston etc. Absolute set of dinosaurs ! The players want atmosphere the jobsworths want everybody to sit down a be quiet, long been the case though.
  12. I remember a big guy with long hair regularly used to just turn around and whizz up the wall at the back 😂 Wonder if he's a poster on here !
  13. Perhaps that's all that's allowed in it these days ? I'm not having it there is less than 5 thousand seats at least in there.
  14. If you're going to stand and want an area to create some real atmosphere you want to be behind the goals. There's a reason those areas often used to be the most popular.
  15. I don't know why the emergency vehicle access would apply to Ewood and not every other ground in the country ? It might have been in their thinking when it was built but i don't think it's an official requirement to that degree of basically a road at the front of the stand. That doesn't help the atmosphere seats being so far away from the pitch and as has been well documented it looks awful from the 85th min of every home game !
  16. Must be 25/30 rows ? That takes us over 5k, possibly going on 6k.
  17. Sod it i'll just tweet the club and see if anyone actually knows. I do remember reading somewhere that there were over 5 and a half thousand seats in the Riverside although it does seem a stretch. Don't know if they are all available for sale either and therefore count towards the capacity.
  18. The West Brom type thing is exactly what it needs it would help the atmosphere no end. They could still leave the corners open like inbetween the JW and both ends to allow the air to circulate for the grass.
  19. You're just going off assumption though, 8k+8k +11 leaves 4k. I believe the JW to hold nearer 10 thousand. We could do with some actual real figures of seats to settle it.
  20. Nope i think you'll find it's quite a lot more than that.
  21. The Ewood train stopn Jack wanted to build and pay for decades ago but the council said no you mean ? Can't see that changing.
  22. Can't believe anybody would even consider increasing capacity we'll never ever need it. Something with 3 or 4k seats in it that moves it closer to the pitch to improve atmosphere and look better. With a hotel complex or something incorporated to help justify it would be just the ticket. Needs to be done with outside investment not money that could be used on the team or from player sales. Unpopular opinion but if Venkys pay for it themselves then i suppose they are justified in naming it after a company of theirs or something.
  23. tomphil

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I'd love to be a fly on the wall at that Switzerland HQ down the years, just to see who's actually in there if nothing else.

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