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  1. I thought I didn't care at this stage but it's in the blood isn't it? I feel we really need a miracle to ever get free of Venkys. Genuinely think that for whatever reason they are never going to let go of the club.
  2. To hell with the lot of them. Ruined such a great thing. I'm staying off here for a while, it's too damn depressing
  3. So... No comment about 'fully supporting' the club as per previous years. Radio silence from all at Ewood in stark contrast to the soundbytes we have grown accustomed to from the likes of Cheston. Two sets of accountants at Ewood. Are the awful Raos on their way?
  4. Did your mate have anything to back that up?
  5. Can I have three pints of false hope and an arsenic chaser to go with my Chinese consortium order? Ta.
  6. Well if the Bank of India instructed KPMG to go in then it can't be Venkys sudden desire for excellence and professionalism on the financial side of things.
  7. Philipl predicted that Jerome Anderson would wreck the club before Venkys even took over so I take what he says very seriously. Going by what he says it looks like the end game is finally upon us. However traumatic it is, if there is a chance for the club to survive AND be rid of Venkys forever then surely it is a good thing. ( And I say that with full knowledge of the likely devastating effects)
  8. You forgot the three letters that count
  9. We've got to get this in the English nationals Poor old Raos. It is indeed a very sad event.
  10. But...but...but he's local! He likes a pint! True blue! Get behind im!
  11. To quote out dear friends in Pune, I am confused. Some posters (IraC, J*B) who appear to know a lot about the accounts are saying administration is an unavoidable near-certainty. Others (Brian Potter, Philipl) seem to suggest it won't happen. To be very simple about this, could Venkys avoid it at the drop of a hat by just lobbing in a minimal amount or getting another payday loan?
  12. Philip, I'd be really grateful if you could elaborate on this. If the finances are so dire, how can administration possibly be avoided? Through liquidation? Is that the only possible outcome in your view?
  13. I'd be really grateful if someone with good business knowledge could spell out what the likely events would be should the club go into administration. Would it see the end of Venkys for sure? Also, I have seen Philipl say on a number of occasions that in his view there is no way Venkys would let us go into administration for fear of skullduggery being uncovered. Do Philip and others still believe that to be the case? Because from the way some knowledgeable posters put it, the state of the finances is such that administration is a nailed-on certainty.
  14. Feeling very low tonight, and that's despite fully expecting relegation. Every now and then I dip into 'The Club That Jack Built' by Charles Lambert. Jack Walker's pursuit of excellence and love for the club and town was so inspiring. To think how it's all been ripped apart by his useless offspring, crass poultry magnates, agents and other assorted parasites - all under the watchful eye of the FA - is truly repulsive. Remember the Martin Tyler quote from 1995: 'Blackburn Rovers - once a club with a glorious past, now a club with a glittering future.' Flash forward 22 years and look where Venkys, Jerome Anderson and the others have dragged us. These people have to be brought to book.