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  1. grinder

    The Best Goal You Ever Saw A Rovers Player Score

    The Pedersen strike was technically excellent - the Mk 1 version was a more than useful player.... We could have a separate thread for Tugay all on his own........
  2. grinder

    The Best Goal You Ever Saw A Rovers Player Score

    True but my other abding memory was him heading over from underneath the crossbar at the BBE but cant remember who against..... That could be another thread - biggest misses by a Rovers player.......
  3. grinder

    The Best Goal You Ever Saw A Rovers Player Score

    I was in BBE at the time and was fairly sure he sliced it in off his foot but could be mistaken - with Beamo you were never sure which anatomical part it was coming off other than the likelihood of it missing by some distance........ 😂
  4. grinder

    The Best Goal You Ever Saw A Rovers Player Score

    I throw this one in for the 70s crowd Ken Beamish v Luton 76 From memory Faz ? won ball somewhee near Rovers goal line at Darwen end- passed to Metcalfe - passed to Parkes took it over half way line passed out to Kevin Hird storming up right wing - clipped cross in met by Beamo on the voley into the top corner at BBE - (ok it may or may not have sliced off his foot being Beamo 😉) Whole move was probably less than 10seconds Am I the only one that remembers this??
  5. grinder

    Underrated Rovers 11

    Berkovic definitely Thompson too really good for us - carsley maybe but played out of position sometimes. I'll throw in Tony Parkes and at risk of board meltdown Grabbi who was never played in his best position or maybe managed optimally...
  6. grinder

    Opinions on Mike Newell

    Might be a bit controversial but I thought he was a more natural foil for Shearer than Sutton who used sometimes played into Shearers space. Newell was more of a poor mans Teddy Sheringham but actually a pretty good player. Didnt he get a European hatrick or is my memory playing tricks?
  7. grinder

    What are your favourite sports books?

    Since this is Sports books not just football books and the topic of mental illness has already been aired Coming Back To Me - Marcus Trescothik - the cricket fans on here will have already read it - if you havent its worth a couple of days of lockdown time.....
  8. grinder


    It's dangerous because of its transmissability and its unpredictability the mortality is way below 5% because we aren't testing everyone which of course we should have been doing given we had notice from China
  9. grinder


    The true death rate is likely to be lower than the 2% bandied about because as you say it depends on how many you test with mild disease - its probably going to be well under 1% overall but because the ease of transmission and lack of immunity more significant on the population as a whole
  10. grinder


    The whole handling of this from the start has been a bumbling Boris led disaster - even now there is no clear guidance on many aspects of day to day nhs practice in anticipation of the firestorm that will hit in the next 2 weeks. Weeks ago I saw a message from a Dr in Italy who worked with a colleague of mine that told of med students having to ventilate patients - it seems from the emails I've seen today that we are preparing for a similar scenario much of which was preventable had we acted sooner. The truth will eventually out
  11. grinder


    Yup absolutely agree
  12. grinder


    Sadly true. A few- Rory Stewart was one a few weks back- stuck their heads above the parapet and said we should lock down and received a barrage of the usual misinformed trollng nonsense - meanwhile those of us close to the frontline could see this happening and knew we should have locked down a month ago Why didn't the public health advisors (or drain doctors as we used to call them) stand up and tell it as it was? The conspiracist might say there were other economic and political forces at work - and the result of this prevarication is now all too plain if you think its bad now you have no idea what it is about to unfold.......
  13. grinder

    Owd Photos o’t’ Rovers

    Very impressed Tyrone- I'll need to read my book more closely - remember Dad talking a lot about warps and wefts - sad fact of how little of this knowledge remains in what was once a textile town, still have a few of his designs though There are some videos on British Pathe too including Dad in the design studio - albeit in Burnley........
  14. grinder

    Owd Photos o’t’ Rovers

    From my Dads 'Modern Textile Design and Production' 1949 Edition 42 Shillings !!....... Maybe Tyrone can explain - I haven't a clue !
  15. grinder

    Ben Brereton

    Not sure he'd make Barrow Tyrone - Pleasington on a Sunday maybe - dont think I've seen anyone as technically and tactically as poor in a Rovers shirt for a long time- he won't make it here or anywhere else sadly - there is not even a glimmer of a footballer here

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