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  1. more exposure for the complete minutes from the meeting here >>
  2. I hope that wasn't a go at me?
  3. I can explain it in my head, but putting it down in words is somewhat more difficult. I guess it would have been easier just to put the number of votes each candidate received. As a side note, its a pretty sad indictment on the Rovers Trust given the very low numbers of people voting in the election - unless you were very engaged in the whole process it was difficult to find information about it. IIRC the Facebook and Twitter pages had virtually zero information about it and unless you are on here, I'm not sure how else you would have known about it if unless A, you check your junkmail for the e-mail B, that's if you even have the same e-mail address with which you registered. I think the phrase is "lessons to learn" for future elections...
  4. each member had UPTO 4 votes each, so if some people only used 1, 2 or 3 then that would make it very difficult to calculate how many actual votes each person got - unless of course you are the person who has access to the voting data.
  5. Is this the same Venkys that are in effect forcing the club to use non-high street funding streams as working capital? On paper they could, however in seven years have shown that they won't and I genuinely don't think there is a single supporter out there who thinks that their investment in the team/club is suddenly going to be ramped up after falling two divisions in the space of five years (subject to relegation in a few weeks)
  6. might stick my head through the door and see how you're progressing...
  7. the Rovers Trust have announced the results of their election here >> Congratulations to those elected - the hard work starts here.
  8. thank you very much - vote(s) cast. Hopefully the strongest possible board is elected
  9. out of interest, how many of the 7 standing will be elected to the board?
  10. Like everybody I have an opinion on the matter, however unless you follow the EVERYTHING IS EVIL theory then you are shot down in flames over the slightest miswording and its blown out of all proportion. Season tickets being a relevant and prime example. EVERY year we have people bitching, moaning and whining about season tickets not being on sale early enough. The club actually pull their finger out their arse, put them on sale early and now people say 'its because they need the money'. The ever shifting goalpost moving of those who wish to see ZERO good in the club these days is tiring, boring and makes you wonder 'why bother putting the time and effort into something only to be shot down/torn to pieces by fans who for whatever reason don't agree with your opinion, don't like you as a person or both'. My opinion is just that, opinion. The club nor BBC Radio Lancashire seemed to want to spend much time on it and why should they? Financially we aren't in a hole, we are at the bottom of a deep, deep volcano which could blow anytime. The most alarming thing from last night was the lack of ability to acquire loans at high street rates...Mike Cheston mumbled something about it being common practice The debt (internal and external) will NEVER be paid back unless Venkys write off the c.£87m they are due. Paying out nearly £2m per year in interest when we spent 12.5% of that on transfer fees shows the financial position the club finds itself in. Its a mess and I genuinely can't see a way out of it - that is the most depressing part for me.
  11. I was hoping to stream it live through my Instagram account but I'm not sure that they would be well received by those at the club, so guess that this is the next best option...
  12. providing I can get there on time (6pm start) I'll post regular unbiased updates on Twitter...if you are on it, you can follow me <-- I'll try my best to reply but if not will try and do a Q&A later this evening when I get home.
  13. I went to the initial EWMC meeting, chucked a few quid into the pot and set-up the JustGiving page for the Fox & Hounds painting, later banner. I have re-joined the RT as I was a member however (like many I think) wasn't sure the direction it was taking, coupled with a lack of fan interaction from them and eventually drifted away. No problem with honest questions...
  14. a shame nobody contacted me about it, as I would have probably stood. Water under the bridge now I guess...
  15. I have re-joined the Rovers Trust today. Hopefully somebody from the SM team will reply to the Twitter message sent...