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  1. AndyNeil

    Oldham away

    it depends who you follow and what groups you are a member of Josh. I'm a member of The Rovers, but can't honestly say that I read it that much and likewise this site - coming on everyday just gets me down, something I certainly don't need!
  2. AndyNeil

    Oldham away

    trust me, I feel anything but superior... this week of the year more than any other.
  3. AndyNeil

    Oldham away

    I think was referring to Oldham fans giving him a bit of grief...
  4. AndyNeil

    Oldham away

    exactly, an article that rightly gets stuck into them for yesterday. The difference being, in general my blogs are balanced and when praise is due - given (read some of the other blog entries and see for yourself). That can't often be said for here were pretty much every thread turns into playground name calling, personal insults and/or Venkys bashing. Sticking to the thread seems impossible for this place... but I guess that is the nature and difference between a messageboard (which IS a prophet of doom) and a personal blog
  5. AndyNeil

    Oldham away

    for what its worth, my little blog from yesterday... https://andyneil.blog/2017/10/14/time-to-step-up/
  6. AndyNeil


    a few more bits and bobs that I have for sale. Its probably easier for me to e-mail images than PM'ing on here, so andyneil74@icloud.com is probably the best way to contact me.
  7. AndyNeil


    remember #rovers in the @ChampionsLeague? Well here are all 6 programmes inc. very rare Legia Warsaw away. If you are interested, DM me...
  8. AndyNeil


    thankfully for me, I collect everything other than league matches so don't have hundreds and hundreds of programmes worth zip...
  9. AndyNeil


    with all due respect, 99% of 70s onward are ten a penny so you could easily pick them up on eBay if you wanted...
  10. AndyNeil


    there will be collectors with far bigger and better collections than me to fill any Rovers museum...
  11. AndyNeil


    I can't seem to post this in the SALE & WANTED section, so if these types of post are no longer allowed, please just delete. Basically I'm selling my collection of Rovers memorabilia - programmes, team sheets, books, fanzines, shirts, scarves along with some other bits & bobs. If there is any specific that you are looking for to fill gaps in your collection, please feel free to leave a message below or PM me. Thanks Andy
  12. AndyNeil

    Bradford City V Rovers

    thanks for the feedback and comments regarding my blog. I'm not a wordsmith (as you can probably tell) but I enjoy writing it and the support, feedback and suggestions that I receive with hopefully help me improve as the season goes by.
  13. AndyNeil

    Bradford City V Rovers

    I've been doing a blog since the Nottingham Forest game at the back end of last season. Here are my thoughts on yesterday - any feedback, comment and opinion is very welcome https://andyneil74.wordpress.com/2017/08/20/up-and-running/
  14. so the campaigning is over. Who do you think (not who you want) will be walking into Downing Street in less than 24 hours as Prime Minister? Vote here >>
  15. AndyNeil

    Mowbray stays as manager

    I'm glad at Mowbray is staying on - given his post match comments at Brentford I was sure it was only a matter of time before he left. However this is Venkys and who actually believes anything that comes out of their mouth and to be fair we have heard this ALL before. The proof will be in the transfer activity over the summer, although not holding my breath!

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