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  1. thanks for the feedback and comments regarding my blog. I'm not a wordsmith (as you can probably tell) but I enjoy writing it and the support, feedback and suggestions that I receive with hopefully help me improve as the season goes by.
  2. I've been doing a blog since the Nottingham Forest game at the back end of last season. Here are my thoughts on yesterday - any feedback, comment and opinion is very welcome
  3. so the campaigning is over. Who do you think (not who you want) will be walking into Downing Street in less than 24 hours as Prime Minister? Vote here >>
  4. I'm glad at Mowbray is staying on - given his post match comments at Brentford I was sure it was only a matter of time before he left. However this is Venkys and who actually believes anything that comes out of their mouth and to be fair we have heard this ALL before. The proof will be in the transfer activity over the summer, although not holding my breath!
  5. thank you very much Glenn...
  6. I started a blog last month and have just last night done a piece for it. I'm not claiming it is the best thing since slice bread as there are much more experienced bloggers out there than me, but if I can be of any help just let me know. The link to my blog is here >>
  7. any news on the recently trailed #venkysout candidate in the Blackburn seat for the upcoming General Election?
  8. I'll agree with that. Every season 3 teams are relegated, however ours seemed TOTALLY self-inflicted because of outside influences that the 'owners' either encouraged or turned a blind eye...
  9. an absolutely mythical figure created by, I don't know who although I think based on a average 25,000 home crowd in the season before Venkys. From that you can strip out: 3,000 - 4,000 away fans PREMIER LEAGUE fans who attended Ewood PREMIER LEAGUE Rovers fans take those away and I reckon you are probably left with what you had the other day 13,000 - 15,000 fans. I'd say the number of missing fans because of the owners is MUCH closer to 5,000 than 15,000 although I can see why the 15,000 figure is used...
  10. probably, yes. Saying that, each to their own...
  11. Atletico Baleares in the Segunda B, Group 3 of Spanish football while on holiday in Majorca...absolutely baking hot day, so much so that they were giving out free water to supporters. It was played at the old ground near the airport although it was literally falling to bits and they now play at a ground with a capacity of just 1,200
  12. more exposure for the complete minutes from the meeting here >>
  13. I hope that wasn't a go at me?
  14. I can explain it in my head, but putting it down in words is somewhat more difficult. I guess it would have been easier just to put the number of votes each candidate received. As a side note, its a pretty sad indictment on the Rovers Trust given the very low numbers of people voting in the election - unless you were very engaged in the whole process it was difficult to find information about it. IIRC the Facebook and Twitter pages had virtually zero information about it and unless you are on here, I'm not sure how else you would have known about it if unless A, you check your junkmail for the e-mail B, that's if you even have the same e-mail address with which you registered. I think the phrase is "lessons to learn" for future elections...
  15. each member had UPTO 4 votes each, so if some people only used 1, 2 or 3 then that would make it very difficult to calculate how many actual votes each person got - unless of course you are the person who has access to the voting data.