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  1. toooldforthis


    Turn the volume up??? You havin a laff?? Many of us stay on the concourse until KO cos the PA volume is too bloody loud!!!!
  2. toooldforthis

    Season Tickets 2019/2020

    I didn't know Zebra had gone bust. If so, perhaps that may be good news. People like me may be able to return. They turned me down for this season, despite having a ST for over 40 years. I also know four other people who they turned down. That's eight people (2 tickets each) who may be able to return next season, there must be more like us - depending on how the club decides to sell STs. Fingers crossed........
  3. Woy Hodgson had a French international who turned down a cul-de-sac.
  4. toooldforthis

    Leeds United v Rovers: Boxing Day 2018, 3pm

    Not paying £40. Don't have Sky. Pubs can't show Red Button games any more. Anybody know any reliable streaming sites for today?
  5. toooldforthis

    FA CUP

    I was at that night match too. It was Easter. Both me and my mate were 21 that month and went up there for a few days, driving around the area with a huge Radio Blackburn sun-screen sticker on his windscreen!!! There was an advert on TV at the time about Tudor Crisps starring a Geordie lad wearing a black & white scarfe. Mr Plod "ordered" us to stop singing about Rishy Crisps. I love to remind my Geordie customers about the days they didn't get 50K gates but none of them ever believe me. The whole ground was an absolute car crash at the time. I think we beat them 3-0 at Ewood just a couple of weeks later?
  6. toooldforthis


    Biz. I did not "change my story". And am pretty sure that I am not the only person greatly offended that you seemingly can't be arsed to actually read people's considered posts. Maybe we should all type more slowly for those of you who are slow to understand. Should any business present any sort of obstacle to an easy, friction-free transaction it will inevitably adverseley affect some elements of their target clients. Fact. Not rocket science. I would assume that Waggott has already factored potential lost sales, into his budget. However, this debate is not about revenue. It's about numbers of bums on seats.
  7. toooldforthis


    Answers to your questions - Due to several reduncancies, and resultant crash of my credit score, my financial circumstances dictate that I am only allowed to have a "Basic" bank account from which I cannot make transfers nor have a card. Pre-ordering necesitates the use of a card to guarantee purchases prior to turning up at Ewood and paying cash in person - I don't have a card ergo I can't pre-order. Many many people today are in the same financial position (the FT reports that more Basic bank accounts were opened in 2017 than any other type of account) we can only use cash. Those of you with access to credit need to to think about others not so fortunate. And the club needs to think about us too. They should be looking to maximise attendance from all sectors of the fan base, not just the financially fortunate. Also, I never said my son couldn't afford to go to Ewood. Apart from simple geography, it's more financially logical for him to attend away games where he knows he is paying the same price as everybody else. Scrap the Waggott Tax!!!!
  8. toooldforthis


    After 42 years as a ST holder Zebra turned me down this year. A family member lent me the money to buy my ST otherwise I simply could not attend. My working hours prohibit me going to Ewood to buy a match ticket during the week or getting there before 2.30pm on a Saturday and I do not posses a credit or bank card. I would not pay the £3 surcharge and would end up listening on the radio. Therefore I am a living example of a long-term loyal fan who is disadvantaged by the club's various ticketing policies. I know that I am not the only one. My son had his first ST aged 3 and continued until he started work. He no longer lives in Lancashire and his work shifts include most weekends. He has been to more away games than home simply because of the Ewood ticketing policy. The club needs to make itself easy to deal with but it's failing on this specific point. All businesses who make themselves difficult to do business with eventualy fail and go bust.
  9. toooldforthis


    Sorry to be pedantic but Archibald's debut was v Birmingham 19th December 1987. I remember 'cos my missus went into labour and I missed the game. Bloody kid hung on in there and wasn't born til the 20th!!
  10. toooldforthis

    Rovers v Leeds, Ewood, 12.00 KO, 20th October

    Good on you CP. You sound like a good guy. Unfortunately too many of your fans aren't like you. I know several regulars, including a couple of season ticket holders, who are giving tomorrow a swerve because of the inevitable hasssle tomorrow. In all honesty if I didn't have a season ticket I wouldn't go either. In my 50+ years of going to Ewood, Leeds fans have been worsened only by Celtic. Even our six-fingered friends up the M65 have been better behaved. Nothing personal CP, but I'm sure it's not the first time you've heard something like this. Enjoy your day - but not the result!!!
  11. Somebody help please. I'm confused regarding this red button lark. I have basic Sky. Not Sky Sports. Can I get the match or not?
  12. toooldforthis

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    Well they won't make it from me nor the other people I know who have been refused. We wont be going at all. I did say 5 people but that equates to 10 season tickets. There must be lots of others. It all adds up.
  13. toooldforthis

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    Zebra would appear to be really strict. I've had no problem sorting my Direct Debit via Premium Credit for the last few years. But Zebra have turned me down. They've also turned down four other people I know. That's at least five of us who will not be at Ewood next season!!!
  14. toooldforthis

    New Kits

    Awful shirt. The blue is far too light and should be over the heart. Won't be buying this.

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