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  1. Hi all fellow technophobes. Finally managed to get through to the ticket office. Spoke with an extremely helpful young lady - Mel. Turns out that the red message stating "Invalid Code" actualy means that I've entered the code correctly and the system is ready to work for me. I've gone to the main club website, clicked on "Watch Live Games on iFollow", then clicked on "Match Highlights" and everything works just fine. Is it just me, but when I receive a red message stating "Invalid Code" I just assume that it means the code is invalid - not that it actually means "code accepted and we're ready to rumble......." Communication!!!!!! 😎
  2. Google chrome. Is the ticket office open today? Am ringing but cant get a response.
  3. Thanks for trying to help. I've tried doing this and still get the red invalid code message.
  4. Where am I going wrong? I have a My Rovers account -set up last month to purchase items from the club shop on-line. Received and entered the code. Red message then says that the code is not valid. Rung the ticket office several times without getting through. Have sent an email but no reply as yet. Anybody had similar??
  5. toooldforthis

    Season Restart

    Has anybody actually written to the club requesting/demanding a pro-rata ST refund? If so, what was the written response?
  6. toooldforthis

    Season Restart

    You are not alone in thinking this way. At least you've received an email from the club. I haven't. Despite having a ST for over 40 years. So, as I understand it, as a ST holder I have already paid roughly £14 per game for these last 4 matches being shown on iFollow. But non-ST holders are only being charged £10 per game. Would it not make sense for me to demand a refund for these last 4 games, and then pay only £10 for each game individually? What am I not understanding here?
  7. toooldforthis

    Football League Suspended

    What about season ticket holders, or any fans, who do not have Sky?
  8. toooldforthis

    Old Rovers Footage

    I was there as a callow 19 year old. Police took us off coaches on the other side of Stanley Park and refused to escort us through. It was a blood bath. Scallys waiting in the park with Stanley knives. Awful. But "aren't those Scousers full of fun".....according to to Scouse loving media. Looks like we need to put pur faith in Leicester this year!!
  9. toooldforthis


    My son unexpectedly got a day off work on Saturday. Having held a season ticket for 20+ years before having to move away for work, he was keen to drive up here for the game - until he and his missus saw the ticket prices!!! He stayed home and watched on the internet via a foreign TV channel. Thanks v much Mr Waggott - BLOODY IDIOT.
  10. toooldforthis

    Hull (A)

    Is it available to those of us with basic Sky but not Sports? Internet too slow to stream, so that's not an option.
  11. toooldforthis


    Turn the volume up??? You havin a laff?? Many of us stay on the concourse until KO cos the PA volume is too bloody loud!!!!
  12. toooldforthis

    Season Tickets 2019/2020

    I didn't know Zebra had gone bust. If so, perhaps that may be good news. People like me may be able to return. They turned me down for this season, despite having a ST for over 40 years. I also know four other people who they turned down. That's eight people (2 tickets each) who may be able to return next season, there must be more like us - depending on how the club decides to sell STs. Fingers crossed........
  13. Woy Hodgson had a French international who turned down a cul-de-sac.
  14. toooldforthis

    Leeds United v Rovers: Boxing Day 2018, 3pm

    Not paying £40. Don't have Sky. Pubs can't show Red Button games any more. Anybody know any reliable streaming sites for today?
  15. toooldforthis

    FA CUP

    I was at that night match too. It was Easter. Both me and my mate were 21 that month and went up there for a few days, driving around the area with a huge Radio Blackburn sun-screen sticker on his windscreen!!! There was an advert on TV at the time about Tudor Crisps starring a Geordie lad wearing a black & white scarfe. Mr Plod "ordered" us to stop singing about Rishy Crisps. I love to remind my Geordie customers about the days they didn't get 50K gates but none of them ever believe me. The whole ground was an absolute car crash at the time. I think we beat them 3-0 at Ewood just a couple of weeks later?

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