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  1. Somebody help please. I'm confused regarding this red button lark. I have basic Sky. Not Sky Sports. Can I get the match or not?
  2. toooldforthis

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    Well they won't make it from me nor the other people I know who have been refused. We wont be going at all. I did say 5 people but that equates to 10 season tickets. There must be lots of others. It all adds up.
  3. toooldforthis

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    Zebra would appear to be really strict. I've had no problem sorting my Direct Debit via Premium Credit for the last few years. But Zebra have turned me down. They've also turned down four other people I know. That's at least five of us who will not be at Ewood next season!!!
  4. toooldforthis

    New Kits

    Awful shirt. The blue is far too light and should be over the heart. Won't be buying this.
  5. toooldforthis


    Tried to buy Doncaster tickets via website yesterday afternoon but message said "not available" so I assumed we'd sold out. But my friend told me he'd just bought his that morning from the club shop. So I rang ticket office and was told that they had loads of them and didn't know about the website message...........
  6. toooldforthis

    Charlton away April 28th

    Today tried to buy Doncaster ticket via Rovers website but message said none available. I rang ticket office and was told they had loads available to sell and he couldn't understand why website was showing this message!!!!
  7. toooldforthis

    Rovers v Man Utd

    Obvious that lots of season ticket holders are not bothering to go on Sunday. £30 is too steep. I would certainly not pay anywhere near that to watch a football match - that's why I buy a discounted ST. I personally know 13 ST holders other than myself and only 2 are going. My seat and most of those around me, all occupied by ST holders (non of these are included in my 13 number), are still noted on the website as available. Conversely, I also know lots of people who rarely go to Ewood but are being dragged there by their United supporting children. The club have missed a huge Marketing opportunity here. They have managed to disenfranchise their traditional loyal supporters by not rewarding their loyalty with sensibly reduced prices. Instead they are making a quick buck from the plastics. This will backfire on them with reduced ST sales next season regardless of which division we find ourselves in. A miniature version of the 1960 debacle which afflicted the club during my early days of support.
  8. toooldforthis

    Fa Cup Next Round

    I am a typical average Rovers fan - a season ticket holder for 40+ years - not a Venky fan - not a Protestor - not a Boycotter - not a Happy-Clapper. I will not be at the United match simply because of the ticket price. A quick straw poll of the 13 other season ticket holders I personally know shows that 11 of them will also not be attending for the same reason. The club has been presented with a wonderful opportunity to reward the ever-dwindling number of regular attendees for their continued presence - and has blown a long-term marketing opportunity for a quick cash-injection. Contrast this with Sutton United's Chairman insisting their game with Arsenal will not be moved to a larger stadium. With the prospect of mixing it with the big boys on a regular basis now all but a pipe-dream, Rover's decision will have consequences for general attendances in future seasons, regardless of which division we are in. Wavering season ticket holders need little excuse these days to push them over the edge of not renewing.
  9. toooldforthis

    Mike Cheston Interview

    So much talk on here and in the LT about our youth set-up which confuses me a little. Successive managers have deigned our youth players either "not yet ready" for the first team or simply not good enough. They can't all be wrong. Having had 3 sons gone through various club's academy sausage meat factories (now in their 20's and happily playing non-league level) I am well aware that the "transfer market" at youth level is fiercely competitive. If these lads were indeed prodigies they would most probably have already been snapped-up by the predatory larger clubs around us. You only need to look at the so-called products of our youth system who have played in, and been successful in, our first team over the years - the vast majority of them started out at those larger clubs, were deemed not good enough for them, and subsequently signed for us as older teens. Almost all of those lads we saw on TV against Chelski recently will end up in non-league, whilst nearly all those Chelski kids will end up in Leagues 1&2 or lower leagues abroad. To compete in any league we need to pick players who are ready to perform at that level - whichever level that is, in our case Championship level - if the young lads are ready, then pick them. Or sign Championship level players. Signing League 1 players or playing academy kids who are currently only at League 1 level will result in only one thing - League 1 football.
  10. toooldforthis

    Fa Cup 2015/16

    I'm a season ticket holder for over 40 years - for many years holding 5 tickets in the Family Stand. Cut me open and I bleed blue&white. I budget for my season ticket but simply cannot afford to go to cup games anymore - regardless of how "reasonable" people may think of the ticket pricing or the calibre of the opposition. I can't afford Sky or BT and so will listen to Radio Lancs commentary. Should a miracle occur and we ultimately get to Wembley I will need to gamble on a choice between going to the semi or the final - simply could not financially justify both. This view is echoed by the 3 people I now go to games with and also the other half-dozen or so people who sit around me in the BBE Lower. Doesn't mean any of us love the club any less than those who can afford to buy every ticket for every game.
  11. toooldforthis

    Season Tickets 09/10

    Just to agree with a previously voiced concern regarding empty seats. Although I have had a season ticket for over 30 years, I had already decided that I wouldn't be renewing my 2 tickets next season due to new weekend comitments with the family. We would be attending the odd evening game when work comitments allowed. However, the new prices mean that we could buy season tickets, only attend the 6/7 games as expected, still be quids-in and have that all-important priority for WHEN we get to a Cup Final. This means that my seats will be empty for the other 12/13 games. I have already spoken with 2 other people who are in the same postion as me. They are sorely tempted to buy tickets knowing they will only be able to attend no more than half of the matches. If this is mirrored by several '000 other new season ticket buyers the ground would still be half empty. Exactly NOT the result this wonderful initiative deserves. John Williams will have thought about this possibility and deserves to be applauded for his bravery in still presenting the new pricing structure. I'm sure that the idea of high match day prices is to get around the Premier League rule which says that away fans can only be charged the same prices as home supporters if housed in similar seating. Therefore whatever we charge our "Walk-Up" fans in the Blackburn End we have to charge United fans in the Darwen End. If we manage to fill the BBE with season ticket holders we can then charge the mancs whatever we want in the DE.

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