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  1. Doogs


    I feel without success on the field, it will be a tall order to shift season tickets. It's been like watching paint dry at Ewood this season. 5 and 6 changes every game..Crazy. Passing back and sideways, so boring. I do feel they will have to reduce their prices to get folk interested. Again for walk on fans 25/28 quid is far to much..
  2. Doogs

    January transfer window 2020

    Never. This guy doesn't score goals.
  3. Doogs

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    We are Simon. You wonder at times what the future may hold....
  4. Doogs

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    What's gone has gone. We need them on board for the money they pump into the club. Should they walk......
  5. Doogs

    Preston (home)

    PNE to win 3 1..We cant defend cant score and will spend most of the game passing back and sideways...Another boring and loss from our Tony...God knows what the side will be..
  6. Doogs

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Just go Tony. Not only are the results poor. But the excitement served up at Ewoodhas been shocking.
  7. Doogs

    Brum FA Cup

    RevidgeBlue...I feel Tony is a spent force, lost the plot and run out of ideas. Difficult to say who should come in, but that shouldn't mean we carry on like this.
  8. Doogs

    Preston (home)

    Can only see a comfortable win for PNE. Us Rovers fans need hard hats for all the stick coming our way lol Thanks Tony..
  9. Doogs

    Brum FA Cup

    Tony has ran his race. Times up.He has lost the plot. Time for a new man with new ideas..
  10. Doogs

    Brum FA Cup

    For Gods sake Tony go now..
  11. Doogs

    Too many changes

    I think the difference is that it seemed to work for Leicester. I dont think it has worked for us. Just my opinion. Call me old fashioned, but you cant beat a settled team.
  12. Doogs

    Too many changes

    What are you thoughts on the number of changes from game to game. Rotation as Tony calls it. 28 changes in last 5 games...I notice Liverpool played last night with one change. I feel the constant swopping and changing has cost us points.
  13. Doogs

    Forest V Rovers

    Think hes tired. Hes played 60 mins over last three weeks ..
  14. Doogs

    Forest V Rovers

    For Gods sake. Take a walk Tony...Time to move on..
  15. Doogs

    Huddersfield Town 29.12.19

    Waggy 76 Holtby apart from being injured half the time has done nothing for me. Johnson is far to slow for me...

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