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  1. Transfers Part 3

    How does yet another topic become "The Chaddy Show"???
  2. Transfers Part 2

    Where has aggressive Chaddy come from? It's over numerous threads now...
  3. Transfers Part 2

    Was there all day yesterday, with a couple of others... one an experienced Championship central defender.
  4. Chaddy, genuine question, how do you know what the policies were if you haven't read the manifesto?? I'm not trying to catch you out, but you've baffled me and others with your stance. You did rile me with your views on the NHS, and pay for nurses, but I'm genuinely interested where your views are coming from.
  5. You voted for policies you've just explained were awful??
  6. Now apparently you didn't like either... So explain again why you voted the way you did?
  7. What did you actually vote for then?
  8. This is a joke right?
  9. With all due respect, a nurse isn't like "any job"... are we now suggesting setting nurses targets??
  10. More, how much would you pay them???
  11. That's incredibly Prejudice Chris
  12. Steve Kean

    He looked, and sounded, very emotional to me.