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  1. I'll have em, it'll keep me occupied for a while.
  2. Disappointing but to be expected. What the hell am I going to do with my weekends 😟
  3. Mikel Arteta has tested positive. I'd guess that'll be our lot now, I'd be surprised if the EFL and Premier League don't release a further statement tomorrow.
  4. Imagine us getting to the play off final and it being played behind closed doors! Devastating!
  5. Madon

    Swansea City home

    If 3 points off the play offs with a better goal difference than anyone around us (Including 6th) isn't in the mix then I don't know what is.
  6. Madon

    Swansea City home

    People keep saying it's not happening but yet we are still well in the mix. The championship is bat shit crazy and this ain't over until it's over.
  7. Madon

    Swansea City home

    No idea how we've gained ground on the playoffs this week by getting 2pts but hey ho. Brereton was brilliant when he came on, got abit carried away in the 97th minute when he maybe could have squared it but won't blame him for that! Bring on Wayne Rooney's Derby County. I fancy us there.
  8. Madon

    Swansea City home

    Are you for real? Bristol away at Milwall Preston away at Fulham Blackburn at home to Swansea. We are 4 points outside the playoffs and on paper by the end of today we could well be 1 point off. Get a grip.
  9. Madon

    Sam Gallagher Returns

    Danny Graham has called Rich Sharpe out on his Instagram for his latest article on Gallagher... to quote: danny_graham10 Verified 4 points from the playoffs with 11 games to go and I’m reading this negativity about a teammate who gives nothing but 110% every single time he’s out there ...how can @rich.sharpe write this rubbish this negativity at this stage of season .. anyway we sick together @sam9allagher we all behind u brother .... bring on sat
  10. Madon

    Stoke City home

    I totally agree, people are bound to be disappointed when we are chasing the play offs and are playing a lowly Stoke at home, but I just think the majority of the reactions on here are way over the top. Stoke came for the point last night and they were brilliant at getting it. 11 games left, I still believe we can do it - but I've always been an optimist!
  11. Madon

    Stoke City home

    Jesus christ, what a way to start the day reading this thread... We couldn't get more doom and gloom if we tried. It's a game we should have won, yes. However, PNE and Bristol didn't pick up any points this week and PNE are the team to catch. We've gained a point on them so let's put it in the bag. They've got Fulham at weekend, we've got Swansea at home... I know which I'd rather have. If we win we'll hopefully be 1 point outside the play offs. I'd rather be lingering in 7th/8th right now anyway and sneak in under the radar on the last day. It ain't over til it's over folks, fasten your seatbelts. COYB
  12. Madon

    Stoke City home

    Brentford, Bristol and PNE all getting beat. If it stays like that then tomorrow is absolutely HUGE!
  13. Can't complain at that apart from I'd have Chapman on the bench. Come on Rovers!!
  14. Madon


    What a win that is! Our back 5 have been absolutely excellent of late. Every game is a cup final now, shackles off, let's do it. COYB
  15. Madon

    Can we make the Playoffs?

    Just out of curiosity (this isn't me believing we will make them, although I'm hopeful) does the play off semi final get included with the season ticket?

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