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  1. Madon

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    My bad! Still absolutely bloody bonkers.
  2. Madon

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    Are you forgetting that Edinho Jr started a Premier League game for us, before moving on loan to Semi-Pro Whitehawk? Still to this day can't get my head around that.
  3. Well then, this is an absolute bloody disaster. The only bonus is hopefully Nyambe will get a run out again, how he has been frozen out of the squad is an absolute farce.
  4. Madon

    Luton Town home

    Just seen Rothwell, Nyambe and Chapman getting out of theie cars in the car park at 5 to 2... would imagine that means none are in the squad?
  5. Madon

    Your expectations for the coming Season...

    Play-offs. Mowbray said before the season that is the aim and therefore anything less, in my eyes, is a failure. Go get em.
  6. Madon

    Academy & U21s

    Every time I look at the U18s scoreline it appears as though Chanka Zimba has scored. Does anyone know much about him? One to watch?
  7. Madon

    Reading (A)

    Not sure what's interesting about that apart from Johnson out and Evans in (and Holtby on bench!)
  8. Madon

    Reading (A)

    Just heard we're about to have some interesting team news!
  9. Madon

    Lewis Holtby

    Yeah, it was me back in the summer.
  10. @AAK mind your language... 👀😂
  11. Madon

    Academy & U21s

    This game is live via Brightons website tonight. Decent stream with unbiased commentary
  12. Madon

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    All aboard the Mowbray Express, next stop, Premier League! Who wants a ticket?
  13. They're trying to make this Jacks Fanzone somewhere for fans to meet up and have a drink before the game, at over £4 a pint that quite simply isn't going to happen. They've been playing some good music there the last 2 games, make it £3 a pint (or take a leaf out of Stanleys book and make it £2) so people can have a few and get the place bouncing before kick off. It's really not rocket science.
  14. Madon

    Middlesbrough (H)

    That side is play-off material. The side that Mowbray will pick is bottom half/relegation material. (Square pegs, round holes)
  15. Madon

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Do you really think Mark Hughes will get another Premier League job? I'd be extremely surprised if he did.

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