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  1. How is Davies still on the field after that then?
  2. Wouldnt want the players to postpone the summer vacation due to play off games. Need all the restitution possible for next season.
  3. Standard Bennett tackle, if you cant stand off the player anymore, bring him down. JRC has to be better at right back than our captain fantastic.
  4. Jezez Travis off, our best player by a mile. Ofc he can play with a yellow card. You dumb dinosaur Mowbray
  5. Joke! Terrible setup, Travis completely isolated vs the whole of Derby midfield. Downing cant be arsed, and Rothwell playing in a role i havent seen this season. Mowbray out. Get the youngsters on.
  6. Cracking goal.. Downing nowhere to be seen, totaly out of position.
  7. Gogger

    Swansea City home

    And giving Swansea a dodgy penalty. Fecking joke
  8. Gogger

    Swansea City home

    Suprise, Bennett standing off Brewster with a good 5 meters
  9. Gogger

    Swansea City home

    Great goal! Who could have guessed that a striker playing as a striker plays better. Refs a cok though
  10. Gogger

    Stoke City home

    Indeed he is, while our one winger is in the Dack role.
  11. Gogger

    Stoke City home

    How many times have Lenihan given the ball away now? Lack og width is obvious to everyone except TM
  12. Raya saves Brentford, Arma missing a one on one.
  13. Not even focking close, trash refereeing.
  14. Good goal by Watson, equal awfull defending from Lenihan and Ad.

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