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  1. Thats one great goal. Beautifull pass from Benett and Armstrong playing Nutt on open goal
  2. No idea, probaly. If anyone deserved to be subbed its Dack.
  3. Been good for about ten minutes this half, the ten minutes the ball wasnt hoofed. Dack been really poor, AS has Armstrong. Lucky to not concede when Lenihan switched off and let Keane through on goal.
  4. Another piss poor finish. Ipswich there for the taking if we just keep IT on the ground..
  5. Well fun game at least, onwards to the weekend. Wonder if we will be able to compete after this game, only tuesday so should be ok. Imo we lose cause Mowbray poor summer window. Today we startes with five players in theyre best positions, and thats including Raya. Nutall been playing as a left winger ffs. We are crying out for pace and trickery. Reed is a good player, but a poor winger.
  6. You make your own luck, and that starts with having actuall wingers on the field 😛
  7. Offside, but still awfull goalkeeping.
  8. Lets play with three center backs when we hardly can muster two. Logic!
  9. Think Smallwood been ok, good pass to Graham and actually passing forward for a change. Just a decent shot too
  10. 2,5 counting Bell. Didnt Mowbray jus talk about our youngsters, surely one of them is a better central defender than Bell.
  11. Still not a 100 % sure of our formation, looks so disorganised.
  12. We will struggle on set pieces I think, really small side.
  13. So poor.. Get a winger in this team Tony, embarassing. The only time we have more than two players in the oppositions penalty area is when we have a set piece.
  14. Not at all, two versus Perez. Classic Evans turn your ass to the player tackle.
  15. Yey VAR doesnt help when the people looking at it are clueless
  16. Brereton on for Graham. Graham have been immense the last ten minutes
  17. Travis just got a knock. Limping atm
  18. Well if this is how good Travis really is then its just baffling that it took a red card for Smallwood for him to get a chance..

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