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  3. With regard to Mahoney I imagine he'll almost certainly be off following relegation and given the fiasco with our 'negotiations' with him. I found out last Saturday he gets his hair cut at the same place I do and that whilst he was there in January he actually turned down the offer from Barnsley whilst waiting in the shop. The man that cuts my hair also said he was angry at how he'd been treated by Coyle, specifically how he'd been in the first team squad and was only getting thrown on for a couple of minutes as sub as he couldn't affect a game properly. He also said he turned down the Barnsley move as he wanted to fight for a place in the first team and do anything he could to improve the team and that it was gutting for him to see what was happening as he is a fan. On the plus side since then (and since Mowbray took charge) he said he hadn't complained about his position at the club. Just galling that he'll be going somewhere he doesn't necessarily want to go because we have been contemptible in the way we have dealt with him, and are letting another player who actually cares about the club leave because of wages when if they actually kept him he could continue his development and actually make the owners a fairly large profit in the future (if and when they decide to sell him).
  4. Today Brown was shocking...even worse than last time he played for the first team. I think Barnsley's game plan worked perfectly as they targeted Brown and his shortcomings (lack of pace/match fitness) and exploited them in the first few minutes and ended up with their goals. The pressing of Brown meant he was repeatedly drawn away from Hoban leaving gaps in the defence meaning Guthrie and Lowe having to start dropping back leaving massive gaps centrally meaning every time we cleared an attack they could recycle possession. Terrible pass from Hoban for the buildup for their second too. After that we looked shellshocked and never really recovered and looked pretty clueless in most areas. Again throughout the game Brown was always the weakest link as he purposefully didn't get tight to their players and often didn't put challenges in so he wouldn't be exposed for pace and stayed deep inviting times looked as though he was doing less than going through the motions. If he was playing in a training game you'd say he was markedly below par. Big, big games against Forest and Bristol. Not really sure where the goals will come from to save us...we were disjointed and all over the place today. Mulgrew and Lennihan both being out could well be the final nail in the coffin unfortunately.
  5. Evans could be on his way back then...assuming he doesn't get injured with Northern Ireland.
  6. Mowbray confirmed...
  7. He went on holiday to the carribean (I think) mid way through the transfer window for 6-8 weeks so luckily (hopefully) he won't be in the directors box giving it the big one...
  8. Just as a quick way to generate interest...what about an e-petition for it to be discussed in parliament concerning the fit and proper owners test and how it is applied (and the FA in general) which could be shared with all football fans and not just ours. A concentrated push by fans online and social media from Blackpool, Charlton, Pompey, Leeds, etc and ourselves could gather a real weight of numbers that the media, and FA/government couldn't just brush under the carpet?
  9. From what I've been told it's not too eye watering, a couple of thousand per week (to most people a large amount), but in the scheme of things for a potential first team regular if given the chance to play not much considering he'll only be on a slightly improved u23 player contract at the minute. Swings and roundabouts with the joke of a club we have though, I'd imagine Wharton's entire wage would still be probably less than half of what we're paying the likes of Stokes to do absolutely nothing. Guess it's all who you know, or who your agent is!
  10. Talking of N'zonzi the Express are linking him to Arsenal with Chelsea, City and Juve interested. Sure Balaji will have already earmarked the sell on Claire or spent it on his New Years party...
  11. It's gotten to the point now where we're that ridiculous on the pitch it's laughable rather than infuriating. There is absolutely no case to be made for Lowe being on the pitch let alone being captain, like many of the current squad he really is a disgrace to the shirt and if anyone thinks differently they really need to question their views on football...he made countless backpasses when attacking passes would have been easier, and once again couldn't tackle an opposition player if his life depended on it. I've not checked the table but assume we're in the bottom 3, and can't see us getting out of it over Christmas and will probably stay there until we're relegated. There's little point even mentioning the defence as we have the perfect player to play in Wharton but he'll get nowhere near the squad. As Brown is nowhere near fitness wise we'll either be left with the shaky and inexperienced Nyambe, or relying on Akpan or Lowe having the game of their life to help us even think about scraping a draw on Saturday. Surely that has to extinguish and glimmer of hope even the most optimistic/deluded fans have?
  12. Sort of following on from the agent investigation and recent abuse scandal, ex-FA chiefs are calling for actual reform for the organisation. If it happens could eventually lead to them actually doing something about the problem of completely subpar (bordering on criminal) owners like's a long shot though, but still a slight glimmer of hope if we're still around by the time it happens!
  13. One of my good mates played cricket with him up until preseason when he became properly part of the first team squad, going off what he said Wharton definitely triggers a pay rise after his next appearance for the first team. Given how shambolically the club is being run at present that will definitely only happen when one or more players are sold in January (in my opinion). Just out of interest (haven't been following the U23's much this season) was he captain last season, or has he been made captain following his stint in the first team with the hope it'll keep him on side until January?
  14. There won't be until we've sold Marshall in January and freed up some money for wages...
  15. Steele, Marshall, Lenihan, Mulgrew, Williams, Feeney, Evans, Lowe, Conway, Gallagher, Graham...or take your pick from any other combinations of midfielders playing out of position!