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    Quite like our official reply in fairness...
  2. schoey


    I think most people would agree with Stuart and others who are on the side of the argument that says a matchday increase in ticket prices definitely puts off walks ons as coupled with other factors such as family/work schedule you’re less likely to go out of your way to attend if you feel the club is unnecessarily charging more because you can’t/don’t know if you can attend for whatever reason until the day of the game itself. It’s like with train companies increasing ticket prices on the day compared to advance fares which in effect penalises people that have fluid schedules/circumstances in day-to-day life and puts them off travelling by train and ends up alienating customers meaning the train companies don’t make as much money in the long term compared to a few extra higher fares in the short term and leaves people dissatisfied with the train company as an organisation. The only vague ideas of ticket sales comes in the form of articles/data like the one below from both individual clubs and the EFL and other instances of club/league officials replying to fan questions at forum meetings etc. https://www.efl.com/news/2018/may/sky-bet-championship-attendances-grow-for-the-second-successive-season/ Obviously articles like this will only paint rosy pictures whilst marginalising any negative instances of ticket sales/attendances as they are trying to promote brand awareness/sell their product. Following that logic, clubs and the league aren’t actively going to put out statistics that show how pricing structures they put in place to make more money in areas wherever they can without being called out on it by the majority of the fan/consumer base negatively affect attendances etc. as they’d be shooting themselves in the foot. Until the fans forum asks the club to supply the data (which I imagine they’ll do begrudgingly and take as much time as they can over) you’ll have to rely on the opinions of other fans (both on here and in the real world) that in my experience has always pointed to a matchday increase putting people off.
  3. schoey


    Stoke penalty 🙈
  4. schoey


    Could be one of those days like Ipswich...
  5. schoey

    Loan Window

    By the sounds of the post on the Rovers site it doesn’t really give much away apart from calling him a highly-rated youngster alongside Candlin. I’d think he’ll be in the u23s looking to push on the same as Candlin is expected to? Never heard of him/seen him play before so he could go straight in the first team squad for all I know!
  6. schoey

    Loan Window

    https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2018/september/northern-irish-starlet-signs-for-rovers/ Apparently the deal nobody knew about for Lyons (when we were expecting Chapman) has been approved...
  7. schoey

    Loan Window

    From Rich Sharpe: Just to be clear - while the deal is with 'an option' to become permanent in January, this is a permanent transfer in all but name.
  8. schoey

    Loan Window

  9. schoey

    ROVERS v Brentford

    Nuttall and Palmer start, no Dack in the squad...
  10. schoey

    Loan Window

    From Alan Myers: My understanding that a deal to bring Nottingham Forest Striker Ben Bereton to @Rovers is progressing, the 19 year old will join initially on loan with the deal becoming permanent in January for around £6M
  11. schoey

    Championship 2018-19

    Good news for us for the weekend from the FA Spokesperson account on twitter: Neal Maupay will miss Brentford’s next three matches after accepting a charge of violent conduct. This follows an incident not seen by the match officials but caught on video in the 42nd minute of Wednesday’s game against Aston Villa [22/08/18].
  12. schoey


    Think going forwards we definitely need a ball playing centre mid to go alongside one of them...if Davenport isn’t up to it we need to get someone in on loan sharpish or it’ll be a long season!

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