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  1. Rovers v Wigan

    Just the type of commitment we need from Lenihan there, and a great counter attack for the goal!
  2. Rovers v Wigan

  3. Wimbledon v Rovers

    Watched it at the Blues, thought first half was scrappy and we looked quite nervous, but after the second we settled in and started to play some decent stuff. I know he has many detractors but thought bar giving possession away cheaply a couple of times in the first half that Nyambe did really well and was in the running for motm, stuck to his guns well and got up and down the touch line whenever he could. Great 3 points, even bigger game to come on Sunday!
  4. Walsall v Rovers

    His is definitely right, after listening to it on a video from the game. To be fair the lad leading all the singing in our section was a little worse for wear I think!
  5. Walsall v Rovers

    That’s what it sounded like in the bit of the ground where I was sat, not 100% though!
  6. Walsall v Rovers

    To be fair to him I thought Evans actually turned up and had a decent game. Covered the ground, made some tackles and made a fair few forward moves. 1st half was one of the most dominant displays I’ve seen us put on this season. Well ground out result in the end, a very nervy last 20-25 minutes though. Full credit to the away support that kept the noise going for nearly the whole game. Their goal seemed to totally knock the stuffing out of us before half time though and barring a few half chances we didn’t really create anything in the 2nd half. Fingers crossed Dack is back for Tuesday and Smallwood doesn’t get booked!
  7. Walsall v Rovers

    #Rovers: Raya, Nyambe, Lenihan, Mulgrew (c), Williams, Evans, Smallwood, Bennett, Payne, Armstrong, Graham. Substitutes: Leutwiler, Samuel, Caddis, Bell, Antonsson, Downing, Nuttall.
  8. Walsall v Rovers

    On the way to the match...has to rest Smallwood for me, way too risky losing him for the Wigan game. Would be tempted to go with Bennett and Lenihan central, with Graham, Dack, and then any 2 of Payne, Armstrong or Antonsson to make up the other attacking spots. Just hope we go for it from kick off and Evans is nowhere near the starting lineup!
  9. Rovers v Bury

    We look totally pedestrian in midfield and offering nothing to link up attack and defence. Smallwood seemingly doing alright and trying to get around the pitch whilst covering defensively, but don’t think I’ve seen Evans break into a jog yet...he just slows down every move that he’s involved in. We need to get Evans off as currently with him in such an important position we haven’t been able to build up any momentum and look totally disjointed bar a few bits of individual skill from Dack/Graham/Bennett to create some half chances.
  10. Rovers v Oldham

    8 mins extra time...
  11. In fairness re: Cole when I was at the Fleetwood game their chairman wasn't impressed with him (amongst other things said he didn't have the footballing brain to do something like anticipate Mulgrew's backpass that the sub scored who came on for him did). Not really surprised to see him leave them, by the sounds of it it seemed as though he was contributing goals but not much else with his performances overall leaving a fair amount to be desired. Will be good business for Fleetwood and the sale of him and Bell should see them be able to financially balance the books much better...just fingers crossed he doesn't turn into a world beater with Wigan for the rest of the season!
  12. Depending on the severity, if it's a light sprain probably looking somewhere in the ballpark of between 4-6 weeks for healing/rehab and then getting him back into training at a guess? (Any physios/sport scientists would be able to give a more realistic figure though). Although given he's a professional athlete (and just assuming) his ligaments etc will be stronger than the average person's it may well be slightly sooner than that, but personally I wouldn't think it would be worth risking trying to rush him back as it could go again and then he'd be out for significantly longer.
  13. Tony Mowbray has confirmed that #Rovers captain Charlie Mulgrew has had a scan on his ankle today, adding: "The input from the medical department was that it might not be as bad as we first feared, so fingers crossed for when we get the results." Fingers crossed then...