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  1. Giant

    Season Tickets 2019/2020

    Rovers will let her have an OAP season tkt, just call office or go down. My brother turns 65 2 days after season starts, they let him have the OAP tkt.
  2. Giant

    BRFCS - Gratitude Corner

    Hear, hear to all you say, Herbie. We owe a great deal of thanks to the folk who keep this site running.
  3. Giant

    Retained list 2018/2019 Season

    There should be a parting of the ways with Conway, we need to comb the leagues for a stylish winger.
  4. Giant

    Premier League Stuff

    Good day all round, Dingles beaten at home and Liverpool sick as the proverbial parrot.
  5. Giant

    Championship 2018-19

    Kicking the ball out of play as an act of “sportsmanship” is one of the biggest problems in football. Totally ridiculous, because in 99% of cases there is nothing wrong with the injured player. The decision to stop play should be with the ref alone. If teams played on, it would cut out the nonsense in no time and time wasting feigning of injuries would be cut out immediately, especially if a goal followed.
  6. Giant

    Premier League Stuff

    City looked a class apart in the second half.
  7. Giant

    2018/19 Season Reviews/Conclusions

    I would say that Jim sums the season up really well in that article. For me, the best game I witnessed was WBA away, the second half performance being one of great football from Rovers, fantastic atmosphere in the Rovers stand and brilliant drama at the end.
  8. Giant

    Championship 2018-19

    Sheffield Utd are the best team I’ve seen this season. Fully deserve to be promoted ahead of Leeds, hopefully.
  9. Giant

    Academy & U21s

    Definitely, looks more like a footballer than most of the other members of the team. If Mowbray is looking for players who can keep possession, then he’s the best placed young player we have......in my view anyway.
  10. Giant

    Academy & U21s

    No way is Davenport ready for the first team, but John Buckley looked excellent. Rovers best player for me.
  11. Giant

    Championship 2018-19

    Probably because various agents have too much influence over the football authorities, and the people who want to be club owners.
  12. Giant

    Preston at Home

    We’re having a visit from old PNE And all the talk is about types of tea So put on the kettle and make up a brew To give us the strength to batter that crew.
  13. Giant

    Birmingham Away

    I thought this was the Birmingham away thread, not PNE at home.
  14. Giant

    Birmingham Away

    Absolutely accurate assessment of the situation. A lot of so called fans more interested in getting drunk and/or high than watching the game. Even in the stand there were “off their head” idiots abusing other fans. It’s a good job we didn’t lose or there could have been some serious inter-fan aggro, and I don’t mean between Rovers and Brum fans.
  15. Giant

    Birmingham Away

    At game perspective; we needed to stop losing run and did. From the moment they scored we more than matched them, mainly because we set up further up the pitch. Not so sure that Adams was shooting for their equaliser.

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