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  1. Giant

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    In some ways we are lucky that the Venkys didn’t walk away and leave the club in administration. As it is, they are still putting millions into BRFC to keep us going. Surely that alone should mean they are extended some degree of courtesy when a family member visits the club. Personal insults will never get us anywhere in the long road to a better relationship going forward, and no, I’m not an apologist for the Rao family.
  2. Giant

    Wigan V ROVERS 28/11/18

    This performance is far worse than at PNE.
  3. Giant

    Wigan V ROVERS 28/11/18

    You can pay cash at the turnstile tonight. Got tkts this am, apparently a lot of fans have made late decision to go to Wigan.
  4. Giant

    Bradley Dack

    I’ve never understood why anyone should support any team other than their local one. Cockneys supporting Utd and Liverpool is just bizarre.
  5. Giant

    ROVERS v qpr

    Your posts are always witty and to the point, Mercer, even though plenty of folk take umbrage at them. I don’t think folk get where you are coming from at times. The first two sentences of your latest offering are factually correct, is the last part of sentence three, while also correct, meant to be sarcastic?
  6. Giant

    ROVERS v qpr

    One thing that will happen on Saturday is cheering every time Richie Smallwood gets near the ball. His status has been under question this season, but his effort in goal at West Brom has given him a lot of positive sentiment, and rightly so. I just hope that Reed is played in centre midfield with him.
  7. Giant

    Harrison Reed

    Brilliant performance today, has to be in central midfield.
  8. Giant


    This was a game you had to be at to appreciate the effort from both fans and players that went into getting that point. It felt like a win to me, loved it being there.
  9. Giant

    Championship 2018-19

    Derby 2 0 up at WBA after 15 mins!
  10. Please don’t get ahead of yourself again, oh and we ended up looking very, very bad.
  11. We need to figure out a way to play when DG is subbed because we are usually only drawing or leading by 1 goal when he goes off. We don’t know if Brereton can do a job as lone striker because TM never plays him there.
  12. Giant

    Ben Brereton

    He doesn’t look like someone who has played 50 odd Champioship games, an he looks to me like a player devoid of confidence. It’s a difficult task for TM to sort him out.
  13. Giant

    Premier League Stuff

    Dyche blaming ref for Burnley’s 5 0 thrashing😆
  14. Giant

    Championship 2018-19

    Shelf Utd are an excellent footballing team, running Derby ragged at the moment. Really good to watch, all credit to them.
  15. Giant

    Bradley Dack

    In other news, it’s now ok to break the law and not be subject to criticism from, among others, those who help pay your wages.

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