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  1. Giant

    Bradley Dack

    In other news, it’s now ok to break the law and not be subject to criticism from, among others, those who help pay your wages.
  2. Giant

    Bradley Dack

    A classic, cheeky chappy Cockney. Popular with all and sundry but with no sense of responsibility, and no idea what real friends are, but knows plenty of hangers on. He should be doing this community service in Blackburn Hospice, then he might get a sense of how privileged a lifestyle he leads.
  3. Giant

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    Of the youngsters on show today, Butterworth is head and shoulders the best. A terrific cameo appearance.
  4. The comment that nearly every Rovers fan got/gets wrong is when they sing “ No nae never etc”. It’s been wrong a few times, and hopefully will be again soon!
  5. Giant

    ROVERS v Brentford

    Danny Graham was excellent today, great flicked headers, laying the ball off and holding it up. I love watching players like him, who really have a football brain. You don’t need to run around like a headless chicken to play this game, clever footballers never do so.
  6. Giant

    Rodwell signs

    Rodwell is a class player, if anyone can sort him out it’s TM. He could be a fantastic signing.
  7. Giant

    Haggis. 1954-2018

    Cracking guy, and a credit to local sport.
  8. Giant

    World Cup 2018

    In reality, both finalists have been involved in one good game each, France v. Argentina in The Round of 16 and Croatia v. England. Hope you enjoy it, Phil, but from a neutral point of view I think both sides will be very cautious, so it won’t be much of a spectacle. There is one world class player on show, Modric, Mbappe is nowhere near that yet. 1 0 to France.
  9. Giant

    World Cup 2018

    Both teams deserve immense credit for that magnificent effort, gave their all for their countries. In pure football terms, Modric ran that game, a brilliant footballer. Well done England for getting so near.
  10. Giant

    World Cup 2018

    Pele won 3 world cups, the first as a 17 year old. It would probably have been 4 had he not had a hatchet job done on him in 1966. No player has ever been as good as him, nor is ever likely to be.
  11. Giant

    World Cup 2018

    How depressing to see some of the idiot England fans smashing up an Ikea store, jumping up and down on cars and generally causing drunken havoc in towns up and down the country. Why can’t they just celebrate like normal people do instead of tarnishing the image English football fans? Probably the same types who invade pitches at the end of a season.
  12. Giant

    World Cup 2018

    Come on Uruguay, Latin America needs you.
  13. Giant

    World Cup 2018

    Whichever team get to the WC final from this side of the draw will be the worst ever team to reach that lofty position. Every team that was in the other half of the draw, including those that lost, is better than any of those in ours.
  14. Giant

    World Cup 2018

    Neymar does make a meal of things but he faces constant fouling, like most of his predecessors for Brazil.
  15. Giant

    World Cup 2018

    England have the easiest route to the final of all time.

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