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  1. Gillingham away 17.3.18

    Gillingham’s preview on their own website also referring to a sickness bug. https://www.gillinghamfootballclub.com/news/2018/march/blackburn-prev/
  2. Gillingham away 17.3.18

    BBC and Skysports have the postponement as a frozen pitch.
  3. Gillingham away 17.3.18

    Is the pitch frozen and H&S is just a smokescreen?
  4. Premier League Stuff

    The PL is becoming less competitive every year. Apart from the top 5/6, the rest of the teams are very poor compared to previous years. You only have to look at the huge goal differences of the former to see this. City’s is a staggering 65. From 9th place down, the differences are all double digit negatives. The relegation points survival level could be the lowest ever this season, a very low 30s figure might be enough to stay up.
  5. Rovers v Wigan

    Modern balls are like beach balls, the old leather ones used to weigh a ton when wet. I can understand the latter giving brain injuries.
  6. LEAGUE 1 2017/18

    No longer top....
  7. Rovers v Bury

    When Smallwood does eventually serve his ban, the best move would be to put Lenihan in midfield.
  8. Portsmouth v Rovers

    Lenihan in midfield for Smallwood anyone? Richie is a bit part player at the moment while he gets his head round the threat of a ban. We were overrun in midfield first half on Sat.
  9. Rovers v Oldham

    Smallwood is playing like he doesn’t want to get booked and serve a ban. Needs resting.
  10. Lucky lad. He’s been dire in every game I’ve seen him play in since his goal v. Fleetwood. Slow as a cart horse and always looks like he doesn’t know what he’s doing.
  11. Hull City Fa Cup game 6.1.17

    Nyambe MoM for me. Nuttall, waste of space. Evans just a sick note. Spent the whole game panicking about Charlie getting injured.
  12. Celebrity Mastermind

    He did well, and on his general knowledge round too. Got a few nuggets in about winning the Prem when he got his trophy. I wonder what it would be like to have a Rovers fan as the PM??
  13. Coyle's new job

    The Dingwall crew are well and truly on the bottom of the league after getting beat by the Jags yesterday. Nicko will be torn that his favourite team beat his favourite manager’s.
  14. Of the top 4, we have by far the hardest game on Monday. We’ll be adrift agin if we don’t win.
  15. More players gone down with the sickness virus according to TM. It might be a case of who isn’t ill plays on Saturday.