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  1. Hull City Fa Cup game 6.1.17

    Nyambe MoM for me. Nuttall, waste of space. Evans just a sick note. Spent the whole game panicking about Charlie getting injured.
  2. Celebrity Mastermind

    He did well, and on his general knowledge round too. Got a few nuggets in about winning the Prem when he got his trophy. I wonder what it would be like to have a Rovers fan as the PM??
  3. Coyle's new job

    The Dingwall crew are well and truly on the bottom of the league after getting beat by the Jags yesterday. Nicko will be torn that his favourite team beat his favourite manager’s.
  4. Of the top 4, we have by far the hardest game on Monday. We’ll be adrift agin if we don’t win.
  5. More players gone down with the sickness virus according to TM. It might be a case of who isn’t ill plays on Saturday.
  6. ROVERS V Rochdale

    Nuttall is as slow as a cart horse, and lacks a football brain. Graham is our best front man by a country mile.
  7. Premier League Stuff

    Dingles getting a tonking without Tarkowski.
  8. Northampton Town v Rovers

    Samuel probably I’ll from driving Bradley Dack around doing the carpool karaoke!
  9. Premier League Stuff

    Dingles moaning at Tarkowski’s 3 match ban. Burnley got off lightly. If the ref had seen the elbow during the game, he would have been sent off, a penalty awarded, Burnley down to 10 men and he’d still have got the 3 match ban.
  10. Transfers Part 3

    Charlie Boy will have tapped Watt up, ex team mates remember. I’d definitely take him on, Charlie won’t let him mess about.
  11. Transfers Part 3

    If he could stay fit, Watt would be a quality player. He was starting to show that before he got injured during his loan spell at Ewood.
  12. “The Axe”, Aaron Mokoeno. He could have been sent off in every game he played for us, 101 in total.
  13. Oxford away Tuesday

    Penalty B060D3E9-96DE-44F9-B827-EC187E4DEA8F.MP4
  14. Slightly OT John Williams questions

    Williams to pot Pulis, and then cheer the Rovers fans up by taking Dyche from the Dingles. Win win situation.
  15. Paul Hanlon Hibs

    I saw him play live for Hibs v Aberdeen two weeks ago and he looked pretty good to me. He’s also been named in the Scotland squad today, so maybe Charlie Boy can tell him how great it is at Rovers. On another note, Easter Road is a great place to watch football at the moment, terrific atmosphere because the Hibees are doing well and listening to three sides of the ground singing “Sunshine on Leith” is brilliant.