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  1. levi

    Oxford Utd at home

    I think you may be forgetting that we'd have been there another 3 times while it was being built So we played another 2 times at cardif and once at old trafford
  2. levi

    Oxford Utd at home

    I now live 100 miles away and have a family so i know how you feel,costs me a fortune coming over 6 or 7 times a season with hotel,food,drink etc so i wasn't aiming it at people in our position to be honest Most people who will have bought tickets will be local and won't have been near ewood since the liverpool/utd cup games ....i just think more people shoud have been down a few times this year because the gates have been nothing short of pathetic to be honest
  3. levi

    Oxford Utd at home

    It'll be nice to see the groung something like full again but It would've been nice if some of these 'supporters' buying oxford tickets could have got themselves to a few more games this year
  4. levi


    everybody stands up and kids can't see plus our younger fans trying to relive the glory days of hooliganism and getting it horribly wrong and just acting/looking like complete and utter bell ends
  5. levi


    rovers should reserve a block or part block of away ends for familys
  6. levi


    We had a good attendance for the villa game at the tail end of last season if memory serves me right? I think that was £10 tickets
  7. levi

    Boycott the Barnet FA Cup tie

    did we not have this thread last year for the blackpool cup game!?
  8. you haven't mentioned the raging plymouth fans invading the pitch and trying to get at the away end!
  9. levi

    Rochdale Away

    rochdale have just tweeted a pic of the pitch and its fine stop getting your knickers in a twist
  10. levi

    Rovers v Burnley

    I haven't felt the normal buzz for this game for some reason,maybe the 200 mile round trip on a wednessday night but i woken up and i can't wait...i know we have to get out of this league but i personally couldn't give a stuff about saturday at this moment in time if they win tonight they have a free pass in my eyes come on you blues
  11. levi

    Rovers v Burnley

    the ticket sight is playing up i normally buy 4 tickets and it wouldn't let me buy any....i rang the ticket office and bought them that way its no wonder tickets aren't selling if they haven't sorted it by now...i told them last wednesday on the phone and through twitter about it
  12. levi

    Rovers v Burnley

    about 360 looking at the ticket office
  13. levi

    Carabao Cup

    good post i can't believe some of the things i'm reading....i get seriously p####d off if they score against me on fifa
  14. 7500 sold so far which is good going for 3rd tier football IMO

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