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  1. thenodrog

    Extra ! Extra ! Read All About It !

    Much more pressing governmental changes needed much closer to you.... just a few miles North in fact. How about giving them the benefit of your wisdom? No point in that when ever more are heading into Europe pretending to be Syrian refugees as has been reported today .
  2. Let me add some much more relevant perspective with a simple cut and paste ..... Number of people expected to be living per square kilometre in 2015 - by country England - 419 Holland - 408 Wales - 258 Germany - 226 Italy - 205 N. Ireland - 130 Poland - 123 Portugal - 116 France - 105 Romania - 89 Bulgaria - 66 Scotland - 40 So there's your answer Jim. We're nearly full! NHS waiting lists are already damning, Mways are absolute hell and I doubt the rail network is any better. To add more numbers to an island nation that if the worst comes to the worst can only feed 50% of it's population is criminal irresponsibility imo. As I keep repeating the lessons of history should never be forgotten. My mantra is head over heart every time.
  3. Growing too fast in the wrong direction. The 'more able' are not replacing themselves whilst the 'less able' are breeding like rabbits. A recipe for national disaster. Merkel could go down in history as the second most hated German in history after the next almost inevitable major war. Dunno where Jims post has gone but he's criticising Cameron for not letting many in when only last week it was announced that the tories under Cameron hadn't kept their promise to cut immigration.
  4. Robert Peston was pontificating about this on the BeeB earlier (the entire day on Radio 5 was given over to reports from all the areas most affected by the migrant issue, btw I do believe the BBC is guilty of very biased and over emotive editing.). If the second most industrious and hard working people on the planet after the Japanese are looking for a work force to replace their own reducing one then the middle East is just about the most stupid place on earth to look. The entire middle east and north africa resembles a second world building site, always has and always will. No idea who built the pyramids but they must have got fed up and walked to Germany soon after. In my experience with animals no one can breed a pedigree out of two mongrels, the Germans would be better served by offering tax break and incentives for their own population to breed.
  5. thenodrog

    Extra ! Extra ! Read All About It !

    Now I dislike religion totally so this might sound something of a contradiction but can we all assume that you do not believe in the basic principle of Democracy.
  6. thenodrog

    Transfer Talk Part 4

    I'll take that as a compliment as no doubt intended. Maybe you should do yourself a favour and pay more heed. btw I've two witnesses.
  7. thenodrog

    Extra ! Extra ! Read All About It !

    It's not like we don't already have a shed load though is it? Plus plenty of experience of the incomparability the two main religions are. No mystery to the citizens of many northern towns is it? Plus birth figures revealing that the indigenous population are being increasingly 'outbred' and in time in our democracy which allows anonymous postal votes will be elbowed aside. Cuckoo policies which are compltely evident to the people of Blackburn. Hitchens piece doesn't give us that warm feeling of giving but it does highlight the harsh reallity issue that most of these people will simply be out for what they can get or to use a scouse term basically "on the rob". As JFK once famously said " ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country". I doubt such a thought has never entered the minds of even a hundred of these migrants.
  8. thenodrog

    Extra ! Extra ! Read All About It !

    I know! Thats why I said it! I repeat most are economic migrants NOT refugees. From what I can see in the media most are illegal immigrants into Europe. Scrub engine compartments the only way they'll ever go home will have to be in irons. Anyway what's Putin done wrong? We don't read of many seeking to experience Russian hospitality do we? How about a few setting off for the USA or Australia? China is a super power now so are many migrants heading east as we speak? Europe is a patsy... a soft touch. Labour harms Labour most.
  9. thenodrog

    Extra ! Extra ! Read All About It !

    Assuming it's a 'he' then he'd have to convert to christianity and that would attract some sort of fatwa placed on him by some of the more fundamentalist mohammedans. He'd get bumped off and as they say.. that's when the fight would start.
  10. thenodrog

    Transfer Talk Part 4

    I gave my opinion on the pair of them a few posts back. The best bit about supporting a team with a squad like ours is that one doesn't get that gut wrenching feeling when any of them leave for other clubs. He deserved subbing. In fact blowing my own trumpet here I correctly predicted every substitution. Might allow us to bring in a more useful player into the squad in positions where we have limited options. Henry for example.
  11. thenodrog

    England World Cup Squad.

    Not sure Rooney and Rhodes are comparable tbh Stuart but in retort to Shaun's point about Rooney there is suggestion that JR regularly fails against better opposition.
  12. thenodrog

    Qpr Get Away With £8M Fine. Fup At Its Best

    Surely any owner with any sense would like their club under embargo? FFP embargo provides the perfect reason for owners not chucking good money after bad on the 'advice' of dodgy / bad / incompetent managers and advisors. Much easier to say no to silly demands. Look at Pompey, the price of fending off NUFC for the services of 'Arry' and the spending power they were virtually blackmailed into giving him began the downward spiral into the deep sh1t they are in now. Spending way beyond ones means on a promotion to the Prem gamble is for losers not winners. Maybe an obtuse viewpoint but if we had been under embargo for the past 4 years we wouldn't be up to our necks in debt now. I don't think Samuel is having a go at us at all as he seems to have a grasp on the reasons for our situation. Might be interesting to check back and see if he had any comments on the situation 4 years ago when BRFc fans were 'revolting' and the entire press and media were queuing up to put the boot in on us all.
  13. thenodrog

    Extra ! Extra ! Read All About It !

    Now if they are economic migrants then they are coming here seeking a share of our collective wealth. If as you say they are refugees then they are coming here for our protection. Also IF they are refugees then logically they will return home as soon as the situation changes and they feel safe. So hands up Baz and those who think that once the problems in Syria / Iraq / Afghanistan / Pakistan / Bangladesh / Africa are sorted out that these people will quickly and eagerly return to their homeland? How many will cram into engine compartments, car boots and containers just to return home?
  14. thenodrog

    Transfer Talk Part 4

    No need to ask.... you just need to read subsequent posts.
  15. thenodrog

    Extra ! Extra ! Read All About It !

    Haven't you heard of the national minimum wage?

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