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  1. rigger

    Republic of Ireland 11

    His name is Eamon Rogers, he is the king of our land, his hair hangs over his shoulders, tied up with a blue and white band.
  2. rigger

    Republic of Ireland 11

    who is Brotherson?
  3. rigger

    Football League Suspended

    When is the next EFL update?
  4. rigger

    Republic of Ireland 11

    Even with just one winger, as long as that winger is good enough, he will cause problems . I wish our present management could embrace this idea.
  5. rigger

    Republic of Ireland 11

    Eamon Rogers
  6. rigger

    Football League Suspended

    Blackburn End lower safe standing S/T £200 walk on £15 Blackburn End upper seated same price
  7. rigger

    Owd Photos o’t’ Rovers

    I saw a few mills burn down in my youth
  8. rigger

    Football League Suspended

    But teams that get relegated will say it is because of the lack of home support and the advantage that brings
  9. rigger

    Football League Suspended

    If the premier league is not reviewing till the 4th of April how can the EFL review on the 3rd. what if the EFL say it is safe to play, then the next day the premier say it isn't. I think the decision has already been made, but as usual the supporters are kept in the dark.
  10. All families are going to loose loved ones, it's a question of when !
  11. How are you getting to these shops and offices? Are you going to handle any money?
  12. It’s natures way of stopping global warming
  13. rigger

    Ben Brereton

    As a defender Bell is awful
  14. rigger

    Ben Brereton

    We have, Brereton, Gallagher, Bell, Bennett all performing poorly yet still getting picked! Who is to blame?

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