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  1. rigger

    Rodwell signs

    In a properly organised defence you do not run that much more at full-back than at center-back, a full back does not have to bomb forward. He has to get the ball to someone forward of him that can bomb forwards. You also propose to do nothing about the problem and just let Bell, do for now. I would suggest that we now find ourselves in a position, in the league, where we could take risks in games, trying to come up with an answer to the problem. Rather than make do for now with no plan for the future/present.
  2. rigger

    Rodwell signs

    I just cannot see it being any worse than what I have been watching at left back all season. Lets hope the answer can be found.
  3. rigger

    Rodwell signs

    So what would be your answer to our problem at left back ? Also I cannot see how playing in a different defensive position would be effected by a previous injury record. If you are likely to have a recurrence of an injury it does not matter which position you happen to be playing.
  4. rigger

    Rodwell signs

    I don't get your claim that trying Mulgrew at left back is ludicrous. If we didn't have a problem at left-back, then it would be ludicrous, but we do. So something new needs to be done if we continue to play 4 at the back.
  5. rigger

    Rodwell signs

    Even with pace Bell does not stop his opponent from getting crosses in. In my opinion the most important asset for a full back is to be able to defend. Bells positional sense is appalling he makes it easy for any opposition player to pass the ball to the man, who he is meant to be marking.
  6. rigger

    Rodwell signs

    Personally I think Mulgrew would do better at left back than Williams or Bell. Whatever shape his peg is.
  7. rigger

    Rodwell signs

    Have we got a library ?
  8. rigger

    Rodwell signs

    If we beat Hull it wont matter what has been done, If we lose whatever has been done will be questioned.
  9. rigger

    Current chants

    During our good season we got loads of plaudits for our away backing of the team due to our singing of songs about the Rovers. Now we seem to be reverting back to anti-burnley songs.
  10. You are entitled to your opinion on something that MAY happen, but the fact is we are regularly getting exposed at left back with the players we are playing there at present. The central pairing are starting to look reasonable without Mulgrew. To me the left back position needs to be sorted, putting Mulgrew there may solve that problem and also still give us the weapon of his freekicks. And a big point is, it wouldn't cost anything.
  11. As an attacking full-back I would have to agree, but as a defensive full-back (which is the main object of the position) He can head a ball, tackle, read the game, pass forwards, better than any other option I have seen. We should not be in the business of prolonging players careers, but in getting the best for the Rovers out of players.
  12. My line up would be :- Raya Nyambe Lenihan Rodwell Mulgrew Travis Reed Rothwell Dack Armstrong Graham
  13. rigger

    Current chants

    1, 2, 3, 4,?
  14. rigger


    I would say Bell is playing because he is least worse

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