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  1. I am already excited about going tomorrow. Looking forward to a good win and a night out in Shrewsbury. Any tips on pubs after the match?
  2. The stewards said exactly the same at Scunthorpe. Personally I don't see it as the biggest problem in my world.
  3. No it isn't, it is just asking, the reason that something happens.
  4. you have been given various answers to your question, but you choose to keep asking the same thing over and over again.
  5. Don't worry about it.Of course we bought it, we just didn't spend as much as Liverpool. Oh sorry they haven't won it yet!
  6. I cannot disagree with anything you say. My point is that as a target up front, I personally think that Graham is better than either Antonsson or Samuel. So I would play Graham and one of the others.
  7. but unless my eyes deceive me, not the best two. I would start with Graham and one of the afore mentioned.
  8. I see we have sold out our allocation for Shrewsbury. I am looking forward to a good day out.
  9. No, but it might clarify the myth of our away fans not attending home games. If I am wrong, I am not afraid to admit it.
  10. It maybe helpful if there was a break-down of who buys the away tickets. Are they season ticket holders, 1875 club members, or just people with a buying history.
  11. Are you saying that you cannot grasp that some fans enjoy a good day out at a football match?
  12. Are you going to Shrewsbury?
  13. There is a lot to be said for gallows humour.
  14. Rather than concentrate on the ref's poor performance, we should be looking at our own!