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  1. Credit where it’s due, a good tactical selection at right-back by Mowbray. Play to our strengths and their weaknesses.
  2. rigger

    Summer Transfer Window

    But we need a left-back to play and a keeper to sit on the bench. My priority would be the left-back
  3. rigger

    iFollow Thread

    My stream v Wycombe kept buffering and was ten minutes behind real time.
  4. EI, Ei, EIO up the football league we go
  5. rigger

    Summer Transfer Window

    Your last comment is going to get some Carry On replies
  6. rigger

    Summer Transfer Window

    The trouble with Bell is that he is at the Rovers.
  7. rigger

    Summer Transfer Window

    Brown is my favourite
  8. rigger

    Summer Transfer Window

    Keeping them out has been our problem
  9. This is exactly the situation that Bennett can be used in
  10. rigger

    Summer Transfer Window

    Kaminski or Ayala
  11. rigger

    Summer Transfer Window

    Up to now someone, putting a foot in, hasn’t worked very well we are leaking goals even when we are dominant. I would say that there is something wrong with the system rather than the personnel.

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