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  1. I don’t see why Dack being out means we will automatically lose. Surely they will not know who to mark
  2. That is the team I was hoping for. If we don’t win ,TM’s starting lineup can’t be blamed
  3. rigger

    Jim Smith RIP

    I don't understand how people are surprised that the media don't like us. They haven't done since the northern horde arrived in town.
  4. If he considers resting Nyambe, he should consider resting himself
  5. We should play our best available team tonight. And our best available team on Saturday. If people blow up during a game, replace them then.
  6. rigger

    Jim Smith RIP

    Thanks for the memories.
  7. rigger

    "Mandela Effect"

    Alongside Keane
  8. There are a lot of fans who live a long way from their teams ground
  9. But how do you know how far a fan has travelled?
  10. rigger

    The Godlike Genius of Charlie Mulgrew

    I am still a firm believer that his time at the Rovers had run its course. Thanks but goodbye.
  11. rigger

    Away ticket prices

    60 years plus £20
  12. Brown cow on Livesey Branch Road. Get off the 11:57 Colne train at Mill Hill
  13. rigger

    Players out of position

    But as a left-back, not good enough for a championship team
  14. rigger

    Players out of position

    And he was pretty poor at it.
  15. rigger

    Players out of position

    It doesn’t matter where or how he has played for other clubs in the past . His best position now, for the Rovers is center-half.

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