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  1. Dunny was in the South stand
  2. To me the worrying part is that he does know HIS best eleven and system, and neither work.
  3. Winter Wonderland 7th December

    Personally I think its a great idea, and I don't have kids to take.
  4. The Rovers 5-a-side Challenge

    friedal, berg, flitcroft, dunn, jansen
  5. I am saying, I would settle for shit facilities, and a winning side, but I am not saying that they go hand in hand
  6. We seem to have a record recently of attracting many players who are here for an easy time. Even the most attractive of facilities have to be used properly
  7. Personally I would rather attract players who want to win the league, than players that are only interested in training facilities.
  8. FA Cup 2017/18

    To think if we had lost we could have played Blackpool on a Saturday.
  9. Barnet (H) 04.11.17

    Perhaps that is what he is scared of.
  10. ROVERS v Fleetwood

    the thing with the time that it did work, was that the momentum was carried forward, whereas the other times we end up going backwards, so I don't see the point in Raya trying to rush.
  11. ROVERS v Fleetwood

    It has amazed me in all games this season, how Raya has looked to get the ball out wide quickly, presumably to start an attack, only for the receiving player to either stop with the ball or come back towards our goal.
  12. I voted stick, but at the moment I really don't give a shit.
  13. Season Ticket Spot Checks

    Were Blackburn Rovers, we sit where we want.

    all of them