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  1. rigger

    Dylan McGeouch

    because non of them are wanted on the Continent
  2. If you want to negate the away support give them the whole end and spread them out. In general groups of people do not give as much vocal support when spread out.
  3. Oldham, Wigan, Shrewsbury, Southend, Doncaster.
  4. rigger

    Dylan McGeouch

    We can admit you have some good players, but they are mainly not Scottish.
  5. rigger

    Dylan McGeouch

    And still couldn't cut it at lowly Blackburn Rovers! The most successful TOWN team in the world.
  6. But you are comparing them to the teams at the top of the division. As a starting point we have to be better than three teams at the bottom of the division. I would suggest Bolton, Wigan and whoever wins the play offs as a start.
  7. To me the main reason I would shift the Darwen end Rovers is the marked increase in hassle between opposing fans after the game because they have to cross at the corner of the Darwen end and JW.
  8. rigger

    Season Tickets 2018/19

  9. rigger


    but I think being fair is not the main idea, making more money is!
  10. Perhaps we are heading for an embargo because TM has been given an absolutely massive War-Chest for the summer, and we are going to buy anyone we want!
  11. I think it is more that people think they should have the right to stand up. I agree with that.
  12. I agree the block was brilliant but then he took an age to get up off the floor and close down the next attack. From that cross they scored.
  13. rigger

    Oxford Utd at home

    But would Charlie play for us or Scotland?
  14. rigger

    Oxford Utd at home

    I don't care how many so called glory hunters are their. I am just glad that there is some glory to be hunted again.

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