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  1. rigger

    Millwall Away

    He died a few years ago
  2. rigger

    Back to Ewood

    I am not bothered, as I am not going to go. I don’t mind who sits in my seat.
  3. rigger

    Summer Transfer Window

    Mowbray probably hasn’t.
  4. rigger

    Summer Transfer Window

    Ideal for a team that needs goalkeepers and defenders.
  5. rigger

    Summer Transfer Window

    We are in the summer, from what I have seen recently we have not got a plan or a working formation.
  6. rigger

    Millwall Away

    A psychopathic Elvis
  7. rigger

    Summer Transfer Window

    A good manager would have a plan for if the departures happen. Not use them as an excuse.
  8. rigger

    Reading at Home

    That is magic mushroom dreamland
  9. rigger

    Reading at Home

    And in dreamland, Johnson is given a go at being manager
  10. rigger

    Reading at Home

    The problem is even if we do get humiliated in the last two games Mowbray will not be pushed.
  11. rigger

    Back to Ewood

    I think there will be more Cardboard cut outs, than season ticket holders.
  12. rigger

    Player of the Season 2019/20

    After the last ten games none of them deserve any accolades.
  13. rigger

    Millwall Away

    Baird was a right bastard to young lads going away. There was an audible sigh of relief if he didn’t get on your coach.
  14. rigger

    Reading at Home

    We’ll probably lose, and still nobody cares.
  15. rigger

    Millwall Away

    If Mowbray is still in charge next season, I will not be renewing my season ticket. I have some control over my life.

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