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  1. m1st

    QPR (H) - Tuesday 28th Jan

    There's only Barnsley and Luton Town conceded more Championship goals than QPR this season; so hopefully, our lads, buoyed by the win at Sheffield Wednesday and relaxed by the warmer weather of the Algarve, will be able to pressurise them and win. Fingers crossed for a 3-1 Rovers' win.
  2. m1st

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Meanwhile, on another topic connected with last Saturday, am I the only one to wonder if the squad would be going for some warm-weather training if - as many on here expected before 3.00 last Saturday - we'd lost to the Owls?🤔
  3. m1st

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Being naturally verbose, if I'm abroad and the topic of conversation turns to football and I'm not wearing anything - even a baseball cap - with the club badge on, my answer to the question of which team I support, the 4-word answer's always the same: "The Famous Blackburn Rovers." Sadly, it's been too long since I could quote the next line: "And we're off to Wemberlee!"
  4. m1st

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    As you may have been able to tell, I've saved this evening for catching up on the euphoria of yesterday's win and there's just one thing which I'd like to add about Ryan Nyambe. Imo, one of the best things about his development is that he's now won his first couple of international caps for Namibia. He MUST surely be boosted by that and know, deep down, that he has the real potential to develop further. Let's hope that the club management pick up on this and encourage it for the benefit and, of course, This Great Club Of Ours.
  5. m1st

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    One of my friends who would have to be anaesthatised and dragged to any football match tells me she thinks I'm very 'fluffy'. It's posts like this one, esp. the last paragraph, which make me so fluffy. To think that there'll be a Rovers' fan in the 2070s who'll remember yesterday's game with a fond memory tells me that whatever our owners, or their 'advisers' do with, or to, This Great Club Of Ours, it'll still be safe with fans like her! Right, FLUFF ALERT over!😉😁
  6. m1st

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    😉🤣🤣 Just a thought to properly ingratiate him into the local 'culture', tha knows!!
  7. m1st

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Well, fwiw, I think we ought to be introducing him to Thwaites' Best Mild!! 😉
  8. m1st

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Does that mean we'll beat Leeds 7-0 @ Ewood?!! 😉 🤣
  9. m1st

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    My guess is it's irony, T-i-G. Sorry if someone's already posted on those lines; I'm always late for parties!😁
  10. m1st

    The Godlike Genius of Charlie Mulgrew

    . . . like so many of TM's public statements about Rovers' players, imo.
  11. m1st

    January transfer window 2020

    And, going for the hat trick . . . , About 15 years ago, I was at St. James' Park with a friend who worked in the same line in Newcastle as me for a Newcastle/Rovers game. My pal had managed to get 3 tickets for the game so his wife came with us to watch her first game of Premier League football. I managed not to laugh out loud when she asked him with about 50 minutes on the clock why the teams weren't kicking the same way as they had been in the first half!
  12. m1st

    Corry Evans

    Sorry, I should have added that I, too, hope it isn't a career-ending injury for the sake of the lad who I, too, wish a full recovery.
  13. m1st

    Corry Evans

    And the Ref didn't think it was worthy of even a yellow, IIRC. I'm not suggesting VAR for fouls/cards but when you add 7 mins stoppage time . . . ,
  14. m1st

    January transfer window 2020

    I was just about to post that we'd all been frightened into silence by that prospect!
  15. m1st

    Brum FA Cup

    With respect, some players reach their level & can't progress beyond it. E.g.Smallwood who played a vital role in getting us back into Division 2-really, but couldn't get us any higher up the 'football pyramid'. And is Holtby really a "young lad" in football terms? I was glad to see us signing him; now I'm slightly less convinced.

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