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  1. According to Wikipedia, he's someone who's never made it at more clubs, including non-Leaguers, than you could shake a stick at! Not sure why Chaddy posted his post.🤔
  2. One of my Godsons has been sent the link so he doesn't have to email me as to what I want for Christmas!!
  3. m1st

    Lewis Holtby

    How does he qualify for us to sign him? He's never played for 'Boro!😉
  4. m1st


    He pops up from time to time on Radio 5 on weekday evenings as a 'pundit' 🤣 - yeah, right!
  5. m1st


    I'm relieved to read that; Coyle would have been delusional if he'd have expected a salary over the odds at Ewood. I remember, erm, 'discussing' him with one of the Wigan stewards during our game there 3[?] seasons ago. The steward said it was a toss-up as to whether Coyle or Margaret Thatcher had done more damage to the north west of England!
  6. m1st


    Ay, caramba; why do I not have ^ this man's faith?!😮 Even though I could have topped up my tan at the front of the Riverside, I let the 'International weekend blues' and domestic jobs which needed doing because I - and I'm sure I wasn't the only one - feared a terrible 0-0 draw. From what I've read on here, it sounds like we still aren't firing on all cylinders, but "3 points are 3 points". #shakesheadinamazement
  7. m1st

    Championship season 2019-20

    Oh bloody great; I'd rather that had happened after we'd played them!!
  8. I don't want to make this like a Monty Python line, but for some of us - especially on here? - it would be worse than that. "You've only lost one limb, lad? That's nothing!" Seriously, I know that many others on here have been watching This Great Club Of Ours for 60+ years and couldn't imagine life without it in our lives. Besides, I've still not yet bought a tile outside the Blackburn End commemorating my Dad, who initiated me into the faith in 1953 - the first match I can remember watching, although he says he brought me to games before then. Nor, seeing as I've no children, have I yet been so vain to buy a tile with my own details on.
  9. It's consistently good. It often sustains me, particularly after a defeat or a crap game like Cardiff last weekend, on the No. 1 bus to Bolton which I try to catch before the authorities close Bolton Road.
  10. Catching up with this thread, it's occurred to me that the collateral damage of the Bolton debacle may fall more widely than people may be aware. I have a standing order to the lottery for Derian House Childrens' Hospice in Chorley, which 'piggybacks' on the Wanderers' equivalent of Rovers Readies - it always bugged me that when I won a couple of quid that my prize came in a BWFC-franked envelope! If Wanderers do go out of business, I'm guessing that the lottery could well fold, with possible consequences for the Hospice.
  11. m1st

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    Hallelujah, Lennie; good to see your spiritual side coming through! 😉 And fwiw, I'd like to see us going for a 'surprise' win tonight. If I remember rightly, Wilder wasn't particularly happy with the Blades' performance on Saturday, specially in the first ½. It could be, in old terminology, pretty well our Reserves versus their Reserves and who's to say our Reserves aren't better than theirs? I don't care if it's a crabby injury time win - it was good enough in the last round -but success can breed success. And if one or two displays tonight give the manager a bit of a problem for Saturday, then so much the better! We all know he'll revert to type for Saturday's game but, to quote Kevin Keegan, I'd really love it if some of tonight's team made themselves unstoppable for Saturday.
  12. Sorry, Stuart. 🙄 Some of us are happily retired!😁
  13. m1st


    Thanks for posting this, old darwen blue. His programme's on a bit late for this old beggar and I'd never thought of recording it before watching this clip. As regards the broader issue of attracting people from families whose first language at home is Urdu, and writing as one who now lives elsewhere in what used to be the industrial heartland of 'the old Lancashire', I think that the best we can do is for each of us to make small steps to offer the blue & white scarf of friendship. I may be wrong; but it feels like this season, we have more fans whose first language is Urdu than before. In my working career, I quite often came into contact with families who spoke Urdu at home. Picking up Tex's point towards the end of the clip, I learned over the years of doing my job, how to pronounce a few - very basic - phrases of Urdu and it surprised me how pleased native Urdu-speakers seemed to be that even if I hadn't pronounced the words properly, at least I'd made an effort..
  14. m1st

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    As the League One and Two clubs can still loan players, I wondered if the team selection on Tuesday night might have had a secondary motive, viz. putting some of our 'fringe' players in the Shop window for loans to clubs in those divisions. 🤔 It could rebound on us us, of course by leaving our 'cupboard' even barer than it is at present.
  15. m1st

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    This is definitely a rhetorical question, arbitro; "He won't be in the away dressing room at Ewood a week tomorrow, will he?!"😉

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