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  1. m1st

    Mowbray’s Future

    I rarely visit the Message Boards for which I signed up in my early years on t'Interweb because, while I respect other people's views, I don't like the way that many of them - including dome of the ones I agree with - are expressed. I haven't voted in this poll because none of the options represent my precise views on here. Those fans I know personally are probably fed up of me pointing out that when I watched the first match I remember my Dad bringing me to - 65 years ago - we were in mid-table in Division Two. And where are we now? Mid-table in the Championship. While it would be WONDERFUL to be back in the Premier League, I would rather see it happen slowly and steadily, and wouldn't worry too much if it didn't happen next season or even the season after that. We've had a real rollercoaster ride over those 65 years and after the misjudgement, imo, of our owners replacing Allardyce, with first Kean, then Bowyer, I welcomed the arrival of Tony Mowbray as our first "proper" football manager since BFS was sacked. I'm becoming less enamoured of TM because of some of the points that others have made; it's felt like we've signed players whom he knew when they were in their early years and who are -probably - just about capable of functioning at our present level. To me, we feel over-provided for in midfield - that group of the squad has almost got a 'Never mind the quality, feel the width' - with the defence and attack under-populated by comparison. I worry who the owners would choose to replace Mowbray if they decided to sack him; but, for the time being, I guess it's better the devil we know for the time being. But the summer window will be crucial; he has to show a ruthless streak towards lads who may have reached their peak professionally and cannot push us further up the table.
  2. m1st


    I don't come on the Board often these days, but old habits die hard on Transfer deadline day. Seeing that we seem unlikely to recruit anyone between now & 11.00 tonight, I thought I'd ask a question not directly connected with this window but may have an impact on all future ones. Does anyone on here know - not, 'is prepared to speculate' but actually know - if Brexit will affect our ability to recruit players from Europe? Will we only be able to sign European players of a certain standard? Will we only be able to sign players who aren't EU-nationals? It could be important for our beefed-up Scouting Department. Mind you, given that most sectors of British industry seem to be complaining that the Government is leaving It extremely late to issue guidance on how Brexit will affect them, perhaps not even the Government knows.
  3. m1st

    Oxford Utd at home

    Can I just say what a pleasure it's been to read this thread? Special thanks to Ewoodpo for those statistics about the Dingles' attendances; I copied it onto an email reminding my Dingle-supporting old schoolfriend in New Zealand - I'm sure his blue-and-white golfing partner will carry on with the message! - of the, erm, 'lyrics' of "Small town near Blackburn"! I'm really looking forward to the game & celebrations and just hope that TM's really been able to convince our owners of their responsibilities, going forward, towards This Great Club Of Ours. In a quiet moment just after the final whistle had gone at Doncaster, I looked skywards and "said" to my Dad - he died in 1984 - what a lot he had to answer for since the first game I remember him bringing me to in 1953. We're now back to the Division we were in then and while I'd love us to be back in the Premier League, I'm enough of a realist to be satisfied with what TM's achieved since his appointment.
  4. m1st

    Adam Armstrong

    https://www.themag.co.uk/2018/04/newcastles-adam-armstrong-fire-making-9-goals-8-games-another-2-take-loan-team-top-league-newcastle-united-blackburn-rovers/ If we do finish below Wigan, respect, blueboy! Do you tip on the gee-gees?
  5. m1st

    Pitch Invasion of sorts

    Spot on, roversmum. The Doncaster stewards were brilliant, imo - if they'd been less, erm, diplomatic towards our fans, things could have been much worse. my seat was on something like row 'N' but I was told not to try climbing up to that row. Once the game began, a number of us were accommodated in the middle of the very front row which had previously been covered. It was fine for the first 60 minutes of the game and I didn't experience any of the hassle that roversmum describes. Perhaps that stems from the fact that I'm a 70something bloke with a walking stick which I can gently use to remind [gently!] fellow-fans that they're blocking my view; fair play to the overwhelming majority of them, they moved so I could see the game. Things began to deteriorate for me when we had that spell of real pressure from just after the hour mark. And from the surge forwards once Charlie rose to head the goal, I knew that I probably wouldn't see any more of the action. While I was p155ed off with the attitude of some of my fellow fans, who am I to begrudge them? After all, to quote Max Boyce, "I know; I was there!" and will bore all my mates who weren't till the end of my days!
  6. m1st

    Poster's Previews

    I used to do quite a few previews; and one of my friends is a tame Nottingham Forest fan, so please put me down for the Forest [A] game as they plummet below us towards the relegation zone! It's good to see a return of the optimism which having a preview to read on here imples. Good old Mogga!!
  7. m1st

    Rovers v Nobend

    For me, Forest are the team in this group who seem to be plummeting almost un-noticed, other than by their own fans. And oojw & me; in my case, because one of their keenest fans is one of my oldest friends! They seem to hate their owner with a passion almost unknown in this Division, other than by our good selves of course! I think our game there next month could be crucial; and, fwiw, I think that, although they might have a 'new manager bounce', I'm not convinced that he's in the same league [sorry!] as ours tactically speaking. I think they're likely to get tonked tomorrow by Derby County - now there's a team that'll have a 'new manager bounce' - and that gives us the opportunity to overtake them at lunchtime, then watch as their goal difference deteriorates! RTID
  8. m1st

    Fulham v Rovers 14th March 2017

    Under TM, the team doesn't know when it's beaten! I've a Dingles-supporting pal who lives in NZ. Each time they lose a game, he grumbles about them having lost in stoppage time. I thought he couldn't grumble about their defeat at Anfield on Sunday but I was wrong - Liverpool's first came in 1st half "Stoppage time"! You can guess the general tenor of the email I've just sent to him!
  9. m1st

    Fulham v Rovers 14th March 2017

    Indeed, Tom. But then we've two tough away games straight after the international break. I don't know what's better: keeping this bonded group, who've had to play a lot of a games in a short space of time and done so well, together; or getting some of the presently-injured players back to give TM a wider range of options.
  10. m1st

    Fulham v Rovers 14th March 2017

    I take your point, TBTF; all I was trying to do was bring a bit of realism to some of the comments. Forest & Bristol City are both 6-pointers, imo. As I have a friend who's a fanatical Forest fan, I'd particularly love it if we beat them.
  11. m1st

    Fulham v Rovers 14th March 2017

    It was interesting to hear David Pleat's post-match comments on 5 Live Sports Extra. He was praising the way we'd played since the substitutions and implied that we might have had a better chance of all three points if they'd been made sooner. He was particularly impressed by Mahoney.
  12. m1st

    Fulham v Rovers 14th March 2017

    Just bringing a bit of pedantry to this, don't forget that Bristol City have a home game on Friday night. Admittedly, it's against Huddersfield Town, but a draw would see Bristol back above us.
  13. m1st

    Fulham v Rovers 14th March 2017

    For the lads [and lasses, of course!] who are at the Cottage tonight, you've just been praised by David Pleat on Radio 5 Live Sports Extra for your loyalty to this Great Club Of Ours [temporarily under crap ownership.] The previous 9 words were mine, not Pleat's!

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