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  1. Here; John & I both care!😉 That is truly brilliant, Leonard!!
  2. m1st

    Friend in Need

    Sorry, I've come to this thread late; I rarely visit the Board off-season, which this is to all intents and purposes. Glad to read Paul's bulletin; after all, "he's one of our own!" Keep improving, lad; but take it easy. If B. Johnson has to go to Chequers to recover fully from being in an ICU, I hope you've got somewhere where you can get yourself fully fit again.
  3. m1st

    Football League Suspended

    I'm a Rovers fan who was born in Blackpool and, even though in my mid-70s, still have mates - yes 2 of them! - from schooldays who were fans of Blackpool. One of them lives in London, so can only really attend away games in the South of England; but the other still has an FY postcode and was a Regular at Bloomfield Road until the dreadful Owen Oyston - ironically an Older Boy of our old school than us two - began to be the subject of their equivalent of our protests against our owners. My mate and his family changed the habits of a lifetime and stopped going to games. Once they achieved their aim, they returned to the fold and he and I sat side by side at the last 'Pool vs. Rovers pre-season Friendly. Yes, some of the Protesters found other things to do when they stopped going to games; and I couldn't tell you how their gates last season compared with the last pre-Protest season but you can see the hard core of fans - like my 73-year-old pal are back in the fold.
  4. m1st

    Away shirts

    Yes, indeed. 1] If we're playing away to a team, e.g. Charlton Athletic, whose red 'Home' shirt doesn't clash with the famous Blue & white halves, then those famous Blue & white halves should be worn. They're our trademark. 2] If we're playing a team whose 'Home' shirts have either Blue, or White as a main colour then the Red & Black halved shirt should be worn. 3] I'm less sure about this one. I quite like the very dark blue on the 'second' away shirt. But I also quite like the "Graham Greene" away shirt. 4] At a time when the country's in completely very uncharted territory nationally and financially, it seems a totally money-grubbing exercise to have 2 'away' shirts. With what do our owners want to be associated: a celebrated, Historic club - one of the most famous and historic in the whole country; or a tawdry money-grubbing exercise dragging the name of one of the country's - not just Lancashire's - most Historic clubs into the mire? 5] Not sure what happened with this one, but I'm sure Blue blood's right!😂 6] Couldn't agree more!!
  5. m1st

    Football League Suspended

    Now that's a good idea I'd not thought of. Perhaps we need, at least for the next few seasons, to go back to the concept of regional divisions for the present Leagues One and Two. Well thought-of, that man!
  6. m1st

    Away shirts

    Nah. I just think, "Ah bless; how sad to be a club so desperate to jump on the coat-tails of the famous Blackburn Rovers".
  7. m1st

    Peter Whittingham

    Obviously we never had the best of him; but, at least, he wasn't a Danny Murphy, using Rovers as a transition into another career. Perhaps we signed him a season too late. RIP Peter Whittingham
  8. m1st

    Stoke City home

    All too predictable. As will be TM's post-season analysis that he only promised more points and a higher final position in the table than last season. Which he'll probably deliver.
  9. And for many of us, it was our route down from The Manxman down to the ground. I recall reading about plans for building an Ewood Halt - my name for the station, not what was in the paper - in the Lancashire Telegraph on the train going up to the EUFA Cup game at Celtic. And still it's being talked about.
  10. I have a number of friends who are season ticket-holders at St. James' Park whom I asked about AA when we signed him. The consensus was that Rafa Benitez didn't think he could make it at the absolute top level. They made it sound like we'd got an absolute bargain at the price we paid for him; I'd be staggered if their beloved owner 🤣 doesn't habe a good sell-on clause written into deals like the one on which we acquired him.
  11. Well, if he is, I hope he can explain today's second penalty to his evaluators' satisfaction.
  12. A bit of selective editing from someone who wasn't there and who won't pay Murdoch! I haven't heard ANYone neutral - BBC Radio 5, Quest TV - commentating on the game who thought that that Brentford's second 'goal' was a penalty. Obviously, I'm sad at the outcome, but it was a point I'd have taken at 12.29 this lunchtime. I'm a bit worried that Michael O'Neill's improved Stoke to the extent that I fear that 5 will be our maximum haul of points from today's and next week's two games. Let's hope I'm wrong.
  13. Shouldn't that read, "the 2 points the Ref chucked away for us with the softest penalty decision ever"?
  14. Mark Chapman on R5 says again that Brentford got a soft penalty. Nobody in the R5 studio saying that about ours. Mind; in the great scheme of things, what people in the R5 studio - or on here - think about Brentford's pen don't matter, do they?😟
  15. FWIW Radio 5's commentator & their people in the studio agree. Interestingly, they didn't say that about ours. Mind you, even if they had, it wouldn't have affected the award, would it?

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