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  1. m1st

    Watford v Rovers Wed 21st Oct 7.45pm

    Dead right, Tyrone. Since reading that post of yours, I've been in contact with a Wolves-supporting former colleague who joined me at their first-ever Premier League game in 2003 at Ewood. He sent me the following link: https://www.expressandstar.com/sport/football/2020/07/23/matt-maher-owners-are-proving-to-be-the-dream-ticket-at-wolves/ which sets out clearly how their Chinese owners are represented locally by a man who was accepted by Sir Jack Heyward, their equivalent to Uncle Jack. If only our owners had established a similar set-up, TM wouldn't now be in such a stress-free zone as he and Waggott seem currently to inhabit. And who knows, we might even be back in the Premier League. Aren't 'if' and 'only' two very big words?
  2. m1st

    Nottingham Forest Home

    And couldn't that 'loyalty and decency' which seems to be part of TM's DNA, lead to internal clashes - Mowbray vs. Waggott, even - if any such Review recommended getting rid of some of the backroom staff? That could be a real test for TM: loyalty to long-standing colleagues [say, Venus] vs. keeping his own job. Having said that, I don't actually think it would come to that because I couldn't see Waggott having the cojones, as they say in Spanish football 😉 , to commission such a Review. Unless, of course, our Owners ordered him to. And are they really that interested in us?
  3. m1st

    Watford v Rovers Wed 21st Oct 7.45pm

    Yesterday's result was predictable in so many ways for Rovers' fans: first game after an 'international fortnight'; fans on a high following a more positive than expected transfer window; and, from what YouTube shows - I didn't watch the game 'live' - we were 'kicking the wrong way', with Forest's goal going in at the Blackburn End! So it's important that we do as much as possible to bring all three points home from Watford. Which for me requires the following team to start the game: Kaminski; Nyambe, Ayala, Lenihan, Douglas; Trybull, Holtby*, Johnson; Armstrong, Gallagher, Elliott. Subs: Pears; Rankin-Costello, Williams, Bell, Evans, Brereton, Dolan. Bell may have had a better game than often yesterday but, from all I've read about Douglas, he's an upgrade on Bell and that's why he's been signed. Also, as has been noted elsewhere, having been signed from Leeds - and accepting that he's only played one game this season before his transfer, he's a product of Bielsa's training regime so may well be the fittest bloke in blue and white halves. After yesterday, Trybull, for me, has to come into midfield. Again, I believe he's an improvement on Evans and that alone would warrant his immediate selection. As for the front three, I'd lump - sorry, play! - Gallagher in the middle with the instruction that if he even tried to play on one of the wings, he would face, in the words of the 8th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, "a cruel and unusual punishment"! When I asked my correspondent with an Anfield season ticket about Elliott's attributes, he specifically mentioned his 'toughness'. Which gives me hope that he'll be more than able to cope with whatever wiles the Watford defence have waiting for him. If we weren't ahead with 25 - 30 minutes to go, I'd replace one of the midfielders with either JRC or Dolan. * Assuming he's back from Paternity Leave.
  4. m1st

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Talk about being cheesed off! Typical Rovers after an international break.😲
  5. m1st

    Summer Transfer Window

    Just got in from the Saturday Big Shop, so I hadn't seen this before. My earlier comment certainly wasn't intended as 'hate' for Bennett. For some time, I haven't seen what he's added to the pre-yesterday squad, other than being a conduit between TM and the Dressing Room. Comments I read about Douglas yesterday - and the links between TM and Downing - made me think that, if my view were correct, then either, or both of, Douglas and Downing could fill that role.
  6. m1st

    Summer Transfer Window

    Douglas is also said to have a positive influence in the dressing room. So here's a thought; do we still need Bennett? Just asking!😏
  7. m1st

    Summer Transfer Window

    PS: I can't wait for my regular weekend WhatsApp chat with my Burnleh-supporting former schoolmate in NZ!!😂😂😂
  8. m1st

    Summer Transfer Window

    Sorry this is a bit late; but the verdict on Elliott of my longstanding former colleague who regularly comes back down south from Newcastle with his Anfield season ticket in his pocket is that, "he's good - talented, confident, tough." I was particularly pleased to see the last word in his opinion. He added that he felt sure the loan would be mutually beneficial. I still can't quite believe it! I've got a mixture of elation that we might - at last- be "on our way back"; hope that Elliott might be the talisman that the young Shearer was in 1992; and regret for what, in retrospect, seems like a bit of a wasted decade.
  9. m1st

    Summer Transfer Window

    Surely you can top Mercer's £150 @ 13-2? And from memory, that's for promotion. Think really big; and who knows, you might be able to buy the club from our owners!😂🤣
  10. m1st

    Summer Transfer Window

    No; your carelessness in not checking what you've written before you post. It devalues what you post, imo.
  11. m1st

    Summer Transfer Window

    And following that tangent a bit further, I couldn't help but wonder how Alf Thornton and - memory's a bit hazy here - William Westall [?] at the Blackburn Times would have coped with all the latter-day inventions like transfermarkt!
  12. Thank goodness for that; when I heard that Lenihan wasn't playing, I feared that Bennett would be shoe-horned into the first eleven.
  13. m1st

    Owd Photos o’t’ Rovers

    Dead right. I remember being about seven or eight years old when my Mum told me she was only twelfth in my Dad's affections because there were eleven Rovers ahead of her. That was in the days before substitutes, obviously!
  14. m1st

    Owd Photos o’t’ Rovers

    Why have I never wandered down this particular Memory Lane before? 🤔 My Dad was born in 1908; so he'd have been too young to appreciate fully the two Division One titles and unfortunately died in 1984 so missed the more modern Glory Days. His memories of the teams of the 1920s were so vivid, he had the young me believing that Teddy Harper was still playing. He couldn't afford a ticket for the '28 Final but his best pal went to that game. After the War, that best pal became my Godfather; and before he died, he gave me his 1928 ticket because he and his wife had no children of their own. It's still in a box somewhere; I must dig it out.
  15. Good news for those of me who's just outside the Radio Lancashire FM Radio catchment area! DAB should do the trick.

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