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  1. Apologies to everyone but I'm actually heading to England for the first time in a decade from April 26th to May 6th. As my record attending Rovers games over the years is something like 3 draws and 5 losses, I promise I won't attend any games in person during that period.
  2. pg


    I remember watching the World Cup in 2015 thinking how lucky we were to have so many match winners with the bat and ball and how our selectors had managed to capture the spirit of the new style of ODI play, while laughing at England getting knocked out by Bangladesh. A lot has happened in the three years since. Having said that, I think the domestic BBL series is playing with the selectors heads (and I reckon Cricket Australia might have a say in which BBL players are 'released' for International duties). I'd hope that with a clean slate that put together a better squad. At least you'd hope so. Some of Australia's selections for this ODI series are bizarre to say the least.
  3. pg


    Good first day for England. If they bat well tomorrow they have a chance to win the Test.
  4. pg


    Should Australia have enforced the follow-on?
  5. pg


    Well Australian beats England at the Gabba which is no surprise. I don't think England have won there since 1986 when Ian Botham went bananas. It seems Smith's innings was the main difference. The next test is Adelaide. Some observers think the pink ball at night will provide more 'English' conditions and will help Broad and Anderson. Of course, a swinging ball may also help Starc. I guess we'll see.
  6. pg


    Well it's time for another Ashes thread. I predict that if Australia's fast bowlers stay healthy it will be a victory for the home side. If not, it will be a close fought series. Both teams seam to have fairly fragile batting line ups that are overly reliant on one or two batters. BTW for those of you who follow ladies cricket, Laura Jackson from Lancashire (and Cheshire before that) is a coach at my local team.
  7. I've heard rumours that Red Bull are shopping around for an English team. Previous approaches to Birmingham and Leeds were rebuffed by ownership.
  8. pg


    Not with Trump in the White House. An 'isolationist' US will make English less relevant throughout the world.
  9. This same phenomena has occurred in Australia as well, much to our own detriment. The major parties are run by professional politicians who continue to play University Student politics. The professional political class is now completely detached from the Australian public on several major issues. Not sure the Scottish people agree with you on that one. Some people just want to watch the world burn.
  10. Ah, so you fail to answer my question. I think England should leave the EU as that's what the majority want but I now believe it won't happen. The Tories will fart about for a few years and by the 2020 election PM Corbyn will cancel the leaving process. The EU itself will look vastly different in four years anyway.
  11. Three B-grade losers. Why didn't Boris Johnson triumphantly celebrate the Brexit victory? Why didn't he contest the Tory party leadership?
  12. Personally I think the England should leave the EU ASAP. You can have another plebiscite in 10 years time to see if you want to come back. But the whole thing Brexit campaign seems to be, from the arse end of the world, a monumental stuff-up.
  13. Where is the political leadership to carry through the results of the plebiscite? I can have a plebiscite asking people if they'd like to have holidays on Mars and make beer free. But if you don't any political leadership to actually make it happen, what's the point? Brexit was a funny idea and a nice way to stick it to the professional political classes..but there isn't a single political leader who actually wants to carry it out Well that's the point. There is no one who wants to 'move on' and get it done is there?
  14. Farage resigns as UKIP leader. Brexit is finished, and the UK will remain in the EU.
  15. England will also be out of EUMETSAT and the ESA. EDIT : Maybe not - https://www.sirp-isrp.org/index.php?lang=en&Itemid=836

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