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  1. RIP Cyrille Regis

    Very sad to hear of Cyrille's passing. An outstanding player and man.
  2. Premier League Stuff

    That Liverpool v Citeh game was just stunning. Aguero completely missed his shot in front of an open goal at 4-1 down otherwise would have ended 4-4.
  3. Premier League Stuff

    Stoke planning Plexit obviously...
  4. The January 2018 transfer thread

    The confirmed deals so far this window are extremely encouraging. The offers reported confirm Mowbray sees that the squad needs better strength in depth and he has a bit of cash in hand. I am happy with what we are seeing thus far.
  5. Message to Venky's

    Back to the intent of the original post, I do genuinely hope Venky's enjoyed watching yesterday's game.
  6. Adam Armstrong

    Anyone got a sense of why he seems to go off the boil at each club he has been loaned too?
  7. Message to Venky's

    Steve Kean cough The question at Ewood is was it one trusted agent of an obviously untalented manager put into rubber stamp said agent's economic interests?
  8. Shrewsbury Town - 13/1/18

    There is some footage on the web which shows he was clearly onside going off the pitch markings. Very hard to see why that goal was ruled out to be honest.
  9. Message to Venky's

    1) Hope you enjoyed yesterday's match. That is what a real football match with real fans is all about with the promise of plenty more to come over the next 20 games 2) I hope you can see why appointing an agent to run a football club doesn't work. THEY ARE USELESS! At any level of football, you have very fit athletes and experienced coaches who know what is not a terribly complicated game inside out. Margins are fine and anything less than 100% commitment results in bad results. Agents are at least 50% committed to their own pockets, not to the owners and not to the football club they are running. Been a hard lesson for you to learn and excruciating for us fans watching you learn it. 3) Thanks for continuing to put the money in now the club is on very hard times three levels below where we would have been without being destroyed by the agents. Yes you have lost money through bad advice and your own misjudgements but all credit to you for keeping us solvent now.
  10. Shrewsbury Town - 13/1/18

    Folks who said this was the season defining game got knocked but I think they were right. Not just for getting us back into a position which piles all the pressure onto Shrewsbury to win games but the surge of belief this has given players, management and fans. Long time since I have read a unanimously positive post-match reaction like this thread.
  11. Cheap Ticket Games

    We don't need to discount Wigan but I'd give cheap tickets for the Northampton and Walsall games on the Saturday/Tuesday coming up at the month end and a voucher for the televised Bury game if people buy tickets for those two games combined.
  12. Fleetwood

    After yesterday, no need to fear anyone. The challenge is to play to what we are capable of. Obviously homework has to be done on the opponents but it is now all about us rather than the team we are playing against. Rovers to set off that 2-2 draw at home against Fleetwood with another 4-2 away win.
  13. Shrewsbury Town - 13/1/18

    Shrewsbury just had their first attempt on goal of 2nd half. Come on lads, keep the pressure on.
  14. Shrewsbury Town - 13/1/18

    They scored as soon as I posted!