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  1. philipl


    British press is garbage:
  2. philipl


    Trump rushed off to hospital, now missing from the public eye for a third day. Judging by the picture of the absent press cameras, nobody is expected... Former NSC Head John Bolton in a private speech has said there is an even bigger Trump scandal to break.
  3. philipl

    Gareth Ainsworth

    Watched some of Tranmere v Wycombe yesterday while eating lunch (wife is away on business). Ainsworth has melded a team of little talent into League 1 leaders- certainly looks like a boss with quiet authority who knows exactly what he is doing. Otherwise the game screamed at the gap in quality between League 1 and the Championship. Rose coloured glasses but I don't recall any Rovers games in League 1 where both sides were as lacking in talent as on display at Prenton Park. "Highlight" was the clash between 16 stone 37 year old (check his Wiki entry) Wycombe centre forward Ade Akinfenwa and the Tranmere Rovers number 6 Monthe who must be the biggest unit playing in the football league- as broad as Akinfenwa but because he is 4 inches taller doesn't look as heavy. As you would imagine, this was a battle of plodders. That said, in a game destined for 0-0, Akinfenwa scored Wycombe's first with a beautifully taken poacher's header and Monthe has a very decent eye for a pass.
  4. philipl

    Premier League Stuff

    Man U's debt has gone up in one year by roughly the same amount as Rovers' total debt.
  5. philipl


    Vote Tory to smash up the UK https://t.co/Wguy3leRSO?amp=1
  6. philipl


    Which is the Tories at this election. Lib Dems spending is based on us not losing £50bn through Brexit.
  7. philipl


    And a nuclear armed Scotland following the next Independence Referendum. SNP have shifted their position to saying Faslane and Lossiemouth are Scottish.
  8. philipl


    No idea how, if at all, the two new scandals are going to play. Prince Andrew will probably get buried and forgotten like all Royals in a hole do but the links to Epstein means there is an out of control American dimension. Epstein is either being expertly news-managed to kill the story or it is a bomb waiting to go off when Trump has been further weakened by the impeachment investigation. The speed with which the impeachment is moving means 12 December is one hell of a long time away. Arcuri on the other hand talking about keeping Johnson's secrets is a clear invitation to start a bidding war to sell the secrets/shut her up. Almost certainly a very rich Johnson buddy will shut her up but she could, just could, be a gal who fancies being a perpetual minor celebrity in which case she will pocket a packet and squawk. Whether her squawking before 12 December would damage Johnson is an open question- Johnson's choice of women are not the sorts who are going to make most British men vote for him out of admiration or make him more desirable to British women. The big dilemma is how Arcuri holes Johnson over standards in public life without bringing criminal prosecution on herself. So my gut feel is both these are electoral nothingburgers but will further take Brexit away from the public eye.
  9. philipl


    Chaddy, That is a catastrophically bad performance of NHS budgets rising at a compound average of under 2% per year 2010-2019. Under Labour 1997-2010, NHS spend was rising at 6% per year. Putting this into context, Tory NHS spending has kept pace with inflation- no more At a time when the overall population has been growing and the number of socially deprived and proportion of elderly has grown dramatically.
  10. philipl

    Lancashire Telegraph

    I have no doubt Simon Smith has always written as a Rovers supporter through and through. The club needs to look at itself for the footballing reasons opinions are so divided. Picking up on JH Rovers' fabulous post, in terms of financial support and infrastructure, Rovers "natural" position if we have to play in the Championship is at the top challenging for automatic promotion. We are significantly under-performing that which is dividing the fans and editorially putting the LT into a no win position. Especially as Tony Mowbray's pronouncements have become increasingly befuddling and the paper has to report them with a straight face..
  11. philipl


    Oh dear, 4-0 win is a 4-0 win but the scoreline hides a multitude of sins.
  12. philipl

    If Tony goes...

    I am between the two of you and feel reasonably optimistic PROVIDED we get the succession from Mowbray correct
  13. philipl


    The wheels on the bus go round and round...
  14. philipl


    There is a London Lib Dem surge: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/nov/16/election-2019-london-polls-show-lib-dem-surge?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Gmail
  15. philipl


    The survey names these colleges as giving the biggest return on investment after four decades: Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, St. Louis College of Pharmacy, If you want firm evidence that protecting the NHS from American pharmaceutical company pricing is essential.

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