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  1. philipl

    World Cup 2018

    Uruguay who have won it twice are smaller
  2. philipl

    World Cup 2018

    So many positives for England to take from this World Cup. We have found a Manager worthy of the title. Almost all of that squad will be available for selection in four years' time while there are new generations of players coming through who have the winning mentality and experience of winning tournaments repeatedly at junior level. OK they didn't show tonight but players like Kane have the potential to mature into world beaters. At least there is one club in the Premier League in Spurs which seems to have the ability to produce a string of competitive England international players on the world stage. To be honest, I had felt that facing France in the Final was going to be one game too many and we might have faced a national humiliation. As it is Croatia will lose in all probability but are likely to pose a different quality of challenge than we would have mustered. We might still get right royally humped by Belgium in the third place game. Tonight was all about not getting at least a two goal advantage in the first half then not having the legs or the guile to control Modric in the second half- what a fabulous fabulous player he is.
  3. philipl

    World Cup 2018

    Unlike last night's encounter with quality all over he park, there are weaknesses all over the park tonight. England coming into the game probably fitter. Both sides have players and systems which can hurt the other but sticking with my 60-40 odds in favour of England despite my 60-40 in favour of Belgium getting upset last night. Both sides will lose the respective Final/Third place game irrespective of which one is in which.
  4. philipl

    World Cup 2018

    My tupence worth on the semi-finals. Any draw involving France, Belgium, England and Croatia which kept France and Belgium apart would have made France and Belgium overwhelming favourites to reach the final. As it is they meet each other teehee. So to tomorrow and Wednesday's reality. Belgium 60/40 to beat France because they shade the player quality in most positions on the field. Mbappe and Griezman are match winners for France if the reds lose either of them for a second anywhere near goal but Belgium been showing resilience and discipline. On paper this should be a classic and probably would be if either side score inside the first 20 minutes. However, if you are France, the only way you are going to tilt the Belgian advantage away from them is by playing like the first two Group stage games and squeezing the life out of your opponents. Do that and the French have enough fire power to be sure they can convert the odd chance that will inevitably come their way. For Didier Deschamps, this is the only low risk option he has got of making it to the final so my tip is Belgium 1 France 0 and the Belgians having enough cool discipline to outgrind the French. On Wednesday. I have England 60/40 to win despite Croatia clearly having the best player on the park in Modric. Plumping for England because as near as damn it this is an English Premier League game as much of he Croatian side has been in the EPL at one time or another. If you are Southgate, you have to play Kane as 1 up front to feed on the inevitable bits and pieces a defence with Lovran in it is going to give you. You are also going to niggle the easily niggled Croats into conceding free kicks in dangerous places again knowing Lovran's Liverpool reputation. Trying to play pass pass pass in the middle of the park will be an invitation for Croatia not only to show how ball control is really done but also to nick it and slice through onto goal. So although nothing like the quality of France v Belgium will be on display, this will be the better match with England to win 3-2 in an epic.
  5. My showreel shows me curling one round an England u-21 keeper and off the post. Only there weren't any cameras And showreels weren't invented for another 30 years...😎
  6. philipl

    World Cup 2018

    Just been reminded that Belgium won 4-0 in the Stade de France three years ago- and France got off lightly that night too.
  7. philipl

    Pre Season Matches

    Pre-season games are meaningless. But its nicer to be meaninglessly happy than meaninglessly miserable. Nice goal by Conway by the way. Even though his Hibs marker was in Glasgow.
  8. philipl

    Pre Season Matches

    We don't know Chaddy- let's be honest
  9. Hope you are right and I am wrong. More importantly, I hope Chapman won't have any more hamstring problems whoever he plays for.
  10. I read that as a no Chapman reply.
  11. philipl

    Pre Season Matches

    Third Place Final...
  12. philipl

    World Cup 2018

    I doubt Croatia and Modric in particular will be as dopey against us as they were against Russia. England v Croatia is a genuine 50/50 and could be a blinder of a game. Despite all the talent on show, France might go ultra cautious against Belgium in the other SF. Earlier in the tournament, I had ??? against four England players. Now this 4 rank: Young- magnificent Alli- coming good Walker- ok so far but still a disaster in waiting Sterling- WTF Having written that, it will be arise Sir Raheem after his hattrick in the Final
  13. philipl

    World Cup 2018

    Uruguay without Cavani allowed France to play a few meters furher up the field than they would have done otherwise producing a routine win.. Brazil v Belgium was magnificent. A mix of Belgium really are this good (fabulous defensive effort and what a player Hazard is) and Brazil really aren't as good as they had been hyped. Sticking with that as the game which decided the eventual winners although France v Belgium will be immense. Croatia should have far too much for Russia to be able to handle and man for man England are stronger than Sweden in at least five positions, no worse in five other positions and decisively better in Kane. Yes Sweden can win, but if you played tonight's game ten times, England would win six, three would be draws and Sweden would win once.
  14. philipl

    Premier League Stuff

    No- it is a potential liability for the buying club and potential asset for the seller. Both parties can agree to expunge it for a consideration. Two years ago, Rovers most definitely contacted every club which had a sell on clause over an ex-Rover player and asked them if they wanted to make an immediate cash settlement in return for cancelling all potential further rights to income Rovers had in connection with the player's transfer.

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