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  1. philipl


    New York Times are reporting that Trump claimed his Trump Rally in Nebraska last night had 29,000 in attendance. The local emergency services counted 6,000... Not as dramatic as the 300,000 expected in Tulsa turning into a sub 6,000 turnout of whom only 1,900 weren't paid to be there for one reason or another.
  2. philipl


    https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-crowd-size-rallies/2020/10/17/9ec3e098-0fd2-11eb-b1e8-16b59b92b36d_story.html Let's be absolutely clear. Because of the massive security operation to allow people to get within a sniper's bullet range of POTUS, Trump's people know exactly how many people are at these rallies. If the crowd sizes were big they'd be boasting precise numbers, note just saying "Yuge".
  3. philipl


    Brexit shambles https://www.reuters.com/article/britain-eu-border-insight-int-idUSKBN27B0OA?taid=5f96ad674f48e3000199bcf7&utm_campaign=trueAnthem:+Trending+Content&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=twitter
  4. philipl


    What they have done is cherry picked their venues to make the crowds seem big.. https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-campaign-rethinks-arena-rallies-after-tulsa-cnn-2020-6
  5. philipl


    Obama vs Trump - no contest
  6. philipl


    They are incredibly small https://edition.cnn.com/2020/10/27/politics/donald-trump-crowds-rallies/index.html Even in 2016 when the Trump crowds were much bigger, they were League 1 at best https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_rallies_for_the_2016_Donald_Trump_presidential_campaign
  7. philipl


    And 5 minutes later speaking at and for an event very closely linked to the British Conservatives, all arguments for Brexit were a smoking bombed out mess in the ditch.
  8. philipl


    The number of votes cast will be well under 50% of the eventual 2020 turnout probably but yes, 50% of the 2016 total is already cast. Overall increased turnout is great news for Biden because Clinton lost by not getting her vote out four years ago. Early voting is great news too because all indications are Biden is ahead 2:1 in those 63 million votes already cast. Trump and Fox did a brilliant job convincing Republicans it was risky/corrupt to vote early or by mail! The extraordinary piece of karma in all this is that because of global warming, polar air is being sucked into the mid west earlier and earlier each year. In effect, January arrived yesterday in many of the States Trump needs to win on 3 November and his vote hasn't come out yet plus they are the most affected by Covid now. North and South Dakota are the riskiest places in the world for catching Covid. An example of how cold it is- Trump held a campaign in Omaha yesterday. They provided buses to bring supporters from the airport to the rally site but then made no arrangements to get them back in the massively sub zero temperatures. Many tried to walk the four miles to the Airport and over 30 are now in hospital with hypothermia. Another astonishing piece of polling is showing that everywhere Trump is holding these non-masked or socially-distanced rallies, the local population becomes less pro-Trump because of the recklessness in the face of the pandemic. Trump is only campaigning in rallies now so that is hugely counter-productive.
  9. philipl


    Heathrow only ninth busiest in Europe based on number of planes flying today. Obviously that is Covid affected but as you say CDG has overtaken LHR on "normal" scheduled traffic
  10. philipl


    Berry was a Johnson cheerleader and now is the most likely ringleader to bring him down.
  11. philipl


    What Hancock is doing is illustrating that recent Tory Governments in particular come from a tiny, very wealthy, very sheltered elite who exist in a different world completely removed from normal existence. Perhaps the greatest con of Brexit was to convince people they were "taking back control" when in fact they were handing everything over to a very rich, very upper class elite with no morals.
  12. philipl

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    People objected at Half Time to my describing four Reading players as Premier League class. My four are Cabral the keeper. Esteves (aged 18) Richards (aged 22) Olise (aged 18) We have talented youngsters but Esteves in particular is Elliott level something else and comfortably outshone Elliott last night.
  13. philipl

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    Showing symptoms = tested positive or have been in very close contact with someone who has. It means Co0vid is at best, very close to the Rovers camp and given how extremely contagious it is, we are going to be very lucky not to have an Accrington Stanley style affliction. After last night, I wouldn't have a problem postponing Swansea and Boro to later in the season when hopefully Travis and Dack are back. As for Pears, a great reaction save from Del's og attempt but otherwise, the best that can be said is he occupied the goal keeping space and looked more convincing than Walton. Really shouldn't have been where he was after 9 seconds even if Douglas had collected the ball with his instep rather than the back of his heel. Not that he would have stood too much chance one on one with Meite clear with the ball half way inside our area.
  14. philipl

    Armstrong Signed

    A quick word in praise of Armstrong. He took his two goals last night brilliantly well. We would have been raving about him and them today had what went on behind him not happened. As it is, Arma has scored 67% of all the goals Reading have let in this season.
  15. philipl


    You are right. They are all alive.

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