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  1. philipl

    Brexit Thread

    Peter Foster @pmdfoster Sir Ivan Rogers has just delivered another 11,000 word broadside. I have read. Some highlights. 1/thread Starts by warning that both Brexit 'reversers' and hard-break Brexiteers are killing the common ground for compromise. The result that May's 'my way or the highway' plan has not narrowed the gap, but widened it. /2 Then has a crack at the "bizarre" absolutism of brexiteers who once dreamt of an escape to Norway, but now lament it as BRINO /3 And then absolutely lashes the "canard" of a WTO-only brexit, as the basis for a new global trade strategy. I particularly like the second on these two paras /4 Then, near weeping at this point, ponders the mendacity of the snake oil salesmen who say that the UK flouncing out of the EU on WTO rules is the route to putting the EU in the back foot for a trade negotiation . /5 Next, he delves into the reality that the UK is sacrificing services access in order to curb Free Movement - and the costs that come from starting negotiation from the 'tabula rasa' of the current Political Declaration - in a sector where UK runs huge surpluses. /6 Notes that the compromise on customs/backstop is designed to avoid this on GOODS, but doesn't on services. Which will be painful. In this key section he spells out why the "SuperCanada" FTA Brexiteers dream of will be so costly. And why the coming trade talks will be ugly. /7 Then has a choice swipe at Boris Johnson and others who understand that UK commercial interest does not lie in leaving customs union, but don't care anyway because (politically) nostalgic sovereignty stuff sells. /8 And then "crass" idea that being in the EU prevents UK from being global trade power, and the "fatuous" narrative of the buccaneering upside of these mythical trade deals that @LiamFox can't even roll over to stand still. /9 mentions Then - for trade wonks - explains why Article 24 of WTO will NOT provide cover for trade negotiation if we crash out. And the Greg Hands suggestion that we ignore WTO anyway, that gets a kicking to. /10 mentions And one more kick to the shins for Boris and the mendacity of those who promise a world of 'no deal' mini-deals /11 mentions And then, after rehearsing the Irish 'trilemma' notes that Mrs May's pretence that the her 'deal' can still deliver both independent trade policy (outside CU) and invisible border is still "fantasy". (Tragic this still needs saying) /12
  2. philipl

    Brexit Thread

    British tourism in decline. https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2019/jan/22/tourist-numbers-to-the-uk-down-while-global-figures-continue-to-rise?utm_term=RWRpdG9yaWFsX0d1YXJkaWFuVG9kYXlVS19XZWVrZGF5cy0xOTAxMjM%3D&utm_source=esp&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=GuardianTodayUK&CMP=GTUK_email I bet that has not been factored into the damage Brexit is doing to the UK but is a measure of Britain's falling reputation. Tourism declined from 10.5% of British GDP in 2017 to 9.9% in 2018. It employs 3.1m people. Manufacturing (also in steep decline in the UK since the Brexit vote) employs 2.9 million in the UK.
  3. Fab preview. OK, last season's home FA Cup tie probably the worst game of the season. This season Rovers v Hull promises to be the best game this season. Why? Hull are very exciting now with flying wingers and forwards, brilliant overlaps and diagonal passing winning the ball by pressing high up, snapping into tackles on the halfway line. Hull like to get 5 forward really quickly when attacking and Polish winger Kamil Growicki is lethal down their left. At the time of writing, Hull top scorer Jerrod Bowen may be a Leicester player before Saturday replaced by Marc Pugh from Bournemouth who had his medical today. They had won 7 on the trot until they went to Villa Park and were 2-0 up early on there also but ended up fortunate to get the 2-2 draw. What happened? Villa out Hulled them. Handed out some industrial grade tackling and went forward at pace exploiting the gaps Hull inevitably leave as they pour forward. This is not a game for either Smallwood or Evans who are too slow physically and mentally for what Hull will throw at them. Thankfully both Nyambe and Bennett are quick at right back so we have defensive cover there. I'd look for Reed playing centrally and Armstrong on from the start to hurtle into the spaces in the Hull defence. Mowbray picks a team with pace and we can win this. If he goes conservative, we could easily lose by 3,4 or more.
  4. philipl

    Brexit Thread

    Perfect description for anything said by Minford. Care to nominate any other economist advocating Brexit? Minford is the only one I know of. By the way Sony moving out of the UK to Holland P&O reflagging its ships in Cyprus Dyson HQ going to Singapore- that takes a handy £300m tax revenue away from the UK. Singapore of course will have a far superior trading arrangement with Europe than the UK will have under WTO rules.
  5. philipl


    He's not a husky dog either...
  6. philipl

    Jacob Davenport

    Will be great to get him fit. Still only 19/20 and was probably seen as the main signing in the summer until Armstrong. Seemed to have made a huge impression at Burton last season in the Championship.
  7. philipl

    Rodwell signs

    Both especially the way Hull play.
  8. I will add Garner's five v Derby and Garner away against the great Ipswich side in the early '80s which we lost 4-3. The then England central defence of Osman and Beatie couldn't cope with him. Scott Sellars put in some stunning performances but a game against Leeds comes to mind. Duncan McKenzie v West Ham in 1979 Tony Parkes put in some shifts for Rovers too. Remember him dominating Palace in a 3-1 win Christmas 1977. Trying to remember a cup game against first division opposition in which Noel Brotherston was unplayable against.
  9. philipl

    Premier League Stuff

    Fears that Cardiff's signing Sala has died in an air crash. Plane bringing him from Nantes to Cardiff missing off Alderney.
  10. philipl

    Championship 2018-19

    We have 40 points from 28 games and I will be disappointed and surprised if we don't keep this rate of points accumulation going which points to 66 points. Given we have played twice against three of the top four already, we have got cuter about conceding after the 70th minute and we have a couple of youngsters emerge like million pound signings since Christmas, 70 points is probably par now. Whether we can push that on to 76 points+ to get into the play-offs is probably too much to ask so I am sticking with prediction of finishing 7th.
  11. philipl

    Premier League Stuff

    Spuds coming back against Fulham probably the most important result of your season other than your own games. I fancy you to survive a battle to avoid 18th when it is one from Palace, Southampton, Newcastle, Burnley and Cardiff going down. Not if it had become two from those plus a revived Fulham.
  12. philipl

    Brexit Thread

    https://news.sky.com/story/cross-channel-freight-trade-could-drop-by-87-govt-document-warns-11614002 A Government document says cross-Channel shipping will drop between 75% and 87% in the event of no deal Brexit. Which would suggest the entire British car industry will disappear. The only economist backing Brexit said this: I have long felt no deal Brexit effects are massively under-estimated. I am not a mover or shaker in business relocation. It is not even my day job, more a sideline. But based on what I have already done and the talks I am having, I will move £100m in investment and about 1,000 jobs out of the UK if there is a no deal Brexit. Any sane responsible Government would kill no deal Brexit now. In fact it would have killed it about 12 months ago the first time it got mentioned.
  13. philipl


    At least we don't have an away end which looks like this stadium in Malta.
  14. philipl


    We had this when we were in the Premier League. We even had a coach travelling from Gloucester to every game.
  15. philipl

    Tony Mowbray Appointed Head Coach

    Fig leaves all round...

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