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  1. Damn late Shrewsbury winner
  2. MK Dons grab late late equaliser very important for us
  3. Brexit Thread

    We all have our crosses to carry..
  4. Good to see a more than 50% ratio of goal attempts being on target for a change.
  5. Being greedy, time to kick on and get some more goals.
  6. Good job we are winning because teams around us doing well. Should move ahead of Rotherham because they are losing at home to Shrewsbury. Will take the current Wigan 1 Bradford 1 score at full time.
  7. Bury started brightly again.
  8. Crikey, Nuttall didn't score from a chance..
  9. Looks like BRFCS picked today's team. Now watch for some weird formation....
  10. Brexit Thread

    I consult with the aviation industry I can tell you now the planes will stop flying in a no deal Brexit for certain and probably in a hard Brexit. I hope we don't get to see who the dope smokers are because I am increasingly confident Brexit won't happen.
  11. Brexit Thread

    By the way, this is what taking back control and regaining our sovereignty looks like: For the FIRST time in the 7 or 8 century relationship between Britain & Ireland, the Irish exercise power over its larger neighbour" https://news.sky.com/story/theresa-may-playing-brexit-whack-a-mole-as-ireland-throws-a-spanner-in-the-works-11131098 … Lewis Goodall
  12. Brexit Thread

    In democracies people change their minds. Besides which, people voted only to Leave. Not how or when. They did not vote for hard Brexit because leave ridiculed the idea and promised soft Brexit. People were not asked to curtail all our human rights for instance but that is what they are getting. They were not asked for a return to IRA bombings but that is what they are going to get. They did not vote for a toothless irrelevant country where everything is decided in foreign boardrooms but that is what they are going to get. They did not vote for rubbish unsafe expensive food but that is what they are going to get. They did not vote for reduced environmental and employment rights but that is what they are going to get. They did not vote to be 10% worse off but that is what they will be. And I have not started on the consequences of a no deal Brexit when quite literally the country will grind to a halt.
  13. Doubtful and for sure he doesn't have the political chops to do it. You cannot dragoon your Parliamentary Party (who still are fundamentally against him) when you yourself made defying the Whip an art form.