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  1. philipl

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Agreed. I am unconvinced by the two keepers we are rumoured to be getting but let's see what transpires.
  2. philipl

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    read that thread, even when he was sold, and that is nothing compare with the stick he was given during the second half of last season on brfcs.com
  3. philipl

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I was one of those most unhappy about Raya going but well over half the message board are asserting Raya cost us at least ten goals and several points last season, convinced he disrupted the defence through poor communication, made rubbish decisions and flapped at every cross. In short, they were insistent he be shipped out and they got their wishes fulfilled.
  4. philipl

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    None of the video clips show the ball in the air so the answer is don't know... Strengths seem to be very clean (just one yellow card as a central defender!) Uses his long legs to devastating effect in dispossessing opponents Explosive sort distance pace Decent ball distribution.
  5. philipl

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Missing my point. We are within FFP but it needs careful management. If Venky's weren't still pouring the cash into Rovers, FFP would be the very least of our worries. Ask Bolton and Bury fans what that feels like rather than the paranoia filling the last 490 pages of this thread.
  6. philipl

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Worth pointing out that FFP IS a serious problem for Rovers. It is a problem 90% of Football League clubs can only dream of having because they have ownership which will go nowhere near injecting cash to the extent FFP would become an issue.
  7. philipl

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I can exclusively reveal our budget for this summer's transfers was a box of marshmallows and a half eaten sarnie. That is what every agent and club we are dealing with have to believe.
  8. philipl

    Rangers fan here

    Huge difference when the subs were made (apart from Smallwood again not passing forwards). Energy level zoomed up and we rattled the Gers at the back and in midfield. 1-1 very fair result. Hart had a nice little cameo. Travis showed he is the key guy in central midfield, Rothwell showed he has to be picked. Apart from completely losing Defoe for their goal, Lenihan looked class. I wonder just wonder if Nyambe will be tried centrally- he looked a natural there for his 15 minutes. Cannot fault Bennett in any way- energy, positioning and good distribution. Thought Johnson and Downing both a bit off the pace when on the pitch. Arma still frustrating when through in dangerous positions. Dack showed hunger in the time he was on. Leutwiler showed he is capable both of sharp saves and dominating his box which is a big bonus. Gerrard threw on Docherty and Merilos showing he wanted it. Apparently Travis' goal was the first Rangers have conceded in Europa, League Cup and Friendly action.
  9. philipl

    Rangers fan here

    Crikey already? Still trying to get the feed to work.
  10. philipl


    Sorry it is so small but that is the extent of Islamic domination in Europe at the beginning of the great Golden Age of Islam. Most of the basic tenets of modern mathematics and a lot of science are Islamic in origin. The Islamic hegemony over Europe was remarkably tolerant with Christians and Jews able to live alongside Moslems. The Inquisitions were Christian terrors imposed on the Islamic populations after the retreat of Islam. Suicide bombing was invented by the Christian Crusaders against Islam. Some of the greatest architecture in Europe are bequeathed to us by Moorish Spain. Our counting system- why do you think they are called arabic numerals? Arithmetic, algebra, algorithm, amalgam (also amalgamate), admiral, chemistry, alcohol, alkali, arsenal, average, benzene, candy, carat, cheque and check, cipher, cotton, coffee, calibrate, cork, drub, fanfare, gauze, giraffe, garbage, guitar, hazard, jar, jumper, lemon, lime, magazine, mattress, monsoon, orange, safari, saffron, sequin, serendipity, spinach, sugar, syrup, sodium, talc, talisman, tangerine, tariff, traffic, tuna, typhoon, zenith, zero are all arabic words brought into the English language. Husky you would be risibly ridiculous if you weren't so hateful.
  11. philipl


    Emily Maitlis of BBC Newsnight and Tim Shipman of The Times are reporting: Johnson is a disorganised ignorant bounder. No Deal Brexit is a suicide pact. The two biggest lies of No Deal Brexit are: 1) We can refuse to pay our £39 billion liability. No-deal actually requires 50+ mini-deals to keep things like planes flying, lorries driving across borders etc. A true No Deal including not paying £39 billion really would stop planes flying, endanger safe drinking water and for sure end production of Mars bars. Kippers would be OK though. 2) No deal means a clean break. No it means the start of ten years negotiations probably but instead of being inside and one of the club, we would be there to completely pushed around with the EU 27 dictating every term.
  12. philipl

    Kits 19/20

  13. philipl

    Rovers v Charlton

    Rovers 5 Wolves 1 first day of a new season not that long ago. Charlton coming up with big ownership issues having lost key players and on paper, so-so replacements. So big on motivation, enthusiasm and vulnerabilities. MMP is right, I have equivocated. But simples, we will pay for it if we don't stick our foot on the Robbins' necks from the kick-off.
  14. philipl

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    My wife moved from one professional services company to another this week. We expected it to be relatively straight forward and concluded on Monday- they are competitors although the new job is in corporate rather than private client and represents a big step up as she recently graduated as a self-funded mature Masters student. What a stressful protracted process it has proved to be, only finally wrapping up at 5pm on Friday. She had already rejected other offers so it should have been a simple move from one company to another. On that basis, I am not surprised transferring footballers can prove to be extremely difficult and lengthy when there are agents and perhaps other clubs trying to hijack deals. To be honest I don't particularly want Rovers signing players other clubs aren't coveting.
  15. philipl

    Pre-season 2019/20

    Yes a guy I met at an evening for entrepreneurs. The economics of porn these days are apparently every bit as sick as the "industry" itself.

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