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  1. philipl

    Championship season 2019-20

    West Brom gifted us two first half goals with two defensive howlers and have repeated the dose for Huddersfield's benefit. Huddersfield have not gifted three in return unlike our lads... Huddersfield no great shakes but press very high up the park and show glimpses of Premier League class. They are there to be taken if Slaven Bilic sets the alarm clock in the West Brom dressing room for about five minutes from my posting this...
  2. philipl

    Your expectations for the coming Season...

    I am sure Barnsley, Stoke and Huddersfield fans are fervently hoping you are right.
  3. philipl

    Your expectations for the coming Season...

    Simply posting an observation, not a forecast. Next three are looking tougher than expected- Luton will be giving it everything to avoid getting sucked into a relegation vortex while both Forest and QPR are going very nicely indeed.
  4. philipl

    Thomas Cook

    https://news.sky.com/story/thomas-cook-to-meet-creditors-in-final-bid-for-1631bn-rescue-11816496?dcmp=snt-sf-twitter Critical last gasp meeting currently under way. I desperately hope Thomas Cook are saved but I am pessimistic. All comes down to a Brexit equation. If creditors believe Brexit will happen, the £ dives and Thomas Cook's international non-£ liabilities increase proportionately. This is a bet on/against Brexit now.
  5. philipl

    Your expectations for the coming Season...

    This is not to belittle Swansea, QPR or Preston but our points difference today against the clubs being tipped on here at the start of the season are: Leeds -4 Bristol City -1 Forest -1 West Brom 0 (they have a game in hand) Cardiff +1 Fulham +1 Boro +4 Brentford +5 Derby +5 Stoke +11 Huddersfield +12 (they play WBA today)
  6. philipl

    Reading (A)

    Back To Back!!!😁🙌🏻. Boys left everything on the pitch today!! @BradDacks40 and @AdamArma9 coming up trumps again!!💥. Great to have @LewisHoltby at the club and make his debut today! All round team effort today. Safe journey home to all!!👏🏻👏🏻 @Rovers #ArteEtLabore 🔵👊🏻 Great tweet by Greg Cunningham
  7. philipl

    Rovers new style of play and how we play it

    Clear Mowbray will change formations and personnel match to match from his comments. So we don't so much have a new style of play as having several styles which will be used.
  8. philipl

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Mowbray has said Tosin and Rothwell were both going to start and that change of line up and formation was forced very late. Also said he will be rotating his starting line up and players will be benched who won't expect to be to give others chances but also to maintain intensity of performance from everyone in every game over a long season. Interestingly he said Tosin is not used to the physical intensity now being demanded of him.
  9. philipl

    Start of the season

    But for good or for ill he got his man in the end.
  10. philipl


    All the dead American spies in Russia...
  11. philipl

    Reading (A)

    Already have done.
  12. philipl

    Reading (A)

    Bit ropey initially then began to show his class and could/should have scored. Perhaps over anxious to perform well but can certainly pick a pass.
  13. philipl

    Reading (A)

    Phew we made it. Great win and a chance to build momentum. Kudos Mowbray's selection?
  14. philipl

    Reading (A)

    Mowbray doesn't half set himself up. If we don't win today it will be 100% on him. A certain statistic is we will be offside getting on for ten times. Armstrong running for delayed balls from midfield.
  15. philipl

    Reading (A)

    Where is Tosin today???

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