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    Wigan 77+4=81, Rovers 76+4=80 Frankly, I will be gutted if we don't get 6 points maximum from Easter as the very worst the other two will achieve will be another W3 D1 from their 4 games.

    Let's be honest, it would have been very possible for Wigan and Shrewsbury to have won all of those four games... but they didn't. Shrewsbury still need a 2 point swing against us over the remaining fixtures to prevent us from securing automatic promotion- our goal difference superiority plus the Shrews being the masters of the one goal victory means I am already counting GD as a point in the bag. Rotherham are all but out of contention as their maximum point haul is now 89- they could have course have a third long sequence of wins this season so don't rule them out from getting 89 points. However, even if they do, Rovers need only 13 points out of the 27 available to us before the end of the season to be sure of finishing ahead of the Millers. Again, I know Rotherham score freely when on song but they are not going to overtake us on GD so I am counting that as a done deal for us. Oh by the way, I know most of you are counting the play-offs as a fate worse than death but we could be mathematically certain of a play-off place as early as Good Friday evening, more likely Easter Monday.
  3. MK Dons tickets

    Difference is if you want to go to Bristol, there is limited capacity so you have to buy early to avoid disappointment. If Easter Monday dawns brightly and 5,000 Rovers supporters say "I fancy a day out in sunny Milton Keynes today", they will all get in.
  4. England World Cup Campaign

    First sign that the manager has a brain.
  5. World Cup 2018

    Germany is phenomenally strong to only have Sane as sub. That lad has ripped a huge hole in the Premier League this season.

    OK let's try this without betting: 1) Shrewsbury and Wigan both win today 2) Rovers are promoted this season
  7. Brexit Thread

    Let's explain. Pre Brexit vote De Larue plans to cut Maltese plant by 70% and move jobs to the UK Post Brexit vote De Larue cuts UK jobs and increases jobs in Malta by 20% and doesn't cut any jobs in Malta. Now De Larue doesn't have capacity to win the contract to print British blue black passports in the UK. Just a microcosm of how Brexit is hollowing out the UK economy.
  8. Bristol Rovers away

    Brings back memories of Bristol Rovers away in 1981 when our Rovers had the majority of a 9,000 crowd at Eastville, last day of the season. We won 1-0 but Swansea won too so we didn't go up to Division 1. That would have been consecutive promotions under Howard Kendall.
  9. Brexit Thread

    Tuesday, December 1, 2015, 15:59 De La Rue to axe 300 jobs; union objects De La Rue announced redundancies today as it said it was phasing out the printing of banknotes in Malta. It said this would be replaced with a centre for excellence for Identity and Security Products. De La Rue is the largest supplier of passports in the world. The company did not say how many people will be losing their job but the General Workers' Union said the company wanted to wold reduce workers by around 300 over two-and-a-half years. Updated: De la Rue employees to increase to 500 as new facility opened Thursday, 30 March 2017, 15:10Last update: about 13 months ago A €33 million security printing facility by De La Rue was officially opened by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat today. The company had invested in the new facility after reversing an earlier decision to dismiss 300 workers in what were plans to downsize its Malta operations. This new facility is expected to lead to the expansion of the company's workforce from 417 to 500 employees. The site is designed to deliver the next generation of Currency, Identity Management and Product Authentication Solutions for De La Rue’s global customers making Malta a unique one stop shop for Governments across the globe towards a secure global economy. Between these two reports was the 23 June 2016 Brexit Referendum...

    The Shrewsbury dropped points are this week's bonus. We only need to do one point worse than them over the respective remaining 9 fixtures and we go up on goal difference assuming they don't chuck in three 7-0 wins. And Wigan are not out of sight if we we get more than 6 wins in the run-in either.

    Wigan three shots on target, three goals.
  12. Brexit Thread

    Yes, I am reposting the Daily Mail
  13. Brexit Thread

    In the light of Channel 4 News this evening:
  14. Lovely read and walk down memory lane of Saturday evening TV.

    Just seen that the 6th round doesn't have replays any more. So Extra time and about 15 penalties (each) to get the players properly cold hanging around for their nerve wracking turn. If it goes on long enough does Paul Cook get to take one?