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  1. philipl


    Johnson was lying. There were no CV19 patients in the hospital he visited.
  2. philipl


    Trump megafailure https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/mar/28/trump-coronavirus-politics-us-health-disaster
  3. philipl


    This is an excellent explanatory video:
  4. philipl


    Anybody in Malta who seriously thinks they have CV19 is questioned in detail over the phone and if their symptoms either match the check list or give cause for concern is immediately tested. Is that not the case in the UK? Two of my colleagues here have had symptoms matching CV19 plus travel to France. Both tested negative. One has been unwell for two weeks now and is still not better. Hence my question about Chaddy. My friend is 50ish.
  5. philipl


    Yes he has been tested and shown positive. He was border line for hospital admission with headaches, shivers, muscle aches and difficulty in breathing. He wasn't admitted because there were worse than him but he would have been in more normal circumstances. Worst of all was complete lack of energy - he didn't type anything for ten days which as an international commercial law professor is a bit of a problem. When I had a skype call with him yesterday, he was still a little breathless and couldn't sit up fully. His neighbour had visited Spain and the two had a chat over the fence when his neighbour had a dry coughing fit.... Neighbour also tested positive and had a similar illness experience.
  6. philipl


    Even Johnson gets a 70% approval rating up from 30%... Usual reaction in a crisis is to look to Government. Trump's bump is pathetic.
  7. philipl


    Two towns in Italy about the same size as Blackburn. Lodi locked down two weeks before Bergamo.
  8. philipl


    Is Chaddy in the UK official statistics of having coronavirus?
  9. philipl


    Let's try this one on the hard of thinking: https://medium.com/wintoncentre/how-much-normal-risk-does-covid-represent-4539118e1196 To save you from reading it, it will not surprise most people that the risk of dying in the next year increases with age. What catching coronavirus does is pack all next year's risk of dying into one week. So if you are 5, that's not very high. If you are Revidge's age, it pushes a 1% risk of popping your clogs in the next 52 weeks into next week. If you are the NHS, it pushes 52 weeks of patients into next week ... and that is a bit of a problem PS a very good friend and colleague in Blackpool has it- never mind the fatality/hospitalisation numbers (thankfully he features in neither), I can tell you if you catch it and are one of the 60% who develop recognisable symptoms, you are not going to forget it for the rest of your life. IT IS HORRIBLE. PPS there are nasty flus going around- what Chaddy has had is probably not this virus.
  10. philipl


    Pretty well confirmed now, smokers are 4 times more likely to die of Covid 19 than non-smokers. Quick back-of-the-fag packet calculation: assume you have a 30% chance of getting coronavirus this year, that smokers' death rate is 4% compared to non-smokers' 1%, so quitting smoking now will save you a 1% risk of coronavirus death this year. But about 10% of smokers get lung cancer eventually, compared to very few non-smokers, and lung cancer has about a 66% death rate, so it'll save you a 6.6% chance of death by lung cancer. Honestly, coronavirus shouldn't even figure into your calculations here. But since you are panicking about coronavirus right now, you might as well use it as motivation to STOP SMOKING. Smokers' lungs start to heal as soon as one month after quitting - so quit now.
  11. philipl


    Not for the first time, Andrew Neil peddling fake news (very sadly in this case because I really wish for all our sakes he were right) https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/coronavirus-pandemic-neil-ferguson-did-not-walk-back-covid-19-predictions/
  12. philipl


    All credit to Johnson for walking the talk. He called for herd immunity and went and caught it himself.
  13. philipl


    Give the poor guy a break- he could hardly breathe to record the video.
  14. philipl


    Newell was a much better striker than he as ever given credit for. And Super Atko really was superb. We would walk promotion with those two in our squad now.

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