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  1. philipl

    Premier League Stuff

    Managed at Leicester the season before the title.
  2. PNE pulled themselves out of relegation bother with a really good run (W2 D3 in last 5). I see this as a weather vane fixture- one we need to win if we are going to get into the play off mix at the end of the season. All about character and there is no doubt Rovers are now no longer lacking in that regard. Feeling optimistic but don't want to jinx it. Great preview!
  3. Souey - two years of brilliance and two years of ?*?! He took on a club that wasn't going up and immediately did the business. Then added Premier League security plus the Worthington club. Still think Grabbi was more than unfortunate - that disallowed against the Mancs in his third game. Not worth £7.5m but there was a workaday Premier League striker in him. Then as Michael Taylor so elegantly explains, boy did it go wrong- not Kean or Ince bad but heading that way... Great listen, thanks
  4. Great stuff as always. Have to admit I thought Bennett had a stinker.
  5. philipl


    Average gate so far of 14,343 after 9 fixtures is I believe about 2,000 down on budget which is about £700,000 down on revenue over a complete season. Or about 10 Bradley Dack toenail clippings.
  6. philipl

    Premier League Stuff

    Reflecting on the weekend results of two newly promoted sides. Wolves spent £100m and reasonable bets for a top half finish and outside chance of Europa Cup qualification. Fulham spent £100m arguably to get a weaker squad than they came up with and only an outside chance of avoiding an immediate drop back.
  7. philipl

    Bradley Dack

    Venky's finances, not Rovers...
  8. philipl

    Bradley Dack

    For what it's worth, I 'd be pricing Dack into the 30's with a view to going higher if he continues to progress. He has played like a drain by his high standards in recent matches yet still has scored two out of two in the last two games. From looking on t'internet, there is a far more concerted effort going on to flog Grealish to Spuds in January including a very clearly agent produced showreel. What that reel reveals incidentally is that while Grealish has vision and a nice change of pace and direction, Dack's close ball control skills are on a much higher level while his chance taking and vision are at least as good as Grealish. I didn't see the game but checking back to Rovers v Villa comments on here, Grealish didn't make too much impression. I certainly wouldn't take Grealish over Dack.
  9. philipl


    We may or may not have turned a corner but plenty on here are going round the bend...
  10. philipl


    Count me into the Ryan fan club.
  11. philipl

    Jacob Davenport

    Apparently has a new injury. Frustrating all round.
  12. philipl

    Joe Rothwell

    Thought he looked more focused hen he came on yesterday. Probably disappointed not to be starting with Evans suspended.
  13. philipl

    Ben Brereton

    After DG's misses against QPR and knowing the height of the Rotherham side, there was a very strong case for starting BB as CF yesterday. As it is he has run the inside right channel twice in two consecutive 15 minute substitute cameos and made two goals. DG had another miserable afternoon so Brereton's starting chance cannot be that far away.
  14. philipl

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    Those calling for Mowbray's head, how many of you forecast at the start of the season for Rovers to be placed above 8th ?

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