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  1. arbitro

    Lewis Travis

    In one of his first full games he suckered Livermore into a retaliatory push and he was sent off. On Saturday he was incessantly booed by the Wednesday fans and it didn't appear to bother him. In fact Mowbray seemed more worried as he took him off.
  2. arbitro

    January transfer window 2020

    If I was Foden's agent I would be using that as leverage in his next deal. 😁😁
  3. arbitro

    January transfer window 2020

    I think one of the reasons foreign teams chase (and often get) some of our young talent is that they hardly get a chance with their clubs. Foden is a prime example. Guardiola said something like he's the best player he's worked with but hardly gets a sniff, a few minutes here and cup matches. If he doesn't get a regular spot I can see him wanting to move but most top PL clubs wouldn't play him regularly. And most of the top Bundesliga teams would. And with release clauses now a common thing they are affordable.
  4. arbitro

    January transfer window 2020

    https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11914609/jude-bellingham-manchester-united-offer-30m-for-birmingham-city-teenager It looks like Birminghams FFP prayers have been answered. I find it staggering that so much can be spent on what is still only potential. A football club down the road went under for a fraction of that.
  5. arbitro

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    My reading live and subsequent viewings was that Luongo simply mistimed his challenge as Travis got there fractionally before him. If anything it was reckless (yellow card) rather than the serious foul play the referee interpreted it as. The referee actually indicated that Luongo had stamped on Travis. Had there been VAR I think it would have been downgraded to yellow.
  6. arbitro

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    To be fair to Monk he didn't use the sending off as an excuse but had a go at his players.
  7. arbitro

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    And justice has been done. The referee completely misread the challenge. He motioned that Luongo had stamped on Travis and quite simply he didn't.
  8. arbitro

    January transfer window 2020

    After the injuries to potentially our most saleable players I wonder if Mowbray has been spooked into protecting Buckley as he hasn't been part of the squad recently.
  9. arbitro

    Stewart Downing

    I don't know for sure but I would image there is a contract clause for either party for another year maybe dependent on appearances.
  10. arbitro

    January transfer window 2020

    Not quite true. Our goal difference has shown a marked improvement after that result. However you are right about the next game.
  11. arbitro

    Premier League Stuff

    The worry is that it's not given in real time. The referee was doing his first PL game being a Championship referee. If he has us next week that won't be given.
  12. arbitro

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Yesterday was hugely enjoyable, that goes without saying but I thought we were better against Bristol City just prior to Christmas. I just hope we don't get carried away again and lulled into this mindset where our approach is too relaxed and over confident. On the sending off it looked harsh but after seeing some of the antics of the likes of Preston I have no issues with us becoming horrible to play against. As I said after the Bristol game that kind of attitude is part of our heritage and identity. Yesterday was the first time I have seen us score five away from home since I first went in the mid sixties, some fifty odd years. I took my granddaughter to her third away game yesterday and when I told her she beamed knowing she has put one over on me. 😁😁
  13. arbitro

    The Ryan Nyambe Appreciation Thread

    Finally we are beginning to see the player a lot of us knew was in there. He is a beast of a man and whilst he has used that attribute well defensively we are now seeing it from an attacking perspective. He goes under the radar a bit but he could be a Premier League player in the right environment.
  14. arbitro

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    I'd wager that nobody saw that coming. A dominant performance from start to finish which could have easily been 8-0. I thought it was in midfield where we excelled and Stewart Downing once again ensures another large helping on humble pie for me. I know it's not a massive pool to fish in but he is Mowbrays second best signing for me. I can only remember him giving the ball away once today and his cross field passes were a joy to watch. I have said many times that we are in the results business and winning games will keep the heat off Mowbray. Picking holes in performances both individually and collectively is difficult when we win so the simple answer is to keep winning. That said the idiot of the day award goes to Joe Rothwell. There was a real chance today for him to fill his boots but the most stupid caution ever gave Mowbray the opportunity to take him off.
  15. arbitro

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    For anybody who is still undecided tickets are available today. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2020/january/ticket-news-sheffield-wednesday-a/

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