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  1. I don't get this 'resting players' nonsense, never have and never will. But why do the average Joe's never get rested? Williams simply isn't good enough and certainly Jack Doyle should have started. The midfield pairing of Evans and Smallwood worked a treat on Saturday so Mowbray brings in Whittingham who has hardly contributed anything in his previous appearances. Conway and Bennett also did well at Bradford so he benches them and brings in the woeful Feeney. Antonsson looked like a little boy lost at times. Samuels at least gave their centre halves something to think about. Mowbray has to accept his part in the defeat tonight with his nonsensical changes. Anything less than a win on Saturday and the knives could well be out for him. But what really hurt tonight more than anything was 5,000 dingles singing 'stand up if you love Venkys'. I despise them Indians so much.
  2. I want physical and tough every game. Most players injuries aren't caused by rough and tumble challenges. The majority have a strained this or that caused by nothing more than running.
  3. Some interesting numbers on the League Cup.
  4. Fleetwood are above us in the league and to willingly play them without key players is gross stupidity in my opinion. We are short of centre halves with Wharton, Lenihan and Nyambe struggling with fitness which could mean just having Ward available. Mowbray has been saying for some time now that we need more players in as the squad is light on numbers. To go into an important game knowing your team is weakened whilst spurning the opportunity to do something about it is amateurish.
  5. Whilst they will be one of the lower paid squads the the PL they still have to pay decent wages to compete and get players in. I recall when Brady signed they said he was the highest ever earner at Burnley on a basic £35k per week. Since then they have signed the likes of Cork, Walters and Wood and I would be surprised if they were on less that that. Perhaps more interestingly would be the details on their contracts with regard to relegation clauses and pay cuts. When they were promoted under Coyle they had a ceiling on wages for players which from memory was £10k per week.
  6. This was the topic of a conversation coming back on Saturday. We are short of quality centre halves, will have no experienced keeper back up and arguably our best central midfielder too. For any normal club it would be a no brainer but for people like Cheston money talks. Ultimately the decision should be the managers but it wouldn't surprise me if the Indians, suitably advised, pull rank on Mowbray.
  7. I first saw him playing for Salford under 15's against Liverpool under 15's in the ESFA Cup Quarter Final at Lower Broughton. The manc and scouse rivalry was clear and the Liverpool lads were pretty much grown men who were looking to smash him at any opportunity. My abiding memory was walking off the extremely muddy pitch at the end of the game and Giggs (or Wilson as he was then) hardly had a speck of mud on him. He rode every rough house scouse challenge with the balance of Nureyev and never moaned once. It was apparent to me then he was going to be a top player.
  8. There is almost a Burnleyesque fixation about attendances sometimes. It will be what it is and nobody should have to justify their attendance or non attendance. Personally I'm looking forward to the football because it's that lot and beating them makes me really happy.
  9. That was the pass of the season so far and a glimpse of what he is capable of.
  10. There was another occasion when Mulgrew roasted Raya which pleased me. It was during the first half and Raya rushed one of his kicks which went straight out of play. Mulgrew turned to him, shouted something and then motioned for him to calm down. It was good to see after the timid performances against Southend and Doncaster.
  11. I don't believe Nyambe would have weakened us at all if he had been playing at right back yesterday. He is far more comfortable in a back four and he does offer more than Caddis going forward although yesterday both full backs were quite restrained.
  12. It was sarcasm.
  13. Would talking more make Nyambe a better player in your view then?
  14. I thought Dack contributed a lot. He found pockets of space in between their defence and midfield and was prepared to go at them on several occasions. The number of foul challenges on him was indicative of how Bradford feared him. I'm sure that he will infuriate us at times but his importance in behind the striker will be crucial.
  15. He said next to nothing in the game. What about Sheringham and Cole? They detested each other, never spoke but formed a decent partnership. Any team has a fair mix of characters, quiet, noisy, shy, extrovert etc. McGrath fell into the quiet and shy category.