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  1. Barton banned for 18 months. He admitted placing 1200 bets on football matches with an average of £150 per bet.
  2. Hopefully HMRC find some incriminating evidence and extend their investigations into more football clubs (including ours). It's about time football was brought into the real world and had to comply with laws like the rest of other businesses.
  3. Given their indifferent form over the last few weeks Huddersfield need some momentum to take into the play-offs and making wholesale changes and coasting for their last two games could well backfire on them. I am nervously excited about the next couple of weeks but hand on heart I can't see us having enough about us to get the results we need. However this is Rovers and history tells us to expect the unexpected.
  4. I just hope we have something to play for after this weekend. I would hate to be travelling to London (along with 1600 others) for a dead rubber and relegation wake. Given the proximity to the pitch and where the players tunnel is at least we will be able to vent our spleens at some of our shrinking violets.
  5. The players that are under contract will allegedly take a pay cut, I heard that one in three staff will lose their jobs but I would be amazed if the likes of Cheston and Senior will be affected financially. It would be interesting to know how many staff we employed pre Indians to how many there will be next season if we go down.
  6. Well done in getting some time with the Sports Minister. I think any opportunity to air our plight should be taken and I hope she realises the damage that has been caused not just to our club. We have to keep chipping away and hopefully the longer game will be somebody in power actually takes some action to prevent this type of owner ever being able to buy a football club ever again.
  7. Absolutely correct. Coar is complicit as he stood by and watched the whole destruction going on around him whilst knowing what was happening. It is particlarly galling that he is an FA Council member and as such could have influenced and instigated some sort of investigation into Anderson. Instead he left it to the fans to gather information and present a case to the authorities and we all know the disdain with which the FA treats ordinary fans. He has been happy to keep his seat in the directors box and accept all the privileges on offer. As somebody succintly put he is rotten to the coar.
  8. Interesting quote from Bruce about a clear out in the summer. Hopefully some of his starting eleven on Saturday are included and they are sulking. Aston Villa manager Steve Bruce: "It was the worst game of the season. The ball must have been screaming at one point, saying 'please don't bash me again'. "We're still not remotely near the finished article. I've got a busy summer ahead, with a huge clear-out job to continue. "But at least the fans have not only won a derby, they've seen the effort their team has put in. We've taken away the stigma that they don't care. "If anyone can keep Blues up, Harry will. He had them playing like their lives depended on it and they've got to take that into their last two games."
  9. As good as he was for us John Wiiliams has blood on his hands over our demise. He allegedly signed an NDA or in laymans terms had his silence bought. He must have had some information that the Indians didn't want out in the public domain which might well have been damning.
  10. Broken promises. Venkys reign has been littered with these from day one. Remember 'we will absolutely respect the Jack Walker legacy'. That is in my opinion their biggest let down and why every Rovers fan should despise them.
  11. Lambert on things nor being right at Rovers. It's what most of us have in o w for some time but it's good to see an ex manager actually say it.
  13. They weren't private individuals whe they rocked up at Ewood in a fleet of luxury cars and looked down their noses as us peasants. I believe they just can't face being questioned or criticised due to them being aloof and arrogant. There is also the possibility of having something to hide.
  14. One really disapponting aspect of yesterdays game was the number of times players took awful first touches and ended up trying to retrieve the ball and on occasion put us in trouble. I can't think of one player who didn't miscontrol the ball at some stage. This is such a basic, elementary skill that should be almost second nature to a professional footballer. Another disappointing aspect was how fatigued some players looked not just towards the end of the game but during it. The number of times I saw players walking with their hands on their hips was so frustrating and a sad indictment on them and the club they represent. Tony Mowbray made a pertient point about peoples livelihoods being pretty much in the hands of the players. I wouldn't like my livelihood to depend on some of them players who I felt were hiding yesterday.
  15. I thought Moybrays system (whatever it was) was over complicated and at times some players seemed confused in the first half. What I find unforgivable is that several players were hiding at times, not working hard enough and backing out of challenges. After the Forest performance it's almost like we have some sort of footballing bipolar illness where we go from one extreme to another. However we live to fight another day but do this squad have another Forest type performance in them? We have too many chocolate tea pots in our team and if you got points for ineptitude we would be challenging for the play offs.