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  1. You are implying that in those games we were very good. That is a generalisation. If you said we were very good in parts that would have been specific (unless you believe we were very good for the 90 minutes).
  2. There have been some good spells in the games we have won which has been acknowledged by many. To generalise and say we have been very good is frankly nonsense.
  3. There has been the occasional good spell but overall the standard has been average at best, even in games we have won. Playing poorly would be palatable if we were winning or picking put points but the games we have lost we have generally been poor - a fact acknowledged by Mowbray.
  4. I noticed your location as Paris. Have you seen the games were you say the performances have been good?
  5. But Mowbray himself has said himself that he expects to be sacked if we don't get promotion. On the evidence so far we are a long way from that so questions can rightly be asked. Today he has said Whittingham is getting used to League One and needs a bedding in period. Should Mowbray not have been aware of that when he signed him? And it begs the question why he is still playing him in a position that doesn't suit him. Lots and lots of questions that will only be answered through positive results.
  6. I would much rather it was Barnet away.
  7. And tomorrow night the lightweights and heavyweight will be in the squad. I really think Mowbrays stubbornness is going to turn people against him.
  8. Football is in danger of becoming too sterile and sanitised with the interpretation that law changes now allows for and gives referees something to hide behind. How on earth can a challenge be made without contact between two players? The Watford player was attempting to deceive the referee and as such should be retrospectively disciplined and if his club persist with cheating then they should be docked points. Simulation is one of the cancers of the modern game but the authorities seem blind to this.
  9. Early on in the game on Saturday we pushed really high on Oldhams goal kicks and when their keeper had possession of the ball. Ordinarily that would fine as it prevents teams building from the back but when we stopped them doing it they went long and won nearly every header against our feeble defenders. On the odd occasion we won a header Oldham picked up the second ball and went forward. By forcing them to go long I thought we played into their hands. Surely Mowbray would have been better letting the keeper play it short and then pressing. Another example of our tactically astute manager I guess.
  10. The point about Johnson is interesting. The majority of Mowbrays signings are players he has known about either playing for his teams or against them. Ergo they wouldn't need scouting. It seems that whilst there have been hours cut to some staff and some redundancies they least productive department has escaped unscathed.
  11. It was replayed on an afternoon Jim and we won. From memory the reason for an afternoon game was that Altrincham didn't have any floodlights at that time. I recall three things from the game. We won 1-0, Neil Wilkinson was sent off and one of the Altrincham players worked for Blackburn Council.
  12. At what point does the new players card stop being played though? We are 11 games in now and if you include pre season that is probably 17 games. They will do shape on the training ground on at least a weekly basis and we are talking about experienced players. I just don't buy it. I have seen players with poor attitudes, poor tactics, poor decision making by players and a host of other reasons why we have looked an average team in an average league.
  13. I honestly believe Conway is more of a hindrance to us. I am sick of seeing him getting the ball wide, setting off as if he is going to tear to the touchline and then coming inside only to lose the ball or give it away. In fairness he is a right footer playing on the left but he is just so predictable and easy to play against. His form since he got that new deal a couple of years ago has been poor and I hope Bennett isn't going to go into the same comfort zone.
  14. In every game this season we have at some stage allowed the opposition to dominate the ball and us. We have just dropped deeper and deeper and invited pressure. Having seen every game I would say the first half against Rotherham ans second half against MK Dons were the only time we controlled play and were dominant.
  15. And Wellens has only been in charge for four games whilst Mowbray has had hundreds. I accept that when so many players are playing poorly it must be a difficult job but he is far too passive in these situations.