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  1. arbitro

    Rovers Survey

    Me too. As a season ticket holder I gave up half way through as I thought it pointless.
  2. arbitro

    Premier League Stuff

    Clearly and obviously you have cleared things up 😁.
  3. I'm going but instead of the usual four there are only two. I expect us to have around four hundred there, probably our lowest ever following at Birmingham. That probably typifies the lack of enthusiasm for Rovers at present.
  4. arbitro

    Premier League Stuff

    It's the Premier League Chief Execs and Chairmen who didn't want the on field referee to use a pitch side monitor. As they are funding it they got their way but I can't help thinking this decision was made without consulting the managers and coaches. The reason for this, I'm told, is they didn't want too long a delay in the game. Sky are reporting today that there will be a FIFA led review of VAR in general but there will be a strong focus on why the PL are not using the same processes as other nations.
  5. arbitro

    Premier League Stuff

    Honestly Mark I can say with confidence that anybody with a decent level of intelligence, knowledge of the laws and experience of playing or watching football can become a competent VAR but the role has already been monopolised with rules that you can only do it if you have been a Select Group 1 or 2 referee within the last three seasons. It makes no sense at all to me.
  6. arbitro

    Premier League Stuff

    Every goal is reviewed and the build up is included. I agree that Origi went down too easy but kicking or attempting to kick is an offence. I really worry that your last sentence is what is actually happening and the referee is using VAR as a safety net and isn't using his own judgement but this is falling down massively because the VAR (on all the evidence so far) is reluctant to overturn the referees decision. Today's VAR has refereed fifteen PL games and the referee has done fifteen seasons. And therein likes a huge problem for me in that lesser experienced officials are reluctant to go against one of their peers of a fellow group member. Had VAR's been selected from outside the refereeing fraternity I don't believe we would be having this debate. It's a jobs for the boys situation and it is now being questioned.
  7. arbitro

    Premier League Stuff

    In real time I thought it was a penalty but then a friend who was watching at home texted me to say it was harsh. Having seen it again it would be in the soft category but it's one I would be shouting for if it was one of our players.
  8. arbitro

    Premier League Stuff

    That shouldn't affect the VAR decision. He has been kicked with the ball nowhere near and Liverpool should have had a free kick. It's a clear and obvious error by the referee and the goal should have been overturned.
  9. arbitro

    Premier League Stuff

    I'm no lover of Liverpool but that's a clear foul and one of the reasons VAR was brought in. It ticks the clear and obvious error box.
  10. arbitro

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    On the bus going to the game yesterday we never spoke once about the impending game at all which I think is symptomatic of the fact that interest in Rovers is on the wane. The was lots of grumbling in the JW Upper where I sit particularly with his unfathomable substitutions particularly taking Holtby off. I really think the club is coming to a crossroads and a big decision needs to be made.
  11. arbitro

    Premier League Stuff

    What an awful game so far. The only talking point is the useless VAR sat at Stockley Park who doesn't know his arse from his elbow.
  12. arbitro

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I didn't say there was anger. I was implying there should be, that he gets an easy ride.
  13. arbitro

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Managers must crave the autonomy that Mowbray has at Ewood. There are owners who don't understand the game, a man he had a hand in appointing as Chief Exec and a passive supporter base. The strange promotion of his number two demonstrates the power he yields. There is no pressure on him as we stumble through games and tread water. Strange tactics, even stranger team selections and substitutions are the norm now as he demonstrates the desperation he has reached. There is no doubt in my mind we are stagnating but the bigger picture is what our errant owners and senior officials will do. My true feeling is nothing as supporters vote with their feet when it should be their voices.
  14. arbitro

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    You're not alone mate, I read it exactly the same way.

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