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  1. arbitro

    Football League Suspended

    I bet they wish they had taken that £25m for Josh King now. They are not the only ones though. 😬😬
  2. arbitro

    Football League Suspended

    It looks like the ball has already started rolling for tv deals. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/premier-league-fearful-multi-billion-21797256
  3. arbitro


    On Tuesday afternoon I saw a young lady who lives across the road from me getting into her car. In previous chats she told me she was a nurse so I went out to thank her for her and all the other wonderful NHS people's efforts. She immediately began welling up and said she was going on shift but was terrified as she was working on a Covid-19 ward and hadn't been tested (none of her colleagues had neither) and didn't even have the appropriate PPE. She even showed me all the antibacterial wipes she cleans the inside of her car with after every shift, wipes she bought at her own expense. She has a husband and three year old daughter who travel in her car. She said she really didn't want to go in and was scared but her sense of duty and what she signed up for were overriding her fear. And then I saw the apologists later on tv who just won't face up to the truth and be honest with people. And in several years time, when a lengthy enquiry has been conducted none of the main protagonists will be around and answer to nobody.
  4. arbitro

    Football League Suspended

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8177615/Pay-cut-stand-Agents-PFA-advise-stars-against-wages-sacrifice.html Twats like Taylor aren't in the real world. He doesn't realise that the long term damage will be irreparable to many of his members and his comments will turn more away from football as we see families desperately struggling in the current situation. I sincerely hope that when football eventually returns it will signal the start of a sanitisation of what has become an ogre.
  5. arbitro

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    How on earth can we play a part and look after them a little bit? The are (allegedly) billionaires. Maybe he is paving the way for an announcement about furloughing staff.
  6. arbitro

    Sky Sports accounts can be paused

    I suspended mine at the weekend. In fairness to Sky they have made it so easy to do but they must be really concerned that significant numbers will not re subscribe when normality returns. For me personally it's a decision I will think long and hard about.
  7. arbitro


    https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/18349605.police-offering-passes-drug-dealers-allow-continue-trading/ Brilliant. A funny story in trying and testing times. Well done Chorley Police.
  8. arbitro

    Football League Suspended

    An excellent article from Jonathan Northcroft. https://refsupport.co.uk/author/mcassidy/
  9. arbitro

    Football League Suspended

    This awful pandemic is really going to hit hard in football over the next few months and the implications will run deep and long. The snouts in the trough as you say should be sanitised as agents, club executives, pundits, overpaid PFA executives and many more are pretty much superfluous and the game can survive without them. Quite simply players earn far too much money with many earning large amounts disproportionate to their ability and the level they play at. There will need to be a real reality check for many. Sponsors are going to be hard to come by as many businesses are struggling. Many fans won't commit to new season tickets (whenever it may be) due to so much uncertainty about their own futures. But the biggest financial effect I believe will be Sky getting hit hard as subscribers cancel or suspend their accounts. I suspended mine yesterday and given that I haven't really missed live tv football yet I will give serious consideration to cancelling it permanently. The next few months will be the most testing that football has seen for decades. I think it's inevitable that some will go to the wall sadly.
  10. arbitro


    Just got round to watching these and the sense of pride is immense. Thanks Herbie - just what the doctor ordered 😁😁.
  11. arbitro


    I have just seen Johnson's interview of today and he has his suit, shirt and tie on and looks clean shaven. If the symptoms of high temperature and dry cough are correct and I had them the last thing I would want to do is shave and get dressed in a shirt and tie.
  12. arbitro


    About an hour ago I was on my way back from my elderly mother's and drove past Capita (the old India Mill) in Darwen and was astonished to see 15 to 20 of their employees stood at the bottom of the car park ramp all smoking within real close proximity of each other. Absolutely brainless and irresponsible. I rang Capita to tell them and the bloke I spoke to said he would sort it out immediately.
  13. arbitro


    Aren't there lots of visitors from the ROI to Cheltenham too. With no restrictions on movement at that time there could have been many Irish people bringing the virus in and many more taking it back. But then again it's the sport of kings and lots of powerful people will have been there.
  14. arbitro

    Player Signatures

    Our new signing Con Gratulations in the middle of the right side. 😁😁 Some are easier than others with their squad number (23, 18, 31 and1) but many are not clear. I think Rothwell is on the right centre.
  15. arbitro

    Rovers in Netflix football series

    In the absence of real football I have binged on this and it's quite an enjoyable watch. I would sack the researchers though. One of the two Scots who came down to play for Darwen referred to himself as 'a Darwenite'. Surely everybody knows we are Darreners. 😁😁😁. And Blackburn playing in a claret coloured shirt (or did that really happen). Sacrilege if not true.

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