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  1. arbitro

    Derby V Rovers

    For Holtby's sake then I hope nothing happens to him.😁
  2. arbitro

    Derby V Rovers

    The system we are playing hugely suits the players we have and their attributes. Holtby was the fulcrum today and showed what an asset he can be. Wrap him in cotton wool between games if needed but keep him fit. The high press starts from the back with a keeper who is happy to be well in advance of his penalty area allowing the rest of the team to be higher up the pitch. Dolan is so talented and looks like he can go all the way but will need nursing along at times. Nine goals and two clean sheets is beyond our wildest dreams and Mowbray has to temper the renewed expectations over the next few days.
  3. arbitro

    Derby V Rovers

    I agree something just isn't sitting right with this story. Mowbray was pretty fulsome in his praise of Nyambe only two weeks ago and was dropped after another decent performance against Newcastle. I can't see him having refused a new deal as, according to reports, they have only just recently started discussing it. https://www.lancs.live/sport/football/football-news/blackburn-rovers-nyambe-mowbray-contract-18955676
  4. arbitro

    Derby V Rovers

    Mowbray left him out last week and one of the reasons was that his 'numbers were high' in the previous two games. My take on that is the Nyambe worked too hard which is exactly what I would be demanding from every player if I was the boss. So after a week with no game Nyambe is still left out. There will inevitably be speculation as to why he isn't playing - personally I just don't think Mowbray rates him too much. As I said last week it's almost like Mowbray is giving him and his advisors a good reason not to sign a new deal (if they even offer him one).
  5. arbitro

    Derby V Rovers

    JRC is at right back again.
  6. arbitro

    Derby V Rovers

    Same team but the bench could be different.
  7. arbitro


    They had to look after the workers. Not doing would have put millions out of work long term and benefits rising massively. And non earners don't pay tax which would have left a massive hole.
  8. arbitro


    Maybe Gav that Sunak has listened to the unions.
  9. arbitro


    Good on you for challenging them. There is also a right of appeal. I know you don't like trade unions bit Citizens Advice are very good or the use of free access to an employment law specialist might be useful.
  10. arbitro


    Do you know you have a right to access your scores from the matrix. I have seen a similar thing and it was just used as a process to get rid of people who, for various reasons, weren't liked.
  11. arbitro


    Good luck with your job hunting - it can't be easy but you seem quite a laid back type. Is the point scoring matrix part of a selection process to keep your job?
  12. arbitro

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    With today's announcement I agree that we won't sell many more. The announcement gives Waggott the perfect excuse when explaining to his lords and masters why the figure is embarrassingly low.
  13. arbitro


    It was Asda 😁. Memo to self: read the damn thing before posting.
  14. arbitro


    The irony of Tim Martin who is a known Tory donor having a go at them. Hopefully he will ask for his money back 😁. In March didn't he tell his staff who were laid off to go to work in Asia? Horrible, selfish b******. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1338535/Wetherspoon-pub-Tim-Martin-job-cuts-curfew-closing-coronavirus-latest-rules-covid19
  15. arbitro

    Premier League Stuff

    Looking at the lack of quality in their signings I think they could go down with a touch of second season syndrome. Their refreshing style of play took lots of clubs by surprise but it seems that opponents have worked out a way to stop the overlapping centre backs.

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