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  1. I would have taken a point at 7.45 so I wasn't too disappointed as I pondered the game on the long drive home. The first half had the hallmark of the West Brom game with us scoring early and then seeing little of the ball. The obvious difference was that we didn't concede three. After Dack's first yellow he committed another couple of fouls and I mentioned at half time that Mowbray should consider taking him off. I thought Swansea played some decent stuff without really hurting us. I would take a similar result on Saturday right now.
  2. arbitro

    Championship season 2019-20

    Fulham were a disgrace last night (apart from the last ten minutes) as the old saying of a windy, wet night in Lancashire rang true.
  3. arbitro

    Jim Smith RIP

    Really sad news. His Rovers team were so exciting to watch with the overlapping full backs in Bailey and Hird. It was a great time to be a Rovers fan mainly due to Jim's excellent management. Whilst refereeing I came across him several times and he always spoke highly of Rovers and his time here. RIP Jim.
  4. arbitro

    Club merchandise

    And replace them with what? Americanized fast food shops, overpriced coffee places, chavvy sports shops. The best shopping areas cater for all ages as Greenwoods did and gave gainful employment to many.
  5. arbitro

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    But his pace is more effective coming in from wide as his goal demonstrated. Swapping players around after making substitutions has in the past unbalanced us and yesterday it did again as Derby almost capitalised on it. When we are in control of a game his changes should be like for like in my opinion.
  6. arbitro


    I have to admit he didn't really impress me in his first few games but he has shown recently that he has the potential to become a top player. At Stoke I saw him bollocking Dack after a sloppy pass enabled Stoke to get a shot away. That impressed me. At times he looks overly casual in possession but so far he is looking like POTY material.
  7. After a really good start Swansea have plateaued so it just might be a good time to play them. I have had reports after every game from a close friend (his son in the manager) and he has always said that irrespective of results they will always play the same way. They will play it out from the back through midfield and their game is based on a high tempo with lots of movement. Last season we tended to do well against this type of play with a high pressing game which threw opponents out of their stride. That said I'd take a point now if it was offered.
  8. A good win and deserved three points with a clean sheet to boot but in typical Rovers fashion we made hard work of it. Far too many chances were squandered in the quest for a second goal and in fairness the Derby manager sensed the possibility of a goal and went all out attack with his changes. We defended well enough but had to rely on a great save by the much maligned Walton late on to clinch the points. I thought Downing was excellent today with Tosin, Nyambe and Lenihan not far behind. Evans continued his fine run of form. As good as Mowbrays changes were recently the first two he made today were unfathomable given how we have played recently. Why not just go like for like, it was simple enough to do but sometimes, particularly with Gallagher it's like Mowbray is trying to prove himself right but to the detriment of the team. However that should not overshadow another win.
  9. arbitro

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    I was about to post similar when I saw yours. I think it's vital we shift out the players who clearly don't feature in Mowbrays plans or simply aren't good enough. These include Smallwood, Leutwiler, Bell, Samuel and Gladwin. Even some of the youngsters should go. I honestly can't ever see the likes of Rankin-Costello, Butterworth, Mols or Fisher getting close to playing for the first team so for the sake of their careers should be moved on. It's a big window for Mowbray. I just hope we are not discussing a lack of transfer activity on January 31st.
  10. arbitro

    Away ticket prices

    The Huddersfield information is on the official website.
  11. arbitro

    Club merchandise

    I think you are right. Each time I go in to but away tickets I have a quick browse but find the leisure wear of poor quality and lacking imagination. I actually bought some things on Sunday as I had a voucher but aside from a training top I bought sweets and season ticket wallets pretty much just to use the value of the voucher. I also find it ridiculously expensive. The shop was especially open on Sunday for Black Friday sales but at 11.30 I was the only customer in there.
  12. arbitro

    Championship season 2019-20

    As we have won three games in seven days they have lost three in nine days. Prior to that two wins.
  13. arbitro

    Championship season 2019-20

    I noticed it when they were in the tunnel. If he couldn't get something as basic as that right what chance of a big penalty call being right. It was really good to hear that loud bang over Weepdale last night as their bubble burst.
  14. Whilst it's not a great draw it certainly is winnable and Birmingham are always reasonably priced tickets.
  15. arbitro

    Stoke v Rovers Nov 30

    And he then proceeded to headbut the grille in the confessional box. I liked the scene in the pub with the redundancy party with Shake Hands. As you say Andy absolute classic with the brilliant Alan Bleasdale combining black humour with some serious social commentary and issues.

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