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  1. arbitro

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    A good article which addresses some big deficiencies in the tactics and selection. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/18583417.another-mid-table-finish-rovers-go/
  2. arbitro

    Millwall Away

    It's quite simple to me. Nyambe seems to be a quiet, humble lad who won't cause a fuss when he is dropped in favour of Elliot Bennett-Mowbray. It's another example for me of Mowbray picking the low hanging fruit.
  3. arbitro

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Two fantastic posts from Rolo and Matty written with passion and obvious care for our club. If anybody from the club reads this board they should take heed of their words.
  4. arbitro

    Other Football League 2018/19

    The first day of pre season training Wycombe had nine players and two of them were trialists. That out Mowbrays bedding in theory into a cocked hat. Excellent from Gareth and his players. I just hope the grounds are open so their supporters can enjoy the ride.
  5. arbitro

    Ben Brereton

    I believe he did intentionally kick the Barnsley player which is the key point in the referees judgement.
  6. arbitro

    Premier League Stuff

    I would imagine that since it was voted in by the clubs the make up of the Championship has changed considerably so a few of the clubs didn't actually vote. I can't actually find a date when it was brought in but I remember it a several years ago. There is also an inconsistency in that P & S only applies to the Championship in domestic football. With today's ruling I can see any prospective punishment to errant clubs being challenged in court, something the authorities want to avoid at all costs.
  7. arbitro

    Ben Brereton

    Whilst I don't think Mowbray should be saying publicly that he fined Brereton your assertion that the sending off should have been challenged is wrong in my view. Appealing a sending off costs £500 which is non returnable if the appeal is unsuccessful and there is a possibility of extra games for a frivolous appeal. From my viewing it was a clear sending off and wholly unprofessional from Brereton.
  8. arbitro

    Premier League Stuff

    True. City have driven a coach and horses straight through the whole FFP farce. How can the EFL punish the likes of Sheffield Wednesday and Derby when this precedent has been set. It's open house now for any club.
  9. arbitro

    Celebrity Deaths

    What a moment that was. If Jack could have got hold of that FIFA blazer he would have been locked up.
  10. arbitro

    Celebrity Deaths

    Another sad day for English football with the passing of Jack Charlton. I met him a couple of times and he was a proper football man. I saw an interview once when he talked about the fourth England goal in the 66 World Cup Final. He said he was screaming at Bobby Moore (I think) to put the ball into row z but Moore played a sublime pass to Hurst who scored. Jack said he shook his head and muttered to himself "I'll never understand this bloody game". RIP Jack.
  11. arbitro

    Wigan Administration

    Hats off to you my friend. I used to deal with a sales representative who was a huge Man United fan. He had been going for years to league games, European games and stuck with them when they got relegated. I hadn't seen him for a while but in our next meeting the topic turned to football and I asked him about United. He said he had stopped going and only had a casual interest in them now. I was stunned and asked him why. His words stuck with me. He simply said "I love Man United but hate what it's become". That summed it up.
  12. arbitro


    https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-the-inside-story-of-how-uks-chaotic-testing-regime-broke-all-the-rules-12022566 More grist to the mill as far as the fiddling of testing figures goes.
  13. arbitro

    Mowbray: Stay or Go - A Poll

    The main negative for me has been that we have dropped 25 points from winning positions. Losing leads has been a recurring theme under Mowbray.
  14. arbitro

    Cardiff away

    There is another punditism Andy that grinds my years - playing between the lines. WTF does that mean. My theory is that the condescending 'experts' make these silly things up to try and impress us mere mortals and justify their media work whilst imparting the professional opinion on us. As you say football is such a simple game and should be treated as such.
  15. arbitro

    Summer Transfer Window

    There are hundreds of players that play against Mowbrays teams and Dack was one of them. My wider point was that Mowbray generally likes to sign players he knows or that somebody at a previous club will endorse their character. As for the European scouting system the time to judge is when we actually sign some players who have been recommended. Personally I'll believe it when I see it. Will the new legislation ending free movement in Europe scupper any potential new signings?

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