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  1. I tend to believe that there is the tiniest bit of contrition in them spending £750k after running the club into the ground and being entirely responsible for us kicking off as a League One team on August 5th. In their aloof, arrogant and patronising world they are giving us something back.
  2. I can't agree with that. Why appoint a manager you don't trust in the first place? And Bowyer wasn't backed in his last couple of windows with us as he relied on frees and second rate loans.
  3. I thought exactly the same. I expected an undisclosed fee to be mentioned but the £750k jumps out as if to say we are spending money like a big FU to the doubters. As Bob said you just can't second guess lunatics.
  4. Mowbray can identify players but the finer details of any contract will need to be discussed between Cheston and the players representatives. Would you honestly trust Cheston (or Coar as you suggest) to negotiate a deal with all the complex legal and financial aspects that are part of a footballers deals? I really fear that we could lose some of Mowbrays targets due the the proven ineptitude of the aforementioned.
  5. Darragh McAnthony likes the sound of his own voice and has been known in the past to give interviews about his players to create a Dutch auction situation.
  6. There is but I just cannot accept that we will start on August 5th with a rag, tag and bobtail team and we bring in several players on August 31st. There are a lot of points to play in the interim and getting a good start is imperative to me. The end of the window signings should be stocking fillers for me.
  7. I saw Dack play on TV a couple of times and he looks a tidy player. He seemed to be strong given his diminutive stature and was difficult to knock off the ball. His quick feet enabled him to beat players in tight spaces and create openings. I recall him having a decent set piece delivery too and if he can chip in with a few goals he can become a fans favourite. If Dack signs though I don't think the Turkish lad will be signing as they are very similar from what I have seen.
  8. But you can't just have a mass clear out after promotion because some players might be deemed not good enough. Of course a club will need to strengthen its squad but this is done gradually. For most promoted clubs from any league the objective must be consolidation before kicking on. A two year deal is about right and gives benefits to both parties.
  9. Before last week I doubt if any of us could give any kind of appraisal on Smallwood (or even heard of him) but now we have detailed analysis of him and a high number of fans have already written him off. Step forward the new Jason Lowe, Keith Andrews, Jason Wilcox et al.
  10. Different times though mate. Rovers were well known in football circles for paying good wages and looking after players. That was in the PL and we could afford to pay an excessively high percentage of our tv money in wages. Quite simply we just cannot do that now and I would think that any contracts for new players this summer will be heavily incentivised.
  11. Horses for courses. I think sometimes there is an element of arrogance from some Rovers fans who are struggling to see we are a League One side now and that is the market we have to recruit from. Aside from not being able to pay big wages now how would we recruit Championship standard players to Ewood? No player worth his salt would drop down unless decent money was on offer.
  13. Correct but the FA have to pay for the overrated, over budget Wembley somehow. Also the likes of Rotten to the Coar needs their expenses along with all the free loading wasters that the FA employ.
  14. On the back of a decent second half of the season McGuire transfers for a deal potentially worth £17m. Football lives in a bubble and is so far removed from reality it's frightening.
  15. He is a poor mans Speedie. You can accept a level of indiscipline if the player is good but Garner is average at best.