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  1. I understand that but if their first or second choice are injured he would play..........in the Premier League.
  2. arbitro

    World Cup 2018

    I believe there is a real danger here that a referee actually sees an incident but waits for the VAR to review it and advise them accordingly. The referee last nigh spoke to players pretty much before every England corner so he was aware of the potential for grappling to occur. He had a great position to see the wrestling but didn't act on it. I think VAR might put some of them in their comfort zone safe in the knowledge that their safety net of VAR will take some of the blame.
  3. Are Sunderland paying Brighton to take him? Football is a crazy business where quite often being poor at your job is rewarded.
  4. arbitro

    Championship 2018-19

    It looks like our old friend Henderson will be playing against us next season. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44525272
  5. arbitro

    World Cup 2018

    England are in danger of becoming a one man team. Far too many weaknesses tonight to be considered serious contenders. Still a win is a win and as we know from many Rovers performances last season winning is the only thing that matters.
  6. arbitro

    World Cup 2018

    Tunisia look one of the worst teams I have seen so far and for them to be level is poor from our point of view. We have played some decent stuff but at this level you can't afford to miss the quality of chances we have. Sterling has been poor again and Alli isn't fit. Big second half coming up.
  7. arbitro

    World Cup 2018

    I think you are right there Tom. The assistants have been told not to flag for tight offsides and if a goal arises from one of these it gets referred by VAR. Referees and assistants now have a safety net and some will use this to negate their responsibilities.
  8. arbitro

    World Cup 2018

    That was a penalty. A clear touch first by the Swede who is then clattered.
  9. arbitro

    World Cup 2018

    It still comes down to opinion Tom and that is one of the strengths of football. I thought the Switzerland goal should have been disallowed for a push but many don't. I'm more than happy to trust the referees interpretation without any interference and debate key incidents amongst ourselves.
  10. arbitro

    World Cup 2018

    I thought the touch by the Australian (albeit a slight one) also made the ball deviate. The debate on Saturday was the contact as a consequence of making the tackle. In that respect it is the same as today. As I said I don't think either are penalties but for one to be referred as a clear and obvious error and the other not is baffling. In my opinion there is an added pressure on the match referee when an incident has been referred to them as a clear and obvious error. Effectively he is being told that several of his colleagues, with the benefit of a multitude of angles think he is wrong. It will be a brave referee who sticks by his original decision in the face of such pressure.
  11. arbitro

    World Cup 2018

    Another VAR inconsistency in the Sweden v Korea match. A Korean defender clearly wins the ball and whilst sliding brings down the Swedish player. It was not referred to the referee by VAR but in similar circumstances France were awarded a penalty on Saturday. I didn't think neither we're but the VAR inconsistency is alarming.
  12. arbitro

    Pre Season Matches

    I couldn't find a stand alone pre season thread (apologies if there is). Ticket prices for the Hibernian game have been announced. I think £20 is too much for a friendly (albeit under the guise of a testimonial) and had I not booked the train would probably give it a miss. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2018/june/ticket-news-hibernian-a/
  13. arbitro

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    Seeing as merchandising was mentioned as a valuable income stream I was flabbergasted to see the prices of some of the newly marketed training gear. I was interested in buying a polo shirt but the £35 price turned me off immediately. It is a middle of the road quality shirt with a printed white Rovers badge. It is almost that the football industry abuses loyalty of supporters of when it comes to the general prices they expect us to pay. I bought two instead for that price from a well known high street shop.
  14. arbitro

    World Cup 2018

    There does seem to be more than normal added in this WC so I wonder if Collina has told the referees to be more precise. In the laws it is called additional time. The injury time name is a real misnomer as I frequently hear people say there were no injuries, where did he get x minutes from. Additional time is an all encompassing description for injuries, cautions, substitutions, goals, time wasting etc.
  15. arbitro

    World Cup 2018

    Confusion is an apt description. There are too many grey areas as each review by the VAR is opinion and not fact. The referees will always make errors but when incidents are effectively re refereed and they still get it wrong then the overwhelming evidence is that VAR is more trouble than it is worth.

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