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  1. arbitro


    From my view Dack caught Martins Indi late and then he was deliberately stamped on. Clear red card for me. Hopefully it's nothing more than bruising for Dack. Today was counter attacking football at its best with some top performances. At times we moved the ball with pace and intensity ans Stoke couldn't handle us. Crouch did his best to rubies great day but we rode our luck to claim a massive three points. Only another 36 to get now😀.
  2. arbitro

    Rodwell signs

    Does he have a phone in each of his front pockets? Very strange.
  3. arbitro

    Free Football Autobiographies

    Paul McGrath's book was quite harrowing to read I thought. His honesty and frankness says a lot about him. In a similar vein Tony Adams gives a warts and all account of his life in his book.
  4. With some of the previous parasitic managers I can believe it might have happened but I couldn't see Mowbray weakening the team to help a player clock up enough games to warrant an extension.
  5. Incentivised deals should be given to older signings based on appearances. Two year deals to aging, unfit players are a waste of money.
  6. arbitro

    Free Football Autobiographies

    These have now gone. Thanks for the interest.
  7. I have around 120 (I've never counted them) football related autobiographies that I am looking to give away. The majority are players and managers with a smattering of referees. They are all in decent condition. Please PM me if you are interested in them. The only stipulations are that they would have to be collected and it would be an all or nothing offer.
  8. If they were brought in to get us out of League One why give Caddis and Whittingham two year deals? They have both been paid off after one season at a considerable cost to the club. I'd be surprised is the deals for them both hasn't cost £1.5m.
  9. On balance it's a really good point but for the first time this season the negatives outweigh the positives in my opinion. Mowbray got it wrong with his selection and tactics in the first half when we just couldn't get up the field. Conway is a waste of a squad place and we are paying a lot of money for that. I can't remember the last time I saw a tactical change so early in the game but it was needed. But perhaps the most disappointing aspect for me was how cheaply we gave the ball away with almost every player at some stage being guilty of this. We got away with it but on another day we would be punished. On the plus side Nyambe continued his good form and was our best player by some distance I felt. The last ditch defending was dogged and committed. Mowbray will have to seriously consider the starting line up and how we will play against Stoke on Saturday as a repeat of last nights first half could see us out of it by half time.
  10. When it is as close as this the Assistants are instructed to give the benefit of doubt to the attacking side. The Assistant didn't appear to be in line with the second rear most defender.
  11. Mowbray said the wall was a couple of bodies light and I think he is spot on but it begs the question why it didn't happen. The free kick was well executed but the gap left must have made Hourihane's mind up to go round the wall. A wider wall would have seen him having to get it over the wall and down which I think would have been more difficult.
  12. arbitro

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    That was pretty much the concencus of the people I go with and the fans on the bus going home. As we dropped deeper we gave Villa the initiative to get at us. Grealish started to find more room and we were under the cosh. I would rather have packed midfield during this period than the defence to deny the likes of Hourahane and Grealish any space,
  13. arbitro

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    I'm happy with a point but one surprising aspect for me was Brereton not replacing Graham. I don't think anybody foresaw him coming on for Evans to play wide right where in my opinion he was ineffective. I thought the idea of giving Conway a new deal was to come on as a substitute in situations like yesterday. And contrary to a few posts I thought we played a back five when Williams came on rather than a three to combative threat of Kodjia, Bolasie and Abraham. I quite enjoyed the game and in the cold light of day thought the draw was fair despite the referee (with his kit two sizes too small) wanting to be centre stage with his errant decision making for both teams.
  14. If I remember correctly Caddis was at fault for the goal Lincoln scored by leaving Nyambe exposed in a two v one situation. I find it funny that you want to talk about Lincoln only. Is it because that is the only game you have seen. Nyambe was very good in the games against Ipswich, Reading, Millwall, Hull and Brentford and in the first half at Bristol. That's an opinion shared by many who don't have an agenda against a young lad trying to make his way in the game. Your rants against him are repetitive, boring and more importantly without any substance.
  15. I would trust their judgement above yours John. As I have said many times your criticism of Nyambe primarily emanates from your irrational dislike of Simon Conning. Your view is undoubtedly tainted and you desperately want Nyambe to fail because of this. I find that difficult to comprehend John. Nyambe is the most improved player at Rovers and if you put your dislike of his agent away you would see that (if you actually went to the games that is).

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