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  1. arbitro

    Rovers away at QPR - Good Friday 19th April 2019

    Just on the train back and I have to say I was surprised that none of the kids were involved despite the assurances from Mowbray that once we were safe he would. It seems crazy that two weeks running now we are coasting with a two goal lead and two different keepers make ridiculous errors and put us under pressure. For me now it is the number one priority to bring in a decent keeper. Williams was again outstanding at centre half and played what I feel is the pass of the season. A sixty yard ball over the full back and straight into Armstrong's stride. Lenihan wasn't far behind him again. Travis once again excelled as did Rothwell.
  2. arbitro

    Rovers away at QPR - Good Friday 19th April 2019

    Looking at the TfL map it seems a shorter journey the way you are going.
  3. arbitro

    Mowbray: Stay or go?

    Probably two of the stand out individual performances of the season were by Reed. I thought he was excellent at West Bromwich and at home to Derby. And who can forget his celebration in front of the Riverside when he won a tackle late in a game (possibly Leeds). I don't think he will be player of the season but you could make a strong case for him.
  4. arbitro

    Rovers away at QPR - Good Friday 19th April 2019

    Are you terminating at Harrow and Wealdstone? I am and my plan is Bakerloo Line to Oxford Circus from Harrow and Wealdstone underground station and the Central Line to White City.
  5. arbitro

    Bolton at home.

    Easter Monday sees us lock horns with an old foe from t'other side of Bull Hill. I have to be perfectly honest and admit I don't really care too much for them. Almost certainly this goes back to the 70's when a visit to Burnden Park could be intimidating. I was actually chased back to Trinity Street station by some Bolton fans because we had the temerity to beat them in a crucial Division Three game. For anybody of a certain age Derek Fazackerley scored a late winner. I used to meet him frequently on the football circuit and I always reminded him that he was almost responsible for an early demise for me. Another reason I disliked them was because quite often they used to beat us. Players like Paul Jones, Sam Allardyce, Neil Whatmore, Warwick Rimmer, Peter Nicholson, Barry Siddall, Frank Worthington as the names just roll off my tongue and I was envious. Over the years they have a marginally better record with 70 wins to our 63 with 38 drawn. Hopefully we will seal their relegation on Monday and be able to laugh at them from our lofty, smug mid table security. They have really had a season to forget with late payments to playing and non playing staff, a pre season players strike and more recently players refusing to train with some games only being confirmed at the eleventh hour. At this point I ought to give them some grudging praise that they have taken it to within a few games of the seasons end before relegation is confirmed. There is some real concern about their new owner, Bassini who has bought the club from the snake oil salesman that was Anderson. I can't help thinking that it will be out of the frying pan for them. Their nickname is The Trotters which is quite apt really when you consider some of the Del Boy like characters they have had running them. Sadly Jason Lowe is out for the season but aside from him they still have some experienced players to call upon so whilst I'm not expecting a cakewalk I will be disappointed if we don't win by two clear goals. Hopefully our boss is as true as his word and we see some of the excellent young players who have impressed this season in the under 23's. It would be a good time to blood them. For older supporters John Byrom will probably be the most famous ' played for both teams' player. But from memory these weren't too bad: El Hadj Diouf Alan Ainscow Gordon Taylor The infamous (in Darwen anyway) Mark Patterson Scott Sellars Matt Jansen And Big Sam managed us both. Enjoy the game and the Trotters wallowing in their own misery.
  6. arbitro

    Rovers away at QPR - Good Friday 19th April 2019

    Myopic Andy 😀 Thanks for putting me right too Andy. As I recall you used to do it regularly at Pleasington 😁😁
  7. arbitro

    Academy & U'21's

    About age not size 😁
  8. arbitro

    Academy & U'21's

    And the lumbering giant Scholes? Or Sterling? Size, like age doesn't matter.
  9. arbitro

    Championship 2018-19

    Boltons game against Villa on Friday might not go ahead. Hopefully it's off and we send them down on Monday. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/17578334.boltons-clash-with-aston-villa-yet-to-get-the-go-ahead/
  10. arbitro


    I have written to Lynsey again and included the link in your post.
  11. arbitro


    I wonder who is behind these poorly thought ideas. The club are generously offering free coach travel to Norwich, primarily because of the silly o'clock kick off time. For regular away travellers who don't travel by coach I think this is unfair so I wrote to Waggott asking him if there could be an across the board discount on the ticket price then everybody is treated fairly. I pointed out that there will be people going to their first away match and gaining some benefit. There are as many (if not more) regular away fans who always travel by road or rail. From my point of view I like the independence of arranging my own travel. I know a lot of southern based supporters who can't take advantage of this due to logistics. It's almost like regular supporters are penalised. The very least they could have done was issue vouchers for the club shop. I got a nice email back from Lynsey saying they can't reduce prices on away tickets. I think they could by making up the shortfall themselves. She offered to book my place on the coach but I declined. I understand it's the individuals choice to travel independently but, like season ticket holders I think our support is sometimes taken for granted.
  12. arbitro

    Damien Duff Hangs Up His Boots

    It was. The night before I refereed Brentford v Sheffield Wednesday in a League One playoff semi-final second leg but I was honestly more excited and honoured about doing Tony's game after he rang me to do it. He thanked me by giving me a limited edition Rovers watch which is amongst the pride of all my memorabilia.
  13. arbitro

    Mowbray: Stay or go?

    No problem mate.
  14. arbitro

    Mowbray: Stay or go?

    That wasn't a quote from my post that you replied to.

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