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  1. Rovers v Charlton

    There just didn't seem to be the energy of recent weeks. Smallwood was running on empty well before the end as were several others. They dominated us in midfield in the second half because we couldn't get close enough to tackle or at times close them down. I think we have got away with one today.
  2. Rovers v Charlton

    Three points, clean sheet and Best own goal. That's the positives from a quiet Ewood today when too many players looked jaded. It's been a while since we lost and the winning feeling is something we all like but Mowbray needs to give the players a few days off now ahead of the busy Christmas and New Year period to recharge the batteries.
  3. Fleetwood tickets

    I recall a figure of 2500 being sold for the 1875 Club but that was quite early in the season. When you consider the away followings to Rochdale, Oldham and Bury alone there will be a significant number of fans who qualify for tickets in the first allocation i.e. three away games. In all honesty I will be surprised if it gets to the second allocation criteria.
  4. Hull City - FA Cup

    They are opening the Darwen End for what will probably amount to a few hundred Hull fans but they can't open the JW Darwen End side where there are several hundred season ticket holders. Poor form from Rovers after the recent good things they have done. It can only be down to penny pinching.
  5. Rovers v Charlton

    Another tough game here but with the confidence gained through our current form it certainly winnable. As always team selection and tactics will be important as I believe Charlton will sit in with banks of four and five getting behind the ball when we are in possession. The wide players will be really important to give us width and hopefully get in behind. We should be putting Wigan in our sights now as the have Wimbledon and Oxford away and Shrewsbury at home in their next three games.
  6. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    Overall we deserved the win and with a little more care with the final ball it would have been much more comfortable. That Harper lad was shocking and kicking the ball at the referee like he did should have brought him a red card. We were once again like the Curate's Egg but won and we keep the unbeaten run going.

    Goulon was arguably he worst player I have seen at Rovers in recent times. He started the match against Man Utd when we lost 7-1 and he go the hook after about twenty minutes. What on earth Allardyce saw in him I will never know. I wouldn't put him anywhere near N'Zonzi as a footballer.
  8. Fútbol, Le Foot, Voetbal, ποδόσφαιρο

    Well done to the football fixture planners again. Torquay v Gateshead tonight. They really have excelled themselves with this one.
  9. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    I think it's sensible to play it tomorrow and get it out of the way if possible. I think Mowbray will want a clear week ahead of the four games in eight day period over Christmas and New Year. The last thing we need is unnecessary injuries just before this important phase of the season.
  10. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    Mowbray would be silly to risk some of our most vulnerable players in terms of injuries and potential suspensions. I think Smallwood picked up his sixth or seventh caution on Saturday which takes him closer to ten and a two match ban. The way he plays he could get a yellow card in any game. If the game goes ahead it could be a tricky, hard surface and in that case I wouldn't consider any of the regular first team players. The under 23's was off last night and I would play most of them tonight.
  11. Premier League Stuff

    It will only be reviewed if the referee actually gives a penalty for what a review panel retroactively deem to be simulation which has actually deceived the referee. If the panel decision is simulation then a retrospective ban is applied.
  12. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    It's subjective. I think Bennett took evasive action to avoid injury therefore in my opinion he wasn't attempting to deceive the referee. But my point is that the FA won't allow any appeals against any yellow card which just can't be right. Last week a Bournemouth player was cautioned for simulation when it should have been a penalty. It was his fifth yellow but he had to serve an unjust one game ban due to the restrictive regulations of the FA. If the FA consider the appeal 'frivolous' then they can add extra games to the suspension.
  13. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    It's quite ridiculous that you can't appeal against yellow cards when they clearly are wrong. I'm sure that Rovers would have appealed Bennetts second yellow at Wigan had they been allowed to. When I was active the referee could have a yellow card rescinded if he was prepared to admit he got it wrong but the FA stopped that. I did hear though that they are considering changing this due to the number of yellow cards which have been wrongly meted out.
  14. You have highlighted one area where we have improved but the main area to me is that Mowbray has us pretty much playing counter attacking football which seems to suit us but that is only in away games. He (by his own admission) needs to devise a plan to beat teams more comfortably at home. The laborious, easy to defend against passing game at home could be our Achilles Heel with most of the top teams still to come to Ewood. I don't want to sound like a party pooper but in my opinion we are still quite a bit away from where many believe we should be in terms of the consistency in our play.
  15. I do remember Marsh as an entertainer who excited fans with his craft and ability. Dack is probably a lower league version who can win games with flashes of brilliance. Interesting that you bring his fitness up as we spoke about the same thing during the game. He injured a hamstring on day one at Southend and didn't really do much for some time but his confidence (and fitness) are certainly evident.