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  1. arbitro

    Championship season 2019-20

    I have just noticed the Sky are covering two live Championship games tonight on separate channels with the rest on the red button. It's another example of how cheaply they got the EFL contract.
  2. arbitro


    In typical Warnock fashion we will face an aerial bombardment on Saturday particularly from the exocet like throw in of Morrison. Graham and Gallagher would be useful to have around to defend these so they would be in my starting eleven. It's going to be another tough shift and I expect it to be a game of attrition, perhaps another 1-0 squeaky bum game.
  3. arbitro

    Hull (A)

    Was there any word in the TV commentary about Dacks injury? I noticed he didn't go down the tunnel for treatment immediately but I spotted him later disappearing to the dressing room.
  4. arbitro

    Hull (A)

    That is true and a sign of progression but there will be times when we are punished for our own errors. Mowbray quip about Travis, whilst delivered with a touch of humour had a cryptic message in it for me.
  5. arbitro

    Hull (A)

    I agree we have upgraded in areas where we needed to and I see real improvements but I just think expectations have fluctuated on the back of two wins from the first two defeats. Most importantly though I think the players and management will have their feet on the ground.
  6. arbitro

    Hull (A)

    Although chuffed to bits with the win and clean sheet I can't get carried along with some of the euphoria I am reading. In the first half nearly all of Hull's chances came from our errors, primarily giving the ball away cheaply and at times over playing in the wrong areas. On another night we could have been punished. In my opinion there is still lots of work to do with this squad but results and clean sheets will certainly build confidence.
  7. arbitro

    Hull (A)

    I enjoyed the game tonight as it was a good end to end match with some intensity but I enjoyed winning more. I thought it was by a distance our best showing so far with several really good individual performances which should stand us in good stead going forward. I thought Travis and Johnson won the central midfield battle and behind them Williams was really good and showing everybody where his best position is. Dack looked hungry and was getting back to his impish best when he got injured. There will be far tougher tests this season but two back to back clean sheets delights me.
  8. Their mother is still employed by Bury as club secretary.
  9. I really wish he would and quickly. The whole inept structure and regulations of the EFL should be exposed to the world as not fit for purpose. This is an example of their gross ineptitude. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/jul/11/bury-takeover-without-full-football-league-approval-transfer-embargo-efl
  10. Schoolboy matches, club matches and night matches when the evenings are light enough. Similarly lots of older players I knew played in Saturday and Sunday leagues and again there were midweek league matches and competitors like the Orphanage Cup locally which was always played in midweek.
  11. arbitro

    Middlesbrough (H)

    When Graham gets paid his goal bonus will say differently. It's a bit like saying we didn't win on Saturday because the winning goal was a penalty and they don't really count. Well I'll take one of them every game.
  12. arbitro

    Mowbray In? Mowbray Out?

    Football is all about winning and whether it's the Guardiola inspired City way or playing percentages I really don't care. Any manager worth his salt knows his players and a style (and system) that suits his players. This is where I think Mowbray gets a touch delusional by trying to evolve players into a style they either aren't good enough or suited to play. His three at the back tactic was an unmitigated disaster but in fairness he learnt the hard way and changed back to a four man defence. Hopefully Saturday and the result will be a salutary lesson to Mowbray that to get results he has to play to our strengths.
  13. arbitro

    Premier League Stuff

    I have intercepted dribbles when I am sleeping ☺️ Sky must seriously be struggling to come up with new things every season but they are scraping the barrel now. Kean would have been all over these though.
  14. I wouldn't normally buy any food or drink but my granddaughter skipped her dinner yesterday as she wanted some chips at the game. They cost £3 but it was a large portion and they were actually very good. Significantly though I got these around 2.50 pm and there was hardly anybody else at the food outlet. The other week I offest my club cash against a new kit for her (minus socks) and even with £23 club cash it cost me £38. This included printing her name on the back. Without club cash there is no way I would have paid the full amount.
  15. arbitro

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Does anybody else think Christian Walton looks like Rodney Trotter?

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