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  1. RevidgeBlue

    Premier League Stuff

    Answered your own question there. Look how that turned out.
  2. RevidgeBlue

    Premier League Stuff

    Maybe, maybe jt's also sometimes easier to play the race card than to accept it's your own failings or something to do with your character that is stopping you from getting a job. As others have said I'm not sure Cambell is the best person to cite in support of this argument. If he'd retired at the end of last season say, I would find it odd that he had to start at Macclesfield but if someone had retired at the same time as him and been out of the game ever since I would find it odd if they landed their first job completely out of the blue at a meaningful level.
  3. RevidgeBlue

    Premier League Stuff

    I don't find it that strange that Campbell has had to start at the bottom of the football pyramid as he has been completely out of the game for a considerable length of time. Gerrard and Lampard retired a lot more recently and I'd have thought if they'd been out of the game and pursuing other interests as Campbell has, they'd have had to start a lot lower. As for racism in the game, I don't know. If there have been an equal number of black and white people taking their coaching badges over the years then obviously something would appear to be afoot but I suspect that isnt the case. On the other hand Moore started at PL level, Ince moved quickly from the lower Leagues to PL level and would have had a very good career at the top level by now were he good enough and Hughton is doing very well. How many white English managers get a chance to manage in the Premier League? Not many of those either. As for the reaction to Sterling's comments I find it all a bit OTT really. Everyone is so keen to be seen as PC and not be perceived as racist they're all hurling themselves themselves off a cliff to self flagellate and tell the world what a terrible person they are etc etc.
  4. RevidgeBlue

    Corry Evans

    Well, yes, it's not my money we're wasting and if it was a case of funds being unlimited and we ended up with Reed AND Evans I could put thisdown as an irrelevance and fools and their money being easily parted etc. i presume it's not quite as simple as that though, I assume we're still paying lip service to FFP so every penny spent on players who won't improve us like Evans is less available to spend on players who will take us forward like Reed.
  5. RevidgeBlue

    Corry Evans

    Couldn't agree more Stuart. If I didn't have a ST already and was thinking about investing in a half ST the thought of having to watch Evans for another 2 and a half years would be more likely to put me off than inspire me to make a purchase. Now if it was the news that Reed had signed a pre contract agreement with a view to penning a permanent deal on Jan 1st......... then you'd be talking.
  6. RevidgeBlue

    Premier League Stuff

    I think there are several reasons why Hamilton is perhaps not seen with as much affection as his raw talent deserves. Firstly I think there is a perception rightly or wrongly that it's more about having the best car than the driver these days. Secondly imo Hamilton comes off as slightly aloof and arrogant and there seems to be something in the psyche of the British public that prefers a loveable or plucky loser like Frank "You know what i mean 'arry" Bruno or "Tiger" Tim Henman to an all conquering cold fish. Nick Faldo was never particularly liked when he was on top of the golfing world because he was so driven and single minded, he didn't have time to worry about whether people liked him or not and I never hear him talked about as one of Britain's greatest ever sportsmen. To a slightly lesser degree Andy Murray is a bit of a marmite character as well, his supporters would claim he never got the recognition he deserved when he was rising to the top and that when he wins he's British and when he loses he's Scottish.
  7. RevidgeBlue

    Premier League Stuff

    I' ve never heard Collymore referred to as "wife beating" Collymore and had forgotten he'd had issues in that regard. In his case I'm assuming the alleged victim was another much loved and well known celebrity Ulrika, so it is going to resonate slightly more with the general public. I am however aware he's had mental health issues as at one point it was never out of the media and by and large he's had nothing but sympathy and support for that I certainly wasn't aware that Sterling had been charged in connection with common assault on two different women until a poster mentioned it above, this is never brought up when referring to him so the media certainly aren't trying to make capital out of him in that regard. All this furore also brought to mind the massive love shown via tbe media for Jermaine Defoe when he befriended and spent lots of time with the young boy dying from cancer. Strange how Sterling doesn't mention things like that.
  8. RevidgeBlue

    Corry Evans

    Disappointed with this news. Not good enough and if we are looking to improve we should be looking to offload Evans and put the money saved towards bringing in better players who can take us forward at this level such as Reed.
  9. RevidgeBlue

    Premier League Stuff

    Lewis also flew off the handle recently when Jason Cundy described a black player as "lazy". (Might have been Pogba but I can't remember.) Lewis bizarrely said you couldn't use that terminology to describe a black player and inferred it was racist as that was a stereotype attributed to black people down the ages. Which goes back to the original point about the Chelsea fan who abused Sterling.before the debate was sidetracked somewhat. If it is proven he racially abused Sterling I hope the book is thrown at him. Before jumping to conclusions though I think it is necssary though to establish that he abused Sterling because he was black and not simply because he was one of the opppsition's best players. Otherwise you're starting to venture down the road where you can't give stick to an opposition player unless he is white because otherwise it's automatically deemed to be racist.
  10. RevidgeBlue


    x 1000. When I was at Boro on Saturday I noticed half ST's were on sale at approx £275. Rather puts into perspective people moaning at our full season ticket prices starting at £320.
  11. RevidgeBlue

    Premier League Stuff

    Do give over, if any major Celebrity went into Pound World it would cause a bit of a stir/hilarity in the Press and create a range of reaction from applauding them for their frugality to branding them a bit of a tightarse. As regards the second paragraph I've quoted why have you completely ignored everything I've written and accused me of exactly the opposite to what I posted? I say I couldnt care less what he earns and you somehow turn that into him buying designer Clothing winds me up. What the hell else sort of clothing is he going to wear on his income? You wouldn't expect him to dress at Primark. I have no idea whether "Paid in Full" is a well known designer label or not but I'm surprised you would suggest that Sterling would be so stupid as not to realise that people could connect the label to his recent pay deal.
  12. RevidgeBlue

    Premier League Stuff

    I've not noticed any other black player apart from Sterling draw particular attention but fair enough if that's your impression.
  13. RevidgeBlue

    Premier League Stuff

    The first two headlines set next to each other in isolation look really unfair but were the full articles simply a case of slagging one off and praising the other to the hilt, or were they part of a more general discussion about wages for young players? It isn't really right that either can afford to go and splash that sort of money on a house at that stage of their careers but that is the fault of the Clubs not the players and if anything the first lad deserves praise for investing his wealth in something sensible like bricks and mortar. I can't really see the problem with any of the other headlines, he knows he's going to wind people up by doing that in the immediate aftermath of the disastrous 2016 Euros, the Pound World Greggs and Easyjet stories appear to be complimenting him on having an eye for a bargain despite his wealth, he COULD (but wasn't obliged to) have done something about being wrongly awarded a penalty against very weak opposition and that would have earned him massive kudos for sportsmanship. The story about the hat: I couldn't care less what Sterling or any other top player earns. However unless it's an incredible coincidence that he was wearing a hat displaying the logo "Fully Paid" immediately after landing a massive new contract he appears to be going out of his way to wind people up. He's looking for a reaction and he got one. Quite what he's looking to achieve or what satisfaction he gets from behaving like that is anyone's guess.
  14. RevidgeBlue

    Premier League Stuff

    Never said it was "a black thing". (Whatever that means) It's just unnecessary behaviour for a top sportsman and most other players seem to manage without drawing attention to themselves like that.
  15. RevidgeBlue

    Premier League Stuff

    Not much at all but then Im not a top sportsman in the Public eye.

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