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  1. RevidgeBlue

    Derby V Rovers

    Disagree, I think it was Graham that made us extremely one dimensional. As daft as it sounds I thought Armstrong had a really poor game today. Don't want to lose either but if we HAD to sell either of Dack or Armstrong for £20m and Dack was back to full fitness I'd keep Dack all day long.
  2. RevidgeBlue

    Derby V Rovers

    In the case of Evans and Gallagher....... that's the worry!!!!! The change in our team selection, formation, attacking ethos and pressing style of play since the end of last season is quite remarkable. We even look infinitely fitter than at any stage since Mowbray has been in charge and whilst Mowbray has to take the credit I'm wondering if Johnson has had much more of an input this season. Either way it's working and long may it continue.
  3. RevidgeBlue

    Derby V Rovers

    Come off it, no-one could have predicted the way we've played the last couple of games. We were terrible after lockdown and pretty poor as recently as the opening fixture against Doncaster. The League form this season has come out of absolutely nowhere. Not complaining though, long may it last.
  4. RevidgeBlue

    Derby V Rovers

    Absolutely outstanding, 3-0 up and Armstrong has been rubbish. Hardly touched the ball, should have scored from point blank range then missed an easy chance to play Brereton in. Dolan, Rothwell outstanding, Brereton really good again just needs a couple of breaks in front of goal. Really good to watch. Keep it up lads.
  5. RevidgeBlue

    Derby V Rovers

    🙄 Took one for the team there!
  6. RevidgeBlue

    Derby V Rovers

    Was it ever in any doubt? Has been treated appallingly by Mowbray throughout his time here.
  7. RevidgeBlue

    Derby V Rovers

    You're right of course, it's the sensible thing to do. Done. Relax everyone, with my normal luck in betting that probably means we'll be 3 up inside 20 mins and never in any danger.
  8. RevidgeBlue

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    Good stuff Stuart. But apart from that, you're fairly happy? 🤣
  9. RevidgeBlue

    Derby V Rovers

    This will be an acid test of Mowbray's management, after a 5-0 win and playing well in general there is no excuse whatsoever for changing the starting line up with the possible exception of bringing back Nyambe (who hadn't done anything whatsoever wrong in the first place) for JRC. Either way, Dolan shouldn't be dropped. Will Tony give the players their head and say 'same again" or overthink it and retreat into his shell and swap it about and go safety first based on his perceived view of the opposition strengths? On a personal level I wouldn't mind a win tomorrow, had a £5 free bet on Betfair midweek on most of the favourites in the League Cup plus Rovers. £399 if we win. Can cash out now for £122. 🤔
  10. RevidgeBlue

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    That's no way to talk about our Prime Minister and Government! 🙂 I don't agree the decision about fans is a sensible one but from a Rovers point of view given the Government's track record on the virus to date I think it was entirely foreseeable they'd bottle out of their original plan and perform a U turn. As a Club we should have been completely on top of it. Instead we were misjudging the mood totally, and issuing a plea to let fans back in asap just as the Government went down the opposite route.
  11. RevidgeBlue

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    Course it's at his door. We can argue until the cows come home about the timing of season tickets/memberships going on sale. To me it was the most obvious thing in the world to keep people engaged and prevent them losing interest and sign them up on a nominal membership initially and as early as possible then upgrade them to a price commensurate with an I follow pass once the Government made their decision on fans and upgrade again to the full ST price if and when fans are finally allowed back in. What surely can not be disputed though, is that if you have a product on offer which isn't as good as the one you had on sale before, you don't put prices up!
  12. RevidgeBlue

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    What a great post. Spot on. Waggott doesn't deserve supporters like you and the lady I met last night. 👍
  13. RevidgeBlue

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    What a great response from the Colchester Chairman. Top man. The "Government's whack a mole" approach to high risk areas. What a great way of putting it but sadly true. Whilst Boris and the medics play silly theoretical games which will never have any impact whatsoever on them, in real life people are losing their jobs, businesses and entire sectors of the economy are at risk of going under. BTW, can you imagine Waggott going to the trouble of removing 1800 seats or changing the surrounds to the stadium around in an effort to get games on? We can't even be bothered to open the Club shop or keep the surrounds of Ewood Park tidy and free of rubbish!
  14. RevidgeBlue

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    Unbelievable. in the light of the Government's (predictable) cave in on allowing fans back in to live sporting events, most rational people would be admitting they made a huge mistake and coming back to supporters on bended knee asking for forgiveness. Waggott has obviously never heard of the phrase "When you're in a hole stop digging." His response?, double down on the original mistake on 20, hope that people will miraculously change their minds and suddenly won't object to being taken for granted and to being asked to pay more for something they're not actually getting in the first place, and hope that that miracle ace comes out. It's mind blowing, it really is.

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