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  1. It depends what you expect from a striker over the course of a season but I Wouldn't consider someone who scores 5 goals over the season and doesn't score a goal after December as being able to score at any particular level. Wikipedia also only have him as having scored around 20 career goals and he's 24 which surprised me. He's getting on a bit to be an up and coing young thing with potential, at that age he should be very near to his peak.
  2. Wouldn't say excuses as such, more an attempt to put positive spin on the fact nothing has yet happened either in terms of incomings or tying down the people on new deals we want to tie down. I'd have thought Raya is another along with Lenihan and Dack who needs an improved deal to ward off interest from elsewhere.
  3. RevidgeBlue

    World Cup 2018

    Me too. I thought it would be a really tight game with no more than a goal in it either way.
  4. RevidgeBlue

    World Cup 2018

    The Saudis are a lot better side than many who have "graced" the World Cup in the past such as Haiti and Zaire. There are bound to be one or two weaker sides. You Can't just hold a tournament based solely on the FIFA rankings.
  5. I'm not someone who needs to see signings before I'll commit to a ST and I rushed in to renew on the first morning buoyed with enthusiasm by the promotion. That initial feel good factor is starting to wear off slightly though. I'm not so much concerned by the fact that there have been no incomings as it's still relatively early days. I would however have expected Dack and Lenihan to have been tied up on lucrative new deals as soon as the season ended. However as Jim correctly observed yesterday all we have is two new deals for the old codgers Conway and Graham.
  6. Whilst I agree that the overall concept of FFP is fatally flawed and that it is not inconceivable that our owners might try to hide behind it you do seem to be rather obsessed with the subject. I haven't studied the subject in detail like you seem to have done but the basic point that occurs to me is that the rule is you Can't exceed losses of a certain amount over a three year period therefore whilst it looks inevitable that Villa will fall foul of the rule eventually, They've only been in the Championship for two years so far so any sanctions aren't applicable yet. Similarly for Forest, if They've recently come out of embargo, presumably the 3 year cycle starts from scratch so you Can't complain about them spending £13m on a player per se. If owners want to take a punt on reaching the riches of the Premier League and run the risk of sanctions if it fails that's up to them and not the League's fault. I think it's wrong though to suggest that sanctions aren't applied. They have been and massive fines were slapped upon QPR which are currently subject to legal challenge as far as I'm aware. Once again if a Court eventually rules against the League (as I hope they do) that's not their fault, they have tried to enforce their rules.
  7. Have to disagree. Conway was dreadful for the vast majority of last season in terms of his overall play not just his non contribution in terms of assists and goals.
  8. "An hour of Craig Conway running up and down working hard .......will at times be a better option than those flying wingers." It really won't Tony - scratching around a bit with those comments I fear.
  9. Lenihan was clearly looking to move prior to him picking up his long term foot injury. If There's any hint of interest from another Club he perceives to be a better long term bet, he simply may not want to sign another deal here. It might not be due to any lack of effort on the Club's part.
  10. Absolutely spot on re: Conway. Unless the funding for this season is virtually unlimited by Championship standards I find it a very strange move. I do worry that TM is going to be too loyal and put too much faith in this squad judging by his recent comments in the LT. We have to remember that the rump of the squad got us relegated from the Championship and if TM thinks the squad as it currently stands will have us competitive at the right end of the table I fear he'll be sadly disappointed. We need at least half a dozen quality additions who can make a difference at Championship level imo, not just squad fillers who will be back up to the existing staff. I'd be looking for a big nasty centre half experienced at Championship level, ditto for midfield, a ball playing midfielder two wingers with pace, and two strikers who can find the net at this level. That, or something close to that will be plenty expensive enough without throwing money away on Conway because he's been a decent servant in the past.
  11. Agree on Lenihan but Dack will presumably be on a very modest deal at the moment so that would be my top priority ahead of bringing anyone else In.
  12. Graham may or may not perform next season but the only bit of contract news I really want to hear at this stage is that Dack has signed an improved deal.
  13. RevidgeBlue

    World Cup 2018

    I agree about Shelvey, I think we're badly lacking someone who can pick a pass in midfield. I'd have taken him or gambled on Wilshere's fitness as opposed to taking so many full backs or Delph.
  14. RevidgeBlue

    World Cup 2018

    As daft as it sounds for someone who has just scored twenty odd goals I think Sterling is a poor finisher and I don't expect him to impress taken out of an exceptional City side that scored over a hundred goals and which created almost unlimited chances for him. I think Sterling is vastly over-rated as a player but of course he could prove me completely wrong. I'd take Rashford alongside Kane ahead of Sterling, but arguably I think I'd rather even more be going with Vardy and Kane up top for the first two group games gainst weaker opposition and not overload the pitch with defenders masquerading under the fancy name of iadvanced wing backs.
  15. RevidgeBlue

    World Cup 2018

    That's an exceptionally negative line up for me. Essentially you've got 5 defenders, 3 midfielders, Sterling who half the time couldn't hit a the proverbial cow's backside with a banjo and Kane. If that's the line up then for me Southgate is guilty of overthinking it way too much. I would also have Rashford in ahead of Sterling who I expect to be a massive flop yet again. Guess the proof of the pudding will be in the eating as always.

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