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  1. It's not correct though. Its a bit like saying that x, y and z are the case but its basef on the assumption the world is flat. I'd say the actual maths are as follows. (Might be stating the bleeding obvious but here goes) The easiest route to survival is to finish above Birmingham. We need a minimum of two points to have any mathematical chance of survival. That assumes BIRMINGHAM lose their last two games. If they get one point we need 3. If they get two points we need 4 If they get 3 or 4 we need 2 wins. If they win their last two we have to as well and hope we finish above one of the other sides. There's no way you can predict how Brum will do or put an actual probability on any of the above therefore we have to assume the worst and target six points. You would hope two wins would be enough to see us stay up at Brum's expense. Trouble is I can't see us getting one win let alone two.
  2. Was about to post similar. That guide is completely meaningless and inaccurate because it assumes each outcome is equally probable which they aren't due to form and variables such as injuries and things like Huddersfield already being in the playoffs and fielding a weakened side etc.
  3. Very bad result for us tonight. That said I dont think it changes things a huge amount as I thought we needed two wins from our last two games to have a chance of staying up even before tonight. All this guff about possibly staying up with two draws is exactly that imo. Guff. Even more reason why we have to abandon our safety first approach in the last two games. If we're to go down at least let's go down having had a go.
  4. If there is a problem with Emnes then that is us sunk imo as the only chance of survival for me is to successfully pair him up with any one of the other strikers. Its clear he is the only member of the squad with a bit of vision and time on the ball capable of bringing others into play and I think we always play much better when he is on the pitch. Strange how perceptions change depending on who the player and/or manager is. This story about Emnes could well be complete cobblers but he and Joao and a few otbers allegedly dont buy into what Mowbray is trying to do and are castigated az villains. The likes of Marshall and Graham don't try or bother to get themselves fit all season for a less popular manager in Coyle and they're hailed as heroes and the manager is in the wrong. To be fair something doesn't seem to be right in the camp though wherever the blame lies. We need wins, yet since Preston the manager has gone ultra defensive, exactly the opposite of what is required and the players don't appear to be putting much of a shift in either.
  5. Don't let people wind you up. Because You're very open about your passion and commitment to the Club You're an easy target for people who have either given up supporting the Club or who claim to be boycotting. Why they do it I don't know, maybe they feel guilty about their own actions and are taking it out on the likes of you and Parson instead.
  6. Unless anyone can prove otherwise Anderson had a relatively limited period of involvement at the Club six years or so ago. Plenty has happened since then and there has been ample opportunity to try and rectify the situation. I wonder what steps Coar has taken to try and influence the owners to run the Club properly? None I suspect, he's just been content to sit back and say nothing not wanting to fall out with the owners get the boot and jeapordise his position at the FA. These recent remarks are just an attempt at arse covering on his behalf as far as I'm concerned.
  7. The problem with this is we're trying to shut the stable door after the horse has bolted. He should have been getting game time long ago but wasnt getting it and seemingly has made his mind up to move on. Mahoney, Conway or Feeney?. Its a no brainer for me and it aint either of the two older players.
  8. Very good. That made me laugh. Factually correct as to what is needed as well!
  9. Exactly. People are over-complicating this. Its all very well going on about him only losing 3 games etc and yes maybe that record over the course of a season would have seen us safe. That though has to be tempered by the fact that our form has tailed off dramatically since we had a bit of a new manager bounce and the last seven games have only brought six points. Arguably we rode our luck when we got our couple of early results as well. More importantly though, Mowbray took the job knowing full well we would need 6/7 wins to stay up. We've only got 3 at present and wins are clearly what has been needed over the last few games but neither he nor the players seem to be even trying to get them. Just setting up and trying to nick the odd draw here and there which clearly isnt enough. Bizarrely thanks to Brum's implosion we're still in with the faintest of sniffs of survival, but I can't see us taking the chance which is being handed to us largely down to the managers safety first approach. If we needed a handful of draws to stay up his approach would be understandable. But that's not what is or was needed at all. It doesn't bode well for next season under him whatever happens. Will we still be trying to park the bus and scrape a few draws in League 1 or having a go at trying to accumulate enough points to achieve promotion?
  10. Excellent post Stuart. Couldn't agree more. I understand the motives of the NAPM brigade but if it were any other walk of life and a "normal" conventional business, people would quite happily accept that the undertaking could not survive on fresh air with no income. We have to keep the Club going and not let the nuggets (Venkys) beat us.
  11. I hope you don't go sucking up to Marshall. If it was me I'd be telling him he was a disgrace during his time here and it's the attitude and performances of him and players like him over the last few years that are at least partly responsible for putting us where we are now.
  12. Blimey. I admire your optimism but in terms of straw clutching that must take some beating. Is it one win in ten now for us? It would surely be some sort of record if a side in the relegation mix survived with one win from their final twelve games!
  13. How many efforts on target did we have?
  14. The players shouldnt NEED motivating, obviously, but if there seems to be a problem in that respect the manager has to put it right. After the dreadful display against Barnsley, TM should have ensured we were at least up for it against Bristol City. But didn't.
  15. Can only reiterate my comments after the Bristol City game. If he can't motivate the players for a limited period during a series of must win games at the end of a relegation dog fight, how on earth is he going to be able to lead any sort of assault on League one over a full season? Got a decent reaction when he came in as you would have hoped. Once that wore off extremely disappointing, six points from seven games. Even worse than the bare results is the approach. If we were playing particularly well and being a bit unlucky thats one thing but I don't understand why we're parking the bus and trying to nick a point here and there when we needed wins.