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  1. Very surprised an experienced observer like yourself is receivex by Bennett PB. We only gained a modicum of attacking impetus tonight when Samuel came on. He had a bit of fire in his belly. The rest looked as though they had accepted the result when we went 2 down.
  2. Rubbish. He played a couple of decent crossfield balls but when one of his team mates had the ball there was no movement in him whatsoever. Just strolling about hands on hips without a care in the world
  3. Bennett couldn't have looked more disinterested if he tried. Thought Raya was outstanding tonight and Samuel looked excellent when he came on. On the evidence to date we'd better hope he doesn't get injured as he's our only decent out and out forward. Williams, Caddis and the new lad from Leeds up front whose name I can't spell particularly poor I thought. From the point of view of the League worrying to me that Mowbray is still trying to scratch around to find a formation and method of play which suits the players he's signed. Even more worrying is his insistence on playing with one up front when every man and his dog can see We're completely toothless playing like that.
  4. Don't think it was quite that bad. For 25 mins we were pretty good I thought despite a lack of end product. Once they scored though aided by yet more atrocious defending from Williams we went to pieces and only 2 superb saves from Raya kept the scoreline semi respectable. Really poor and unprofessional conceding the second right on half time which has effectively killed the tie off.
  5. Lewandowski might have signed for the German side in April 2010 but Sam joined us in December 2008 and I'm sure he was linked in the press with Lewandowski (and a number of other players) some time before we signed Kalinic. Completely academic now. Bellamy11 has it about right about Kalinic, obviously had some ability but never really showed it here maybe in part due to Sam's insistence in playing him up front on his own to which he clearly wasn't suited. Also his attitude must be questionable as he apparently went on strike to force a move to A.C. Milan so it's by no means certain he'd have been a success had he stayed here.
  6. My recollection was that Sam was interested in Lewandowski sometime before we signed Kalinic but received no encouragement from the Trust. He was eventually allowed to sign Kalinic with part of the proceeds of the Crocky Santa Cruz sale.
  7. Yup round about 74/5 I think. I've got the dingles down for one of the 3 relegation spots this season although that may just be wishful thinking. Newcastle have hardly covered themselves in any glory so far either whilst Brighton look a bit out of their depth. As others have said, hard to look past the two Manchester clubs at the top although everyone thought that last season and it didn't turn out that way at all.
  8. I suppose as with Rhodes, if you wrongly predict Mulgrew's imminent departure for week after week over successive transfer windows eventually you'll be proved right! I'm amazed Mulgrew is still here now but the only thing Id say is that if he had a better gig pending elsewhere I wouldn't have thought he would be playing and risking injury turning out in League 1.
  9. Agreed. I think after selling Keane and Grey for around 43m, plus raking in 150 -200m in TV money over 2 seasons, signing the likes of Bardsley, Cork and Wood is absolute desperation scraping the bottom of the barrel stuff by PL standards. If Dyche can do well with that lot he is a miracle worker. Interesting Wood has gone for 15m when he was always held up as a shining example of why we shouldn't have spent 8m on Rhodes. It's like I've always said, people who are considered proven goalscorers and who it is thought are guaranteed to get you goals are very expensive. Not at all convinced Wood will do it at Premiership level though.
  10. Always liked Jordan and glad to hear he is doing better health wise but not on board at all with the going from being a number one superfan for us to the number one superfan for another club bit. Not for me at all that but best wishes to him and his family anyhow.
  11. I must be 0ld fashioned. A lot of people face adversity and don't fall off the straight and narrow and whilst it is a terrible thing to happen, if the premature death of his mum happened when he was eleven the incident at Rovers happened many years later so you can't really connect the two. The fact he is airing this in public now seems rather rather self indulgent and a cry for mis placed sympathy for me. He's done really well to resurrect his career and do so well after quite rightly being kicked out of Rovers though so full credit to him for that.
  12. Couldn't disagree more with this for the reasons I've already stated. It's an attractive fixture, a "free hit" against our oldest rivals and from the point of view of our League form it gives us the chance to try and build up some attacking fluency at home which despite the three points on Saturday probably isn't quite there yet. Not aimed at you in particular but some posters don't half grasp at straws for a reason to be miserable at times. As for the NAPM's crowing about how not even this fixture will entice them to return etc. then fair enough, in one respect they're sticking to their principles but in the event we start doing better as the season unfolds then there surely comes a point if we are mounting a genuine promotion challenge that they're cutting off their nose to spite their face.
  13. ANotwithstanding we're playing Burnley this is as close as a free hit as we'll ever get against them with them being (temporarily) two divisions above us. All the pressures on them. If they win it's only to be expected. If we win it's a great result for us. It's not like We're playing Man City or Real Madrid and I hope for and expect an extremely competitive match. Looking forward to it. .
  14. Can you slag off one of the other players now please? Lol.
  15. Really need to hold onto this. They've not lost at home since March 2016 apparently.