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  1. Rovers v Charlton

    Graham is far too static for me. We attack with much more pace and purpose when Nuttall is up front imo. That said Mowbray will probably go with Dack/Graham or preferably from my point of view Dack/Samuel.
  2. Rovers Reminiscences

    Shilton played against us for that great Forest side in the League Cup c1980 and the thing that struck me in the first game at Ewood was his presence. Despite not being the biggest his angles were so good that there didn't seem to be any way you could possibly get the ball past him even in a one on one. Like catching the ball a largely lost art today. He's the best keeper I've ever seen live, Sir Roger would have to be 2nd. Unfortunately never saw the great Gordon Banks in the flesh.
  3. Hull City - FA Cup

    Having not bothered with the "'preliminary" rounds of the Competition i'll give this one and any subsequent rounds a go. Looking forward to seeing how we measure up against a poorish Championship side with one eye on next season should we be promoted.
  4. Rovers v Charlton

    Nuttall in for Graham and that's a decent side. Definitely dont want to see injury crock and uninspiring Evans recalled ahead of Tomlinson. Huge game. Win on Saturday and we're only two wins away from Howard Kendall's record of eight straight League wins set in 1980. It would also put us eight points ahead of Charlton and you would have thought it would be quite difficult for them to finish above us unless we have a meltdown. Come on lads. Its my birthday Sunday. Party Saturday night and my best mate is travelling up from London for the game beforehand so don't let us down!
  5. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    Nah. Don't you know it was all that pesky Jordan Rhodes' fault for not holding the ball up well enough?
  6. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    Great win. Keeps the confidence and momentum going. If we get beaten later on in the competition by a team in a higher division so be it bur we don't want to be going out to a team from a lower division at any point imo and at least the naivety of Harper and stupidity of Bennett in the first game ultimately didnt cost us and be consigned to the history books. Really hope Tomlinson becomes an integral part of the first team and isnt instantly forgotten about again and wheeled out for Cup games or a few minutes here and there. Sounds like we'd also be better off unearthing the gold already in our back garden in the form of our academy lads first as opposed to bringing in lads of a similar age from elsewhere.
  7. Season ticket sales confirmation

    But what's the point in boycotting when we're not "rubbish" or we even improve to the point where we might be considered quite good? That's not being determined, it's painting yourself firmly into a corner and being stubborn for the sake of it.
  8. Season ticket sales confirmation

    You are one sad man. Not going to Ewood because you hate Venky's and things are going tits up under them is one thing. Not going to Ewood even though things might be improving and refusing to contemplate a return under any circumstances no matter how much things improve because you hate them is another thing entirely. Cutting off your nose to spite your face. For your information the owners did seemingly demonstrate commitment and do the right thing for once in summer by retaining Mowbray, meeting up with him, giving him the budget he needs to be competitive in this division and not selling anyone. If we go up then they will need to do something similar next season but on a much bigger scale to make us competitive at the tip end of the Championship. Hope a number of people take up the half season ticket and enjoy the second half of the season in what will hopefully be a promotion campaign. I don't know what you gain by coming on here to troll almost every day. If you don't want to go to Ewood that's entirely up to you but by endlessly posting NAPM like a badge of honour on here every time we win you're not making yourself look noble and heroic you're making yourself sound bitter and twisted and stubborn and pigheaded.
  9. Transfers Part 3

    We need a decent left winger and preferably Chapman back or failing that a similar option on the right imo. I'd waive Cardiff's loan fee for Feeney for the second half of the season just to keep him away from Ewood tbh.
  10. Transfers Part 3

    That would potentially be a great move for us but if I was TM Im not sure I would want to work with him after trying in vain to persuade him to stay. And from the player's point of view it would amount to a hell of an admission he got it wrong having to slink back with his tail between his legs to get some game time.
  11. Willem Tomlinson

    From what I've heard that's quite an understatement. From what I've been told the Club have intervened to help him out and I hope he is given the chance to repay the faith shown in him. From what bits I've seen of him he looks a cracking player and I'd play him ahead of Evans every day of the week personally.
  12. Transfers Part 3

    I know. Ludicrous. It would enhance his value though in the unlikely event anyone came in for him. I know TM rates him and I know all five of those listed wouldnt be leaving at once anyhow but if the opportunity arose to offload one or more of them and replace with better Im just saying what I would do in January to strngthen us still further for the final assault.
  13. Premier League Stuff

    He is good. Today though he was extremely lucky. If the Liverpool player doesn't concede that completely unnecessary foul then Everton have lost that game without ever landing a blow.
  14. Premier League Stuff

    20% possession and Everton get an incredibly soft (needless) penalty. Its so Sam like it's unbelievable. He's an incredibly lucky bugger at times which for a manager is no bad thing at all.
  15. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    In case you hadnt noticed Conway lines up on the left more often than not as an inverted winger. I take it you're having a bad day?