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  1. RevidgeBlue

    Championship season 2019-20

    Bad news. In the medium term that's another Club getting dynamic new management that will leave us floundering miles behind.
  2. RevidgeBlue

    West Brom Away

    Narrow defeat, no doubt Mowbray and his apologists will try to spin it into some sort of heroic failure. The season already starting to follow the same type of pattern as last year. Few bad results followed by few decent results followed by few bad results etc etc.
  3. RevidgeBlue

    West Brom Away

    Only thanks to a one man show from Harrison Reed in the second half. And we came away with a point. Not like it was 0-3 or 0-4 or something. Either way that's gone now. It's what happens tomorrow that counts.
  4. RevidgeBlue


    Mowbray has been extremely disappointing with his performance during the transfer window in pre season and the early part of the season proper as well! Sadly we can't send him out on loan or to work with the kids. How is Chapman meant to be fully motivated when he has been here since January and was initially sidelined due to some feeble excuses about him not being fit enough to play even though he was fit enough to play for Boro, seven months on, is yet to be given an opportunity, and has now been consigned to the stiffs with the U23's? Disgraceful attempt by Mowbray to deflect criticism off himself by chucking yet another young player under the bus in public. He's showing himself to be a real nasty piece of work imo. That would be fine to a point f he were like Ferguson, even handed and tough with everyone but his favourites are clearly beyond any form of criticism whereas younger players are evidently fair game and expendable. The sooner Mowbray's gone the better for me. Unfortunately we'll probably lose Chapman first with him never having even been given a chance here.
  5. RevidgeBlue

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    Do you think so? I thought he'd put a really strong side out in the circumstances. Playing well but not taking your chances is a characteristic of sides that generally end up in trouble as has already been pointed out by jim and others this season.
  6. RevidgeBlue

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    Haven't we loaned him out? (Fisher)
  7. RevidgeBlue

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    Looking at the replay of the second, Leutwiler should have done a lot better with that. Fairly nothing shot into the middle of the goal which only curled into the corner at the last minute.
  8. RevidgeBlue

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    That's the problem though for the latter five if Smallwood and Evans get over-run in midfield, it's only really fair to judge them playing with the first choice midfield.
  9. RevidgeBlue


    No, he doesn't at all. In fact on certain things the worse something goes and the more the criticism mounts the more he seems to dig his heels in and persist with it despite the fact it clearly doesn't work and we have better options. Bennett getting an extended run at RB being the latest example.
  10. RevidgeBlue


    They were glaring long before then, every time they turned out together, but we got away with it in League one.
  11. RevidgeBlue


    I haven't seen him this season yet Paul, when he was here in League 1 I thought he looked absolute quality and head and shoulders above anyone else we had bar Dack and should have walked into the team, especially at home where we have always struggled to break teams down under Mowbray. Yet the manager more or less completely overlooked him then and has completely overlooked him since re-signing him permanently making spurious excuses about him not being fit enough to play when he landed in January. Fairly bizarre for me. Once again he walks into the team for me if it's a choice between him or a central striker attempting to fill in out wide. I really don't understand either why you you would re-sign a player you clearly don't fancy and will do practically anything to avoid selecting.
  12. RevidgeBlue

    Premier League Stuff

    Don't panic. Wolves equaliser 90 +7. 🙂
  13. RevidgeBlue

    Premier League Stuff

    On the VAR front how was that not a penalty for Citeh just before they scored their second? Replays showed the defender clearly stood on Silva's foot, it went to VAR, and was given no penalty. Edit: No penalty for the challenge on Kane either. I thought that was a clear pen as well having seen the replay. I just don't know where we are with VAR, it's getting more and more ludicrous. by the day. They seem to want to rule goals out for the most trivial of infringements but don't want to give obvious penalties.
  14. RevidgeBlue


    Yep. Let's have it right, ever since Dack joined the Club it's been a case of if he plays particularly well or even not particularly well but nevertheless pulls us out of the **** with a moment of magic we do ok. If he doesn't we don't. And two years on it appears absolutely nothing has changed.
  15. RevidgeBlue


    Best since Botham's Ashes in 1981 at the same ground. One day cricket doesn't even come close. Helped having a tame umpire though!

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