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    Everything went exactly as expected today, no shocks unfortunately. Pressure now firmly on us, we have to pile it back onto Shrewsbury by winning Thursday night. The crucial thing is matters are in our own hands after the Shrews slipped up midweek.

    Wigan were always likely to beat Walsall who from what I've seen are one of the easier teams to score against and I fully expect them to beat Bury as well. I had a £50 bet on Wigan the other night which produced £31 profit. I'll be doing a Wigan/Shrewsbury double tomorrow at a fraction under 2/1 in the hope of jinxing one or both.

    Quite right. Until tonight however your Canadian doppleganger on the Shrewsbury message board was probably saying *Neither ourselves nor Blackburn will win all our remaining games. However we only need to win as many as them!" Now the boot's on the other foot. All the difference in the world between having it in your own hands and not imo. We saw that last season.

    Mission accomplished! Only took 2 games. Now for Wigan! In our own hands now which is all you can ask for. No excuses.

    ????? I make it only 12/5. I.e. £10 returns £34. I started backing Shrewsbury before Saturday's fixtures. Put £20 on and got £55 back. The £35 profit will be rolling up on them tonight at roughly evens. Usually I can jinx teams a treat.

    I think the first team to slip up between us and Shrewsbury could well miss out. If it's the Shrews it puts matters back in our hands and really piles the pressure on them. If it's us it leaves us with a bit of a mountain to climb and needing quite a bit of help off the other two. Wigan have the luxury of probably being able to afford a slip up. We have to make sure we don't blink first. Once we're ahead it may be that us and Shrews both slip up at some point on the same round of matches but of course that wouldn't be fatal, quite the opposite it would be one more match out of the way.
  7. Premier League Stuff

    On the relegation fight I really hope Lambert doesn't grind out something like six more draws out of Stoke's last seven games and by some insane fluke keep them up with one win in fifteen! If he wins a few games between now and the end of the season, good luck to him.

    Delighted Wigan have lost, it might halt some of their momentum. You can never win too many games despite all the false hysteria being built up around their fixture pile up.

    This is why when a lot of people were saying a point against Wigan would be acceptable, I was referring to the match as the must win of all must win games. Everyone seemed to assume that as soon as we hit the front Wigan and Shrewsbury would start slipping up with their games in hand even though they haven't performed like that all season. I'd say that whilst any one of the top three could implode, the likeliehood is that all three will continue to perform in similar fashion to how they have all season and in very similar manner to each other. Therefore we need to try and perform better than the usual two points per game until the end of the season and hope that that tips the balance. Either way it will probably be exceedingly tight and goal difference could well come into play.

    Once again luck doesn't come into it. Points totals in other seasons are completely irrelevant. You still need to finish above two other teams and often if the teams at the top have a higher points total than normal its simply a reflection of the fact that the teams lower down haven't been as competitive. It's rhe same for everyone though so if you don't finish in the top 2 in any particular season its because you haven't been good enoigh.

    With all due respect, you're talking absolute cobblers there. If we'd have beaten Wigan, none of the above woul matter. Secondly as regatds today's game both sides had an hour to win it after Morris missed his penalty. Scunthorpe didn't, Shrewsbury did enough to overturn a one goal deficit and win. Who's to say they wouldn't have done enough to overturn a two goal deficit and win? We'll never know. Either way, luck doesn't come into it. They needed to win the game and did so.

    Was always the case as soon as we blew it against Wigan and matters were no longer in our own hands. No point bemoaning our own luck because other teams keep winning. If they finish above us, good luck to them. There's still plenty of time for something to happen but if we fail to go up automatically we only have ourselves to blame after failing to convert a 2-0 half time lead at home against our closest rivals.
  13. Premier League Stuff

    Disagree completely about Hughes being in any way at fault with his conduct here. The lack of support afforded him by the Walker Trust was an absolute disgrace given how well he'd done for us, he got us to within spitting distance of Champions League qualification then Savage broke his leg and the owners refused to fund a replacement. Little wonder he began to think his future lay elsewhere. Also as others have said, you can't compare Souness's departure to that of Hughes. Souness completely lost the plot here and should have been sacked long before Newcastle thankfully came in for him. We lined up with 5 left backs on the pitch for one game towards the end of his reigh.
  14. Attendances

    Neither you nor anyone else need to justify themselves if they have genuine difficulties in getting to Ewood for whatever reason. If you actually want to go and the reason you can't is hubby won't take you, you have my sympathy. Perhaps you should remind him who wears the trousers in your house! On a serious note if that is what's stopping you hopefully you can find someone to go with to the occasional game in future when circumstances allow.
  15. Premier League Stuff

    On the face of it a good move, former player, knows the League and they probably had to try something different. Perry Groves made the point on Talksport tonight though that Hughes has never won more than two of his first eight games wherever he's been - he's typically a manager who takes some time to get going. Surprising stat if true. I certainly wouldn't blame him for that here though given he inherited an absolute train wreck off Souness.