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  1. I did think tbat postponining either of the games was a big mistake. Was always likely to leave us performing catch up even if wee were doing well and pile even more pressure on if we had a couple of slip ups which as it turns out we have had.
  2. By way of comparison in the 1974/5 3rd Division Championship season we won 8 drew 2 and lost one of the opening eleven games so we're some way off that sort of form. On the other hand, when we won promotion under Howard Kendall from Div 3 in 79/80 we had a record of W2 D5 lost 4 from the opening eleven games so we're much better than that and it can happen after a bad start. However, that season we went on a run of W14 D1 over a15 match spell between January and April and you can't see the current squad having the desire to reproduce anything like that.
  3. "It was not a clear the air meeting" It bloody well should have been! It appears the "collective" approach and players "taking ownership" is part of where we're going wrong. That sort of approach works when everyone is pulling their tripe out and has earnt the right and necessary respect over a period of time to be heard but Mowbray now needs to lay the law down and stamp his authority as manager. Can you imagine Clough, Ferguson or Dalglish asking the players how they thought things should be done?
  4. Completely agree. I'd have given Tomlinson a go in CM in place of Evans a long while ago although I think he has been recently injured and recovering from some form of knee operation. As someone else said on another post its becoming obvious TM has his favourites and those players know their position is under no threat no matter how badly they play as it would appear TM won't even consider the youngsters on account of their age.
  5. Fair points but we're on course to lose 15 or 16 at the current rate of knots.
  6. I usually agree with most of your posts Eddie but I think you're slightly wide of the mark on this. I don't think anyone whatsoever would be moaning if we were where Wigan were, but we're not! They're where they are and we're a long way short of that! Also much of your hypothesis appears based on the assumption that we'll win our two games in hand. That's a fairly dangerous assumption based on the way we're playing. As I replied to Gav the other day the problem is not so much the current points tally, it's the fact we appear to be unwilling or unable to turn up one game in three and unless that trend is eradicated we are clearly going nowhere.
  7. I certainly think Furphy would eventually have delivered promotion had he not been poached by then top flight Sheffield Utd PB. I made the comparison because you said that it took us 4 seasons to bounce back in our first spell in division 1. That is correct but Furphy was a relatively young dynamic tracksuit type manager for those days whose career was very much on an upward trajectory. At that time the Club were also in a far worse position than we are even now and he had to strip the Club out from top to bottom on an absolute shoestring getting rid of the players he didnt want and bringing in players he did. In comparison TM has an extremely favourable budget to the rest of the division but that doesn't seem to be translating into an advantage on the pitch and he seems to be showing a remarkable reluctance to jettison the majority of the players who haven't performed for us in the past and taken us down. With the best will in the world could you describe TM as a dynamic manager whose career is on an upward trajectory? I'd say at best the jury is still out on his performance so far as our manager. There were signs of promise last season and it looked at one point as though he was going to keep us up but then we suddenly went very negative for a spell and we eventually just missed out. This season expectations are completely different but once again I can only describe what has happened overall thus far as fairly disappointing. It's too soon to sack him now but I'd almost describe the next two home games as being pivotal to our prospects. Anything less than 4 points and any hopes of automatic promotion will already be disappearing out of the window before the clocks go back. Never mind the 4 points, I'd almost rather see the team suddenly playing with some hunger, passion and desire which would indicate things are likely to turn round. I hope he turns it round and leads us to some overdue success but what if results and performances continue to disappoint? Is it good management to wait until the chance of promotion has completely gone before we make a change?
  8. Is TM a Ken Furphy though Parson?
  9. Interesting. I wonder how many changes he will make? Not very many I'd wager and if he does make any they'll be relatively unadventurous like swapping Antonsson for Graham and recalling Evans for Whittingham if fit.
  10. Yes but it would appear from the considerable slack Kean Bowyer and now Mowbray were given "this lot" are prepared to back you if you play the game and go over and see them in India etc. I like TM as a person but I do thi k he is underperforming quite badly at present.
  11. As regards TM i think we need either 6 points this week or at the absolute minimum 4 with two barnstorming performances where the players look hungry and up for it throughout. Otherwise i'd be looking at his position carefully whilst there is still time to resurrect a challenge.
  12. Only because of the new road system round Ewood which has made the stadium virtually impossible to get in or out of by car on matchdays.
  13. Time to ditch all the half hearted negativity on Tuesday night, tell the players to go out and express themselves and score more thean the opposition. Rip their throats out inside the opening 20 minutes and not let up for the other 70. Raya Caddis Mulgrew Anyone Hart Chapman Smallwood Evans Dack Samuel Antonsson
  14. Another excellent post. (Seemingly)
  15. Nail, hammer head. X2 on the opposite flank.