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  1. RevidgeBlue

    FFP Trouble

    How can it possibly be irrelevant? That's a bit like saying, "Well it doesn't matter that Owen Coyle/Paul Ince has landed us in a relegation battle, it's done now so we might as well stick with them." Plus, how can Mowbray be trusted going forward when his transfer dealings have been so dire? If anything given he's stuffed us up for FFP purposes it's now even more crucial that the next man is an astute operator in the transfer market and makes every penny count.
  2. RevidgeBlue

    January transfer window 2020

    More evidence of Mowbray's mismanagement in handing long term contracts out like smarties after we got promoted.
  3. RevidgeBlue

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Not sure if the flag is Mowbray's fault but it is certainly well OTT. I would have thought that sort of thing should be reserved for Clough, Shankly, Paisley, Ferguson, King Kenny or Wenger when he was good. Mowbray seems to have unwittingly stumbled on the secret to managerial longevity. Fail in your allotted task of saving a Club from relegation, then bring them back up and your credit with a large section of the fanbase will last forever and a day. 🙄
  4. RevidgeBlue

    Preston (home)

    I'm not sure the views of the fans either now or in the 70's or 80's is that relevant, if the fanbase had already turned I'm sure you'd be arguing that they should be ignored as they aren't professionals and don't see the hard work that goes in at the Club on a day to day basis etc etc. Perhaps Mowbray should be thanking his lucky stars he wasn't about in the 70's and 80's, perhaps the fans had higher standards then. If they could turn (rightly imo) against the likes of Iley and Saxton who didn't have a proverbial pot to piddle in, what would they have made of a man who had the keys to the executive khazi but flushed millions upon millions of the Club's money away, probably with no return? Also disappointed that you blame the financial situation at the Club without acknowledging that to a large extent Mowbray has caused it himself with his disastrous transfer dealings. Basically we still need strengthening in the same areas we always did, with the addition of a keeper as the previous one was needlessly alienated and flogged off, we have no money left due to the money wasted on Brereton and Gallagher which likely will never be able to be recycled and several other players have been brought in who've barely ever seen the blue and white halves such as Hart, Palmer, Davenport, Chapman etc etc. I did mention when Brereton was signed and immediately sidelined that for a Club our size at 7m he needed to be playing and an integral part of the team and that with us losing 10-15m p.a. anyway the 3 year 39m rule would soon bite us on the backside. Most appeared to chortle at the time as if it didn't matter and Tony was a loveable little scamp who'd just blown his lunch money in the school tuck shop. Well we're not laughing now that our one really saleable asset and only real source of goals has sustained a serious injury and put the rest of Mowbray's dealings into sharp focus.
  5. RevidgeBlue

    January transfer window 2020

    Yep. You also have to remember the circumstances leading up to the signing. We'd had offers in for players all that summer but drawn a complete blank and the fans were getting extremely uptight that we hadn't signed anyone. Mowbray later claimed that money was there all along but suddenly, from complaining all summer how expensive and difficult the market was to deal in, we suddenly out of nowhere throw bids of 7m out for BB and 4m for the lad Freeman from QPR with 24 hours to go of the window. Which tends to indicate we panicked at the last moment because we hadn't signed anyone, went back to the owners, asked for more money, and splashed the cash on BB without researching the deal properly or watching him thotoughly enough beforehand. Of course he sounded great in theory, 19, 6' 3" England under something international, Liverpool had been interested in him etc etc. No doubt if he ever does come good he'll be a Tony Mowbray signing again. Lol.
  6. RevidgeBlue

    January transfer window 2020

    Can't win either way with conspiracy theorists. If TM had said nothing at all about the transfer you'd be jumping all over it as "proof" that it wasn't his idea. When he specifically comes out and and directly refutes the allegation you're makingT that doesn't suit your overall agenda so all we get is "Well he would say that wouldn't he?" There is absolutely no evidence Mowbray didn't approve of the Brereton signing. When you last brought this up in an attempt to muddy the waters, someone posted an article from the LT in which TM went into extreme detail about why he admired BB's attributes. If it's a cover story he went to quite extraordinary lengths to concoct it
  7. RevidgeBlue

    January transfer window 2020

    Fair point, don't believe he wasn't behind the Brereton signing, but even if he wasn't he should have said "I'm the manager of this team and we're not spending 70% of the summer transfer budget on a player I dont want."
  8. RevidgeBlue

    January transfer window 2020

    Before you start dissing other Club's players in an attempt to make TM look better, let's not forget that considering he's so crap we spent 12 months trying to sign him and ultimately he turned us down, not the other way round.
  9. RevidgeBlue

    January transfer window 2020

    No, because he has consistently taken ownership of the signing. He seemed to think when BB arrived that he could be merely tucked away as "one for the future" which was pretty foolish thinking for a Club of our size and income. Let alone a signing costing £7m.
  10. RevidgeBlue

    January transfer window 2020

    Imo, if Mowbray is staying for the foreseeable, the ideal way forward would be to offload Graham who has completely gone due to his age and get his substantial wages off the wage bill. Then loan out Brereton and Gallagher to teams that will give them regular game time up front, not out on the wing and hope they recover some form and confidence. Then get a couple of experienced strikers in on loan. As all that isn't going to happen in January, as others have rightly said we have to take whatever we can get. I wouldn't really understand any reluctance on the part of the Club to let Brereton go out on loan as Mowbray refuses to play him anyway. If another manager were coming in imminently then of course the situation might be different as said manager might be able to play a different system or formation and get a tune out of various players who have not been performing. The situation as it stands though is completely unsustainable. Mowbray spent 7m on Brereton but clearly has never rated him and another 5m on Gallagher who imo was never any good in the first place but who has been made to look even worse by Mowbray's bizarre tactics. If we're to get anything at all back on our investment on those two, something has to change, and fast.
  11. RevidgeBlue

    Preston (home)

    If something definitely isn't working, as it isn't with Mowbray, then how can things possibly get any worse by trying something different? It might work, it might not but is that not better than being doomed to failure? And before you come back with the obvious retort that you dont think he will take us down, even if that were to be true, I don't consider 15 -20 th in the Championship every season as "working". That would be the case even if we weren't in any debt and not c £175m in the hole with indebtedness accruing at c£20 m p.a. I also think the presumption that he won't take us down is optimistic to say the least. 15th to 20th might be acceptable if there were clear signs of progression but as I pointed out the other day after three years of Mowbray we have no keeper, no left back, one centre half of our own (who he inherited) a RB who is consistently overlooked in favour of someone who cant play there, eleven midfielders of which arguably only Travis (who he inherited) is up to it going forward and no decent strikers. And no money because he blew the vast majority of the transfer budget in two successive windows on two duds. He's clearly setting us up for a swift return to League 1. But we're supposed to do nothing because we might get someone worse? That would take some doing, even by Venky's standards.
  12. RevidgeBlue

    Preston (home)

    I thought Tosin was extremely sloppy and casual yesterday and has looked like his heart isn't really in it since he was left out over Christmas. I suspect he had his eye on a move elsewhere but couldnt negotiate a release and it fell through. Either way, even if we can get him to get his head down again for the rest of the season, it's only an elastoplast of a solution we're back to square one in summer.
  13. RevidgeBlue

    January transfer window 2020

    Good luck to Samuel if he goes,. Wouldn't say he's any worse than Gallagher but if we're not going to use him we need him off the wage bill and briefly he looked a real player at L1 level so it would be a good chance for him to resurrect his career. Bet Gillingham aren't planning to use him on the right wing.
  14. RevidgeBlue

    Preston (home)

    Me too. I couldn't really be bothered going down today which is a sad indictment considering it was a local derby but finally roused myself and got in about twelve minutes in at which point Evans was being taken off. Sod's law it was one of the few times anything happened in the first half at Ewood this season and I missed our goal. That'll teach me.
  15. RevidgeBlue

    Preston (home)

    I thought the first half was quite entertaining from a neutral sort of perspective, the second half was absolutely atrocious although perhaps the appalling weather didn't help. Still 2 very poor sides out there though. Gallagher today, good grief, it was embarrassing. I know he's out of position but he just doesn't show any willingness to get into danger areas when he gets the chance. He'll be lucky to score ten goals before he hangs up his boots. No wins in six now and without Dack I cant really see where the next win is coming from. Very worrying. Two things summed up the whole feel of the Mowbray regime to me, after Preston scored the ball was thrown back on the field and came to a stop on the edge of our penalty area. Our players should have been fighting amongst themselves to get the ball and sprint back to restart the game but the 10 outfield players were trudging back towards the centre circle with their backs to the ball. No one was remonstrating with or even talking to each other and no-one was bothered about restarting the game. At the other end, Walton was chunnering to himself a bit but again showed no interest in collecting the ball to restart the game. The second thing was the so called half time warm up which consisted of Bennett, William's and Rothwell standing in a little triangle a yard apart and rolling the ball to each other whilst having a good natter whilst elsewhere Chapman and one of the other subs performed some half hearted keepie ups. These players have it so easy its untrue and if anyone else says this manager or these players genuinely want promotion I'll scream. As Mercer says we need Mowbray gone yesterday if we're ever to progress but I suppose the apologists, Waggott and possibly the owners will look at the table, think we're only five points off the play offs and kid themselves we're actually in the mix. Depressing days.

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