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  1. You can't sign players until July 1st can you? Not that that should stop the usual hysteria setting in of course. It's three days since the Championship season finished and we still haven't signed anyone yet!!! Sack Mowbray! Sack the Board! Sack everyone!!!!
  2. Spot on Blueboy. Perhaps the Wolves Board didn't fall for the "This Club needs to decide where it wants to go" claptrap combined with a request for a humongous transfer budget bearing in mind that (as he did here) he delivered extremely disappointing performances and results.
  3. Absolutely. Entirely predictable responses on here really. If Mowbray had said he wasn't happy with the meeting and was off then no doubt the majority of the Board would have been in their element saying it proved what utter ******* Venky's were etc etc. However somewhat against expectations the opposite occurs, Mowbray apparently declares he is very satisfied with the way talks have gone and the only response is "Hmmph! They must be lying!" or "Hmmph Mowbray must be naive!". On the face of it this is very good news and whilst it would indeed be somewhat naive to assume the Rao's will definitely back up their assurances im prepared to take Mowbray's apparent satisfaction at face value until proven orherwise. The other thing that struck me from this development was that it is obviously possible to get hold of the owners if you're prepared to make the effort and are a man of honesty and integrity intent on fulfilling your contract as opposed to a mercenary only here for a few months intent on nothing other than boosting your Bank balance. Whether or not the owners actually deliver on their assurances obviously remains to be seen. The Rao family/Venky's Hatcheries London Ltd. - its over to you.
  4. I dont think you've actually properly read a word I put in my post chaddy. Seneca supposedly handle the affairs of high net worth individuals. In what way does Blackburn Rovers constitute a legitimate "investment."? Was not aware of Currie's previous involvment with Bolton but given the mess they ended up in is that necessarily a ringing endorsement?
  5. Dunn fc is quite right to be sceptical about the two Ian's. The Seneca interest has never made the slightest bit of sense. It doesnt matter if you're the longest standing Rovers fan in the World, if you havent got the money to buy the Club and perhaps more importantly service any ongoing losses then you're not much use as a potential owner. The two Ian's clearly don't have the sort of money required and if you were a wealthy individual who was a client of Seneca with no interest in Blackburn Rovers why would you have the remotest interest in investing in the Club? Not only are you going to see a nil percent return on your investment there must be a very high chance of losing your capital altogether. Who's going to go for that? For better or for worse if anyone is to take us over surely it has to be someone utilising their own money not someone at the mercy of individual investors expecting a return. The only thing that provides a chink of optimism regarding the Seneca interest is that when I was looking at the Seneca Partners website Jack's son in law and former director Richard Matthewman is listed as a director. Is he the real brains and financial muscle behind the operation? That would start to make a bit of sense if he was trying to get the club back and put things right and be theoretically doable if he had (and was willing to commit) the sort of money available. But if so, why is he keeping such a low profile?
  6. Sorry haven't heard the programme. Which Company is IB part of that turns Clubs around and which Clubs have they been involved in that they've turned around?
  7. Didn't see the original question sorry. If we were to take an extra 1m in income from ST sales that might find it's way into the playing budget. If we lose income from yet more people dropping off that will come out of the playing budget and the owners won't be willing to make up the difference imo.
  8. Is there any evidence to suggest the contrary?
  9. Checked on Wiki and apparently he was at Bury last season without again troubling the scorers or even the people who write the team sheets. Don't diss Agent Reg. Didn't he score an own goal for Ipswich when they were still struggling?
  10. Knew someone would say that! The cold sweats in the middle of the night and nightmares will start again hoping we don't go back in for him
  11. Out of the existing squad: Raya Nyambe Wharton Ward Williams Mahoney (or new RM) Lenihan Tomlinson New LM 2 new strikers. Sadly ii fear we might be lumbered with Stokes but if he ever got his head in order he might be a threat at League 1 level. If Graham stays We'll have to invest in a mobility scooter after another close season of allowing himself to get out of shape. We probably also need to sign a right hard barsteward for central midfield and one of the forwards might need to be a big ugly bruiser who also knows where the back of the net is. Am assuming Mulgrew will be off but if we could keep him I'd obviously have him either at CB alongside Wharton or in central midfield alongside Lenihan/Tomlinson.
  12. Says it all when Lambert is coming in for dross like Marshall and Steelle yet Lowe still gets overllooked.
  13. Start the bleedin car. I'll follow up behind to give him a piggyback in case the car breaks down.
  14. Don't understand why we continue to pay Stokes. Presumably we signed him knowing about his problems and his upcoming Court case with the Elvis impersonator. Thats fine. Everyone deserves a second chance etc. However he's under contract to play football. If he's unable to play because of his mental state be it because of the Elvis case or more recently because of him becoming an internet porn star then that's not our fault and surely we'd be entitled to terminate his contract.
  15. It really doesn't seem that difficult to suggest how Rovers could start to improve their fortunes. 1) Keep Mowbray or if he wont stay, appoint a solid manager of equivalent calibre. 2) Appoint a Chairman/Chief Exec of the calibre of Tom Finn to deal with matters behind the scenes. You don't want him picking the players for the manager though. 3) Give the manager a wages/transfer budget competitive with anyone else in the division. 4) Hold on to the promising young players like Raya, and Lenihan and ditch the high earning past it players like Conway and Graham. Supplement those left with a good honest bunch of our own players who actually want to be at the Club and who are up for a 46 game slog in League 1 as opposed to loanees who are only here because they're not wanted elsewhere. All things being equal, you'd have thought the better players in League 1 would crawl over broken glass to play in a Stadium like Ewood, go into work at Brockhall every day. Will Venky's do any of this? They have never got the balance right before so it has to be highly doubtful.