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  1. RevidgeBlue


    Research in Italy indicated about 12% of the recorded virus deaths there were solely attributable to the virus. And the median age originally was 79 or 80. Not sure of its come down since.
  2. RevidgeBlue


    Against this it said on TV at teatime that up to March 27th corona virus deaths accounted for 4.8% of the overall deaths so far this year so as bad as it seems, at that point for every 5 people dying of or with the virus 95 had died of other causes. Roll forward a couple of weeks and we are now almost exactly one quarter of the way through the year. Roughly 600k die in the UK every year so you would have expected 150k to have died so far this year. The current figure for Covid deaths of 6,100 represent just over 4% of that so those figures dont tend to indicate the pandemic is having a huge effect on the overall death rate here.
  3. RevidgeBlue

    Coronavirus - Football Pay & Moral Vacuums

    Don't think you can put Norwich and Bournemouth in the same financial category as Spurs and Liverpool though. Newcastle are a bit of an exception as Ashley wants to sell therefore he probably doesn't see why he should fund this current loss if he can (legitimately) get away with it.
  4. RevidgeBlue

    Football League Suspended

    Don't think they deserve any credit for it whatsoever. They thought they'd see if they could get away with it and were forced into backtracking because of the backlash.
  5. RevidgeBlue


    Looks as though Italy and Spain are past their peaks already, we might be in that position in another 7 days or so. If Starmer wants to do something useful instead of just trying to score political points on PPE etc he should be pressing the Government on a clear and precise exit strategy for coming out of lockdown. Debenhams seemingly the most recent Company to be tipped over the edge with the loss of 22,000 jobs
  6. RevidgeBlue


    Good to hear you're so full of sympathy jim! (Although I do agree there's probably not that much wrong with him. Probably a week's complete rest would have served him better than attempting to work almost as normal from home)
  7. I thought Edge v Orton was outstanding in the end, they both conveyed the impression that they pushed their bodies right to the edge and beyond. The rest of what I saw was absolute garbage imo, bearing in mind I missed Flair and Ripley. Also need to go back and watch the replay to catch Undertaker v Styles. I'm sure they could have done a bit better with the "main event". McIntyre survives 3 or 4 Lesnar finishes, hits 4 of his own, the end. Almost like they'd run out of time at the end. Surely they're not that short of stamina they can't do more than 4 minutes? Overall really poor for me but that's what I expected anyway if I'm being honest.
  8. RevidgeBlue

    Coronavirus - Football Pay & Moral Vacuums

    Absolutely spot on. BTW As a side issue how did the Grealish thing only end up as being a case of breaking the regulations on being out ? Looked like an extremely obvious case of something a lot more serious. And his "apology" consisted of "I'd been stuck inside all week and was going mad then my mate rang me up to go round to his so I went round". Quite staggering.
  9. RevidgeBlue


    Someone on the radio estimated that Liverpool's £43m profit last year would have kept their non playing staff going for 11 months.
  10. Only came in from work right at the end of that one but it certainly looked good. Black v Lashley - who cares, in fact Lashley v anyone, who cares? Ziegler v fat bloke - Oh dear. Purchased this against my better judgement last night, more out of morbid curiosity as to how their flagship main event would translate to being behind closed doors. On the evidence of last night - not very well, shows how important the crowd is. Ordered it last night, it kicked off with a decent trailer showing some of the roster in a mythical adventure setting. Then it showed real life footage of them to "For those about to Rock we salute you' by AC/DC and I'm sat there with a beer thinking "Yeah I can really get into this". Then on came an advert saying "Wrestlemania sponsored by Snickers" and it killed the moment stone dead for me. Silly women's tag team match to start. Unlike comments above, I think Asuka is absolutely top class either as a baby face or a heel and should be at the top of the roster with Charlotte Flair instead of being wasted in mid range tag team matches. The less said about the other 3 the better. Nikki Cross in particular must be one of the worst professional wrestlers ever. Another silly match followed, Corbyn v Elias, again who cares? Becky Lynch v Baszler was the highlight of what I saw. Whilst I don't really get the obsession with Becky Lynch or "The Man" gimmick at all - (is it an age thing?) it was a great 10 mins of action. Disappointing accidental looking ending though, much like her win at Wrestlemania last year. The ladder match - JHFC thought this was dire. Couldn't have cared less about any of the contestants and if you don't have very skilled operators who have got their timing exactly right it looks really contrived and you get the farcical situation where one of them is halfway up the ladder with no-one else in sight and about five minutes to get the belt and they have to somehow manage not to get it. Halfway through that match I fell asleep. Annoyed I missed the Undertaker/Styles even though I find it difficult to invest in a big man/much smaller man feud. Oh for the glory days of Hogan, the Ultimate Warrior, Earthquake, Rick Rude, Million Dollar Man, Savage Flair Undertaker in his prime etc. Plausible superheroes and dastardly heels. Jumpers for goalposts? Looks like £20 largely wasted. Edge and Orton making an excellent first of it though.
  11. RevidgeBlue

    Coronavirus - Football Pay & Moral Vacuums

    We don't know what cuts Bankers may or may not have voluntarily agreed to though, as the Public dont care. And unlike Bankers, top level footballers benefit massively from their high profile most of the time in terms of image rights, sponsorship and social media following. They cant have it both ways, take all the benefit normally, then complain they're under too much public scrutiny when it appears they've committed a massive faux pas.
  12. RevidgeBlue


    You get the impression that Hancock and Gove are absolutely gagging to tighten the restrictions further and if they do I think the Government will lose a great deal of what good will they initially built up. We keep seeing isolated incidents on the news of people sat down or sunbathing outside but this isn't indicative that people aren't complying in general. I haven't seen anyone flouting the exercise restriction either intentionally or unwittingly.
  13. RevidgeBlue


    There's a lot of fuss about ventilators but I'd like to know what the survival rate is after patients are put on one as I've seen several suggestions that if you put an elderly patient on a ventilator for any length of time it actually causes pneumonia (which is what the people dying are dying from)
  14. RevidgeBlue

    Football League Suspended

    There seems to be a slight groundswell of support building up for the Premier League players on the basis they're being singled out by the politicians etc but I think most people are missing the point. Everyone is making the mistake of putting all PL Clubs in the same bracket. The "big 6" are undoubtedly highly profitable but for the rest, most of the Club's income goes straight into the players pockets. When we were in the PL wages formed 85 - 90% of our turnover so PL players should be taking a wage cut without even batting an eyelid, not to save the Country or the NHS but first and foremost to guarantee the future of their own Clubs and the non playing staff that work there. Then hopefully money can also find its may down to the lower divisions as well to avoid mass insolvencies. The PL Clubs also have the threat of the TV Companies asking for about £35 m each back off them. Not fatal for the big 6 but could be crucial for the rest. All this crap from the PL and PFA about Clubs"unanimously" agreeing to discuss with the players about the possibility of "conditional" wage cuts and "deferrals" plays out terribly when ordinary people on a few hundred quid a week have to take a 20% pay cut no questions asked. Maybe Taylor should sell a few of the PFA's Lowry's to help out. On the other hand its ludicrous that Clubs like Liverpool and Spurs are taking advantage of the furlough scheme so quickly just because it is there. An absolute disgrace all round. (Apologies if wrong thread. Just seen other one)
  15. RevidgeBlue


    Don't get me wrong jim. This is not an endorsement for any other party, they're all as bad as one another. When the crisis first broke in China months ago I heard from someone who had a work colleague out there about people under house arrest and troops on the street enforcing it. The Government certainly would have been aware of it as well and should have been of the view that this was something to be avoided at all costs. In the long run, it is obvious that in the absence of a vaccine, the only way out of this mess is constant testing both for the virus and and to see who's had it then we know who can carry on as normal, who needs to isolate and who doesn't necessarily need to isolate the second they develop a cough or sniffles unrelated to the virus or if a relative develops said symptoms. Maybe if testing had been introduced early enough we could have managed on a targeted lockdown of the elderly and infirm. 2-3 weeks ago the only people making any noise about testing were the WHO. The focus of practically every Government and Politician was to lock everyone away and ask questions afterwards. No-one with the notable exception of Sweden has had the independent thought or courage to go against the grain and take the pragmatic and seemingly commonsense approach. No-one from any side here, questioned the Government's approach, and it's only after a week into lockdown when people are realising that from a selfish personal point of view really it's a bit **** but more importantly that after only a week or so it's obvious it could cause irreparable damage to the economy everyone is starting to ask "what do we do now?" As a result the Government is grudgingly mobilising into some form of action on testing but whatever they manage from now on I'm not sure they deserve that much credit having had to be dragged screaming and kicking towards it. The other Parties for their part are now sensing that the tide of public opinion is already starting to turn against the Government on things like testing and PPE. Having been nowhere to be seen when we really needed them to debate the question of whether it was necessary for us to be railroaded into a hastily imposed blanket lockdown with no consideration of the likely economic consequences and no actual medical proof it actually works, they're now slithering back out from under their stones because they feel there might be political capital in it. They make you sick the lot of them.

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