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  1. I must be in a minority of one but I thought Evans was terrible last night, back to his usual self, completely anonymous which left Travis having to try and do the work of 3 men to try and make an impression in midfield.
  2. RevidgeBlue

    Bradley Dack

    Not usually one for conspiracy theories but Olivia must be fuming that Bradley will only cop a one game ban for two yellows and did not earn a straight red and three game ban which would have freed him up to spend Christmas with her down in Essex. He's gone a bit too early as well. Must not have been listening to her closely enough...........🙄
  3. It was a 1-1 draw where we played a fair chunk of the game with a man advantage. I agree with you, it is all about picking up points consistently. If we won thirty plus games 1-0 and stunk the place out I couldn't really care less but apart from the last four games before last night we haven't done that. There will also be other games where we do play well but don't get what we deserve so you have to take your chances where you can. Last night was another two points dropped due to the way the game panned out in my opinion.
  4. RevidgeBlue

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Nonsense. I personally wouldn't blame him for not bringing Dack off but it's not unreasonable to make the observation or hold the view that he could or maybe should have brought Dack off at 10 v 11 because he was already on a yellow. For me that's not the main point though. We were terrible whether it was 11 v 11, 10 v 11 or 10 v10. That is Mowbray's fault.
  5. Result just about ok but I thought we were absolutely atrocious last night. The game was there for the taking when Swansea went down to ten men and any side that was going to do something this season would imo have found a way to secure the 3 points despite not being at their best. Yet we made no impression whatsoever with a man advantage and after Dack was sent off we were lucky to scrape a draw. The game encapsulated in a nutshell for me why we will never do anything with Mowbray in charge. The Division this season is the worst version of the Championship I've seen and although there are only six points separating fifth and fifteenth with us slap bang in the middle of the sea of mediocrity, I wouldn't put a single cent on us finishing any higher than bottom of that cluster of teams. I can't understand why many people appear to be so happy that we are so poor. Those that are "happy with a point tonight" are probably those that will be satisfied if we finish 14th this season as opposed to last season's 15th. Those that glibly observe "It's where we are, our players are too inconsstent, we're a mid table side" are either missing the point or deliberately ignoring the fact that the reason it's where we are is because the manager's overall recruitment is so poor. He has been well backed but either spends big money on the wrong players, signs others who he doesn't then fancy once they get here, or can't bear to let others go who should have been offloaded long ago. Everyone is entitled to their view and it seems many are happier than I am but for me it's not good enough, and I'm sick of watching it.
  6. RevidgeBlue

    Jim Smith RIP

    Sad news, his teams played entertaining football which made today's version lseem extremely drab in comparison. If memory serves me correctly the only thing preventing us from making a sustained promotion push for the top division in his time was the lack of a prolific goalscorer. The Board of the day refused to back him in a move for Steve Kindon I seem to recall. Two things stick in my mind about Jim. Firstly that famous 3-2 win at Turf Moor Boxing Day 1977. The managers had to walk diagonally across one half of the pitch to get to the dug outs and the reception the bald eagle received from the Rovers fans packed into one half of the Longsight stand as he walked across the pitch was like nothing I'd seen before or since. Secondly, fuelled by the impetuosity of youth I wrote to Jim at one point suggesting players we could possibly sign. I certainly never expected a reply but much to my surprise and delight received a beautifully typed letter on Club notepaper detailing individually why it was not practical to sign the players I'd mentioned. Signed with a flourish from the fountain pen of the man himself. You couldn't imagine a manager even reading such correspondence these days let alone going to such trouble to reply. RIP.
  7. RevidgeBlue

    Premier League Stuff

    I would say Mark Hughes is the perfect fit for Watford.
  8. RevidgeBlue

    Brentford (h) - the Mowbray love in!

    True. Mowbray correctly conceded we needed a new main striker, the trouble was he wasted the funds on the willing but basically talentless Gallagher.
  9. RevidgeBlue

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    What a thoroughly depressing prospect. I do agree with your post though unfortunately apart from the fact that I would say mid to lower mid table will be the best rather than the worst case scenario this season and it will be for as long as Mowbray is in charge as well. Either way, since when did anyone become happy with that rather than challenging for promotion if you're in the Football League or playing entertaining stuff and winning the odd bit of silverware if you're in the Premier League?
  10. RevidgeBlue

    Brentford (h) - the Mowbray love in!

    You're right to a degree, Bennett is probably the worst option at RB I've ever seen in a Rovers shirt, Walton is one of the worst keepers I've ever seen in a Rovers shirt and Armstrong constantly looks out of his depth up front. However none of that makes Gallagher a good'un! Unfortunately.
  11. RevidgeBlue

    Brentford (h) - the Mowbray love in!

    You know times are desperate when you're allocating own goals to your underperforming strikers to make them look better.
  12. RevidgeBlue

    Brentford (h) - the Mowbray love in!

    Gallagher's a poor player imo who is never going to be a prolific scorer but if he is to have any chance at all and at least make a bit of a nuisance of himself he needs to be down the middle. Ditto Brereton I actually think he would offer a lot more than Gallagher if he was given a decent run up front but he's never been given a proper chance in that position and seems to have disappeared off Mowbray's radar altogether.
  13. RevidgeBlue

    Brentford (h) - the Mowbray love in!

    Yet he signed him. Twice.
  14. RevidgeBlue

    Raya joins Brentford

    Imo Raya definitely should not have been sold. Regardless of that however I think it's beyond any doubt whatsoever that he shouldn't have been allowed to go without a replacement at least as good having been secured. We seemingly just sold him without any real idea of who we wanted to bring in, just assuming we'd be able to get someone but then ended up being surprised by how much decent keepers cost. And ended up with a big useless pudding who makes John Butcher and Alan Fettis look decent and who isn't even our player. (Thankfully as it turns out) Massive mistake which could be instrumental in sending us down.
  15. RevidgeBlue

    Brentford (h) - the Mowbray love in!

    You'd think no-one else ever got injuries or strains. Run of the mill injury niggles must be absolutely common place and most ex pros seem to be of the opinion that a player is only at 100% fitness for half a dozen games or so a season yet these seem to being held up in advance as a reason why we won't be able to compete with Brentford and if we get any sort of result it's being built up as though it would be some sort of minor miracle. It's absolutely pathetic. The only reference to injuries should be a brief comment that we have a couple of injury concerns and we won't be able to finalise the line up until the outcome of those is known. We have a squad for a reason and there shouldn't be the slightest suggestion that one or two injuries will lessen our chances in the game.
  16. RevidgeBlue

    Brentford (h) - the Mowbray love in!

    If Chapman is Northwest Counties level goodness know what level Gallagher is in that position. With apologies to the late David Bowie and Harry Chapman. To the tune of Starman: "He had to sign someone so he picked on you Hey that's far out 'cos you know him too Turned on the TV picked you up for a Bob or two Looked out my window saw you on the right If you can sparkle you might play tonight Don't tell old Mogga or he'll get you bogged down inside There's a Starman waiting on the right He'd like to come and meet us but he thinks he'd blow Tone's mind There's a Starman waiting on the right We'd like the chance to see him but Mowbray thinks he's s***e Let the Rovers use him Or the Club will lose him Let all the children view him".
  17. RevidgeBlue

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Exactly, if he does go (and I'd wager we're still some way away from that unfortunately) there's absolutely no way he's just walking away of his own accord from a massive pay off. His advisors will probably negotiate a suitable pay off and the deal will be deemed to be by "mutual consent". Nice work if you can get it. Helps if you've craftily installed your mate as your boss and persuaded him to give you a lengthy new deal in the meantime mind. Working class bloke from the North East indeed.
  18. RevidgeBlue

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    Those would be my thoughts as well but if he is given anything to spend I'd say a half decent keeper has to be the first priority. If it was possible to send Walton back in January, I'd do it at the earliest opportunity.
  19. RevidgeBlue

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I'm not sure what you've seen to lead you to that conclusion, whilst I was watching the 2nd half yesterday I thought it would be no great surprise if I was watching the two teams that finish first and second bottom come the end of the season. If Mowbray stays that is.
  20. RevidgeBlue

    Barnsley (h) - the Cauldron Of Hate part 2?

    I disagree with the negative review on Rothwell anyway, particularly in the first half he was the only one showing any sort of energy or desire to try and make something happen. After the international break the lack of intensity from the rest of them was quite frightening, we looked completely demotivated as though Mowbray had finally completely lost the players with his bizarre tactics. After being comprehensively outplayed by Barnsley in the second half I did wonder at 2-2 if the atrocious result and performance would be enough to seal Mowbray's fate. However as there doesn't seem to be any indication whatsoever he's under any pressure we're probably better collecting the three points. We limp on for the time being.
  21. RevidgeBlue


    Can't say Southgate has dealt with this particularly well by saying Sterling will not be considered for selection on Thursday(?) but has allowed him to stay with the squad. There's two ways of dealing with this, either get the two players to sort it out in private and subsequently if both are happy, issue a statement to that effect, or if you feel such behaviour isn't acceptable and you need to make an example and it's only fair on Gomez who imay well have been a completely innocent party then send Sterling home altogether. Don't still have him hanging about the squad, what Southgate has done is neither one thing nor the other
  22. RevidgeBlue

    Season Tickets 2019/2020

    A full on relegation scrap is more exciting than "the battle for 15th"?
  23. RevidgeBlue

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    Rumour has it we were piddling around with a derisory offer for a loan this season followed by a permanent move. Then Fulham came in offering what Southampton were actually asking. As such we would never have been realistically in the running regardless of what his girlfriend wanted. Offering the vendor Club the going rate for a quality player you really like. Who' ever would have thought it? Our usual modus operandi seems to be to offer a fraction of what the player is worth, hope the vendor Club are daft enough to take it and then act all hurt surprised and complain how impossible the market is when they don't.
  24. RevidgeBlue


    Possibly. Other players of all types of background and ethnicity seem to manage without being involved in these sorts of incidents on a regular basis though.
  25. RevidgeBlue


    Taking nitrous oxide, missing a plane and turning up for England duty a day late, having a machine gun tattooed on his leg and then complaining about the coverage when it caused a furore in the Press, complaining in general that he's been singled out for unfair attention off the media and now this latest incident with Gomez. He's extremely high maintenance off the pitch to say the least.Thank God Gomez wasn't white.

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