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  1. Neil Weaver

    Music Association Game

    After The Love Has Gone - Earth Wind And Fire
  2. Neil Weaver

    Music Association Game

    Way Down In The Hole - Tom Waits
  3. Neil Weaver

    Music Association Game

    1952 Vincent Black Lightning - Richard Thompson
  4. Neil Weaver

    Premier League Stuff

    Doesn't exactly answer that, but I heard on the radio this morning that he's the 10th manager sacked by Chelsea in the 15 years Abramovich has been on the scene.
  5. Neil Weaver

    Music Association Game

    I'd Rather Dance With You - Kings Of Convenience
  6. Neil Weaver

    Podcast Contributions Sought...

    Now don't be shy Vinjay
  7. Neil Weaver

    Music Association Game

    The Lunatics (Have Taken Over The Asylum) - Fun Boy Three
  8. Neil Weaver

    Thursday deadline.

    So K**N's back in the country.
  9. Neil Weaver

    Music Association Game

    Hard-fi - Living For The Weekend
  10. Neil Weaver

    Music Association Game

    Bentley Rhythm Ace - Bentley's Gonna Sort You Out!
  11. Neil Weaver

    Dylan McGeouch

    I see Dryhorse has got up and put his make up on today..... Right colours though.
  12. Neil Weaver


    Speaking of which.... what's happened to Suhail/Pasha recently? Haven't heard anything for months, which is no doubt a good sign, maybe someone gave him a good t**tting a bit like this and he's out of the game a few hundred metres under Brockhall. We can but dream.
  13. Neil Weaver

    News Thread Attempt 394

    Heard about this the other day Audax. He was saying how he much prefers driving the shed compared to his S-Class Mercedes.
  14. Neil Weaver

    Music Association Game

    I Don't Want To Sober Up Tonight - Merle Haggard
  15. Neil Weaver

    Thursday deadline.

    Gone right over my head, but what's the 'V factor' that Stuart referred to (ref Dack)? I'd have thought the Olivia factor might come into play..... maybe that's the same thing?

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