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  1. Neil Weaver

    Football League Suspended

    You'd have got on well with Mrs T, Chaddy
  2. Neil Weaver

    Owd Photos o’t’ Rovers

    How's the cat these days Vinjay?....
  3. Neil Weaver

    In case you didn’t know (eBay)

    Any excuse for a favourite Tugay goal.... don't suppose it could have been a UEFA Cup game could it Ricky? Like this one - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0KNbVpUijE
  4. Neil Weaver

    Favourite Kit Manufacturer

    Were Kappa from Oldham 😉? http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_qaCY99rWHQE/TIJhTX1RNxI/AAAAAAAAFNc/Hi5o0BTOCrg/s1600/august+201+copy.jpg
  5. Neil Weaver

    Premier League Stuff

    So these games that will get played behind closed doors..... what will the spectators do instead? For those who subscribe to every sports channel and ifollow, TV/PC/phone is an option. But to those that don't (the majority?) could the pub be an option? That'd work well, encouraging dozens of folk to gather in a confined space with lots of close contact.
  6. Neil Weaver

    Sam Gallagher Returns

    I don't know, Mr Trump seems to have done all right
  7. Neil Weaver

    Tugay Kerimoglu goal with Andy Gray commentary..

    Spot onTyrone, I'm sure it was an afternoon game and Kuqi provided the cross. On the original point, Tugay scored a cracker in a UEFA Cup game at the Blackburn End - just found it on youtube - but that's a clip from French TV I think. Would it have been Eurosport in the UK? So not Andy Gray? Anyway ignore the commentator....
  8. Neil Weaver

    Tony Parkes

    Courtesy of Mr Jackman..... 3 April 1976 Rovers v Luton 3-0 Parkes, Waddington, Beamish Att 7911 Doesn't say if was in the Darwen End goal though
  9. Neil Weaver

    January transfer window 2020

    Dear me, and this year's Trump Award for Outstanding Humility goes to Dr Mercer FRCS . .
  10. Neil Weaver

    MGP Event

    Changed that for you
  11. Neil Weaver

    FREE Calendars

    Anyone on here want a few Rovers calendars from the not-too-distant past? Or perhaps you know someone who might want them? All in top condition, unmarked and unused. I’ve got the 2003, 2004, and 2005 ones (with the likes of Friedel, Cole, Jansen etc featured) and though I live over in Yorkshire and don’t get over much for games these days, I visit family regularly so I’m sure could sort out delivery. Reply on here or by PM. Ta
  12. Neil Weaver

    Old Rovers Footage

    Don't remember if I had a season ticket that year, but remember that Mickey Speight free kick well. Think they were a bit of a speciality!
  13. Neil Weaver

    Barnsley (h) - the Cauldron Of Hate part 2?

    How long have you been supporting betting on us?

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