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  1. Our PR men have missed a trick with this one. Recent Wembley winners are York you know...... FA Trophy winners last weekend
  2. Don't Dream It's Over - Crowded House
  3. Stop That Train - Clint Eastwood And General Saint
  4. One of next season's newcomers to League football.....Forest (very) Green Rovers . Not long till we get to sample the delights of vegan pies.
  5. Welcome to our world. Us longer-in-the-tooth supporters have been through this for the past 6 years+ and tried all sorts but been completely powerless. It does absolutely no good to get worked up. Suggestions always welcome and let's hope the WMC crew have some good ideas. In the meantime, it sounds like you're re-tuning to our reality.
  6. Never Understand - The Jesus And Mary Chain
  7. To try and lift the current air of doom. It's VE Day today, so here are better times..... Who wasn't one of the 30k+ ?
  8. Can't compete with Bob but this might have been penned for Pasha or whatever he's called.... another one of JCCs think the swear filter might have fun with the title particularly lines like 'like a sucked and spat out smartie, you're no use to anyone'
  9. Dunnfc - try this from about 11 mins for 15 mins or so. It's the most critical about Venky's I've ever heard Bayes. Health and safety warning though - turn it off before old Droopy starts about Small Heath.
  10. Meanwhile, on a lighter note, the statement had a pop-up ad just after it - for La La Land.
  11. O Superman - Laurie Anderson
  12. No it's not 99.9% certain according to what you call those who aren't stupid. More like 60-odd %. If you reckon it's 99.9% 'lump on' (as Mercerman would say).
  13. Crystal Frontier - Calexico
  14. Exactly right JH. We all have an opinion on it and the effect, the fact is there is a rule. If they've broken that rule, they've got to be punished. What we can all agree on though is any sort or punishment will be trivial and won't have any bearing on us. It'll just be used by the FA to buy a few more bottles of claret.
  15. Thought you were getting all suicidal there Bry, till you mentioned that bit in bold and the true Mercerman-like colours shone through. Hope you're right about that bit, might make the other things you mention almost acceptable.