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  1. It's that time of year when lots of people fancy starting a BRFC related blog, quite often covering their travels watching Rovers but sometimes just their thoughts on the games. In the past we used to offer free hosting of these blogs on here as getting blogs up, running and secure was hard work, but with the advent of wordpress.com and similar services, with no longer saw the need, so let the feature drift away. However, after talking to a few people over the summer, we're about to relaunch them as whilst these third party sites make it easy to post new blogs, it seems that getting people to actually read what you've written is TOUGH. After seeing just how little traffic, feedback and engagement some of the Rovers blogs with excellent content were getting, we realised that we still have something to offer the other places don't. Eyeballs! People often assume the majority of people who visit this site are the same people who post on the forum, but the posters are actually a tiny percentage. We average just under 6000 uniques visitors (not visits, actually unqiue visitors) each week and we can make sure each and everyone one of those gets promotion of your blog posts. Oh and advances in the forum software has now made it super easy to make blog posts, it's literally just like making a forum post, but with a handful of additional options. Also, comments on your posts are optional, if you don't want people commenting on them, you can disable that. If anyone fancies it or simply wants more info, just email admin@brfcs.com or leave a comment here
  2. Or even better, go and enjoy the sunshine with your neighbours, rather than encouraging others to go fight them !
  3. Right. This has chuff all to do with football. So it's all being moved to ICBINF. We've tried to be massively tollerant of discussions of race, religion and poltics recently and on the whole, things have been ok and the personal mud-slinging has all but stopped. Lets keep it that way. This area of the site is for football. ICBINF for everything else.
  4. Glenn


    Finally got some tickets for the Stone Roses in Leeds this week.
  5. It should be back in the iTunes directory soon, though you can speed things up and add it to iTunes yourself up by following that link and hitting the "iTunes" buttons. BTW A massive Thank You to J*B (and his guests) for putting this together. It takes a surprising amount of effort to create these, so don't hesitate to let him know you enjoyed it (and if enough people do that, he may do some more ).
  6. The things is, you can ALREADY be detained and even jailed or deported for those things. The PM needs to be questioned, until she answer (which she can't), on precisely WHICH civil liberties are getting in the way of stopping terrorism. The problem isn't the powers the police and other agencies have, it the resources.they (don't) have. The whole civil liberties thing is about swiftly removing us from the ECHR (which has lots of pesky employment related provisions) without anyone questioning why. Terrorism is just the excuse, nobody can name a single human right that is getting in the way of stopping terrorism.
  7. Glenn

    Elton John Concert At Ewood

    Sorry if this thread is now a little disjointed, but when the original poster removed some comments (probably for a good reason), it makes sense posts quoting those posts go too ..... and then the posts that are replies to them don't make sense ..... and the whole thing ends up a bit of a mess and I end up having to remove good content because all the context around it has been removed. So, erm, yes, some people removed some posts and I tried to tidy up and made it worse. This of it as the forum equivalent of the Ecce Homo painting - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecce_Homo_(Martínez_and_Giménez,_Borja)
  8. I managed to get a 1080p rip of it quite cheaply. I already had a cheap chinese HDMI splitter which has the useful side effect of stripping HDCP on the way through. Then rather than but a PC capture card that does HDMI/1080p I bought one of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01DKICMTA/ which records an HDMI source straight into an external USB (it's designed for making gaming video) at the tough of a button. Now to see if there is anything else I feel the need to keep from Sky+ before I upgrade to Sky Q.
  9. Once again she's promising more powers for the police to tackle terrorism, not what is actually needed, more resources!
  10. Yep, I predict that even WITH a solid majority, her own party will oust her as leader before Winter. She has been shown to be a liability to the point of farce.
  11. If you're still undecided and think it's like chosing your favourite STD, then keep in mind this great advice from Rob Manuel
  12. I think a friend's Facebook post sums up my feelings today "Voted. We're on the Titanic and too many people are shouting "let's head straight for that iceberg" but I ticked the option that called them a bunch of knobs."
  13. Erm, chaps. We've been trying to let this flow, but today of all days, lets focus on the politics, not the personal battles. [Edit :- But on the subject of anonymity, if anyone cares, I wrote a blog post a while back on why I use my real name online (clue: it's nothing to do with ego). It was intended for the InfoSec (good-guy hacker) community so is a bit tech-focused, but it gives you some insight into my thinking - http://glenn.pegden.com/2017/02/16/online-anonymity-privacy-and-risk-evaluation/] Anyway, rain in the North, not in the South. A much quieter feel at my local polling station than other years. I suspect this isn't going to be as closed as I'd hoped. Also, for one last time, can I rant about the insanity of our voting system? I have two local candidates, one I think does a reasonable job of being a local representative, but I despise what he party stands for at a national level, another who has proven to be a ruthless self-serving goit on the local council, but got my vote because nationally I think his party will do a much better job of running the country. Isn't it time we did away with "local representation". I mean, other than grabbing some local-rag space by saying they brought up "local issue x" in Parliament (first thing on a Tuesday, when there are only 10 people in the chamber and 6 of those are there because it's somewhere quiet to sleep off their hangover) how many local MPs actually make positive changes to their local constituencies (hell, in a lot of cases, they only visit their constituencies during elections)? It's also insane the ONLY MP who I can contact to represent my personal views in Parliament is my local one, whether they understand and agree with them or not. Should we not be free to contact any MP who actually shares our views and understand our specific situation, not be limited to the one who happened to stand for election closest to our house? It's ironic that the majority voted against AV+ (which I wouldn't want to settle for anyway, I want full PR) and only when we say UKIP get a considerable percentage of votes and next to no representation, did people suddenly get how unfair and impractical our current situation is.
  14. We've just had to remove a number of post and sadly for the first time since my return, we've banned a couple of users (once who were already pushing the limits of acceptability on other accounts). We took the view after the Tower Bridge attack that removing posts and heavy moderation didn't help and by hindering discussion of the topics associated with it, we were probably making things worse, so we avoided intervention where possible, However the line between robust and open debate and hate speech isn't a fine one and hate speech a very much a crime in the UK, so it wont be tolerated. Apologies for good valid posts that got hoovered up in the cleanup.
  15. Right, it's a VERY emotive subject and people are hurting, so I'm going to let some of the personal insults slide this once, but it's a one time warning. ... and before anyone accuses me of threatening that to promote my own agenda, I want to make it clear, it's not because of what you're discussing, only how you're discussing it.

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