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  1. I remember that game well. I'd just got a new car and @Ste B leant the hardway that the back seats were mostly just for show but the warning on the tailgate about knocking passengers out wasn't! I have a soft spot for Grimsby, around 2000ish, we played them on a bank holiday weekend (possibly Easter) and I'd just started so had a little mini-break in Chleethorpes exploring it's many pubs and chip shops in the name of research
  2. Good write up that. Nice to see El Reg can do serious journalism and not just sarcasm and bad puns. Also good to see the press is finally acknowledging what I ranted about and blogged about last Sunday, this is nothing to do with XP, it's unpatched Win 7/8 that are the problem. It's not legacy hardware, it's slow patch cycles and poor network segmentation (well, and muppets allowing 445 at the perimeter),
  3. We did something very similar on here with (self made) Kean Out signs a while back. Take one, start a threat, encourage others to do the same, it'll gain some momentum in no time.
  4. It does seem like the Tories are trying everything possible to give labour a fighting chance and I think it's working. I know so many life time Tory voters who are seriously considering voting labour. As Den said, a serious opposition would walk it.
  5. Last weekend I wasted a bunch of time cleaning-up off-topic bickering, and it didn't leave me in a good mood. Today I'm starting the day in a pretty bad mood as it is, so take it to PM (if you feel you're the one in the right and it's all the other guy, do it in the knowledge you'd be doing everyone else by keeping all this out of an otherwise interesting thread) or it'll go beyond gentle nudges. I'm really proud that since my return there have been next to no reported posts, almost no hidden posts (bar the ones mentioned above) and zero warnings or bans, but lets keep it that way. I like how the site is now, but I'm happy to do what's needed to keep it this way. Right, back to Bowyer and no more "he said, she said" nonsense.
  6. The bloody Internet of Things (or Internet of cheap crap that has no need to be on the internet) is going to set IT security back a decade. Actually, that's one area I do agree with Jim's (and The Tories) 'strictly regulate all the things' approach to the internet. Device manufactures should be responsible for the security of their devices and provide a free automatic security updates for the lifetime of the hardware That said, people will still buy cheap Chinese clone stuff off Amazon, so the problem will never go away
  7. You also have a mirai botnet hammering the killswitch domain in an attempt to reactive the worm We're in an age where your toaster and fridge are attempting to enable cyber weapons against MRI scanners to hold hospitals for ransom. Even reading all that William Gibson, Arthur C Clarke and Isaac Asimov as a kid didnt prepare me for this!
  8. Kids birthday card on CBeebies is precisely my reason too. What did you hook up and external DVD too? The composite out?
  9. Sorry. I was partly overly technical and partly being sarcastic about pirates TV is normally available in various resolutions, The higher the resolution, the more data is needed to be sent, so the more bandwidth is needed. 4K (which is the lower of the two ultra HD resolutions) TVs and monitors are now becoming affordable and providers are starting to put some content out in 4K (Netflix, amazon and sky Q now all offer some content in 4K). It's a serious step up from HD. List of resolutions / names / amount of data -> My comment about 'downloading pirate bay' is the other thing really fast connections are needed for us people who like to collect large numbers of high quality films from dodgy sources and never get around to watching them.
  10. 4k/HDR streaming is the main bandwidth chomper for most of us (at least those of us that aren't trying to build a secure offsite backup of The Pirate Bay), which from memory takes a steady 25mpbs not to buffer
  11. It was part of a continuity announcement between two shows, so it's unlikely to have been either put out either legitimately or otherwise.
  12. Perhaps not as many action points to take away as last time, but much bigger turn out (45 I think) and reps from Ewood Blues, The Trust, The Action Group, BRFCS and TheRover Facebook Group (and possibly others, I left my notes in the car) all working together for a common goal,
  13. Is anyone here going to India vs Pakistan at Edgbastan for the cricket?
  14. I didn't realise that, I thought it was fibre all the way to router
  15. I know this is turning into 'I can't believe it's not TV' but all this telly talk has reminded me of a question I've been too lazy to properly research yet. im almost certainly upgrading to Sky Q soon, but I have one particular recording on there that has real sentimental value, that I'd like to retain (which annoyingly is recorded from a free to air channel, but not on iPlayer). I know I can output over composite to a PC with Veideo card with composite in, but are there any options to grab it at better quality. It is going through a Chinese-via-amazon HDMI splitter which the product reviews (though not the official description) claims strips HDCP and indeed Sky doesn't complain about it like I'd expect it would do with an inline splitter, but I don't want to shell out a decent amount of cash on a veideo card with HDMI-in for what is likely to be a single use, especially if there is a high chance of it not actually working. I did try streaming it via an Xbox one onto Win10, but sadly MS are savvy to that and won't let hdcp encyroted content be streamed in in that way (I've yet to try sky -> splitter -> Xbox one -> win 10) Anyone got any clever work arounds? I'm assuming the on-disk encryption Sky use hasn't been cracked yet?