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    Songs at Ewood

    It's time Raya had one, how about to the Maccarena Best Keeper in the league Blackburn Rovers David Raya Best Keeper in the league Blackburn Rover David Raya Best keeper in the league Blackburn Rovers David Raya Heyyyyyy David Raya Well he is Spanish!!
  2. Roverbiff

    Songs at Ewood

    He's a long haired midfielder Bradley Dack, Bradley Dack Bradley Dack Bradley Dack Dack Dack Or the much simpler ADack, Adack, Adack, Adack,Adack Adack for when we are being too defensive?? All we are saying is give us Nuttaaall if he's on the bench and we need a goal Alternatively We want Nuttall, we want Nuttall we want Nuttall and we want him NOW to I want it all by Queen? A re-working of Wise men say only fools rush in, but I cant help loving our Charlie Mulgrew Conway or another he's gonna get ya, he's gonna get ya get ya get ya To Kasabian's Fire He's our man 'tween the sticks David Raya Sorry this sort of sh*t keeps me awake at night I'd love a proper Nuttall song seeing as that happens to be my surname !! I'll bugger off now
  3. Roverbiff

    New Song To Walk Out Of The Tunnel

    your'e an embarrassment by Madness!! On a more serious note, I went to watch St Pauli last season and they come out to Hells Bells by AC/DC the atmosphere was fantastic,that would work at Ewood, or Thin Lizzy The Boys Are Back in Town? It needs to be anything but Coldplay!!!
  4. Roverbiff

    Mk Dons At Home

    Spot on, if more of us had this attitude we might actually lift some of the gloom and encourage rather than berate the players when something else goes wrong.
  5. I have been giving this some thought for a few days and I can remember the times when we had various branches of supporters clubs from all over that used to revel in trying to out do each other in various ways, Darwen Blues, Mellor, Chorley,Helmshore etc and the Accy Blues driven by Paul Astley of which I was an active member for many years starting from the dark days of the 3rd division. In those days the shirt was the only thing that mattered to us, not so much who was inside it or picking who was wearing it, but the fact that it identified us as Blackburn Rovers and could not be confused with anyone else. There was also co-operation between the various branches, as it was well known that the Accy branch coach was always going to run to away games, no matter how many were on (16 to Millwall and the Old Den!!) and if someone from another branch had a few members who wanted to travel, they only had to get a message to Paul and they would be welcome. Various events were organised throughout the season,from guest nights with players as speakers to inter branch five a side competitions, and all through this the club supported us, even though they were skint, and we supported the club, even though they were sh1t!! Birdy and his coaches are the closest thing I suppose to what we had that is still going and well done to them, but there is also a regular bus to home games and away matches from various pubs in Darwen, Craiven Heffer Spinners to name but 2, at Fenni the Station runs trips, there are coaches to Ewood from pubs in Rishton and I would imagine there are others that I don't know about probably from other outlying areas. The point I am getting at is that there is probably a great deal of banter,singing and support for Rovers from all these various factions,either in the pub beforehand or on their buses on the way to the ground, but once at the ground I would imagine the vast majority will go and sit in their own seats in different stands and the atmosphere is lost. Imagine if we could keep those people together and boost their identities in their own right with the help of the club maybe, a set of unique flags for the Station,Darwen,Rishton,London! Each area gets it's own player who will attend events thereby creating heroes or not!! You get my drift?? After all football is tribal and although we all support the same god in Rovers, we all revel in our own little bunches and as such we feel more comfortable together this could eventually lead to sections where the same groups sit together and bring the atmosphere generated before the game into the ground with them. Thoughts??
  6. I have been watching Rovers for over 40 years and can honestly say that I have never felt more apathy towards the club as I do at the moment,it doesn't feel as if anyone at the club gives a stuff about the fans, or they are just paying lip service to us. I don't think we are the only club suffering from this, as I think there is a general feeling that the way we are jerked around by Sky and BT who can shuffle fixtures around when they want, and the ridiculous amounts of money being asked for tickets by some is leading to a gradual decline in the hard core support of many clubs. I have just had 2 weekends away for different reasons, and have watched the games between St.Pauli and Leipzig, and Standard Liege versus Charleroi, neither of which I have any affinity to, but I can say that the atmosphere and spectacle at both games was a vastly different experience to Ewood in the present climate. The love and the passion for the clubs and the badge was in evidence all around, and especially at St.Pauli, where the fans have taken the meaning of support to a whole new level in my opinion, just try youtube and you will see what I mean. It seems to me that our match day experience now, is watered down to such an extent, that we have forgotten how to support and just sit there and expect the worse, mind you when your run out music is Coldplay it can only get better from there!! Where is the big flag being pulled across the Blackburn End? Where is the rivalry of the various stands being asked to give us a song? When is the loyalty of having a season ticket rewarded? Why do the beer mats in the Blues Bar not sport the club crest anymore? Why is the Peter Jackson man of the match usually awarded to someone making his debut? When will we ever play our best team 2 weeks running? Will we ever get to use our Premier league pledge from Venky's? Never mind, at least I have been around for our rise,peak and now demise, it's the young ones I feel sorry for!!
  7. Roverbiff

    Current Songs

    Man U had a guy who used to hand song sheets out in the pubs around the ground and they used to catch on from there,away games tend to be where ours start and some then find their way back home. It helps if you have players you care about and who are worthy of the effort of creating a song for them to be remembered by same goes for managers,of course songs about the Rovers could always be created but you have to get the'hook' line that all songs need to become popular and it helps if the lyrics are well known and easily recognised. As mentioned on another thread about the drummers, for my money these morons killed any hope of getting a creative song going because it didn't feature their out of step banging, and as someone who had the misfortune to have to sit next to 3 of them when they first started I can't tell you how many arguments I had with them and the club. I suppose it also helps if you have a large knowledge of music to draw inspiration from, as someone in their 50's I probably know more songs than those in their late teens, although I would struggle to name anything current!! Anyway I believe Jordan Rhodes is worthy of his own song not some recycled shyte from other clubs, so here's my effort by AC/DC Whole lotta Rhodsie Wanna tell ya a story Bout a player I know When it comes to scorin He steals the show He aint exactly quick He aint exactly slow 82 goals in 140 games You could say he's got it all Whole Lotta Rhodsie Whole Lotta Rhodsie Whilst I'm being creative and the positivity around Lambert is still fresh, how about Muse uprising They will not control us They will stop degrading us Will will be victorius Cause we are Blackburn Rovers Cue Blackburn end jumping up and down!!! I'll get me coat!
  8. Roverbiff

    Current chants

    Don't post often but read a lot, and just had too reply to this as I have often thought the same, an anthem doesnt have to be football related as onlyonejack highlights with his above teams, I would love us to do 'Bring me Sunshine' the Morecambe and Wise theme complete with hands behind the head routine at the end for a visual impact,too old for some??? How about a version of Uprising by Muse They will not force us They will stop degrading us They will not control us Cause we are Blackburn Rovers Bounce up and down at the end!!!! As for bringing the Drummer back you can stick that where the sun don't shine, as one who had to sit just in front of the 3 of them for several games when they first turned up in the Blackburn End I speak from first hand experience that they ruined my enjoyment and indeed did try to drown out any chant without a drum beat, only got rid of them to the front when I threatened Rovers with a decibel test that they were damaging my hearing and I would sue!!
  9. Roverbiff

    Pre-Season Friendlies

    BBC website says we are playing FC Halifax this Saturday, FC Halifax website says we are playing them this Saturday,but I cant find any mention of it on our website or on here, anybody 'Shayed' (sorry) any light on this?
  10. Roverbiff

    Paul Astley

    I did wonder about whether I was Buzz or not but believe me I have been called a lot worse down the years and I suppose I always had a 'Buzz' on after Stafford so you are forgiven your senior moment. One of Pauls more senior moments was when he enrolled the team as Blackburn Rovers Supporters Club in the Burnley Sunday League as Blackburns was full,we used to kick off at 2:00pm playing in Blue & White Halves when the pubs were just closing,man did we get some big crowds Funnily enough every team we played was in Claret & Blue,I think they passed the one kit they had around the league when each team was due to play us. I used to dread the ball going out of play and taking a throw in,I can still feel the gob on my back!!! We won the sportmanship trophy that year and had to collect it at the Kierby Hotel,the noise that went up when our name was read out was deafening. I had often wondered whether Stafford would have remained the same but I suppose like a lot of places they have had to change,good to know the Malt & Hops is still there,I remember others such as The Sun,The Bear Hotel some nightclub called The Top of the World or was it the End of the World??too many braincells gone since then. Spraggy reckons there's a book to be written about those times,wish I could remember them all,I might even give it a shot! Hopefully I will See Lesley on the 26th then and one or two other familiar faces I should think,just wish it was under happier circumstances.
  11. Roverbiff

    Paul Astley

    Great days indeed Jim,in fact the friendships formed on those trips still live on today,Myself Dave Hickey,Dave Kay & Spraggy still sit together on the BBE,Albert I still see regularly also as well as others you may have forgotton such as Dilly,Ozzy,Howard,Bob(fat)Tormay,Rick Woodhouse(trougher).I believe Dave Horne is now a Spurs fan,no idea why but he has been for some time. Good to hear that you & Leslie tied the knot,she's a smashing girl,I hope she can forgive us for our behaviour on those coaches and has not suffered any lasting damage As well as the legendary coach trips we all went on,what about the football matches we used to play in the Anglo Welsh league back in those days,and the European supporters cup we played in with Chelsea as we shared a coach to Holland with them,in fact if anybody couldn't get a footie team together we would play them at anything,I remember trouncing Palace at Table Tennis & Darts and Rotherham at snooker etc,Paul was the guy that made it all possible and didn't get the credit he deserved for building those ties with other clubs in an era when everybody else was kicking each others heads in!! I feel priviledged to have known Paul and been part of those special times
  12. Roverbiff

    New Chants

    To the tune of Black Knight by Deep Purple Na na na na na na na na nana na na NZONZI NZONZI Like we used to do for Norman Bell
  13. Roverbiff

    Rebranding Ewood

  14. Roverbiff

    New Chants

    Don't cha wish you didn't have to shag your mum Don't cha wish your dad would stop touching your bum Dingles Dingles

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