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  1. Ianrally

    BRFCS TV - Nostalgia Thread

    I must be losing it because I had it in mind that Speedie climbed up the fence at the Darwen end after his hat trick goal against Newcastle, but not in the clip. What a player Speedie was.
  2. Ianrally

    Premier League Stuff

    Fair enough
  3. Ianrally

    Premier League Stuff

    Not regarding PL and EFL they didn’t. It was down to individual players.
  4. Ianrally

    Premier League Stuff

    “Black Lives Matter” on the shirts,and of course they do. But remember when the poppy wasn’t allowed on England shirts, and some PL and EFL players chose not to wear a poppy on their club shirts. The poppy stands for the memory of lost servicemen and women of all colours and creeds. Just a thought.
  5. Ianrally

    Rovers in Netflix football series

    Another example of historical manipulation. Brockhall first opened in 1907 as an institution for inebriated women, so didn’t exist when the period of the film is set.
  6. This is soo difficult when you consider the players from the UK and Ireland who have played for the club. We were truly blessed with a very high standard over the years. I can’t argue with Shearer or Bellamy in the line up but I’ve always had a soft spot for David Speedie because of how he got us through to the play offs and how he got us that penalty. Also as far as strikers go, even Tyrone hasn’t mentioned Andy McEvoy.
  7. I would definitely have Mike England in the team and also Keith Newton was a better full back than any that have been mentioned
  8. Tyrone may remember better than I do but I seem to think that Bill Eckersley’s testimonial, many stars of his era turned out including Tom Finney, but Stan Mathews didn’t because he requested a fee to play. It is also in the back of my mind that Eckersley’s partner at full back in the England team was Alf Ramsey.
  9. Can Rovers report Williams to Trading Standards and get their money back?
  10. If this team were playing outside my front window I’d be drawing the curtains. I hate Paul Cook but I wish TM would give our lot a team talk like Cooks at HT.
  11. Ianrally

    Music Association Game

    Manic Street Preachers - Of Walking Abortion
  12. Ianrally

    Music Association Game

    Winter in the Sun - Donovan
  13. Ianrally

    Music Association Game

    Manfred Mann. - Blinded by the Light
  14. Ianrally

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Regarding the merits, or not, of the Scottish leagues I admit that the once strong flow of talent moving to English clubs has long gone. Having said that, there is still the odd player who must be hiding somewhere in those leagues. In tonight’s Champions League final is one such player namely Andy Robertson. Rejected by Celtic as a 15 year old, went to play for Queens Park as an amateur before being transferred to Dundee Utd. where he was spotted by ex dingle Stan Ternent who was scouting for Hull City at the time and came south to easily make his mark. It shows that there can be players waiting to be discovered, it’s a case of having the scouting network to find them. Do we have such a network?
  15. Ianrally

    Mike Harrison

    All day long Tyrone.

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