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  1. The diagnosis was probably finally confirmed following his Sheffield United medical
  2. Nicky Marker
  3. Early Bird extended to 01 July
  4. Rochdale, just a shadow now, as we will be playing them in League 1
  5. Wagstaffe and Brotherston on the wings too. Both scored at the Dingle Dome on Boxing Day. Gates shut before kick off on for Rovers fans on the Longside, with many then going on the Bee Hole End.
  6. We must have opened the scoring when we beat Newcastle, Derby and Wigan 1-0!
  7. That was the evening Paul Hunt sent a message to India outlining what they needed to do to manage the club properly. If they had taken his advice we wouldn't be in this mess now!
  8. If Lowe and Akpan in midfield is the answer, what is the question? In a must win game you need somebody in midfield who can pass forwards. What is the point of playing Feeney and Mahoney "up the pitch" when there is nobody in midfield that can pass the ball.
  9. Wigan 3-2 Barnsley Powell hat trick
  10. Wigan 2-2 Barnsley
  11. Paid late in December
  12. Build a bonfire Build a bonfire Put the Dingles on the top Put the Venkys in the middle And we'll burn the f*****g lot
  13. If you have a blue badge there is a car park next to the away end where you can park.
  14. We played Huddersfield away on 2 Jan 1988, won 2 -1. HG was substituted but came on the pitch at the end of the match to thank a large Rovers following. Failed to win any of our last 4 home games - 2 extra points would have been enough for automatic promotion. Got beat by Chelsea in play offs. What we would give now for such a united club, owners, players and fans all pulling in the same direction. #VenkysOut
  15. Rally Round The Rovers