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  1. Rochdale Blue

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Craig Short unspectacular? I refer you to 01 April 2001!!!!!!!
  2. Rochdale Blue

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Pity his waist isn't 33
  3. Rochdale Blue

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Did we play Bolton in the relegation season?
  4. Rochdale Blue

    Academy & U21s

    Now play the winners of Rochdale and the Dingles at Leyland. What will the Lancashire police make of that?!
  5. Rochdale Blue

    Preston tickets

    SOLD OUT!!!!!!!
  6. Rochdale Blue

    Preston tickets

    Filled the end at Blackpool for a mid week game and there was a complete side empty because of health and safety reasons!
  7. Rochdale Blue

    ROVERS v Sheff Utd

    Dean Henderson, goalkeeper, now on loan at Sheffield United. Should be an interesting return to Ewood Park and especially in front of the Blackburn End after his reactions last season when playing Shrewsbury!
  8. Rochdale Blue

    Loan Window

    Got Blackburn Rovers on my mind
  9. Rochdale Blue


    Ian was at Gigg Lane with his wife and son on Saturday and would have been in the same small corporate lounge as Suhail Pasha. Did not see Mike Cheston at the game.
  10. Rochdale Blue

    Venkys 7 years on...

    Venky's share price has gone up over 7% today, 21% over the last 5 days!
  11. Rochdale Blue

    The Relegation Thread

    We must have opened the scoring when we beat Newcastle, Derby and Wigan 1-0!
  12. Rochdale Blue

    The Relegation Thread

    Wigan 3-2 Barnsley Powell hat trick
  13. Rochdale Blue

    The Relegation Thread

    Wigan 2-2 Barnsley
  14. Rochdale Blue

    Howard Gayle

    We played Huddersfield away on 2 Jan 1988, won 2 -1. HG was substituted but came on the pitch at the end of the match to thank a large Rovers following. Failed to win any of our last 4 home games - 2 extra points would have been enough for automatic promotion. Got beat by Chelsea in play offs. What we would give now for such a united club, owners, players and fans all pulling in the same direction. #VenkysOut
  15. Rochdale Blue

    RIP John Steven Taylor


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