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  1. barry_


    Gallagher was the game changer.
  2. barry_


    Like the game - quiet, slow and uninspired. Vocal support in the BBE quiet.
  3. barry_


    10 minutes in and no one's paying much attention. Mediocre shit football.
  4. barry_

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    Best you can get tonight is Sky Sports
  5. barry_

    Kits 19/20

    I bought my Grandson his first top on Saturday, only to be told that the 'sleeve' badges were out of stock and they didn't know when they were getting them in. It's a bit strange that, in the second home game, that such an essential part of the kit should be u available.
  6. barry_

    Middlesbrough (H)

    I can't see him leaving out Gallagher (if fit) so soon into the season, more because he paid 5 million for him.
  7. barry_

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I saw this comment on another forum... Give the guy chance hes done a fab job people are forgetting where we were when mowbray took over and hes got the owners on board best weve been overall since we left the premiership brought in 6 new players and rotated squad tonight unlucky against charlton and did ok against fulham. Last season we knew we werent strong enough in possesion and mowbray is gradually making us into a quality passing side not catching them.on the break in mowbray i trust all you haters just give yer head a shek' Apart from the grammar (which no one seems to care about, anymore), i think this is the majority of fans opinion of the manager 😒
  8. barry_


    'south' side being drawn atm
  9. barry_


    seems to be after the break on 'Salford'
  10. barry_


  11. barry_


  12. barry_

    Fulham Away

    I've seen the 'we played some good stuff' line from a lot of people. The idea of football is to pepper shots/headers/anything at the goal (the thing in white at either end of the pitch) and hope it goes in. We haven't done that in 2 games. It's not good enough. Bye bye mediocre man.
  13. barry_

    Fulham Away

    2 0 shite defence
  14. barry_

    Fulham Away

    Gallagher has disappeared
  15. barry_

    Fulham Away

    first awful sub... downing for bell

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