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  1. barry_

    Norwich - tempting fate

    Rodwell showing why he's shit
  2. barry_


    Decent goal. Defence (notably Bell/Williams) seem intent on gifting a goal to Forest. Evans/Travis ineffective.
  3. Can't seem to find anything so here it is. Will Mowbray stick with the same team as Tuesday. Will my lads get out of Hooters. Questions Questions. 1 0 win for the ROVERS
  4. barry_

    Mowbray: Stay or go?

    no change from me. Mowbray, and the other stooge waggot, should go. I saw an interview after the game where the manager was saying 'if that Derby chance had gone in we could be looking at another 1 0 loss' How uplifting 🙄
  5. Stoke away was a good day. We could do with some cheer to stave off the 'going nowhere' mediocrity that we find ourselves in. Rovers 3 2 Stoke
  6. barry_

    Sheffield Wednesday away Sat 16th March

    I don't get you (or anyone) saying we played some nice stuff We LOST. Everything else is immaterial.
  7. barry_

    ROVERS V Wigan

    poor turout from Wigan. Only got half of the upper tier of the DE
  8. barry_

    Preston at Home

    this team represents the manager ; slow, turgid and mediocre
  9. barry_

    Preston at Home

    do the words 'abject defending' & 'williams' come as any shock
  10. barry_

    Rotherham away

    don't worry lads... it's a year on year improvement. Next season will be better.
  11. barry_

    Rotherham away

    Another disappointmenting first half display. Our 'long ball to Graham' one dimensional tactic has run its day. (Paul Downing loan another masterful stroke from the manager)
  12. barry_

    Birmingham Away

    the very same player that's just been given a new 2 1/2 year contract.
  13. barry_

    Birmingham Away

    It's fair to say that the quality of footbal from us is dire. Game in Game out. You can ignore the reason behind this (a manager who has lost his way) all you want but it's still there.
  14. barry_


    I know that i'm banging an old point here (and i'm well aware of the opinions concerning this issue) But! The closure of the DE for home fans has been detrimental (imo) to the atmosphere in the ground. I had to move to the BBE and have okay seats in N01 but the atmosphere is poor. Very little vocal support and I haven't enjoyed going to the games so much (due to the move) so this will probably be my last year with a season ticket.
  15. barry_

    Mowbray’s Future

    If you were in charge of the transfer funds and you're wondering how many goals that £7 million striker has scored. Or you're wondering about the length of contracts given to aging players. Or the dour unimaginative tactics that are employed by the manager. Or the non existent atmosphere in the ground now that a third of the ground is closed and the fan base stagnates. (just a rambling post)

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