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  1. But will you leave the board forever if we don't............?
  2. Of course it does. Theres no way he would have played in a pre season game for us if we'd accepted a bid.
  3. And they've just added Hart, who is basically the same. On his day, he can be superb but he has mistakes in him.
  4. And pace?
  5. £25million transfer fee. Football is crazy.
  6. Is Arnautovic worth £100,000 per week in wages? That's what Skysports reckon West Ham are paying him
  7. I think JT would be ok with a quick CB alongside him but Samba is slower than i am! Should be destroying teams off corners though
  8. Samba and Terry at CB!
  9. If it was Evans going to keep Mulgrew and Lenihan, then i'd be ok with that.
  10. I think Evans has the potential to be a decent player. Like most Rovers players he's been hampered heavily by injuries and played under utter dross managers. Mowbray would have a good chance of getting him some form back. I'd be holding onto him.
  11. Agreed. Its good we might have the ability to play it out from the back when the chance comes along but contrary to West Ham Mythology, there is more than one way to play. We just need to win games.
  12. I sincerely hope that no one takes him on in England ever again but you're probably right that sooner or later a certain agent will have enough sway over some clueless, wealthy owner to make it happen.
  13. I'd say I need to be educated as to who Saxoman is/was but I'm not sure I want to know 😵 Are we talking Vinjay levels?
  14. Not too sure, York are non league, league 1 will be different altogether. I'm not saying we should smash it down field every time but we need to be more careful in the league.
  15. Pretty happy with that, he's been here for a while and has earned a move in fairness.