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  1. Not sure if this is a symptom of the Venky disease or lack of belief in the manager/squad but when we are not confident of going into a game against Shrewsbury, it's incredibly alarming. But I'm not confident either.
  2. I do think we need to start getting Dack on the field more. It's whether you go 4-4-1-1 and risk isolating the lone front man or go 4-2-3-1 and risk not being able to match up against an opposition 4-4-2. No point in putting him on and just sticking him out wide just for the sake of getting him on the pitch. I'm thinking (on a much lesser scale but that's where Rovers are anyway) that Dack gets the "free" role that Dunn flourished in when Allardyce was here.
  3. Ful time. Hang your heads in shame, that's the players and management. An embarrassing result. We aren't winning the league and it's only September.
  4. .......*Crying*
  5. .......*Waiting*
  6. We can't lose at home, to teams like this and expect to get promoted. Come Rovers FFS, this is embarrassing.
  7. Yer he did. Only a young bloke as well if I remember. Phew.
  8. Lets hope he doesn't. He attempted suicide previously and it ended very badly for someone else.
  9. Great win! Come on Rovers!!
  10. Williams clears off the line!
  11. Bloody hell, Antonsson!!!!
  12. There no mention of an injury but I'm only going off the Rovers twitter account.
  13. He must feel like he can take on the whole of Scunthorpe by himself....
  14. Harpers off already. Replaced by Dack
  15. 0-0 HT