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  1. davulsukur

    Summer Transfer Window

    Come on, we know we are staying in the Championship.
  2. davulsukur

    Dunn joins (Blackpool) Barrow

    Dunny now the manager of Barrow AFC https://www.barrowafc.com/david-dunn-joins-barrow-afc/ Good luck to him!
  3. davulsukur

    Summer Transfer Window

    Why wait till the end of the season, surely we know all we need to know, now?
  4. davulsukur

    Premier League Stuff

    I think i could just about stomach Dack or Armstrong leaving (not Trav though) but losing all 3 in one hit, probably cry
  5. davulsukur

    Good News!

    So jealous. My eldest daughter is scared of dogs and even though i am planning on being a dog owner in the future, i'm going to have to wait a while longer. What breed of dog are you getting?
  6. davulsukur

    Summer Transfer Window

    That's only how i see it but we all know Mowbray see it differently
  7. davulsukur

    Summer Transfer Window

    Obviously we have problems but it seems we are now working towards a 4-3-3 system and not just a 4-2-3-1. With that in mind, i feel like we are still short in quite a lot of areas. We obviously need a new CB, 2x New keepers and 1 new LB regardless what formation we play. ------------------New keeper Nyambe--Lenihan--New CB--New LB Travis--------New DM------New CM New RW-----Armstrong----New LW They are the only starters i think we have for that formation and i don't think it accommodates Dack very well. Even though Armstrong scored last night, i don't think he is suited a wide role much. He doesn't seem to do a great deal when put there and seems much more threatening through the middle. We'd also need a new DM. A holding mid who has some decent distribution but with a more defensive mindset and basically another Trav on the otherside (hardworking, puts a foot in but can pass and take the ball forward) Harrison Reed would have been excellent for us in this role. Downing could possibly play there but he might not be here next season. We are lacking in the attacking wide roles (despite £12m spend). Gallagher cannot be considered there, he rarely impacts a game from RW. He has no pace or trickery and i think he simply needs to be considered playing through the middle only. Brereton is another, more potential as a RW/LW but as yet hasn't shown a great deal to consider him a long term solution. Rothwell could also be considered for one of these but needs to up his game. I wish Chapman wasn't on the scrapheap, even from the bench he would be a great option for an attacking role. Not sure where this would leave Young Buckley either, doesn't seem suited to a wide attacking role, more central in a 4-2-3-1. Same goes for Holtby. So i guess, as funds will be limited/non existent. ---------------------New Nyambe--Lenihan--New--New Trav---------------New--------Downing Rothwell---------Dack--------Arma Not a fan of Arma outwide but it's the only way we can get Dack into the team. Rothwell could be changed out for Chapman (if he wasn't on the naughty list) I think the DM role is critical to make this a success but we obviously have way more pressing concerns in the back line to contend with first.
  8. davulsukur

    Cardiff away

    Trav or Lenihan but either way, not Bennett. What did tonight's front 3 cost? Graham - Free? Arma - £1.5m? Samuel - £500k?
  9. davulsukur

    Cardiff away

    A few cardiff fans on twitter saying we are a dirty team and Trav should have been Red Carded 🤷‍♂️
  10. davulsukur

    Cardiff away

    Awesome result!!
  11. davulsukur

    Cardiff away

    Gally on, can he finally......do something
  12. davulsukur

    Cardiff away

    Is Rothwell playing upfront?
  13. davulsukur

    Cardiff away

    A different player altogether
  14. davulsukur

    Cardiff away

    Arma, what a hero. Superb goal.

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