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  1. davulsukur

    The enigmatic Jason Lowe vortex

    Gary Bowyer?
  2. davulsukur

    Ben Brereton

    I’m not disagreeing that Mowbray is a cautious manager but putting the blame of relegation at his feet is ludicrous. Coyle had double the amount of games that Mowbray had. The blame for relegation is firmly at his door.
  3. davulsukur

    Premier League Stuff

    Yer but, have you seen his wife? *Disclaimer* - Not sure if she is still as hot as my memory remembers.
  4. davulsukur

    Premier League Stuff

    Chris Coleman is another. Re-built his rep with the Wales and then chose the worst club he could possibly find in Sunderland.
  5. davulsukur

    Premier League Stuff

    After the 2005/2006 season i was certain he was going on to big things. The team he had, the way we played, a 6th placed finish and beating Chelsea 1-0 with the skin of Steven Reid's head to secure European football was about as good a season as i can remember (obvious ones aside) It was unreal, I can't believe how far his stock has fallen over the jobs he's had.
  6. davulsukur


    It’s just Liverpool fans.
  7. davulsukur


    Neither are “golden oldies”?
  8. davulsukur

    FA CUP

    Hate Newcastle. Really don’t want us to get stuffed.
  9. davulsukur

    Premier League Stuff

    Probably the least surprising thing to happen. 3 wins in 22 league games (2 of which were last season) is an abysmal effort. Real shame for Hughes and like most Rovers, i like him a lot because of his time here but that has to be his time as a Premier League manager over, for now anyway. Probably needs to look at the Championship in order to rebuild a rep.
  10. davulsukur

    Tony Mowbray Appointed Head Coach

    Good news. He’s the right man for Rovers at the moment. He’s been making some frustrating decisions lately and he needs to sort out the mess of the last 2 games but overall he’s been good for us.
  11. davulsukur

    ROVERS v Sheff Wed

    I reckon so too. Smallwood will sit in alongside Evans though.
  12. davulsukur


    If he’s not playing then definitely needs to be recalled and either playing in the U23’s or loaned again (If there are any takers)
  13. davulsukur

    Premier League Stuff

    I really want them both to lose.
  14. davulsukur

    Premier League Stuff

    Pretty funny though.
  15. davulsukur

    Premier League Stuff

    If there was ever a goal to sum Vokes up, a header from the edge of the area was probably it. Close to being 2-2, Dingles getting right back into it now.

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