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    Fergie’s or Mourinho’s captain would have withdrawn from the squad through “injury”. They wouldn’t even let them take to the field if the club was in a title race.

    Real shame for both him and us.
  3. Congrats - BRFC Trust

    Great work BRFC community trust!
  4. Thanks Jimbo and Paul. I had a dog run along side me for a good 20-30 seconds barking at me whilst running in a zig zag so I basically spent the time desperately trying to not run it over! That aside, I did enjoy it, more than I thought I would, so looking forward to getting out again.
  5. Championship 2017/18

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/43379530 Football agents/agencies all over the world are rubbing their hands as the Leeds owner openly admits he wants to copy Wolves and get into bed with an agent, in order to bring players to Elland Road. Other clubs under foreign ownership will follow suit if it all turns out to above board and within the rules. Football is dying.
  6. So I was a runner but my knees are not fairing so well so I decided to switch to cycling and today was my first outing on the bike. Didn’t get too far, 18 miles, and I learned a few things, mainly to avoid popular national cycle routes which are basically full of dog walkers. Well they are here in york anyway. so I guess my goal is to build up some more miles and find some alternative routes!
  7. Rovers v Blackpool

    Excellent result. Getting to the business end of the season it’s all about the result. Good that Wigan dropped points just need the shrews to do the same.
  8. Championship 2017/18

    Ah right. Perhaps what I read was just the fine they wanted to impose or something. It was ages ago and I have a terrible memory!!
  9. Championship 2017/18

    I think QPR did get fined, could be wrong but I thought they basically ended up selling a player for like £8mill and then getting something like a £6mill fine.
  10. Championship 2017/18

    www.skysports.com/football/news/11699/11279770/wolves-make-23m-loss-in-first-year-under-fosun-international EFL board to meet to discuss how to divide up the contents of a brown envelope if Wolves have broken any rules. Did anyone do that for us?
  11. Rovers v Wigan

  12. Wimbledon v Rovers

    That was quick! Great goals from Bennett and Dack. Dack's second was a great finish with some lovely skill by Graham down the wing.
  13. Wimbledon v Rovers

    Get in! Great win!
  14. Wimbledon v Rovers

    Your wish is Mowbray's command.
  15. Wimbledon v Rovers