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  1. The January 2018 transfer thread

    Pretty sure MGP was as well
  2. Premier League Stuff

    Yer i'd say so. Not entirely sure how much we got for Rhodes in the end.
  3. Premier League Stuff

    That's probably what he meant. I didn't respond to trip him up, just generally wondering.
  4. Premier League Stuff

    How much did we get in the end? i figured Santa Cruz, Bentley, samba and Phil jones would have been sold for more?
  5. Premier League Stuff

    Ryan Giggs is the new Wales manager. Never struck me as the managerial type, interesting to see how he does.
  6. The January 2018 transfer thread

    As if by Magic! Who's the twitter guy Chaddy?
  7. Premier League Stuff

    That was quick! Never mind before the end of the day, happened before the end of my brew.
  8. Premier League Stuff

    Martin O’ Neill rejects Stoke. Not a great start for Stoke in their search for new gaffer. Its strange how a premier league team of what 10 years? Can be an unattractive prospect for managers. Even Rowett was heavily linked but opted for a new Derby contract instead. Yes, Berahino turned for the Man Utd game 24hrs early but they can’t be that bad?
  9. Shrewsbury Town - 13/1/18

    It went a bit wrong but I was only messin’
  10. Shrewsbury Town - 13/1/18

    Armstrong on to take the Chapman role of hitting them on the counter when they push for the equaliser?
  11. Shrewsbury Town - 13/1/18

    Ok Gerrard 🤔
  12. Shrewsbury Town - 13/1/18