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  1. Someone's on the ball there. Meanwhile we are still trying to find the adapter to pump ours up!
  2. Wa-hey, Rovers going to York. I'll be off to this one, within walking distance for me.
  3. At least Mowbray has been honest about it all. Tried to convince him to stay and failed, nothing more he can do. Now, we just need to wait because Junior Hoillet is signing that new contract any day now.....
  4. True. Our central midfield has been a shambles for years. Really hope Mowbray gets it sorted. He needs to bring in 2-3, I just don't want similar dross/type of players we just let go in Lowe/Akpan. That means he needs to have money to spend, then I woke up.
  5. If we can keep hold of him, he must be made captain
  6. Time will tell us all we need to know. History tells us Venkys won't back up their words with meaningful actions. Good luck Tony, you'll need it
  7. An 8 year old girl has been confirmed as one of the 22 who lost their lives. Horrific stuff.
  8. What the f*** is wrong with people, that they feel the need to go and blow themselves up (by all accounts) at a music concert which would be attended largely by teenagers? A disgraceful and cowardly act.
  9. Who knows how it works in Venkyland but at any normal club the manager would have told the owners prior to that list been announced who he wanted to keep and a contract would have been offered before they find another club. Classic Venkys though, dithering when we need immediate action.
  10. Why are the owners willing to spend x4 the amount on these 2 companies than they have in transfer fee's over the last 4 windows?
  11. He will be typing his resignation on the flight home.
  12. More like an abusive relationship
  13. I genuinely cant believe we will be getting beat playing the teams that are being discussed in this thread. Still in shock
  14. My hat goes off to the people who came up with this idea. Lots of potential to get information out to as many people as possible.
  15. Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if he left but it will p*** me off that Venkys have f****d up yet again. They will never, ever learn.