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  1. davulsukur

    World Cup 2018

    Don’t really like Ronaldo as such but he is clearly one of the best players to ever grace the game. 763 Apps 573 Goals I was going to copy his honours and achievements off Wiki but the list was too long for me to be bothered.
  2. davulsukur

    World Cup 2018

    What a hit that was! Dack-esq 😋
  3. davulsukur

    World Cup 2018

    De Gea has had an absolute reggie there.
  4. I know he's not very good but what is this guys supposed playing position?
  5. Forgot about this guy, presumably we will try and loan him out again
  6. Their owner is (allegedly) proper dodgey. No doubts he's seen Wolves go up last season and now has got Mendes on board to do the same for Forest. Seems unlikely that he'll be spending his own cash (although i have no idea of his wealth). If it works, FFP might as well be officially scrapped as this is just a blatant mockery of it.
  7. Not too fussed either way about Conway. I do like him as a player but I’m not sure he’s got another championship season in him, we’ll see but hopefully he does! Mowbray mentioned a few times last season how Conway was a leader and voice in the changing room and rightly or wrongly that’s probably one the main reasons Mogga wanted to keep him. Dack and Lenihan are the priorities for new contracts.
  8. davulsukur

    Championship 2018-19

    Yep he is according to Skysports:
  9. I'm not worried. It's all about timing, our relegation's and their promotions couldn't have happened at a worse time for us. It just got me angry at Venkys again.
  10. davulsukur

    World Cup 2018

    Bit of header tennis over "The Wall"?
  11. Probably not true but we are now in a world where The Dingles can spend £25m whilst we are hoping that Venkys give us an overall transfer budget of x10 less than that. We really couldn't have dropped out of the PL at a worse time.
  12. davulsukur

    World Cup 2018

    Mental, who's in charge now?
  13. Fair point. Touche Ladyboy
  14. Is this opinion, media link or Ladyboy exclusive?
  15. Happy to see DG sign for another season. I think his experience brings a lot more to the team than we realise. Playing up front on your own is hard work and he does it well. although it will be a much tougher test this season for him.

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