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  1. Premier League Stuff

    So it would seem 😢
  2. Premier League Stuff

    Not sure it was ever a conundrum with Allardyce. Allardyce = Premier league football.
  3. Excellent result. 3 goals scored and a clean sheet away from home. Cant ask for much more than that!
  4. Championship 2017/18

    I was looking at it from the point that he’s not been in club management for a fair while and his first job back is a complete basket case of a club. He might turn it round but he’s hardly giving himself a stable environment to get back into it.
  5. Championship 2017/18

    Talk about a risky decision!
  6. The Rovers 5-a-side Challenge

    Friedel (4) - Best Rovers keeper I’ve seen. Samba (3) - Strong with lanky legs to block everything (although wasted somewhat with the head height rule) Savage (3) - Pains me to leave out The maestro but you need at least one work horse. Dunn (3) - Skillful, play maker and would score bucket loads. Shearer (7) - An absolute animal upfront. (Good thread btw)
  7. Bunch of *@#%'s (That's Venkys, not the trust btw)
  8. England World Cup Campaign

    He’s had a great game so far.
  9. Friedel named New England manager

    Good luck to Super Brad. Without question one of my all time favourite Rovers.
  10. Premier League Stuff

    Not premier league but Neymar (allegedly) can't be arsed to play for PSG in regular games and is only bothered about Champions League and International games: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5061509/Neymar-completely-unmotivated-Paris-Saint-Germain.html If true, what a scrote. Perhaps he doesn't get paid enough to play against teams like Angers
  11. Jim White on Talksport

    Not really. It started with an short interview with Battersby, who said the usual: Attempted to talk about being involved at the club, heard nothing back from Venkys, they aren't willing to sell etc. And then Jim White was basically saying he tried to contact the owners but got nothing but a wall of silence. The other 2 blokes on the show basically said, sooner or later a big club (yes they meant us) will go the wall and we must be right near breaking point. The ownership rules should extend beyond the initial purchase and should be monitored throughout. White trying to figure out why Venkys are still here, or were even here in the first place and reiterated his desire to speak to the owners. He did actually mention Venkys sole representative here in the UK, he didn't name names but you can only assume he meant Sulhail. Says he will try and get comments from him. There was a phone in after but work got in the way so I missed most of it, caught the end of a Rovers fan saying Venkys should sell up if they aren't prepared to invest to turn it around, which everyone agreed but it was noted our debt was so huge, it's probably not viable for anyone to take on if Venkys were willing sellers.
  12. Jim White on Talksport

    Have they covered Rovers yet? I listened for like an hour and a half but couldn't listen any longer. EDIT - On Now
  13. Jim White on Talksport

    Didn't he say "We are coming for you Venky's" a while back? Maybe, he's done nothing.............
  14. Rochdale v Rovers Tuesday 7th Nov.

    Didn’t we actually enter our under 23’s?