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  1. jim mk2


    One of the better QT last night but in general it has become unwatchable for the past 2 years because of the toxic political and Brexit debate, the panellists have been so poor and some audiences cringeworthy. Fiona does her best but she’s no match DD
  2. jim mk2


    Not really. Both posts were about Andrew neill.
  3. jim mk2

    Premier League Stuff

    United went 26 years from 1967-93 without winning the title (stand to be corrected), so if you believe that everything reverts to the mean it could be another 26 years from the last time they won the title in 2013 before they win it again. That's 2039, so thankfully I won't be around to see it
  4. Great old ground but looks sad barely half full. Sheffield's a great football city and both clubs should be in the Premier....Wednesday have been badly managed for decades. Agree about the Leppings Lane stand though. Football with all its riches should have paid for it to be knocked down and renamed
  5. jim mk2

    Premier League Stuff

    Martial had a stinker last night, should have had at least two. They've been unlucky in losing Rashford too, who has really progressed this season and is developing into a very fine player. Bad luck for him and England and I hope he recovers soon but long may United's bad luck continue
  6. jim mk2


    Would that be the Andrew Neill that the liar in No 10 was too scared to face during the election campaign?
  7. jim mk2

    January transfer window 2020

    Didn't know about Davies and Mahoney. And how did we miss Paul Mariner at Chorley? and Vardy at Fleetwood? Just goes to show it's not necessary to go hunting in Poland and when there are hidden gems on your doorstep.
  8. jim mk2

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    ..... sorry, but some are destined to fall on stony ground.
  9. jim mk2


    10 days to nothingness. The cliff edge has been moved forward to December 31. The slow death will take years.
  10. jim mk2

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    It wasn't a political point ....... it was just another way of poking fun at Burnley.
  11. jim mk2

    January transfer window 2020

    Enjoyed watching Tommy Hutch. How could Rovers miss those 2?
  12. jim mk2

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Potentially "toxic"....especially with the Sussexes in the spotlight at present. Can I mention Brighton & Hove Albion? They play in Sussex
  13. jim mk2

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    You ain't in our group.
  14. jim mk2

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    The context was the Blackburn-Burnley rivalry. There was no insult. Nip what in the bud? There was no argument. It was a light-hearted attempt at fun - which missed its target obviously

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