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  1. jim mk2


    To quote: ......Sainsbury's, The Co-op, and Marks and Spencer all told Business Insider that they wouldn't stock any products that breached current UK food standards to which the obvious addendum is ........but they would be quite happy to do so when "current UK food standards" are lowered in a future US trade deal
  2. jim mk2


    Touche Silas! Let us know what's like there. Brexiteers can't
  3. jim mk2


    West Indies building a lead only 5 wickets down. This is not a good effort by England..
  4. jim mk2


    Opinions are great - we've all got them right or wrong - but when you (and me) and others are presented with facts or analysis that challenge those opinions, then you have to consider changing your mind. You and others just continue to post the same stuff over and over again - often the exact same words - even when it's shown to be incorrect. Prime example is the fishing industry.
  5. jim mk2


    You didn;t read this or Jimbo's post https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/brexit-fishers-fisherman-fisheries-fishing-eu-quotas-a9330216.html
  6. jim mk2


    Shame on the Guardian for printing this rubbish It's extraordinary that after so much avoidable death and economic destruction, the Guardian is attacking the ex-leader of the opposition rather than holding this malicious and incompetent Tory government to account. This isn't the first time time the reporter Helen Pidd has quoted this Pizza shop Tory. She also quoted the same Pizza shop prat in May, as he vehemently defended Dominic Cummings over his driving-eye-test to Barnard Castle. So Helen Pidd isn't canvassing ordinary red wall voters in the north at all, she's selectively platforming a small group of people who happen to share the Guardian editorial line. In any case, there are many reasons why it wouldn't have been so bad under Corbyn. 1. Corbyn is a humanitarian, so he would have prioritised saving lives rather than Boris Johnson's deranged policy of letting the virus spread like wildfire 2. Corbyn would never have used PPE procurement and development of the contact tracing app to lavish huge no-bid multi-million contracts on obscure companies run by his mates 3. Corbyn is an internationalist, so he would have taken WHO advice on the importance of testing, tracing, and quarantine rather than defying it like Johnson did.
  7. jim mk2


    Brussels warns UK citizens of ‘thorough border checks’ https://www.ft.com/content/a14c0379-27bc-4734-a770-fc52452b19ff The English might finally begin to understand that the rest of Europe really doesn’t give a damn how inconveniencing life will become for them, post-Brexit.
  8. jim mk2


    40-0. England looking like chumps at the moment
  9. jim mk2


    You really do need to some basic research as to why fish is expensive. It's all over the internet if you want to look. It's nothing to with the EU, BTW, so maybe that's why you can't be bothered? .
  10. jim mk2


    You didn't previous posts about the how the industry has been sold off.......like everything else we used to own. Beats me why Brexiteers get dewy-eyed over fishing but are prepared to let the important parts the economy go under the Brexit bus.
  11. jim mk2


    This is a party political broadcast on behalf of the Conservative party Meanwhile in the real world John Lewis and Boots to cut 5,000 jobs https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-53348519 A £10 meal voucher won't help those poor families Sunak needs to do more to create new long-term jobs rather than turbocharging consumption and maintaining the housing bubble... We're throwing so much money at this and yet a lot of it is just like a quick fix of crack. For example, Germany has committed tens of billions to invest in advanced industries like hydrogen power, AI and quantum computing... that's how you cultivate long term growth, s
  12. jim mk2


    Why did Stokes choose to bat in poor weather conditions and forecast? Another cameo from Denly. Gets in, then out. Seems incapable of making big scores.
  13. jim mk2


    Delve down into the detail of yesterday's giveaways and there some incredible figures. The likely bill for PPE for frontline staff in the pandemic will be £15bn, said the Treasury, which is slightly more than the 2019-20 cost of all three of the great departments of state — the Home Office, the Foreign Office and the Treasury!!! The concept of Tory economic competence was always a myth - this crisis has exposed it further
  14. jim mk2


    Comparisons to Russia - you''re making yourself look silly. About half of my acquaintances are still self-quarantining. Some admittedly because they're vulnerable, but most just because they are scared witless. What entices them to come out? There is no theatre, hardly any museums; dining out seems fraught with hazards, and anyway why they should leave themselves exposed to a potential call from the test and trace brigade? I too try to see only those I really want to see. The government has done a great job to scare my demographics into lockdown; now with lingering terror and a very patchy high street offer (how many establishments have actually reopened?), they want us to go out. Right. It will take more than half price meals. Despite yesterday's giveaways the government's overall commitment to the economy resulting from coronoavirus is much lower than other hard hit nations, while it has chosen to bale out the low productivity hospitality sector but not manufacturing or the high productivity motor industry.
  15. jim mk2


    I saw the gloves and immediately thought "black power".... which is different entirely to the BLM movement. The West Indies need to clarify why they were wearing them. Not a good move IMO Sibley might wish the season never started with the shot he played.

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