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  1. jim mk2


    Another Brexit dividend. But it's all going to be fine in the sunny uplands https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-50419130
  2. jim mk2


    So by the same token you're pro anti-Muslim and pro-racist. Good effort
  3. jim mk2


    We all know he's a liar and an Old Etonian / Oxbridge member of the rentier elite but that won't stop the lemmings voting for him.
  4. jim mk2


    I'll never forgive them for 2010. Clegg should be in front of the firing squad with Cameron and Farage when the time comes. I might have to vote for them on Dec 12 as a tactical vote but it will be very much a case of holding my nose.
  5. jim mk2


    And Johnson says Jeremy is a "threat" to the Union because he might support a second Scottish referendum The Scots hate the Tories - and with good reason. They won't tolerate another five years of Johnson and being out of the EU. The UK will break up for certain. The Conservative and Unionist party will have to change its name.
  6. jim mk2


    Expect to see more of this in the coming weeks. The Tories will pick them off in the marginals one by one.
  7. jim mk2


    Unfortunately it's a minority. I'd say a no deal is highly likely if the Tories get a working majority. The party is in the grip of its right wing and their vision of low tax low regulation Singapore type economy is tantalisingly close.
  8. jim mk2


    I don't think this is true at all - at least on the Brexiteer side. They just want out, and they're not interested in the likely consequences
  9. jim mk2


    But Jeremy is the leader so you might not like it but you have to work with him. This election is your one and only chance to kill Brexit. Standing alone is not an option, otherwise you and Labour hand power to the horrors of a Johnson government. Time to get real to the realities of what is happening
  10. jim mk2


    And Swinson says she won't put Jeremy in No 10. This is THE chance stop the Brexit nonsense but they won't work together, Why?
  11. jim mk2


    It's just background noise, Philip. The big question is, how is Remain going to win the election? And the hard truth is unless Swinson and Corbyn come to an arrangement the Tories will have a working majority - and that means a likely hard no deal Brexit in December 2020.
  12. jim mk2


    ........and he's also a brilliant footballer who gets better every season. England are lucky to have him Wouldn't be surprised to see him at Barcelona or Real Madrid eventually. The race comment is silly, Rev
  13. jim mk2


    Richard Littlejohn 😄 😄
  14. jim mk2


    "Only little people pay taxes" - Leona Helmsley, American businesswoman eventually jailed for tax evasion The elite (and many of the merely rich) still believe this - and is behind their fear and loathing of Corbyn. Corbyn in No 10 would be a joy
  15. jim mk2

    Championship season 2019-20

    ........... and his "holiday" when the club were looking to make a critical appointment. Smacks of the Roy Keane transfer farce. The club might as well put a closed for business sign on the front door.

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