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  1. jim mk2


    Jolly good show for you. Still doesn't make Starmer's upbringing and background similar to that of Sunak as you claimed. One had to graft his way to the top; the other had to hard work too but had the backing of big money and social standing behind him. Big difference.
  2. jim mk2


    ....or the UK doesn't go bust and the government resigns
  3. jim mk2


    Working class nurse and toolmaker v doctor and pharmacist, both from wealthy Indian families. Circa combined wages £50k a year v £200k plus a year (today's prices) Local schools v £40,000 a year private Winchester College Leeds & Oxford uni v Oxford & Stanford uni Law firms v Goldman Sachs and Hedge Fund Sunak married the daughter of a billionaire. Not so different at all really.
  4. Walker was a tax avoider - the worst kind of greedy capitalist because the tax he avoided paying would have helped to make the lives better of those who worked for him. Bill Shankly would have despised Walker.
  5. jim mk2


    Starmer's mum was a nurse and his dad was a toolmaker. Sounds like the real world to me compared to that of Sunak and Johnson The oiks always tug their forelock to a posh voice. It's pathetic.
  6. jim mk2


    The problem with today's Tory high-flyers is that even if you want to give them the benefit of the doubt, when you start looking at their CV you realise they are all from a very small, very powerful section of society, with links to the financial services or to land and property. . Statistically, there is absolutely no chance that we will get more than a handful of competent individuals from such a narrow pool of people, if only because their numbers are so small. And then, how on earth can we expect one of them to have any idea of what life is like in a middle-class household, let alone a poorer one? From there we get the fiasco of the universal credit rollout, or Osborne's vile austerity policies while slashing taxes for the richest, which has left the UK in dire straights in this time of crisis.
  7. jim mk2


    The sad truth is that this hopeless government is held together by one sad common denominator, which is Brexit. Raab is a particularly useless nonentity trying to prove his Englishness (he's the son of a a Czech refugee) by being an extreme Brexiteer. All is not lost though. As long as Dom Cummings has the nuclear launch codes we'll be fine
  8. jim mk2

    Rovers Quiz

    Quick wiki shows him resuming his career with other clubs after the first world war. Died aged 53 in 1947. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Dennison Great quiz by the way.
  9. jim mk2


    Students and people from all walks of life have always had casual, part-time work, going back generations if not hundreds of years. They didn't have or need zero hours contracts. The increase in the employment rate since 2010 has been matched by the longest sustained decline in UK workers' wages since records began. It's hardly ridiculous to suppose that the Tory policy of ruthlessly driving down workers' wages and working conditions has resulted in in a boom of low-paid, low-skill jobs as growing numbers of employers use exploitative employment practices like ZHCs and fake self-employment in the gig economy in order to rinse as much profit as possible out of the workforce. A year or two ago New Zealand banned ZHCs but in Tory Britain ever more people are finding themselves stuck in exploitative and unstable zero hours jobs. I'm looking forward to Starmer adopting Corbyn's policy on ZHCs. They need consigning to the dustbin of history.
  10. jim mk2


    Not really. And I don't need to be told the world has moved on when some people inhabit a world that needs to change.
  11. jim mk2


    Fine for students but not for adults with mortgages, bills to pay and families to support. They need certainty and not having to live in fear of their employer. Your world has moved on and ZHCs are not acceptable any more.
  12. jim mk2


    Zero hours contracts are used by the worst sort of companies to exploit people who cannot defend themselves in the workplace. 90 per cent of Sports Direct employees are on zero hours, Amazon and Wetherspoons as well - all 3 companies with poor records on workers' rights. The Institute of Dircctors and Tory right wingers such as Jacob Rees-Mogg are always singing ZHC's praises - which should flash a red warning light. A future Labour government should regulate them more tightly if not ban them.
  13. jim mk2


    That video of Raab - nasty bit of work spouting Tory ideology of the past 10 years. "You can't just spend money, you have to earn it" is the blow-hard austerity forced on ordinary people to pay for tax cuts to the rich and the excesses of the elite. Funny how they've suddenly discovered the magic money tree in the past 3 weeks. "People who use food banks have short term cash flow problems". No Dom, they're poor either because their jobs are crap zero contracts or gig jobs with no workers protections and pay next to nothing or they're unable to work and you've cut their benefits to the bone while at the same rewarding your Tory donors with tax cuts. Why would anyone would vote for these people?
  14. jim mk2


    Rebuilding the world economy which is almost certain to go into recession if not depression is more important than reprisals against the Chinese. An open honest dialogue with them would achieve more than nationalistic sabre tattling. Cornering a powerful nation and one that is likely to lash out in retaliation is not a good idea

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