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  1. jim mk2


    Syd and Ron in the taproom love their Sun. They'll work until they're 75 because their betters told them to.
  2. jim mk2

    Thomas Cook

    Brexiteers won't like that Philip.
  3. jim mk2


    Fox News, Sun, Mail. Britain's working poor know their place
  4. jim mk2


    Never mind the US, China, Japan, India: Britain has signed a trade deal with Lebanon, which in football terms is like Real Madrid teaming up with Great Harwood. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-and-lebanon-sign-trade-continuity-agreement Still one step at a time. Chaddy will be celebrating in the chippy tonight. .
  5. jim mk2

    Reading (A)

    Can't be worse. We were very poor in a 2-1 defeat. And I saw us get thumped in the previous game at Reading. I'm not going this Saturday - which is a good omen
  6. jim mk2

    Lewis Holtby

    Sorry, meant Rothwell
  7. jim mk2

    Lewis Holtby

    So yet another midfield player. Downing and Johnson are Mowbray favourites so assume they will be first picks. But then where do you fit in Holtby, Travis, Nuttall, Buckley and Davenport (when he's available) - and not forgetting Evans and Smallwood ? If all this leads to Travis and Nuttall getting fewer chances and leaving in January, I'll be miffed. But Holtby's arrival does make one thing thing more certain: The manager says Holtby gives him "more options", so expect yet more chopping and changing of the team, yet more different permutations of the formation, and yet more overthinking of a simple game on the part of Pep Mowbray in the dugout. When is he going to decide which is his best team and stick with it every week?
  8. jim mk2


    Honda have already quit Swindon. Toyota and Nissan are watching and waiting. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/jun/27/japan-blunt-warning-dont-lead-britain-eu-brexit-foreign-minister . What leverage do we have to get "a good trade deal with the US"? I'll answer for you. None.
  9. jim mk2


    Trade talks are brutal, mate. Countries act in their own interest, in plain language and truths are told. We've had talks with the Indians, who have a very keen sense of history.. They remember the days of the Raj. Any chance to get one over the old colonial power and they will take it. We've had talks with the Japanese, who reminded us we're a country of 60m people, not a bloc of 400m like the EU, so we must be joking if we think we can roll over the existing EU-Japan trade agreement. We've had talks with the US, who bluntly stated our main use for them is as a conduit to Brussels, so we can forget any favouable trade deal. The US also has a president who puts "America First" , so how do you think those negotiations are going to turn out? We've had talks with the Chinese, who frankly laughed in our face because we're so small and insignificant as far as they are concerned we don't even register. These are the realities of trade talks so when Brexiteers say "we can do trade deals around the world" do they really know what they're talking about?
  10. jim mk2

    Lewis Holtby

    So he's in Yorkshire - does that mean he's signing for Burnley?
  11. jim mk2


    "Johnson slumped in his chair as he realises the problem." What is t with these Tories that makes them so slow to understand what the rest of us can, with far less access to information? Like Raab's comment "I didn't know Dover was so important." It also confirms that Johnson is all bluster and show and "doesn't do detail" or inconvenient truths. It;s depressing that anyone would vote for him.
  12. jim mk2


    Austerity was a political decision by the Tories to make poor people (like you and me) pay for the excesses of the rich (the bankers) who caused the 2008 financial crisis. Labour had to bail out the country because the banks were bust. I assume when Gordon Brown was selling gold (on the advice of the Treasury) you were buying it by the tonne. Everyone is clever with hindsight.
  13. jim mk2


    How was the 2016 vote "democratic" when it was badly designed and unfairly won? Referendums in general aren't a good idea. They boil complex decisions down to simplistic binary either/or choices.
  14. jim mk2


    With a 50-50 first past the post that risks another 51-49 split and continuing division? Any second referendum should be 60-40. Failure to achieve a decisive vote either way and Article 50 should be withdrawn.
  15. jim mk2


    Easily done - continue to show the country what it already know that the original vote was flawed and based on deceit and lies into deceiving voters. https://www.indy100.com/article/8-of-the-most-misleading-promises-of-the-vote-leave-campaign-ranked-in-order-of-preposterousness--WyxD59VO3Nb

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