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  1. jim mk2


    The lack of compromise comes from FPTP and the confrontational nature of the Commons with the benches of the 2 main parties facing each other. A modern state would have PR and an assembly in a semi-circle where MPS can debate in a less aggressive style. The refurbishment of the Commons is a complete waste of money - the building should be turned into a museum and parliament moved north The current farce is bound to continue. Just look at the poor quality of the candidates to replace May
  2. jim mk2


    Brexit's been a big eye opener for Europeans. Their long held perception of the UK being a decent, pragmatic, well-run country with a civil service regarded as the best in the world has been exploded by the farce in Westminster. Well, they're finding out what we've known for decades; that Britain has been badly managed by a self-serving political elite whose only interest is to accumulate and protect their vast wealth at the expense of the majority. Theresa May's lamentable performance as PM, in which she sought only to stay in power for the good of the Conservative party, not the country, was typical of the sheer ineptitude that we have had to endure.
  3. jim mk2

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Not sure I said that as I can't recall seeing Gladwin play but I'll take your word for it!
  4. jim mk2

    Premier League Stuff

    Hughton sacked in 2010 and 2014 by Newcastle and Norwich after similar spells in which he revived poorly performing clubs but was unable to sustain it in the Premier League. There's a pattern here. Wouldn't mind seeing him at Rovers but he will be snapped up long before Mowbray gets the bullet at Ewood next season. Congrats to the Brighton chairman for making a tough decision that had to be made for the good of the club. I wish we had similar hard headed management at Ewood.
  5. jim mk2


    Have 2 men done any more damage to this country than Nigel Farage and David Cameron? At times like this I’m moved to remember that this whole catastrophe is down to the strategic genius of Cameron. His willingness to risk the entire country’s future in a quest to unite the shambles masquerading as the Conservative party is without parallel, even by their standards. It’s what happens when a party’s process for selecting a leader is devoted to ensuring they’re from the right caste and their sole qualification is they think they’d be “good at it”. A pox on them all.
  6. jim mk2

    Champions League 2018-2019

    Where is the inference? None at all. Clubs across Europe like Rovers will survive but will be stuck in an underclass from which they can never emerge, excluded from the very top by money, wealth and power of the wealthiest. Rather like living in Tory Britain in fact. Uefa's latest plan to expand the Champions League to 2 divisions and enable the elite clubs to stay in the CL indefinitely will make the inequality worse. Fans can shrug their shoulders and accept it or they can vote with their feet by staying away because the whole exercise of supporting a club that will never have any hope of getting a sniff of the top is pointless. I suspect many will do the latter. I've already voted with my feet - I do not subscribe to any pay per view sport on TV and rarely watch football on TV at all these days.
  7. jim mk2

    Champions League 2018-2019

    With "fans" like this, football and clubs such as Rovers are doomed.
  8. jim mk2


    Lancashire trying to lose a game it seemed impossible not to win. Middlesex from 24-5 to 185-5 chasing 304
  9. jim mk2

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Well, he wouldn't say that would he? But it's not what I stated - and you in your usual fashion tried tried to make something of it.
  10. jim mk2

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    All I said was Mowbray has signalled that Raya is to be the No 1, which I believe is the wrong decision. What Mowbray chose to say or not to say is up to him. As usual, you're making things up.
  11. jim mk2

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    American spelling. British English is defence
  12. jim mk2

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    How does my post below extrapolate to the above? So Mowbray has backed down on resolving the team's biggest problem
  13. jim mk2

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    An intelligent manager wouldn't. But an intelligent manager also wouldn't publicly back a player he intended to replace. It doesn't need much intelligence for you to understand this.
  14. jim mk2

    Champions League 2018-2019

    So I think we're agreed the old European Cup with champions only taking part and knockout football in every round was much better than the over-hyped, over-inflated Champions League

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