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  1. Cricket

    Lost on Duckworth Lewis by 5 runs after rain.
  2. Kean and McPartlin are the same thing for me, knowingly drinking then driving. Just because Kean was stopped by police on the motorway swerving from lane to lane before he hit someone, doesn't make it any better than McPartlin who did cause an accident. Kean made it worse after the event by trying to blame others, from what I can see McPartlin hasn't done that, which is marginally better. The only reason you could feel sorry for someone drink driving would be if they didn' realise they where over the limit e.g the morning after types.
  3. Like the guy, but he should have the book thrown at him, if nothing else but as a deterrent. He's going through issues, but every single time you get in a car, you know you the law, nothing changes that. He's fortunate that he hasn't killed or seriously injured someone. He's got plenty enough money to use taxis.
  4. 6 Nations

    Congrats to Ireland though, superb defensive performance today.
  5. 6 Nations

    The promotion / relegation thing though at least stops the closed shop effect. Yes it may be that some teams swap places regularly, but it helps develop those teams playing regularly against the bigger nations. The bonus point is a problem for me, a yellow card / dodgy referee call can have a massive difference in a game. To balance the home / away thing, why not introduce a 7th place, played via a cup competition for the developing Euro countries.
  6. 6 Nations

    Love the six nations, but does it need spicing up a bit? In my opinion they need to drop the bonus points, it takes away the chances of having last day dramas.id sooner see head to head scores taking precedent above you scoring 3 tries at Murrayfield, and me getting 4 vs them at Twickers. Also how about a top two play-off in a grand final, or having home and away games each season - which can give you years that are easier than others (e.g Wales theoretically could one year play away in Italy and Scotland, the next away in England, France and Ireland)? To develop the game, there should also be a home and away play-off for the 6th position side vs the growing teams in Georgia, Germany, Spain etc...
  7. From my understanding Boris is threatening to not send any dignataries, and still sending the team. Pathetic really, Putin basically able to operate and openly kill people in Britain, and our response is to not send Prince Harry? In answer to Russia and Qatar, well at least Russia have a history of football, but I think both are almost certainly due to corruption.
  8. .

    I actually think a day running around, sledging etc and having fun isn't exactly the biggest problem in the world for the kids wellbeing anyway.
  9. Brexit Thread

    That's why it's worthwhile digging a bit deeper sometimes. I'd agree, (as it's logical) that the further you get away from the present that a forecast is more likely to be inaccurate as there's an ever increasing number of possibilities and decisions taken. However when it comes to Brexit, really it comes down to economic theory - the traditional (gravity) models show Brexit will be bad - brexiteers say it's wrong, but haven't put forward a model themselves. Who would you trust to be more accurate, the ones with scienctific methodology, or those who as far as I can tell are guessing and probably have a bias to their opinion? This is one of the leading critics of the models, showing his math skills (take the 'saving' on butter as an example.)
  10. Brexit Thread

    That's like saying it's 50:50 if Man United played Bamber Bridge under 12s. Yes technically the Briggers COULD win, but it's extremely unlikely. The brexiteers IMO actively don't want a discussion of likelihood, they want (at best) it to be reported as a level likelihood, which it isn't. In many cases they don't want any kind of discussion at all, mainly because they know the pre-referendum promises of the leave campaign was a load of rubbish. That's why Labour's position changed yesterday, they are now essentially saying to Boris, Gove, Davies - go ahead and get the deal you promised the voters and we'll back you, and if you can' we reserve the right to not vote for the deal.
  11. Brexit Thread

    You mean "Project Fear" was entirely accurate?
  12. Brexit Thread

    Strongest growth in the EU? http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/uk-economic-growth-eurozone-q3-2017-third-quarter-gdp-france-eu-brexit-a8028891.html The Fdi figures are heavily skewed by 2 major deals, accounting for nearly 3/4 of the figure, but the net figure was pretty neutral, showing that without those two deals, that Fdi was decreasing. It's like you are sat there looking for skewed news. 😉
  13. Brexit Thread

    This is one of the problems we have with the perception of the EU in this country. Good idea, promoted as a government led project (see credit card charges), bad idea - blame EU.
  14. Brexit Thread

    Yes, they all want completely different things. Theresa seems to want different things at different times.
  15. Brexit Thread

    Staggeringly the pro-Tory BBC, has failed to mention ANY of this.