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  1. ECB release list of players unavailable for county sides for the rest of the season: Some counties seemingly far more affected than others.
  2. The Express is currently running a poll asking if people think the EU flag should be banned from future Proms concerts.
  3. All you need to know about Chaddy is that when he watches Star Wars he backs the Empire. 😁 Pleased wekept hold of our better players, baffled everyone thinks our kids are worldies, think the last day incomings where a bad sign, but the lack of outgoings was good.
  4. Jobless and economically crippled due to the actions of a generation of people made rich through the European project?
  5. Can't be bothered reading back several pages, but we'd be stupid to let Graham go, we've got a kid from Reading who's got no regular scoring record and a kid who's in the u23s. Pure madness. Are people really suggesting that we'd be happy to let thim go? Are we after promotion or relegation again?
  7. Theresa May in Japan trying to start talks for a post Brexit trade deal. Given that she has today ruled out staying in the single market, because no one else has that deal (well except Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein - also what happened to stay positive / nothings off the table yet?) - however, is it also wise to be saying these things when the biggest Japanese investors in the UK - Nissan- have said that access to the single market is a major driving force for future investment?
  8. Is there a loan window after the transfer window in this league?
  9. German supermarket makes point about intolerance of immigration by clearing shelves of non German produce for one day.
  10. They all threw their toys out of the pram and set up or something similar. There's one or two still lurking in the murky depths, as Al keeps liking your posts, and we are more often than not their chosen topic of conversation.
  11. Back to immigration. It now seems that the immigration figures we have seen over the last few years have been heavily overstated Reduced immigration a big problem for UK business And who would have thought it, but the right wing media where wrong about traingate.
  12. Not worth the effort Paul. When you ask for facts or evidence to back up any points you get petty nonsense.
  13. Well Antonsson can't play up front on his own, and was only marginally less anonymous with Samuel. Too many long hoofs, too many passengers, too little quality. Chapman showed glimpses, and we kept it to 2, that's the only positives.
  14. To be fair Kalinic was awful for us, I'm glad it's worked out for him, but I still think he isn't suited for British football.
  15. A comment piece by 'The conservative woman', I think it loses credibility when she talks up the devaluation of sterling as being 'much-needed'. The comparison with Singapore, one of the biggest tax havens, is also interesting - I'm pretty certain the British public don't want even more savage cuts to public services, that's what becoming this tax haven off the coast of the EU would mean.