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  1. Second controlled explosion to take place in the area.
  2. Doctor at MRI treating patients with injuries consistent with a nail bomb.
  3. 19 confirmed dead 50 injured. GMP treating incident as terrorist for time being.
  4. Reports of 2 explosions at Manchester Arena after Arianna Grande concert. Hope everyone is OK.
  5. Talking about giving it a rest. Stop stating things as fact, that are either your opinion, or that of a right wing media. You can have whatever opinion you like, but its infuriating to continually correct you.
  6. Barrow is like a different world if that helps people's travel ambitions?
  7. Some nurses are happy and some are not? Are you trying to justify that as a 50:50 split? Most have had a pay freeze for 7 years. Would you be happy with that? Thatcher introduced privatisationin in the NHS with the creation of the 'internal market'. A long time before Blair. John Major expanded it further with the 'citizens charter', again before Blair.
  8. It's only 2 years since Cameron, Osborne and Duncan Smith said that means testing winter fuel payments would cost more than just giving it to everyone.
  9. Health AND social care funding has gone down under the Tory government. The two are totally interdependent. Those bed blockers in hospital are because the social care funding has dropped so low that care homes have gone under, and local councils have massive budget deficits trying to do what they can. It's clear and factual information, not some right wing paper headlines. My local A&E was closed for months and is now part time because the hospital didn't have enough money to run the service. Waiting lists across the NHS are up. These arent small problems, this is people's lives. And for what? Another 10 years of austerity, where the wealth of our richest people has quadrupled, whilst the rest of us stagnate? Corporation tax cuts, when we are pretty much there bar being a tax haven, who's benefitting from that, when wages are stagnating? You also want to have a look at the cuts this government has made to disabled people's income - it's outrageous.
  10. Just for reference, here is the actual interview, where he condemns the IRA.
  11. If anyone enjoys spending the Torys money, Google dementia tax and click the paid advert. I'm reckoning 30-50p a click.
  12. So you haven't even bothered to read the Conservative manifesto on those key areas, let alone compare them to the other parties? The Tories are cutting the money put into health and social care, and have done consistently. The money in education is to fund their continuing drive to bring back Grammar schools, free schools, scrapping GCSEs to bring in baccalaureates, or whatever is the latest top down restructuring trend of the month. And what exactly 'does strong on Brexit' mean? I'd only agree that they are going to marginally increase spending on defence.
  13. Which of their individual manifesto policies do you think are better than Labours?