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  1. Brexit Thread

    I don't see why we need to wait 5 years - if we do, we would lose the rebates etc we currently have. Once the government has negotiated it's best possible deal, then the public should be able to say yes or no at that point. At the moment it's a bit like buying something without reading the terms and conditions- the salesman has told you lots of nice things, your now about to pay, but the price he quoted isnt quite what you where told. Some will question it buy it no matter what the price is, some will ask a question but go-ahead, and some will say no. The reason the NHS coalition is being mentioned is because the Tories are traditionally seen as weak on the NHS so they want to nullify Labours lead on that matter. Can you see the Tories mentioning such things about the economy?
  2. So I believe Carillions creditors (big banks) have refused to bail Carillion out, unless the government underwriter the debt. So, if privatisation works we'll have the profits, but if it doesn't, then please Mr UK tax payer - help us out. Call me silly, but if there is any nous, surely the UK government buys Carillions assets (hospitals etc) at a knock down price, which gives the UK tax payer value, allows Carillion to continue and have enough cash to pay it's creditors (Banks)?
  3. Brexit Thread

    Just a few days after taking credit for the EU directive on plastic carrier bags.
  4. I agree with most of this. I too work for a company who supplies local government. One change that should happen is that companies performance in previous contracts should be taken into account, both in terms of the quality score in tendering, and also they should be made to pay back any bail-out they have received on other contracts I.e. if Virgin Rail get a bail-out on the east cost contract - they should have to repay that before being allowed to bid on the west coast contract.
  5. Cricket

    The guy he punched was a soldier too.
  6. I see Carillion is in big trouble, massive company who specialise in big government building and outsourcing projects (new hospitals, roads, jails etc). If it goes under it could cause utter chaos in the public sector. The biggest problem? Over £500m of pension funds missing from their scheme. Guess who has gotten rich (Yes a personal friend of Cameron), and who will end up paying the pension money?
  7. Cricket

    We should have taken him anyway, theres no way he wouldnt have travelled if he was an Aussie.
  8. Cricket

    Yes we had quickies in as well, but the main bowlers where Anderson and Swann, and Tremlett was dropped as he was expensive - despite taking wickets. Against NZ, I'd say try some new blood. We desperately need a first change bowler who can come in, not leak runs, and pick up wickets. If the selectors think that's Curran, then give him the series. Batsmen, honestly don't know, but give them a few innings to prove themselves. NZ are a decent test side, but nothing really to fear as far as I can see, so its a definite opportunity to bring in players now. I'd look at possibly resting Jimmy if / once the series is won, on the basis of giving opportunity to others.
  9. Cricket

    When we won in 2011 in Australia, our squad included the likes of Bresnan, and our leading wicket takers where Anderson and Swann.
  10. Cricket

    Hearing Joe Root hospitalised with dehydration.
  11. Cricket

    I think it's too naive to think it's down to lack of pace. Yes it's a factor, but its far from everything. I'd say it's as much to do with attitude too. I saw Steve Smith get dismissed in the first innings, on a series average of well over a hundred, and he was gutted, really mad with himself. I don't see that from England. I remember England in difficulty being able to give the ball to Flintoff, and no matter where, on what pitch etc he just did everything he could to get that man out, there's no one able to do that. Most of our batsmen look terrified of the same flat wickets the Aussies are struggling to get out on. Allowing the Aussies to go along at over 5 an over when Jimmy is down one end on less than 3 an over demonstrates all this too. There's no shame in losing to Australia, but there's shame in not competing. Regarding selection, IF the selectors think a player is good enough, then they need to be given their head, and backed for a test series. This constant revolving door of batsmen and bowlers isn't fair on them, there' a few in the list above who I think are plenty good enough if backed, but 2 or 3 matches aren' enough to prove anything in my opinion.
  12. Brexit Thread

    So he doesn't want to pay landowners subsidies for the agricultural land they own, but will continue to pay them if they convert it to meadows / woodland? Is my understanding right? So the landowners get subsidies anyway? Why not offer subsidies to farms under a certain size, or who are organic, run as not for profit etc?
  13. Wouldn't want Gally back. Wasn't even outstanding for PNE in this league a few years ago. Pace on the wings is a priority for me. Lenihan back will be like a new signing for me, and increases cover in midfield and defence.
  14. Cricket

    In fact, the WACA is being replaced by the brand new Optus stadium, funded by the government as a multi-use stadium with an increased capacity of 55k for cricket and more for other sports https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perth_Stadium
  15. Cricket

    The ECG give out test matches on a bidding basis though, so there's nothing Old Trafford can do, they either stump up the money and have to pass it on to fans, or have no test matches. I don' know if this is followed in other countries like Aus, as the venues for test matches doesn't seem to change like it does here - I.e. Durham, Cardiff etc. Lancs have probably made the right decision in trying to maximise non-test match revenues, to support this process at present, but it's a shame if the growth of the game is set only by money.