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  1. Baz

    Brexit Thread

    It doesn't make it untrue, just because it doesn't fit your hypothesis. The economy has been growing much slower than the rest of the g7, and all bar 1 country in the EU. The cost of that lack of growth is £40bn to date, and as these things have on going year on year impact who knows what the end bill will be. Add that to the £39bn we have agreed to pay on exit. That's a colossal amount of money, for exactly what benefit? If the polls are showing now that the majority is for remain, then there should be a first vote on those facts. Did you watch the video I posted? Anyone who watches that and says WTO rules are what we want, in my opinion is deluded.
  2. Baz

    Loan Window

    Linked means nothing though. It was a story the day after he played very well vs Arsenal, playing vs Mertersacker (one of the slowest players around). It wasn't mentioned again. I'm not knocking the kid, but there's no evidence that Liverpool really where interested. Personally for 6m I think we could look at more proven options.
  3. Baz

    Brexit Thread

    Ok, lets start on facts: The economy has been performing worse than the BoE pre Brexit forecast. Yes we didn't get the recession, but we have seen sustained lower growth, worth now 2% of GDP or £40bn.
  4. Baz

    Brexit Thread

    If this whole Brexit process had been done a different way, inclusively, with investment, with a coherent plan, cross-party etc, then maybe. However you could say that vote leave broke the electoral law, so do you validate the undermining of our democracy by allowing the result to stand? That's a big step towards fascism. Allowing the result to stand under those circumstances could equally cause civil unrest. To me, the only way to move forward, is to wait until the government has an agreement, and for everyone to have a first vote based on that factual position, rather than the promises made before the referendum. If the latest polls are correct, then there is a majority now for remain because people are more aware of the consequences.
  5. Bet you she voted leave in the referendum.
  6. Baz

    Loan Window

    Bolton announce Adam Le Fondre is leaving during their game... Anyone take him?
  7. Baz


    I agree with Gav, the definition and the video are pretty conclusive. So he's got away with it. Hopefully he won't so so stupid to be out drinking after games again. If the ECB has any sense they'll give him a small fine, and tell him he has to complete a couple of hundred hours working / coaching with kids.
  8. Baz

    Brexit Thread

    We'll see, once the government release their leaflets on the impact of no deal, I think there will be a further big swing to remain. I'd suggest this video being worthwhile viewing for those wondering on the impact.
  9. Baz

    Skygo App

    Have you tried using another router / using the virgin one for wired connects and another for wireless? What tablet do you have, and what version of iOS/ android is it using?
  10. Baz

    Skygo App

  11. Baz

    Thursday deadline.

    Kirchoff may be worth a look, he's the strong defensive sitter. Can also play centre half if needed. Not mobile, not going to get forward (bar set pieces), but tall, experienced and strong. Only 27 too.
  12. Baz


    Got out of jail there, Yorkshire completely imploded, got probably 50 runs less than they should have.
  13. Baz


    Dreadful performance again happening now, live on sky. No invention or quality in the bowling, they honestly look like they are tossing it up and hoping for a error, rather than a plan.
  14. Baz

    Transfer Window - Success or Failure

    Failure to bring in proven players at this level could really cost us. Dangerously under-resourced at GK, CH and C.F. A couple of injuries and we will be incapable of keeping clean sheets, and scoring will be an issue. Hope it's addressed quickly in the loan market.
  15. Baz

    Thursday deadline.

    If that happens and an injury to Danny Graham, then we'll be in the relegation zone at Christmas, that's my prediction. Just need to go and get a player in quickly.

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