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  1. Annual Season Ticket Poll - 2017/18. Are you getting one?

    Still undecided. Although there are some "green shoots," the owners record suggests we are still in a "smoke & mirrors" environment. Marketing Dept efforts inviting me to buy season ticket before 1st July include a mail drop by post to home address and text message are a step forward but I will give BRFC that same 14 days to convince me that my financial and emotional commitment will be reciprocated by the Club
  2. Annual Season Ticket Poll - 2017/18. Are you getting one?

    The first reports from Tony Mowbray upon his return from Pune will define whether there is a future for this Club that is worth supporting short-term for long-term gain. TM strikes me as a down to earth honest football man unlikely to be taken in by anything other than transparent guarantee and unlikely to compromise his reputation by pandering to dubious or false promise. We'll know the score well before 2nd June season ticket Early Bird deadline #1.
  3. Rovers Cult Heroes

    Barrie Hole was first real standout hero. Tony Field was the next generation hero for me.
  4. Time for "Fab Four"?

    Not a Beatles revival but if there was a last 4 game mini season ticket how many waverers (such as me) could be induced to give qualified support to the avoiding relegation effort of TM and players without committing to long term Venky support. Not seen or heard any figures on take-up of the Big 6 offer that almost got me over the line.
  5. Season Ticket Prices 2016/17

    The David Raya contract extension announced today is a start!! If there's positive communication about other out of contract players before Saturday then I will guardedly take the view that it is a demonstration of some commitment by the Club that merits my parallel commitment as above. If Mahoney could be enticed into extending I think it would seal the deal.
  6. Season Ticket Prices 2016/17

    I will understand that my views will not coincide with everyone. Bear with me: there may be many in my position. I have been long term supporter/mostly a season ticket holder since 1962 but boycotting under SK until his departure, sucked into returning for the Lambert "false dawn", and joining the non-attending NAPM faction upon the Coyle appointment. The income likely to be derived from this initiative would be a drop in the ocean when set against wage output so I see it as a genuine attempt by the new administrative regime to re-engage with the boycotting "waverers". I miss the anticipation and buzz of match-day experience with my son friends and acquaintances tremendously. If this was linked with an announcement of contract extensions for Mahoney, Guthrie, Lowe etc I think I could be lulled into a parallel short term commitment to get to a few games to see how it goes and make a longer term decision in the close season.
  7. Worst Away Day?

    Selhurst Park was easily the worst fan experience I can recall. From the moment Howard Gayle missed the penalty in the first leg I had a glass half full feeling about the final outcome. My formative away days that included Sheffield Utd 5 Rovers 0 in March 1971 and Shrewsbury 7 Rovers1 in April 73 could not douse my fervour that regrettably has been replaced by support now only for the "not a penny more" brigade.
  8. "walk With Birdy" - 18/75 Protest - Wolves Sky Game

    In the light of this quote attributed to Mike Cheston reported in the LT.... "Blackburn Rovers director Mike Cheston said: “We respect the fans’ right to protest and we will, as we always have, facilitate a peaceful protest." " ...I would be shocked and dismayed if the turnstiles were locked down to prevent entry provided1875 access to the stadium is conducted in a peaceful, orderly and safe manner. Facilitation in my mind implies more than passive allowance of an event but positive action to enable the event. We'll see what they have in mind!!
  9. Next Manager

    Lest we forget!! A cautionary note!! BRFC IS EMBARGOED!! No transfers in for fees. No freebies with wages in excess of £10K. No loans with fees. I don't want to rain on the parade of excitement exhibited here but don't our MVPs have to be sold to get us out of embargo and then for how long if the next regime is allowed to expansively recruit beyond the FFP limits. It's not an exactly attractive proposition for a big hitter. The Q & A on the new manager's first press conference will be interesting.
  10. Season tickets again!

    "It's the hope that kills you" is an often used expression by football followers. It is my hope, but not a truly held expectation, because of "recent form" & lack of detailed communication from the Venky spin machine that this is just an hors d'oeuvres. It is my further hope that the Club could just have finally recognised the continuing, questioning, drift away of the blind and loyal support of many fans and in signing up Raya for the future and freezing ST prices have implemented two very important and acceptable strategic decisions BUT unless these are married up with a significant open explanation about the last four years and an announcement of long term strategy that carries and enthuses the supporters with it they will be seen as mere gestures designed to condition people into hoping but not expecting progression on and off the field. Now is the time for the owners to grasp the nettle and serve up the main course. Until the Club is refashioned into a single spirit philosophy that all the stakeholders can buy in to the disparate forces will continue to militate against any prospect of unity of purpose.
  11. Forest

    The present trend towards midfield inertia, the seeming defiance of the participants to propel themselves beyond the halfway line is in stark contrast to the most exciting pulsating dynamic midfield display that I have witnessed this season that being the first 25 minutes of the 20th December match at home to Charlton. For those 25 minutes the midfield diamond employed consisted of Lowe Evans Marshall and Tunnicliffe. The flexibility, movement of the players, the control of the ball and pattern of play, the skill. speed and accuracy of passing and the support for the front two, Rhodes and Gestede, was superior to anything else displayed this season even allowing for the notional lack of width and crosses into the box, that was/were to be supplied by overlapping fullbacks. The unexpected system employed took Charlton by surprise and they couldn't cope until they were 2-0 down at which stage they brought on an additional midfielder who closed the spaces that had brought the success of the early part of the game. Lowe was soon re-injured and out for the season and Tunnicliffe returned to Fulham. I feel sure that Bowyer would have refined and developed that midfield system with success if the personnel had remained available but it wasn't to be and the system has not been replicated quite in the same way since although midfield has been exceptionally narrow at times with wingers (and Cairney) on the "wrong side" cutting in and Chris Taylor drifting inside to central midfield on his rare excursions. . Whilst the FA Cup run did set the pulse racing it is such a shame that my Championship highlights are confined to such a short extract from the one match when we truly did give it a right good go and pulverised the opposition from the start!!
  12. Bolton v Rovers

    There was nothing hilarious about anything that happened on the pitch at the Reebok but I thought I'd share this amusing moment now that the 3x Bs (Bolton Burnley and Bournemouth) are out of my immediate conciousness. Three somewhat inebriated but well behaved lads returned to their seats about 4 minutes after halftime to lauch into a rendition of "We're gonna win 3-2, we're gonna win 3-2 etc" to the incredulity of those gathered nearby.They proved to be glass half-full types as they seamlessly relaunched the same tune "we're gonna win 4-3..." when told of Spearing's howitzer that they had missed that made the score 3-0 !!.
  13. Manchester City v Rovers Third Round Replay

    Stranded in Manchester..........here's hoping. Anyone with a return rail ticket to Blackburn who stays for the 90 plus 30 plus pens plus celebrations wont make those last trains to Blackburn.
  14. Rovers £54.5m in debt.

    Hope plans are well advanced to find the £9.6m to pay deferred transfer fees over next 12 months!!
  15. Rovers Trust

    Looks like one of many major stumbling blocks to financial survival will be the calls of other clubs within the next 12 months for the settlement of £9.6m "never never" transfer fees......