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  1. roversfan99

    Premier League Stuff

    To be fair, I think Jota was in poor form and was struggling to keep his place at Wolves. They have Podence who seems to really be settling after signing in January, and Neto who is a good young player who seems to be establishing himself. Plus they have now signed 2 right wing backs, Hoever from Liverpool and Semedo from Barcelona who will allow Traore to play further forward again. Saying that, they lost 4 nil to West Ham at the weekend.
  2. roversfan99

    Premier League Stuff

    I think the implication though is doing anything other than making a decision off one look at an incident is "bottling" any responsibility.
  3. roversfan99

    Premier League Stuff

    I find it strange that your main issue seems to be that it is making it too easy for referees, rather than taking the positive that it is good for decision making to get a few looks at a potentially crucial decision. One thing you cant really do is constantly complain about poor refereeing decisions. As far as I am concerned, I accept that some decisions would be wrong should VAR be removed, which I am willing to accept. You either dismiss VAR and accept that referees will make mistakes, or embrace VAR and accept that it will take a bit of time for referees to come to a decision. You cant have your cake and eat it.
  4. roversfan99

    Summer Transfer Window

    As if he wouldnt walk into our team either.
  5. roversfan99

    iFollow Thread

    The commentary wasnt in sync for me on Saturday so I changed to the Derby audio which had no commentary.
  6. roversfan99

    Premier League Stuff

    There is no harm in having further looks at it over such an important decision. Ultimately if you believe that the decision was incorrect, which for me is unclear due to the confusing handball rule, then it is incompetence on the referees part for making the wrong decision in spite of the evidence, nothing to do with VAR although that is always the easy scapegoat.
  7. roversfan99

    Premier League Stuff

    Your theory doesnt have any logic. All VAR did was provided him with a further few views at the incident. He then still made the final decision himself. If it was right, ie if you felt that his arm was in an unnatural position, then blame the new law. If you felt that under the current law, that the small distance meant that the decision was the wrong one, blame the referee. He relied on VAR for further views, not to make the decision for him. You cant look past your hatred of VAR to the point that you are not applying logic. I am not even a fan of VAR but I dont blame it for things to which it isnt responsible.
  8. roversfan99

    Summer Transfer Window

    We dont need a centre back. (Just always wanted to say that)
  9. roversfan99

    Premier League Stuff

    The on field referee still maintained his authority, he just had the additional help of watching the incident numerous times. The fact that there was even a possibility of that actually being a handball was a flaw in the new rule. To be honest it isnt fully clear because the handball was from such a short distance, although Diers arm was high up and in an unnatural position, but if the decision was wrongly given even in spite of additional evidence then the blame falls at the individual referee.
  10. roversfan99

    Academy & U21s

    Ultimately tonight was only a fitness exercise for Ayala, his quality is undoubted and playing against kids wouldnt have taught Mowbray anything. Ultimately his only real barrier at the moment is 2 clean sheets and 2 wins meaning that Williams and Lenihan have the shirts at the moment.
  11. roversfan99

    Let's Talk Tyrhys Dolan

    He could never stay fit either.
  12. roversfan99

    Academy & U21s

    Dont tend to watch the under 23s but stuck the first half on once it became clear that Fulham Villa was over and having seen the team. Rovers primary attacking threat was Chapman, when he came in loan he was a bag of energy and pace, he definitely has lost a bit of pace but there is some substance to him and quality. Burns and Mols wouldnt really scare you as a defender. Buckley not as influential as youd want IMO. Hard to judge Ayala in a game like this because his worth comes in proper games facing proper men, but hes very vocal and looks like a senior pro playing with kids who just knows where to be and invariably is in the right place.
  13. roversfan99

    Cardiff (H) - Saturday 3rd October 2020

    To be fair with Joao, he is the type of player who scores a couple of goals and does nothing for a couple of months. Unreliable.
  14. roversfan99

    Academy & U21s

    True, I just think it easier to give attacking players cameos, rarely do you see a centre back coming on for 20 minutes unless its in addition to the defenders already to hold onto a league. The 2 week gap might come at a good time in terms of arranging a friendly or two to get minutes into Ayala, Gallagher, and maybe a few on the fringes like Davenport, Buckley, Chapman etc.
  15. roversfan99

    Summer Transfer Window

    Rhodes had his most prolific season playing in his first season in a 4-4-1-1, with either Gomes, Kazim Richards, Dunn and Rochina playing as number 10s, and then towards the end of that season, in a 4-3-3/4-5-1. He got 28 league goals. He consistently scored goals for us regardless of the style played (including when we went direct to suit Gestede) the formation played or the players around him.

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