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  1. roversfan99

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    As opposed to Gallagher, Brereton, Armstrong and Samuel, all reknown for holding the ball up! You are right, hes not Mowbrays type of striker as he scores goals.
  2. Hope not. Buckley nowhere near ready. Holtby has to start there.
  3. In many ways it is an acid test. If we come away with nothing and theres a general acceptance that it was a tough game etc then coupled with the fact that we will probably be back in the bottom half, it might indicate that genuine talk of competing for the top 6 is fanciful. If we do go there and win which is not the impossible job it is being painted as, or even at a push drew, we are competing directly with these teams so it might show us in a new light.
  4. I disagree, we need to get out of the habit that games against top half teams and games away from home are acceptable to lose. I am not saying we wont ever lose, of course we will, but theres no reason to be content with a defeat "provided that it was tight." Last season, Mowbray at times used the fact that we were newly promoted to dampen expectations. This year, 15m+ down since, with no major sales and competitive wages allowing us to bring the likes of Gallagher, Holtby, Downing and Johnson, Mowbray has been consistent in claiming that we are pushing for a top 6 place this season. Last season we maybe would view a game away to a top 6 side as a free hit. Now, if we are serious about our ambitions, we should see tomorrow as a winnable game which would drag us right into the top 6 mix, with our best side available, especially in our current form. Lose, however narrow, and its a bigger gap to the top 6, and us potentially stumbling right into mid table.
  5. roversfan99

    Rovers Player of the Decade?

    Has to be Rhodes. 3 full seasons of at least 20 goals, then ten in the last half season. Incredible consistency.
  6. roversfan99

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    I know Waltons bad chaddy but still!
  7. Both were subbed off so hopefully will be able to start as both have been key recently. With 9 days until the next game, ask them for one more push.
  8. I hope for just one change, Holtby for Dack. Id potentially accept a point but we shouldnt go there with fear. A loss would in no way be understandable or acceptable, it would be dissapointing. I feel like at this stage we have somewhat of an inferiority complex about playing the teams towards the top of this league, and also play with very little expectation away from home. Both mindsets need to be eradicated if we are to seriously challenge where Mowbray says he wants to.
  9. Ultimately if you want to and have genuine ambitions of being a top 6 side you cant adopt an inferiority complex against fellow top 6 rivals. We should be going down there expecting to bring something back, not treating things as a bonus. (Thats not aimed at you btw just a general observation)
  10. roversfan99

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    I dont agree that Rhodes was at his best with Gestede or in a 442 at all. He scored goals continiously regardless of his team mates here but he actually scored most goals in his first season when he was usually played with a number 10 behind him, whether it was Kazim Richards, Dunn, Rochina, Gomes, whoever. I dont think Holtby would be best in that midfield 2, he was really ineffective v Leeds and Barnsley there and couldnt influence the game from deep. For me once Dack goes, Holtby has to be the main to take on that mantle I dont think him and Gallagher would be a good partnership either and am not sure with Rhodes lacking confidence initially where the goals would come from with Gallagher rarely troubling the score sheet either. We cant afford to let Dack go mid season, 100%. I think Rhodes' confidence has sapped from being a regular here to being seemingly not wanted at Boro, in and out in the Championship, totally ignored in the Premier League and has seemingly never settled since. Im not sure if it will ever be recovered but I hope it is as he was a superb Championship striker here, as good as there was around.
  11. Hidden away at left back I forgot all about Downing, fair point.
  12. A result ideally a win could show that we are competitive with top 6 teams, something I personally dont think we are but we need to be if we are genuine about our top 6 ambitions.
  13. roversfan99

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    Rudd is shocking.
  14. I dont understand how you can make such an outlandish comment that Rothwell is our best technical player I am a fan of Rothwell and I think I would start him tomorrow, more due to the balance he can give us and the lack of alternatives, but quite simply he has not taken his chance with both hands in these 5 successive starts, he has been rather ineffective. Dack is our best technical player undoubtedly, not only are some of his little turns, pirouettes, nutmegs, spinning out of tiny little spaces crowded by 2 and 3 men in a way I cant remember a Rovers player doing for some time great to watch, but theres an end product with him. Either plenty of goals or a penetrative pass, for example the one that led to Holtbys goal v Huddersfield, the one that led to Armstrongs goal v Forest or the one in the build up to Gallaghers goal at Stoke. I would also suggest that Holtby is better technically than Rothwell. Rothwell is a bit of an enigma. I dont think he has started enough games in a Rovers shirt and has been unfairly treated perhaps at times compared to some alternatives who seem to be more favoured by the manager. I love watching Rothwell but I am still unconvinced that he can score and assist goals with any regularity and he needs to start doing that, I have been really dissapointwd by him in this run of games he has been given.
  15. I dont get how you can justify playing Brereton over Holtby. Graham has to start too. Williams is out injured.

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