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  1. Don't feel like hes got the energy for the wing, should be given a chance in the centre the next time one of Evans and Smallwood are unavailable. I expected Chapman wide.
  2. Again, no one came out of that game with any credit.
  3. Really don't understand why people are writing off Whittingham. Most exciting of our summer signings, he played at Southend in which every single player played poorly, including Smallwood, Samuel, Bennett, Dack, Graham etc Then he played an hour on the right wing in a ridicilious formation, and hasn't been seen since due to the form of Evans and Smallwood. He will be needed again, yet for no reason really he has been painted as a Danny Murphy like figure.
  4. For weeks? Hes only been there "weeks."
  5. Ward and Caddis deserve alot of credit, 3rd solid performance in a row after a shocker and plenty of criticism in the stupid formation v Doncaster. Good to see Antonsson score but I would have 2 of Samuel, Graham and Dack ahead of him, all offer alot more.
  6. Sven wasted our player of a generation by playing Scholes on the left wing.
  7. Did he? "Under Southgate England qualified for the finals of the European Under-21 Championship in 2015, where they were knocked out in the group stages, finishing last in their group." It may well be to an extent, but why do we still get over 65k fans going? England fans will always care, but no one has faith in the manager. Does that mean you are saying no one cares so does it matter even if the managers a failure?
  8. Nothing to do with an arrogant attitude. I am well aware that there are teams that are better than us. Southgate has done nothing as a manager, hes in the job through brown nosing like Kean did, what has he done in his career to make you want him as England manager. A good manager could organise us,then allow Alli, Kane and Rashford to hurt teams. The English public has no faith in Southgate and understandably so.
  9. We will do nothing under Southgate, the proven managerial failure.
  10. Always look vulnerable, even a manager like Dyche could get us organised and then Kane, Rashford and Alli can hurt teams at the world cup.
  11. Southgates an embarrassment. Needs sacking.
  12. Raya Caddis Ward Mulgrew Williams Bennett Smallwood Evans Chapman Dack Samuel Subs: Leutweiler, Hart, Wharton, Graham, Whittingham, Nuttall, Conway Graham if Dack isn't fit. Anything less than a win is a failure.
  13. As much as I'll judge him on here, and when hes playing for us obviously support him, as will everyone else, surely its a bit of a worry that a centre back that was 4th choice at MK Dons, and a player who seemingly played poorly all last season, leading to their supporters being delighted that hes left, is potentially going to replace one of our key players for half a season in which we are expecting automatic promotion?
  14. Not everything has to be a positive. Just as people have repeatedly said that Samuel, Dack and Smallwood are very good signings, and that it is good that Mulgrew, Bennett etc are staying. They are also allowed to question why with one defender injured since the start of the season, we will spend a considerable period of the season with one quality but injury prone centre back, and the choice of an injured kid, a very slow and often error prone Ward and a defender who was 4th choice at MK Dons who we put 4 past last week, and whom their fans thought it was hilarious that they had got rid of them, especially to us.
  15. Massive blow. Good job Elliott Ward has massively improved v MK Dons and Bradford as hes going to have to hold the fort alongside Mulgrew. Ideally we will play Wharton alongside Mulgrew but we seem adverse to that and to be honest, 2 left footed centre backs rarely work.