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  1. roversfan99

    Best Championship 11

    Raya Nyambe Lenihan Hanley Marcus Olsson Marshall Travis Cairney Conway Gestede Rhodes Dack and Graham both just miss out to Gestede. Raya very lucky to get in, no credible contenders here, Travis lucky to get in after such a short timespan purely down again to lack of credible alternatives. Marcus Olsson, Nyambe and maybe Marshall also fairly lucky and Duffy or Lenihan is a tough one. No point making silly imbalanced teams with Dack in central midfield etc.
  2. You can blame him for changing his mind if you think Jansen was unfortunate not to go to the World Cup. To attach any extended blame for what happened in Rome would be incredibly unfair.
  3. I think its a little harsh to suggest that Eriksson shafted us on that occasion. You cant blame him for what happened.
  4. roversfan99

    Worst Rovers 11

    Id say he was the worst of the lot in central midfield. Stealing a living and certainly did nothing to protect the defence.
  5. roversfan99


    No one has suggested that he went against the advice of 7 day isolation. People were just questioning whether it was using his common sense attending a non urgent appointment at the hospital only a couple of days after that 7 days or whether it was an unnecessary risk. Obviously his flippant attitude in general perhaps doesnt help him.
  6. roversfan99

    Worst Rovers 11

    Brereton is very lucky to avoid a mention.
  7. roversfan99


    Your appointment wasnt unnecessary but I said the risk regarding having the appointment so soon after having coronavirus was unnecessary. Ultimately, there is always going to be a grey area and an element of best judgement.You have ultimately followed the 7 day rule but it would be common sense not to go up to the hospital a couple of days after that The 7 day thing is not set in stone, 7 days and you are totally not contagious, they have to give a recommended guideline about a virus they are still catching up on in terms of research, and indeed there are suggestions that you can still be contagious in that second week. One thing that you cannot seem to grasp is that people are not only potentially spreading the virus when showing symptoms. Regarding the football, the initial decision to continue as normal on the Thursday was absolutely ridiculous and met with derision. It was eventually stopped for the wrong reason, ie the potential of thousands of fans spreading it like wildfire.
  8. roversfan99


    You are too obsessed with symptoms and seem to think that you can only spread it when you have symptoms. This is not the case. Your views on the football totally missed the point IMO. The danger was in having thousands of fans in an enclosed space, nothing to do with one manager or one or two players displaying symptoms. Your parent seemingly have had a lucky escape, you not so much unfortunately. I stand by my comments that attending your non urgent appointment was a totally unnecessary risk to take in the cirumstances.
  9. roversfan99


    You are a little too focused on symptoms. People can spread the virus without showing symptoms. You could have certainly spread the virus prior to developing symptoms. In regards to todays appointment, I just personally think that considering that you had coronavirus within the last 2 weeks and the fact that the appointment was non essential, common sense would have ensured that even if the risk was small, it wasnt one worth taking. Considering some things you have said and done since the outbreak, flippantly going to a packed event, describing the postponement of the football as an overreaction, defending your parents going on a pub crawl etc I am not overly surprised. Are doctors and nurses going in with symptoms? And the hospital would be the worst possible place for it to spread.
  10. roversfan99


    Out of interest @chaddyrovers did anyone ask you prior to attending or even at your appointment regarding symptoms? Would share the opinion that it was a wreckless and unnecessary risk for such an appointment. I suppose you can argue that you have followed the guidelines as a strict policy but with a bit of common sense regarding a virus that scientists are very much still coming to terms with, going up for a non essential appointment could well have spread it further.
  11. roversfan99


    The problem with this post is that "most people are self isolating" and that the"majority of nurses and doctors are wearing face masks." Ultimately, most, majority and best they can will not be enough to stop this incredibly contagious virus from spreading like wildfire. Im surprised that you are allowed to go up to visit at the hospital. I suppose it would be incredibly ruthless and perhaps not logisitically possible to stop other patients from receiving visitors. But even taking yourself into account, you recently had coronavirus and would I be right in saying that whilst you are past day 7, it was only a few days ago that you had passed that mark (ie it is probably less than 14 days) and indeed considering the virus is a new phenomenon to scientists and research is limited, could there not be a slim chance that you are still contagious? Ultimately I just hope that there is a stricter clampdown on people flouting the rules because the minority can make life terrible for the majority. Glad to see that fines are becoming commonplace and just hope they are enough of a deterrent.
  12. roversfan99


    Is he sure he didnt contract it from a foreign delivery driver?
  13. roversfan99

    Rovers best ever Premier League 11

    Berg and Lucas Neill (if you dropped the loyal and overall fairly average Emerton) are alternative choices at right back. Givet could go at left back or alternatively Bjornebye. Samba an alternative at centre back and of course McCarthy and Santa Cruz amongst the alternatives up front. Midfield is more tricky. Gillespie could be a shout for the right wing. Nzonzi has been mentioned but whilst his first season was decent under Allardyce, overall I found him underwhelming and in his last season, in an admittedly difficult time, some of his "performances" were bordering on unforgivable, I particularly remember one at Swansea away where youd struggle to find a better example of a player that couldnt be arsed. Obviously has talent hence his CV but certainly not a favourite of mine.
  14. roversfan99


    I dont think you understand hindsight because as I keep saying, people said before you went and before you contracted coronavirus that it was unwise to attend.
  15. roversfan99


    You keep saying "hindsight is a wonderful thing" but many people said at the time and well before you contracted coronavirus that it was foolish to attend the Cheltenham event. You was insistent that you was in the right but you have most likely contracted the virus and potentially and most likely further spread the virus to others as a result of your decision to go unfortunately. People were critical of you but also of the government and what was perceived to be a rather lax approach towards preventing and slowing the spread of it at the time, it is not only with hindsight that people have pointed that out. To be fair, now Boris Johnson has been far more firm with his policies and advice, the British public still disregards his advice, and that is why a strict and enforced lockdown has to be the only imminent answer.

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