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  1. roversfan99

    Premier League Stuff

    I find it crazy that the thought of potential away days across the continent, maybe Milan, Seville, Lisbon, wherever, are seen as an unnecessary burden and youd rather finish lower to avoid it. I cant imagine youll be telling future generations about the time Burnley earnt 13.3m extra in prize money!
  2. roversfan99

    Premier League Stuff

    https://mol.im/a/8518993 Great article on Norwich.
  3. roversfan99

    Premier League Stuff

    Obviously that is a really extreme scenario not befitting of the normal sort of situation a manager has faced. I think id play as strong a side as possible dependant on if those 2 players are fit enough. So was you happy to see potential away days across Europe seen as a burden last season? And youd genuinely rather fall short of Europe this season?
  4. roversfan99

    Millwall Away

    The thing is all teams are picking up additional injuries. The increased demand on the back of the big break IS statistically a problem for all and rotating at times can Also, tactically Rothwell scored so should push for a start. Holtby also is pushing for one. Graham and Samuel were ineffective at the weekend. Davenport and Gallagher might fancy a start after Saturday too. Its not just being soft.
  5. roversfan99

    Championship season 2019-20

    Admiring them for their naivety though surely? I get prudence but its a small portion of their additional bonus revenue that they could invest into further assets on the playing side who at best could help them stay up and generate untold wealth, at worst can either be sold on upon relegation or help them return. Spending excessively on fees and wages is a dismal strategy. Spending absolutely nothing and accepting relegation before youve started is equally idiotic.
  6. roversfan99

    Millwall Away

    Walton Nyambe Lenihan Adarabioyo Downing Travis Davenport Rankin Costello Holtby Rothwell Armstrong
  7. roversfan99

    Premier League Stuff

    Im not, my point is about the principle and the fear that Rovers would do similar down the line one day, whether it be promotion, then Europe and a Cup.
  8. roversfan99

    Championship season 2019-20

    Personal wealth is irrelevant. Theyve got an unexpected massive windfall. Im suggesting spending a fraction of that on playing reinforcements, not a mad spending spree. You keep going on about risking the financial future of the club. It doesnt make sense considering what I am suggesting. Plus worst case scenario, they spend 20m and still go down. They have additional assets and are still massively in profit and in better shape on the playing side to come back up. You wouldnt be happy if we spent absolutely nothing, and Mowbray said we never expected to survive and it was men v boys. Relegation is not the issue. The manner and the attitude is.
  9. roversfan99

    Premier League Stuff

    I just hate the fact that teams accept relegation before starting a season after being promoted, that teams jack in a once in a lifetime European campaign before its started, and how teams dismiss the chance of winning a cup as an unnecessary distraction. Obviously another key factor is its not half as clear cut as you make up. European campaign or cup run = relegation? Bollocks. They arent mutually exclusive. As a fan seeing this it makes you question, whats the point? I know id be fuming if Rovers gave up on staying up before starting a Premier League season, or on a European tour. And i wouldnt be on my own.
  10. roversfan99

    Premier League Stuff

    A few things: - Are you suggesting that these sides only went down solely because of the Europa League? If so, you are talking out of your arse. - From these, Hull played 4 games (2 games with 2 legs) and were done in August. So they cant just blame that. Birmingham werent even in Europe when they went down so you can discount that one. And the Portsmouth one they werent even allowed to enter so how is that proof 😂 - What is the point in achieving anything if the rewards become solely a burden? My point is not that Europa League can negatively impact League form, maybe it can. But that if it is not worth it, an often one a generation run playing teams across Europe, whats the bloody point in putting in the graft to qualify? Surely its worth it. Whats more memorable, playing big European teams or finishing a few places higher. - If we ever got into Europe would you be excited or happy to forfeit?
  11. roversfan99

    Premier League Stuff

    Chaddy youve picked a random example of a team from 18 years ago who played 6, yes 6 European games, all finished into early December. Do you really think that was the sole factor that relegated them? And whats the bloody point in at all if essentially all rewards, cups, European football, promotions to higher leagues all just become burdens? Whats the point dreaming as a football fan if we dont want the rewards, if its all about stability and about money? If we ever qualified should we decline to enter?
  12. roversfan99

    Championship season 2019-20

    There are a few flaws into just going along blindly without any critical faculty of your own: - Promotion is worth 90/100m is it, something like that. And it was unexpected. I refuse to accept that spending a small fraction of that amount would jeopardise the future of the club. Thats a load of bollocks. - That also assumes that the money spent is never to be seen again. I am advocating spending money sensibly on improving the club, not smashing the wage structure, signing players with resale value or ones who wouldnt burden the club should they go down. Adding additional quality and maybe one or two more experienced heads may have cost a small chunk of that unexpected windfall, but could have greatly improved their survival chances, and prudently should they still go down, they would have more assets which they could balance selling on and keeping to come back up accordingly. - Also their existing assets might now want to leave after seeing their club meekly accept relegation and with the taste of Premier League football. Their best chance of Premier League football the year after next might have been to stay up this season. - Survival would have been the best possible outcome. With their attitude that became a nil chance. If the possibility had been embraced, there would be another 90/100m to follow. Its not impossible to come up and stabilise. - Say that we accept the notion that less than 1 million is spent and they really cant afford even to spend the sort of budget weve had in the last 2 years. Should the manager also be basically saying that his team are miles inferior and not seeming that bothered about relegation? It interviewed Tettey and he didnt seem to be as apathetic to the situation. - Say all of this theory is true. How depressing is that. Would you be happy if we went up, and came back down having accepted relegation before kicking a ball?
  13. roversfan99

    Premier League Stuff

    I am not one of those fans who likes to repeat the usual lines, footballs gone to the dogs, money rules the roost etc but it does make me think. I just cant compute people accepting essentially disregarding and declining the most impressive realistic rewards for a club like ours. The most obvious short term goal is promotion. How can we get excited by that if accepting relegation becomes the norm? Winning a cup if and when we do become a Premier League team would be a massive thing in our lives. How can we be happy that all clubs essentially forfeit by playing second rate teams in fear that a few extra games will cause relegation and financial catastrophe? Playing in Europe is a massive thing when we are a club of our size. Travelling the continent following Rovers sounds like a dream. How can we happily disregard it when it happens for fear again that a few extra games might cause a meltdown?
  14. roversfan99

    The Ryan Nyambe Appreciation Thread

    So Mowbray clearly encourages him to get forward if he spends so much time near the opposition box?
  15. roversfan99

    Premier League Stuff

    Would giving Europe a proper go instantly ensure that the previously 7th place team would go down? Strawman argument. A European trip given a proper go would have been an unreal experience for those Burnley fans. Possibly once in a lifetime. To throw that away (the reward for their success a year before) just to maybe slightly add to the probable outcome that they maintain PL status just doesnt sit right. If we got into Europe (ha!) and Mowbray played a second team and we tumbled out early, you wouldnt feel at all aggrieved?

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