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  1. Championship 2017/18

    Not many, solely used as back up there, appearances tend to be 10 minutes at the end. Akpan, probably the worst of the lot was signed by penniless Burton, amidst the likes of Varney in a squad scrambled together, Lowe not getting a sniff at Birmingham in what was a signing of desperation by Redknapp and Mahoney likewise at Barnsley, very strange loan deal. None of the 4 players would make our 18 now.
  2. Championship 2017/18

    Incredible how Mahoney, Akpan, Lowe and Feeney have all been taken a chance on by Championship sides. That said, based on the gametime and success they are having, it suggests their current managers have seen what we have all seen.
  3. Premier League Stuff

    Hes been given a good job there, squad far better than the League position, and had to beat a League 1 side to get to Wembley despite personally being knocked out by a League 2 side in the very same season.

    Theyve got a very good goalkeeper that can save penalties? That they are "unlucky" to concede so many penalties?

    Late goals are not lucky, nor are they coincedental. Otherwise Man United are lucky to have won so many Premier League titles.

    Theres a difference between having a right to promotion (which we dont) and having a right to be dissappointed in the hypothetical situation where we fail to meet our expectations of promotion, as echoed by the manager himself. I feel like the feeling is if we have a "right to promotion" is often used to make some people to seem unreasonable for having anything other than apathy regardless of success and failure. That said, the throwing in of the towel is staggering considering how tight it is. Plenty to play for and I have faith, amidst the usual fears that come with being a Rovers fan, that we can go up.

    Cant believe the overreaction with seemingly a unanimous writing off of our top 2 chances after 1 game. Yes you could now say both of the other teams are slight favourites, especially Wigan, but with 9 games left Shrewsbury have 2 points less and a game more, it could hardly be more in the balance. And not a fan of all the "lucky Shrewsbury" comments, they are battling at the top because like us and Wigan they deserve to be. Part of the DNA of a Rovers fan to love a refereeing comspiracy but the officials incompetence will benefit and harm all 3 teams at times, and the one who misses out will deserve to miss out. Simple as that. Just keep winning as we have been and im sure we will have a very good chance. And im quite pessimistic.
  8. World Cup 2018

    If Southgate is picking solely on clubs, please explain the following: Joe Hart - One of a needlessly high number of keepers, has been in terrible form for years now, and dropped for the average Adrian, given a chance at the weekend and made a big error again. Shouldnt even be considered for the World Cup. Jake Livermore - Performances particularly poor even in a woeful team, dropped as a result and also recent shenanigans in Barcelona suggest hes not the best professional either. No idea why he Adam Lallana - barely played in months. Talented but not playing games. Danny Welbeck - ravaged by injury, and very poor goal record, granted he got a couple last night after the squad announcement (after a clear dive for the first) but not good enough. Chris Smalling - Not a big fan, but not sure how you can justify leaving out a regular starter for the 2nd highest team in the Premier League, yet can justify players like Joe Gomez being in. I appreciate that you can say hes not the best on the ball but you cant pick defenders solely on that. Not sure with the lack of depth that we can rule anyone out solely on lack of appearances, assuming they offer something extra, for example Lallana and Rose. Dont agree with Loftus-Cheek, Hart, Gomez or Welbeck being in the squad, Ashley Young in with a shout of left wing back over Bertrand on form, Lewis Cook maybe in there too, and Henderson. Youve only included 2 central midfielders that can play in a 2. One being injury prone and one being Eric Dier. Otherwise in the main its a pretty small pool to choose from but agree with most of the others. Harry Kane point is nonsense, look at his goal record in all competitions. Eric Dier is very lucky that England are bereft of depth in central midfield. Massively overrated, Id suggest even Hendersons a better bet.
  9. World Cup 2018

    Starting 12 you mean? Haha Squads been announced. A massive worry that Hart, Welbeck and in particular Livermore are all in, no idea what Southgates thinking is with any of them. Surprised Cahills not in, glad Keane isnt near the squad, think Lewis Cook and Alfie Mawson could be good picks though. I know its only a friendly but we are at the stage now where anyone being picked could go to Russia.
  10. Premier League Stuff

    I think you might win your bet, but im not convinced he is the right choice. Theres a constant cry that British managers dont get a chance, but I think its a bit of a myth as a lot of British managers actually get numerous chances, often perhaps one too many. Look at Monk, Lambert, Phil Brown, Adkins, even Pardew. Very lucky if you are deemed not good enough by one team down at the bottom and quickly get a job at one of their relegation rivals. Stoke looked doomed under him (dont look that much better under Lambert, fitter but toothless) and im not sure he has the ability to fire fight in him. To be fair, that squad at Southampton is far better than the squads around them and I dont think they will go down regardless. I do wonder if someone like Silva might be able to get more out of their technical players than Hughes.
  11. Premier League Stuff

    Dont know how Pelligrino has stayed so long. Not too sure Hughes deserves the job straight after doing such a poor job this season in similar circumstances. Youd have to look at Silva maybe although there are questions over his loyalty. Dont think its that much of a rescue mission, by far the best squad down there for anyone with any managerial acumen, that said maybe the issue is attitude. Not saying its easy but its a good job.
  12. Academy & U'21's

    Wonder if that will end any chance of Chapman making the squad at he weekend.
  13. Rovers v Blackpool

    On Saturday we was really comfortable so it was understandable yet I was still disappointing to see him go off, because hes so good to watch. Agree in terms of keeping him fresh but not if the game is anything but won, as it was on Saturday.
  14. Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    Knowing that Nyambe was a doubt, I did think at the time it was a bit short sighted to not have Caddis (or Travis) on the bench. That said, I was happy enough with Bennett going there, at nil nil at home to Blackpool I thought it was the obvious decision. I'd argue that Bennett is less of a square peg in a round hole than Lenihan at right back, and you also have to be mindful that there has to be a certain degree of flexibility considering that you dont get 11 subs, you only get 7. I agree with @Bigdoggsteel on this, and wasnt worried with Bennett at right back. (Bar his horrendous throw ins) I'd also be very reluctant to break up them 2 at centre back at any point. I'd suggest, considering the inevitability of Mulgrews call up, that Rovers really should have refused to change the Bradford game from the Friday.
  15. Gillingham away 17.3.18

    Hope not!