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  1. roversfan99

    Rovers Player of the Year

    Travis as good as hes been has only played for half a season, wed have been a lot worse off without Graham as we see in the time when hes not in the team.
  2. roversfan99

    Mowbray: Stay or go?

    You can vote again. Ultimately, it is very normal that results change a vote on a managers future. For me, there have been far more green shoots of hope in the last 3 games of course. The fear for me is that he will go back to the status quo. Will Mowbray permanently go with the current front 4 or go back to the defensive winger nonsense? Will he continue to leave out the likes of Smallwood and Mulgrew? Is he trustworthy with a summer transfer window after blowing a massive, massive fee on a dolloper? And also a worry that Bennett STILL has to be shoehorned in, and that he is unwilling to even try the kids (including Chapman and Davenport) from the bench.
  3. roversfan99

    Rovers away at QPR - Good Friday 19th April 2019

    Well of course, a manager will always be criticised if we get battered, point being he will have learnt that x and y arent ready. I do agree that there was plenty to be satisfied about, as I said to Stuart. Theres plenty of that team that we are building around going into that next season, Lenihan, Travis, Rothwell, Dack and Armstrong, with Graham too, and even if there is an element of window dressing in terms of our final league position, id still rather win every game if possible and finish as high as possible. Regarding Brereton, it would be totally senseless to stick him out wide however. If you are going to play him anywhere play him up front surely, in his actual position. All the evidence suggests that he is not going to compete with Graham even next season, but if you are going to give him a chance to start surely you do it in his actual position. Not much point in giving players 10 minutes either, if they are actually part of his plans it doesnt tell them that when they get 10 minutes of a dead rubber against a relegated team.
  4. roversfan99

    Bolton at home.

    Raya Nyambe Lenihan Williams Bell Travis Davenport Armstrong Dack Rothwell Brereton Subs: Leutweiler, Graham, Butterwoeth Lenihan captain. I'm not totally convinced by the Brereton selection but if ever there was a chance for a goal! Bringing in the likes of Nyambe and Davenport for Bennett and Evans for me brings in youth without taking any risk or decreasing the quality of the team. Leaves an average age of less than 23. I've also gone with plenty of youthful options on the bench.
  5. roversfan99

    Rovers away at QPR - Good Friday 19th April 2019

    I totally appreciate and share your criticism that no younger lads were included in the 18 over the likes of Smallwood and Mulgrew, however I think you are totally dismissing aspects of the performance which are planning for next season. To say the performance "means nothing" is IMO needlessly dismissive. For example, whether he chooses to continue with this way of playing or not being another matter, but weve seen again the benefit of abandoning the need for a "defensive winger" and shown how well playing 2 attacking players (with Armstrong at his best on the right rather than left) in wide areas and how it doesnt lead to a defensive collapse. The 4 attacking players are all going to be here next year, and the 3 behind Graham are all of an age where they can have plenty of scope to improve, at 25, 24 and 22 years old. Behind that, the likes of Travis and Lenihan are again young players to build around and were both outstanding, and i'd like to think that Williams days as a potential left back are long gone. I didnt agree with giving a rubbish keeper a game, but I suspect it was more a case of punishing Raya for poor performances all season rather than aimed at Leutweiler.
  6. roversfan99

    Other Football League 2018/19

    He signed a new 2 year deal 2 weeks ago.
  7. roversfan99

    Rovers away at QPR - Good Friday 19th April 2019

    Good performance and win and we really should be taking a much more convincing win back with us. He HAS to drop this defensive winger nonsense, proved again today that 2 pacy wide men gave us excellent balance but also didnt lead to us being defensively disorganised as he has suggested, indeed Rothwell in particular did some very commendable work going the other way. Armstrong was absolutely outstanding, Ive never really understood Mowbray constantly using him on the left, whenever he plays on the right it seems to play into his strengths and make his game much more simple, when hes on the left he often makes the wrong decisions coming back in field. Put in a few superb balls in and terrorised their left back. Dack was also terrific, Rothwell a constant danger too and Graham as usual was a focal point that when he went off, we sorely lacked and its when we see how important he is. Travis was absolutely outstanding in the midfield, sometimes he appears graceful and elegant, sometimes he can be a bit more clumsy but his persistence often wins out regardless, his drive through the lines is a massive weapon to us. Evans was ok alongside, no more really. Lenihan and Williams were absolutely superb, the latter should no longer be considered a left back in any way shape or form. If ever theres a way to get at us, its at our full backs and we need upgrades as a matter of priority, dont think they had their worst ever games by any means but Bennett was lucky than Osayi-Samuel matched his constant skinning of Bennett with some hapless end product. And on to Leutweiler, well, well, well out of his depth even before the blunder. Flapping at everything and makes Raya look accurate with his kicking. Still cant understand why the likes of Mulgrew and Smallwood were on the bench and never going to come on really, with Chapman, Davenport, Butterworth and Buckley nowhere to be seen. Very much a worrying sign for those expecting Mowbray to be ruthless with his senior players going forward, especially those who arent of the required quality. (in Mulgrews case anymore) He mentioned this week that he would have some tough decisions leaving players out of the 18 to make way for the youngsters, ultimately it proved too tough to carry out. Still a valid criticism even with the win.
  8. roversfan99

    Academy & U'21's

    Since he came into the team v Sheffield United, aside from sub appearances v Stoke and Boro and being an unused sub v Preston, he has started every game. Smallwood started the Stoke and Preston games. Whilst I am skeptical of Mowbray actually being ruthless with his senior players and trusting the younger players even in essentially dead rubbers, lets not re-write history.
  9. roversfan99

    Champions League 2018-2019

    My reason for disliking it is based on the assumption that eventually the teething problems will be ironed out and it works as efficiently as it can, something I of course doubt in itself because of the subjectivity of what is an obvious error. It is because of the effect it has on the spontaneity and the emotion of the game, as you touch on.
  10. roversfan99

    Rovers away at QPR - Good Friday 19th April 2019

    Britt Assombolonga was taking shots in him.
  11. roversfan99

    Mowbray: Stay or go?

    Who would buy Mulgrew? Ultimately the mistake was to give him a new deal.
  12. roversfan99

    Mowbray: Stay or go?

    For me its a myth that Mowbray has peddled that the performance level was good even throughout our horrendous run. I havent seen the whole Forest game but the performances against Boro, Rotherham, Stoke, Preston, Bristol City and Reading were all insipid and of course add into that the humilliating collapse at Brentford. My main question mark hangs around this theory that Mowbray knows what is needed in the summer, and that he will be ruthless with the senior players. Im not sure where such an assumption comes from. The Derby game felt like a new dawn, no Mulgrew, Smallwood or Evans, Rothwell taking his chance with him and Dack both unplayable, backed up by the energy and tenacity of Reed and Travis ensuring that Derby were pinned in for much of the game. Mowbray however repeatedly mentions the importance he places in his senior players running the dressing room but that can be dangerous if and when them (or some of them at least) senior players get to a stage where they are no longer up to it on the pitch. Its very difficult and for me fanciful to expect the likes of Mulgrew, Bennett, Conway (admittedly impressive v Derby but well past his best), Smallwood and Evans to all have stepped aside and not all in strong contention for a start on the opening day next season.
  13. roversfan99

    Summer transfer window

    Quite right. All of his primary attributes are best suited to being a centre back. Hes never good enough on the ball to play in midfield either.
  14. roversfan99

    Ben Brereton

    Its not about suiting my argument, I dont think that we should have signed Celina either as he is not in a position we needed. Im saying your estimate is a total guess, but as has been mentioned since they are on a very strict budget. No I tried to make clear that the last 2 paragraphs werent aimed at you.
  15. roversfan99


    For me, it depends on what the primary objective is of experimenting in the first place. The main aim has to be trying to find solutions from within our current squad that could potentially improve us moving into next season. Rewarding academy players is a noble objective but a secondary one. The changes I suggested are what I perceive to be the most likely in terms of improving our 11 with players we already have. The likes of Chapman, Davenport and Nyambe are I would suggest far closer to being ready to come into our team on a regular basis, and putting them in I wouldnt expect to particularly disrupt or hinder our chances of getting results. Rodwell is obviously an experienced first teamer, but we havent really seen his undoubted quality in his natural position. We may well have an added bit of quality to bring in under our nose that we have misused so far to cover shortfalls elsewhere. I would like to see Butterworth in particular, but the problem is I want to see Rothwell, Dack and Chapman given time together specifically with an eye on next season. Butterworth and Buckley are players I would suggest that are more likely to come off the bench, and it is more useful to have them on there than players like Evans and Smallwood. But they wouldnt be token gestures as a reward, otherwise youd chuck a few in together. Results are still important.

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