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  1. pk1875

    New Kits

    How disappointing, after a long wait. Not keen on the pale blue and on opposite side, but the sponsor kills it completely. It looks like someone has spilled ink on the shirt. Not sure I'd even buy this one when it reduces to £10. :-(
  2. pk1875

    new senior management team

    I think this will be an internal thing, Lynsey Talbot and such staff promoted in admin roles
  3. pk1875

    Club Revenue Generators

    I think the contactless payments and multi pour pumps being introduced will help with this a lot.
  4. The owners are lovely people and are committed to the club long term Waffle Waffle Waffle The owners are learning Waffle Waffle Waffle The owners are still looking at the Indian market, more waffle
  5. I don't get the whole segregation issue personally, it's two separate stands. You see many games even local derbies with just a row of steps and stewards between rival supporters. I cannot see the club encouraging a standing area unless there is a change in legislation and safe standing installed.
  6. We did ask about unallocated seating and Steve Waggot was open and honest in saying that this would not be the case. To be fair in the past when moved from DE many have moved into these areas, and Im not aware of any issues it has caused. The flags are only used as a rule at Kick Off so wont be a problem, I don't think the club need to pre warn a season ticket holder that people may sing near them?
  7. I wouldn't say its a rivalry, I just Ewood is better with some noise in all ends. The club are going to promote it through social media etc, yes the flags that the DE crowd funded for will move to the JW as will the drummer. The BBE is improving noise wise just need the side stands to step up and all should be good.
  8. I would suggest that the Jack Walker stand, is a "main home area" The view from there is fantastic, close to the pitch with great facilities. The club like the idea of a bit of noise in ALL 3 home areas.
  9. Your all more than welcome to join us in the JW, its just personal preference. The club like the idea
  10. Steve was very positive and likes the idea, the club are going to promote this idea. He is aware of the need to find a solution that works for us all, fans from DE, those wishing to move into the JW lower and importantly those already in the JW lower. I think it could work out well for all concerned. Anything that improves the atmosphere and match day experience as got to be good for all Rovers fans.
  11. No issue with some netted off area tbh, they are also good for flags and banners
  12. The far corner of W01 is quite small and not great seats, I'd guess each block holds around 300-400 ish so that leaves the bigger part of W01 then W02 I don't think there are many season tickets in there, but I'm sure it would be fantastic if it was all pretty full....
  13. I imagine H&S will insist on the corner of W01 being netted off.
  14. Yes I was pleasantly surprised at how positive he and the club are about it. I look forward to working with the club on this.
  15. Had a really positive meeting with Steve Waggot about this last night, he and the club like the idea and are looking into ways to promote it with us.

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