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  1. Rovers v Blackpool

    Again I'd say not entirely as clear cut as just that. I think Shrewsbury have signed most of the players on loan, whereas Mowbray has signed players like Dack for a fee, most will agree will be a sound investment should the club decide to sell him in the future. Also we cant gauge the work either manager had had to behind the scenes, we know TM has rebuilt the scouting system from scratch pretty much and had to deal with complete basket case owners. I think it's fair to say both have done pretty well up to now this season.
  2. Rovers v Blackpool

    I don't see it as clear cut as that, just because we are all familiar with Rovers and Wigan's squads it doesn't mean that they are loads better than Shrewsbury's squad who many of us had never heard of before. Maybe the Shrewsbury players are a lot better than people anticipated. I know they flirted with relegation last season but how many of those are the same players? I'd suggest that at this stage of the season the top three are probably within the best five teams in the league at least. Yes us and Wigan may well have a more expensive squad but again that's just a figure, it guarantees nothing. A player is only worth what a manager is prepared to pay for them.
  3. Protest @ EFL HQ

    So if a team is doing well fans should wait until the team is on a bad run to voice a protest? how does that make fans look? Blackpool had huge protests last season and a great effort at NAPM even at Wembley.......... did it derail the team?
  4. Protest @ EFL HQ

    The administration of football is not fit for purpose. This protest will not just be about owners but those who are charged with protecting our game and failing miserably in doing so. That is exactly the limp wristed white feather approach that allows the ruination of many football clubs up and down the country.
  5. Automatic promotion

    We could yet end up with the nightmare scenario of 16-17 season relegated with one of highest points totals to drop from the Championship 17-18 miss out on promotion with one of the highest points totals in League 1 That said I do think we will go up this season....... As the song says "How we get there I don't care"
  6. Message to Venky's

    Utter twaddle, The Venky bus of ruin and neglect was well on the road long before the snowball.
  7. A new era?

    I know TM has one eye on the double promotion bounce and nothing wrong with aiming high. Realistically I can see us getting promoted under TM and starting next season like a house on fire similar to Sheff United before fading off and finishing mid table. As for a new era? We are still under the same regime that has destroyed everything about Blackburn Rovers for seven years now and although we are all enjoying the games this season and fully backing TM and the boys, a top 2 finish would still see us with our lowest league position in around 40 years.
  8. Prize Money

    Championship clubs get around £6.5 million solidarity money from the Premier League League One clubs get around £1.25 million solidarity money from the Premier League No idea on prize money though
  9. A Championship club receives around £2.08 million from the EFL and around £4.5 million from the Premier League A league One club receives around £677,000 and around £645,000 from the Premier League Given our finances promotion this season would be hugely significant, whether that goes to Venkys or the Club is another debate.
  10. Boycott the Barnet FA Cup tie

    As an earlier poster mentioned it is indeed a difficult time to be actively organising protests etc. BRFCAG hasn't disappeared, maybe not in the public eye as much at present but certainly still active. I have been stunned over the last week or two to be approached by work colleagues etc who are long time Rovers fans who saw the Nick Harris videos and where like "Oh god I didn't know that" How there are still Rovers fans who don't know what has happened is unbelievable and something that needs addressing. As for a boycott of the Cup game? Would it be noticed? There are those who will attend and those who wont whether a boycott is called or not.
  11. Who should replace TM?

    I would have been amazed to hear TM say Id be happy with a top 10 finish. Looking at the table now we are well placed to be in the play off places, you can finish 6th and go up. Way to early to be discussing sacking TM. Our willingness to constantly sack managers is a symptom of Venkys clueless reign of terror.
  12. Who should replace TM?

    Mowbray IN for me, the guy is trying to put some much needed structure in place at Ewood, he shouldn't need to but years of neglect means he has to do so. Whilst results haven't been amazing we are sat in a handy place just outside the play offs with a couple of games in hand on others. The fact that we have continually let players contracts just run down and brought in dross means our squad is changed to much from season to season. Id like to see Mowbray do well and stay around for a few seasons and put in place some resemblance of normality in to the place. The real problem lies with The Owners, Pacha and Cheston. Any manager would struggle to achieve their full potential working within the circus that is Blackburn Rovers, TM is trying to address these issues as well as run a promotion challenge with a squad that is still gelling. I honestly believe TM is the best manager we have had since Venkys potted Big Sam to bring in the first of Jerome's boys. I'm baffled by some of our fans, they seem to forget the damage Venkys have done and now look straight at the manager. Yes we are all frustrated and think we should be doing better but lets not forget the real villains in all this. TM is trying to build a structure with the hindrance of a board room that consists of a finance guy, Rob I'll see you in Coart and the mystery man Pacha lurking in the shadows, then onto the cretins in Pune... It seems many fans think we should walk this league with our squad, but in honesty probably half a dozen sets of fans will think they have the best squads in the league.
  13. He was referring to Mike Cheston 100%
  14. Bring the magic back

    Fully agree, as with the Family Stand, the club forced the move and many reacted by simply no longer going. Another thing many miss on this topic is the fact that when we are forced to relocate from the DE many (maybe most) chose to move to the JW Lower next to the away fans. Many are in the DE as they prefer the atmosphere being next to or close to the away fans.
  15. Rovers best Foreign 18

    Makes you realise just how lucky we have been since Uncle Jack came in...... up until Anderson and his cronies rolled up