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  1. I honestly think Waggot is a good business man and will generate additional income through sponsorship and corporate which is good for the club, however the club could do with an Alan Myers type of guy to interact with the fans. Myers was very pro active during his time here, we could do with someone of a similar mould.
  2. Matty, I wasn't referring to this forum but on other forms of social media it is rife.
  3. The move to close the Darwen End has been a complete fail for atmosphere improvement, and has actually created further divide withing the fan base. We now have fans in the BBE belittling those in other stands whilst bizarrely asking them to move into the BBE. The timing of the announcement was my opinion quite deliberate, leaving those in the DE with zero chance to plan a move together ahead of the new season. Maybe Caley and Co knew full well that he and his inadequate stewarding team preferred to split those fans into the other three home stands. We ( a group of fans from the DE) had a meeting with Waggot in which he sat nodding and saying all the words we wanted to hear (hollow words indeed). Numerous ideas where discussed and Waggot agreed to help facilitate the move to W01-W02. 1. Ryan the social media bloke would be in touch and the club would actively promote the new area...NOTHING CAME OF THIS 2. The far corner of W01 would be netted off and used for flags and banners both for visual effect and to bring those moving closer to the rest of the JW lower... NOTHING CAME OF THIS..... In fact they sold season tickets in this corner. 3. Away fans would initially be placed in the DE Upper like many other teams do.... NOTHING CAME OF THIS 4. The club (Waggot) offered to pay for a repair to the drum..... NOTHING CAME OF THIS Dan the lad who drums shelled out £80 out of his own pocket 5. Stewards would not be OTT with home fans as they often where in the DE, On Saturday there must have been 20 or stewards and police watching and photographing the home fans as at least 3 or 4 Villa fans entered the pitch in celebration and allowed to return to their seats virtually unchallenged. The club have some how managed to create further divide in the supporter base, whilst doing nothing at all to improve atmosphere. Many of those in the DE have moved to Riverside or BBE or just stopped going a massive own goal in my opinion. At the meeting Steve Waggot estimated that half of the teams this season would need the full DE.... how wrong that has proven to be....
  4. I felt for the BBE Upper fans and as a member of BRFCAG our thoughts where passed onto the club. T close a stand in such a way without any form of consultation was disgusting and lacked class from the club. Lessons learned? NO they do exactly the same again with the DE. Mark my words the same fate could easily come for those in the Riverside.
  5. pk1875

    Bradley Dack

    Yep I agree, I'd argue that as of now he is a £12 million category player if his form continues to improve at his currant rate he will end up being our record sale of that I have no doubt.
  6. pk1875

    ROVERS v Brentford

    Just to point out I mentioned safe standing which would be great but made no reference as to where it should be or where the club would put it. Personally Id like to see it in a couple of stands but imagine it would be trialled in one area initially.
  7. pk1875

    ROVERS v Brentford

    I with a few others are trying to create a proper end, if it works out we will have two proper ends then. I have read today that the FA support safe standing in the Prem and Championship, now that could be a real game changer at Ewood.
  8. pk1875

    ROVERS v Brentford

    Happened again last night, as good few posts on FB from BBE fans knocking other sections of the support, then saying oh come and join us lol. Ewood needs a bit of noise in all home areas.
  9. pk1875

    ROVERS v Brentford

    Last few times I've been on there I was spat at by a fellow Rovers fan and on another occasion one attempted (badly failed) to assault me. Other than that I see posts by those in BBE this season along the lines of "singing section is embarrassing, just full of kids, please come and make some noise in the BBE". Truth is the BBE needs quite a few to move out into the JW or Riverside if they want to make a real impact noise wise. Many fans in there have been there since day 1 and it seems many are now older and prefer to sit quietly watching the game, with just the top corner making an effort. Im a bit older too but still like to shout myself hoarse at games lol. unsure of the obsession some in there have with the DE or now JW lower, watch the game, enjoy it and stop worrying about or mocking others who are in the ground making an effort.
  10. pk1875

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    150 now? was dwindling but not that much
  11. pk1875

    ROVERS v Brentford

    Personally I will never go on the Blackburn End, cant speak for others mind.
  12. I thought Danny Murphy would be a great signing also Etuhu
  13. What's the opinion on if Burnley have qualified for Europe? Yes they have qualified for the qualifying rounds, but is that classed as qualifying for Europe?
  14. pk1875

    Bradley Dack

    I hate a friend of a friend stories, but a colleague recently bumped into former Rover Kevin Stonehouse now a scout at Newcastle. Obviously they got chatting about all things Rovers and Dack was mentioned as one that Newcastle are keeping a close eye on (No doubt scouts of a few Premier and Upper Championship Clubs are). I have said before and still think Dack will become our biggest outgoing transfer at some point. The lad has the natural talent that can't be taught. He looks as though the step up to Championship is going to be a smooth one. People will no doubt be looking at whether he can step up another level. All we can do for now is enjoy watching him and hope that he can meet his ambitions at Rovers for a while longer.
  15. pk1875

    ROVERS v Brentford

    Arte Et labore

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