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  1. A Championship club receives around £2.08 million from the EFL and around £4.5 million from the Premier League A league One club receives around £677,000 and around £645,000 from the Premier League Given our finances promotion this season would be hugely significant, whether that goes to Venkys or the Club is another debate.
  2. Boycott the Barnet FA Cup tie

    As an earlier poster mentioned it is indeed a difficult time to be actively organising protests etc. BRFCAG hasn't disappeared, maybe not in the public eye as much at present but certainly still active. I have been stunned over the last week or two to be approached by work colleagues etc who are long time Rovers fans who saw the Nick Harris videos and where like "Oh god I didn't know that" How there are still Rovers fans who don't know what has happened is unbelievable and something that needs addressing. As for a boycott of the Cup game? Would it be noticed? There are those who will attend and those who wont whether a boycott is called or not.
  3. Who should replace TM?

    I would have been amazed to hear TM say Id be happy with a top 10 finish. Looking at the table now we are well placed to be in the play off places, you can finish 6th and go up. Way to early to be discussing sacking TM. Our willingness to constantly sack managers is a symptom of Venkys clueless reign of terror.
  4. Who should replace TM?

    Mowbray IN for me, the guy is trying to put some much needed structure in place at Ewood, he shouldn't need to but years of neglect means he has to do so. Whilst results haven't been amazing we are sat in a handy place just outside the play offs with a couple of games in hand on others. The fact that we have continually let players contracts just run down and brought in dross means our squad is changed to much from season to season. Id like to see Mowbray do well and stay around for a few seasons and put in place some resemblance of normality in to the place. The real problem lies with The Owners, Pacha and Cheston. Any manager would struggle to achieve their full potential working within the circus that is Blackburn Rovers, TM is trying to address these issues as well as run a promotion challenge with a squad that is still gelling. I honestly believe TM is the best manager we have had since Venkys potted Big Sam to bring in the first of Jerome's boys. I'm baffled by some of our fans, they seem to forget the damage Venkys have done and now look straight at the manager. Yes we are all frustrated and think we should be doing better but lets not forget the real villains in all this. TM is trying to build a structure with the hindrance of a board room that consists of a finance guy, Rob I'll see you in Coart and the mystery man Pacha lurking in the shadows, then onto the cretins in Pune... It seems many fans think we should walk this league with our squad, but in honesty probably half a dozen sets of fans will think they have the best squads in the league.
  5. He was referring to Mike Cheston 100%
  6. Bring the magic back

    Fully agree, as with the Family Stand, the club forced the move and many reacted by simply no longer going. Another thing many miss on this topic is the fact that when we are forced to relocate from the DE many (maybe most) chose to move to the JW Lower next to the away fans. Many are in the DE as they prefer the atmosphere being next to or close to the away fans.
  7. Rovers best Foreign 18

    Makes you realise just how lucky we have been since Uncle Jack came in...... up until Anderson and his cronies rolled up
  8. Elton John Concert At Ewood

    The pitch has been reseeded surely this will damage it?
  9. Mowbray stays as manager

    Tony Mowbray comes across as a straight talking bloke, who eats, drinks and sleeps football. At the recent Bi Annual meeting he almost looked zoned out as he talked away about football, you can see and hear his passion for the game which on the sound of it could be brilliant for us. However this could well be his downfall at Ewood, he stated that night that the politics and administration of football aren't his thing, he is a grass roots guy who just enjoys managing football teams planning squads and tactics etc. Venkys as we all know aint known for reliability and honesty. They have made assurances that for now Tony appears happy with BUT this happened with Lambert too. He was promised a sizeable budget to work with (up to £20m) and turned out to be a big fat zero, he did the honourable thing and walked away, not prepared to be part of the charade. If Venkys don't deliver whatever they have promised Mowbray I expect he will walk away without hesitation, like Lambert in Mowbray we have got a man with integrity pride and not a yes man. Over to you Venkys.................................. I'm not holding my breath
  10. I can say as fact that Mike Cheston was in Ewood yesterday and is also working today.
  11. Retained List

    It is highly unlikely, during the Kean era many players would voice their opinion privately but not in any way publicly. I would imagine they would be in breach of contract, and given this is football it's not seen as wise to speak out against the establishment of corruption we all know exists. Look no further than Mike Newell as an example of this.
  12. Because it is The Lancashire Telegraph
  13. Will 45pts save us.

    Crazy last day in which we could win and be relegated, we could also lose and stay up..... Just hope there is a decent internet connection inside the ground at Brentford.
  14. Previous Game: Brentford v Rovers. 7th May

    We go down as Forest then stay up on goals scored. If Forest win we have to win an score 2 more than they do
  15. #findpasha

    I followed up the Bi Annual meeting with the club with an email to Mike Cheston asking for clarity on Suhails name and job title as it appeared a little unclear on the night. After a second email reminding Mike about the clubs own customer charter regarding replying to emails he confirmed the following details. I can confirm that Suhail’s full name is Suhail Anwar Pasha Shaikh (Shaikh is the surname). I can confirm Suhail’s job title is Operations and Management Consultant.