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  1. pk1875

    Season Tickets 2019/2020

    Still waiting for the "Why did you not renew" communication from summer.
  2. Steve Kean and Jerome Anderson just about everything connected to the clowns.
  3. pk1875


    Asks for swathes of the Stadium to be closed off... #EasyDayAtTheOffice
  4. pk1875

    Letter Torn Up

    An odd thread, I'm sure yesterday I saw a thread about a senior employee leaving Rovers for Blackpool, unless I imagined it. Something about Waggot tearing up a letter in from of said person? Can anyone shine some light on this?
  5. Just a drunken idiot over zealous and it got ripped if I remember rightly.. Will find out tonight.
  6. One of the flags got destroyed after the Oxford game..... If I remember rightly
  7. pk1875

    Mowbray Poll

    When asked at the end of the PNE game "Have you got a big decision to make now" Steve Waggot replied "Would you have asked that at half time"........ TM is safe as houses at the moment
  8. pk1875

    The reputation of the club

    THE VENKY EFFECT..... They haven't quite killed the club, but we are in a decade long coma with life support keeping us technically alive. All ambitions have been dumbed down to accept and be grateful for mid to lower championship mediocrity and "stability". The writing was on the wall years ago but the nay sayers simply said "Support the boys".
  9. pk1875


    The twelve payment debate, would it have made me renew our tickets? quite probably yes.
  10. pk1875


    Taken from FF minutes "All those who had not renewed had been contacted by phone and there had been very little negativity about the club and the majority had personal reasons for not renewing." An out and out lie, neither myself or my wife have had any contact from the club asking why we didn't renew.
  11. pk1875


    Ah, I didn't go so wasn't sure. Just saw this pic online.
  12. pk1875


    Surely the club haven't segregated fans?
  13. pk1875


    I'd wager the club have thought about it, but that will be it. (thought about)
  14. pk1875


    Please don't tell me that the club are considering giving a scarf to new born babies? surely not
  15. pk1875

    Your expectations for the coming Season...

    Pretty sure our wage outlay on squad was the 16th highest? I may be wrong though.

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