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  1. danger19_80

    In case you didn’t know (eBay)

    He's having a laugh with some of those prices. £800 for a Lee Makel shirt!
  2. There's the Brad Johnson we know and used to hate. Brilliant Savage-esque display from him so far.
  3. danger19_80

    Would you sign Christian Walton

    No chance on Tosin, he is an imminent upgrade on both Otamendi and Stones imo. But I think Walton is a realistic target.
  4. danger19_80

    Home V Fulham 08/02/2020

    Poor take
  5. danger19_80

    Supporters Consultation Meeting

    FINALLY! Some serious, searching questions need asking and answering here. Do not waste this opportunity and do not stand for filibustering or flannel
  6. danger19_80

    January transfer window 2020

    We probably owe them after robbing them blind for Dack tbf
  7. danger19_80

    Premier League Stuff

    Mourinho waiting in the wings. Evens with the bookies.
  8. danger19_80

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Bennett right back, Williams left, Nyambe in centre
  9. Gallagher was good here on loan so he obviously has something he's not showing atm. Can Mowbray bring that out of him and more? Not looking good.
  10. danger19_80

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    All those injuries and Chapman doesn't even make the bench
  11. danger19_80

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    When is the next fans forum? He needs severely grilling on the dereliction of duty as far as the defence is concerned by people who will be willing to grill him (not Sharpe or Bayes.)
  12. danger19_80

    QPR Away

    Have Preston spent close to £12m on players?? Absolutely maddening.
  13. danger19_80

    QPR Away

    Fair enough but he's been allowed to spend £12m on two defunct strikers so the money has been there. It's not been spent correctly on the problem positions you outline. Fault for that lies with the manager.
  14. danger19_80

    QPR Away

    Not sure that's the case here. Most people on here (as do I) seem to think we have a good squad that TM is not getting the best of. They paid for it, it's up to him to manage it properly. If he can't he can step aside.
  15. danger19_80

    QPR Away

    Thought the interviewer did very well to get anything out of that sulking child

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